B2B Demand Generation Predictions for 2021

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Will B2B marketing, and demand generation in particular, revert to “normal” once the pandemic subsides and economic recovery kicks in, or are recent trends destined to become staple tactics in the months and years to come?

The Demand Generation Strategy Guide


These are just a few pillars that define demand generation. Learn more about how a successful demand generation strategy can help to nurture the long-term relationship between your brand and customers. What is Demand Generation? The Demand Generation Funnel.


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B2B Demand Generation Best Practices: 10 Proven Ways to Improve Your Results

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2020 was a tough year for B2B marketers – and everyone else. A few B2B marketing strategies did particularly well in 2020, and demand generation was one of them. So B2B demand generation has gained influence thanks to the pandemic. The prospect.

Key B2B Demand Generation Strategies for 2015

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We discussed what’s new, what’s working, and what’s on the horizon in B2B Demand Generation. What is the first B2B marketing strategy that marketers must consider for 2015? (HS) In our business, demand generation and content marketing are nearly synonymous. Good content is the fuel that feeds demand generation success. A content map is a very useful exercise and one that every B2B company should initiate and then maintain over time.

In Defense of Demand Generation in the Age of ABM

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Much has been made of the argument that Account-Based Marketing (ABM) gained traction so quickly in B2B marketing primarily because traditional, funnel-based demand generation has stopped working. A recent video making the rounds on LinkedIn asked: “ Is Demand Generation Losing its Effectiveness ?” (The answer provided was: yes.). Yes, many companies are seeing lower returns from traditional demand gen.

Demand Generation vs. Lead Generation: Comprehensive Comparison


For that reason, marketing teams function not unlike expert fishermen with a hook and line in the earliest stages of appealing to potential customers, using techniques known as demand generation and lead generation. What Is Demand Generation? B2B Marketing

What is Social Demand Generation?


The problem for demand marketers is that few, if any, resources that explain how to use social to build strong, lasting demand generation strategy. So over several months we interviewed experts like Sandy Carter of IBM and social savvy clients like Sage, compiled research, and identified emerging best practices around social demand generation strategy. It serves as an on-ramp to social media for demand marketers. What is Social Demand Generation?

7 Killer Demand Generation Strategies

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LEAD GENERATION. DEMAND GENERATION. LEAD GENERATION. DEMAND GENERATION. 7 Killer Demand Generation Strategies. Demand Generation. If done rightly, it cultivates genuine brand loyalty amongst fellow prospects. COMPANY.

5 Types of Intent Data to Drive Demand Generation

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We’ve already established that every B2B marketer should be leveraging intent data, with 99% of B2B marketers already doing so in some way. So what information should you be tapping into in order to drive demand generation and gain a competitive edge?

What Is Demand Generation?


What is demand generation? Demand generation encompasses a wide range of sales and marketing initiatives designed to develop interest in a company’s products or services and convert leads into customers. What is demand generation?

Social Media Demand Generation: A Q&A


B2B marketers have long since understood the benefits of social media—yet many still struggle to leverage its full potential as a demand generation tool. In fact, 49% of B2B marketers rank social media marketing as the most difficult lead generation tactic to execute ( source ). Although demand generation and lead generation aren’t the same, they do go hand-in-hand. What is social media demand generation? B2B Marketing

B2B Demand Generation: Rethinking Strategies To Scale


According to a recent IDG white paper on lead generation , 61% of B2B marketers say increasing demand is the top challenge they face today. Intuitively this makes sense, considering that B2B companies achieve growth when salespeople have access to larger, higher quality pipelines. In theory, scaling a B2B business just requires boosting demand. How do you generate high quality leads, consistently? On one hand, B2B buyers are becoming much savvier.

What Digital Marketers Need to Realize About Demand Generation


In the ever-evolving world of B2B marketing , demand generation is the latest concept that's being touted as a way to fuel what’s in the sales funnel — and keep it topped up over the long term. Different from inbound marketing, demand generation can help digital marketers achieve their goals. Defining Demand Generation. Therefore, demand generation can mean many different things, depending on your offering and your audience.

Marketing Strategy Overview: Demand Generation vs. Lead Generation


Both demand generation and lead generation can effectively add prospective new business to your marketing funnel, but these two philosophies work in different ways that are important to know about for a complete marketing strategy. Generates three times as many prospects.

Whisper or Shout? How Lead and Demand Generation Differ


If lead generation — the process of creating, maintaining, and monitoring prospect interest — were a spoken conversation, it would be a quiet, one-on-one chat. It’s the verbal equivalent of demand generation , which is how marketers develop and manage buying interest across a broad body of consumers. Generating Demand. Most B2C — and some B2B — companies talk not to specific buyers, but to large groups.

Modern Demand Generation, Demystified 


This is often the case for many marketers when it comes to demand generation. However, before you freak out and start questioning everything you thought you knew about demand generation, take a deep breath! We’re going to show you how you can execute a demand generation campaign based on what’s working for thousands of companies right now! . Like many concepts in modern B2B marketing, every company has their definition of demand generation.

5 Demand Generation Tips for Start-Ups

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In “ The Startup’s Guide to Demand Generation: From Your First 10 Customers to Your Next 1,000 ,” the two authors cover everything from when to make the first marketing hire, to what marketing technologies to buy first, to how best to leverage marketing data. Many we were able to generate real results for, very quickly, whilst others proved much more of a challenge. Demand generation as a whole, and content marketing in particular, is a meritocracy.

Is it Time to Add Chatbots to Your Demand Generation Engine?


Is it time to add chatbots (or live chat) to your demand engine? Chatbots are a lead generation machine capable of driving forward conversations, which are the start to a great customer relationship. It’s the very thing you need between your sales team and future prospects.

It’s Not Just Demand Generation – It’s Brand Generation


Most demand generation and account-based marketers tend not to think much about branding, which is unfortunate given that a consistent brand can increase revenue by up to 23 percent (Forbes). And as we’ll see, for B2B companies, that means creating your brand on a foundation of trust.

How to Measure the Success of a Demand Generation Campaign?


How to Measure the Success of a Demand Generation Campaign? That’s exactly what happens when you don’t measure the performance of your demand generation campaign. B2B demand generation works out only if there’s the right tracking involved.

How to Create a Demand Generation Funnel – Strategy+Examples


How to Create a Demand Generation Funnel - Strategy+Examples. The ultimate goal of a marketing strategy is to make the buyer’s journey and the demand generation funnel smooth. Thus, different strategies are employed to escalate the demand process.

Demand Generation’s Problem with Content Marketing Evangelism


This is your opportunity to educate your prospective buyer about the implications of that problem they know they have (but are not motivated to solve right now). Andy Crestodina from Orbit Media Studios delivered an amazing talk on Content Strategy and SEO for Lead Generation that was interesting, funny and devastatingly blunt while tipping over some Content Marketing sacred cows. It is “abysmal” for generating leads.

Account Based Marketing – An Important Aspect Of Demand Generation Channel

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B2B industry very well know the account based marketing (ABM) concept. ABM is no longer an untouched notion for B2B companies. It’s efficacy as a marketing strategy has observed it gain traction among businesses in recent times, and managed Demand generation companies very efficiently.

Quality Intent Data Benefiting Demand Generation


Demand generation strategies draw from a number of sources, coming a long way from creating a simple email list. Your company can employ these three methods to improve demand generation strategies: Improve Account List Segmentation.

8 Key Demand Generation Strategies to Capture & Convert High-Quality Leads

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On the face of it, lead generation is not a complex concept. But conventional lead-generation tactics can be quite time-consuming and, at times, impractical. That is why companies should focus on their demand generation process first. What Is a Demand Generation Strategy?

How Sage Does Social Demand Generation


But many demand generation marketers don’t know what to make of it. Sage , a global provider of business management software and services however, has made social a key part of its demand activity. About a year and a half ago, the global software company’s Employer Solutions business unit, makers of Human Resources Management Software, wanted to do more than drum up awareness, they wanted a full fledge social demand generation strategy.

10 B2B Demand Generation Strategies to Fill Your Sales Funnel


Finding new customers to generate revenue is the ultimate goal of any business, but as most sales leaders confess, building a strong funnel is actually more important than immediately winning a few deals. Lead Generation vs. Demand Generation.

5 Tips for Creating a B2B Demand Generation Strategy


With the right B2B demand generation strategy, you’ll soon find yourself swimming in clients!In In this blog, get ready to learn more about what B2B demand generation is — and how to utilize it in your next marketing campaign to obtain optimal results.

First Party vs. Third Party Intent Data: Which is Best for Demand Generation?

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With 99% of marketers leveraging intent data to some extent within their marketing strategy, it’s evident that intent data is an invaluable tool for demand generation. How are B2B marketers sourcing intent data? A combined approach for effective demand generation.

What Is Demand Generation & Why Is It Important?


When it comes to building your business , it’s as critical to generate leads as it is to create a brand that those leads want to engage with. Effective demand generation brings together a range of marketing tactics and requires multiple touchpoints.

How to Develop a Data-Driven Framework for Demand Generation


Demand generation is often used interchangeably with lead generation, but it is actually its own distinct component of a good marketing and sales strategy. A data-driven demand generation strategy makes your actions more informed, intentional, and ultimately effective.

How The B2B Demand Generation Is Dealing With Covid-19

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Reduced travel, low in-person engagements and cancellation of live events due to the pandemic has left B2B marketers struggling to meet their lead generation targets. In this article, we look at how B2B demand generation has changed to deal with the Covid-19 situation.

The State of Demand Generation

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There are over 20 presentations available, ranging from Social CRM and Lead Generation, to Case Studies and Sales Enablement. A must-watch presentation, though, is the keynote address “ The State of Demand Creation “, by Tony Jaros , SVP Research for SiriusDecisions. The State of Demand Generation 2012. Why is demand generation so important? Create sufficient content (how can we possibly keep up with demand for content?).

The Top 5 Mistakes Companies Make Building Demand Generation

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Most B2B companies are realizing that, to hit their growth goals, they need to shift the focus of their marketing from branding and awareness to lead generation. So they task marketing leadership with building a demand generation engine and run into myriad problems. have changed the way that B2B companies market their products and services. They may still be necessary, just not in a demand generation function.)

Connecting the Dots Between Social Media & Demand Generation


by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this Today’s blog post comes courtesy of Carmen Hill, of Babcock & Jenkins, an Eloqua partner and B2B marketing integrated agency focused on demand generation and pipeline acceleration. She’s also a contributor the Grande Guide to Social Demand Generation. Too often, different marketing functions operate in their own little silos—demand generation isn’t supposed to play on the social playground and vice versa.

Demand Generation In Pandemic: Email vs Telemarketing, Who Wins?

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For B2B companies across the world, this situation creates more lead generation challenges. With the conventional in-person selling now suspended, sales teams in B2B companies have to find other ways of generating demand for their products and services.

Quality Intent Data Benefiting Demand Generation


Demand generation strategies draw from a number of sources, coming a long way from creating a simple email list. Your company can employ these three methods to improve demand generation strategies: Improve Account List Segmentation.