What’s the Difference Between B2B vs. B2C Marketing?


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5 Things B2B Marketers Should Learn from B2C

Modern Marketing

The world of B2B marketing is changing rapidly. A great illustration of this movement was the latest SiriusDecisions “Demand Unit Waterfall” , released just a few months ago, which essentially redefines the definition of a B2B buyer.

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The Difference Between B2C and B2B Content Marketing

Marketing Insider Group

What I don’t often touch on, is the distinction between content marketing in B2C industries and content marketing in B2B industries. The post The Difference Between B2C and B2B Content Marketing appeared first on Marketing Insider Group.

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5 Ways B2B Can Learn from B2C Marketers

Buzz Marketing for Technology

But the reality is that B2B buyers are very similar to B2C consumers— whether it’s buying a new car or new enterprise software, consumers want to be educated and informed. I can’t help but think we are leaving leads—and money—on the table as B2B marketers.

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B2B And B2C Marketing: Is There Really Any Difference?

Marketing Insider Group

What’s the difference between B2B and B2C marketing? While both B2B and B2C marketers may use the same terminologies, the methods and tactics they use can vary greatly given their different needs. The post B2B And B2C Marketing: Is There Really Any Difference?

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B2B vs. B2C: How Content Marketing Changes by Target Audience


When discussing content marketing, industry insiders tend to speak more to the experiences of B2C companies that are targeting consumers directly. It’s clear that there are some significant differences to be addressed in the way content marketing changes for B2B versus B2C target audiences.

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RedPoint Offers Broad, Deep B2C Marketing Automation

Customer Experience Matrix

That formula fell out of favor when the most prominent CRM system became B2B-oriented Salesforce.com , whose very name reflects its origins in B2B sales automation. Even some of the less prominent B2C products have been acquired recently: Conversen by Experian and Entiera by FICO , although neither of these are enterprise software vendors. The net result of all this harvesting by big buyers has been to clear the ground for the next crop of B2C marketing automation systems.

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Digital Marketing: B2B marketers can get fresh, new ideas from B2C

B2B Lead Generation Blog

Consider the words of Shawn Burns , Global Vice President of Digital Marketing, SAP: “The B2B space has the same opportunities as the B2C space when it comes to digital marketing. Have you produced great results from testing a B2C marketing technique with your B2B marketplace?

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B2B Vs B2C Marketing Automation [Infographic]


Now, think of a B2B company as a country home with a badger problem, and a B2C company as a farm with hundreds of acres and droves of sheep. Marketing automation tactics should vary between B2B and B2C companies. I love dogs.

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New Forrester Research: B2B Should Use B2C Customer Loyalty Principles

Influitive b2b

For years, B2B marketers have largely viewed B2C loyalty tactics as irrelevant in their space. After all, B2B buyers don’t respond to reward points and coupons. But B2B marketers are under growing pressure to interact—and deepen relationships—with customers at every stage of the lifecycle, since retaining a customer is more valuable than acquiring a new one. B2B Loyalty, The B2C Way. Use the nuances of B2B to guide your loyalty strategy.

How B2B and B2C Marketing Are Different

Paul Gillin

Co-author Eric Schwartzman and I wrote the book because we felt that B2B marketers were getting inadequate advice about how to apply social media constructs to their work. Invariably, someone stands up and asks, “What does this mean to me as a B2B marketer?&#.

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11 Impressive B2C Campaigns That B2B Marketers Can Learn From


For B2B marketers, this means that the creative spark you're looking for might not be found directly within your industry. In fact, there's actually a lot B2B marketers can learn by observing the approach of B2C companies. Time for another brainstorm session.

Sailthru Offers End-to-End Omnichannel Personalization for B2C Marketers

Customer Experience Matrix

These predictive capabilities are among the biggest differentiators for Sailthru: predictions and recommendations are oriented to consumer marketing, not B2B lead scoring, and Sailthru doesn’t (yet) allow clients to choose what they wish to predict. I know this is blasphemy, but I’m beginning to have doubts about solution selling – the idea that marketers should describe the customer problems they solve, not the features of their products.

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How Does B2B Marketing Compare to B2C?

KoMarketing Associates

This is a question that I get asked frequently and often wonder at times myself : How does B2B marketing compare with B2C marketing? Here are a few areas where B2B marketing can shine. B2B Online Marketing Blog Brand Management B2B Marketing marketing strategy

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What Great Divide? How Storytelling Erases the Lines Between B2B and B2C Marketing Tactics

Content Standard

Sure, I didn’t have a college degree or work experience in the B2B or B2C marketing fields—and the extent of my industry knowledge was a business plan for a lemonade stand that consisted of a single piece of paper with some very convincing crayon diagrams.

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Anything B2C Can Do, B2B Can Do (Better?)


If you’re a B2B marketer, there will inevitably have been times when you’ve envied your B2C counterparts. While they get all the fun running cool mass marketing campaigns, us B2B nerds get our thrills from swapping notes on account-based marketing.

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B2B and B2C Marketing Automation: Understanding the Differences

Customer Experience Matrix

As you might have guessed from my recent list of B2C marketing automation systems , I’ve recently been spending some time helping consumer marketers to select vendors. This is more a return than a departure: although I’ve written mostly about B2B systems for the past few years, my earlier work was largely in consumer marketing. Here are some observations - consumer marketers have to build databases; B2B marketers don’t. But many B2C products leave them out.

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B2B and B2C Marketing are Dead. Long Live B2H!

B2B Marketing Traction

This is true of both the business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) environments. I read with interest a recent B2B Magazine interview with Rick Segal, Chief Practice Officer at the B2B agency gyro. Marketing Soapbox b2b marketing

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B2B Buyers Vs. B2C Buyers And Why You Should Care

MLT Creative

We talk about “b2b” a lot at MLT Creative. All of our posts on this blog have to do with some aspect of b2b marketing. But what really is b2b marketing and how is it really different than “b2c marketing?”

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B2C Marketing: What No One is Talking About 

Modern B2B Marketing

Using rich data is commonplace in the B2B world. B2B marketers have the art of prospecting down to a science. Let’s take a look at some areas that we’ve traditionally thought of as B2B marketing and examine at the process through a B2C lens.

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B2C, B2B and What They Can Learn From Each Other

Modern Marketing

There is a growing sentiment among many that the tried and true marketing designations of B2C and B2B will essentially go by the wayside as we collectively move toward a more holistic marketing approach (AKA H2H or Human To Human.).

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The State Of B2C Content Marketing In 2017 [Research]

Marketing Insider Group

Earlier last month the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs released their highly anticipated annual B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends report, which painted a much more positive picture of content marketing compared to last year’s findings.

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Why B2B Marketers Could Learn Some Things From B2C Brands

Navigate the Channel

B2B and B2C are too often seen as completely separate and distinct modes of business. There are quite a few things that B2B marketers could learn from the consumer marketing pros. B2B Uncategorized B2B and B2C Marketing Seminaries B2B vs B2C Marketing

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How Account-Based Marketing Metrics Are Like B2C Metrics


B2B marketers have a lot on their plate. The next marketing trend will be to pivot to more B2C metrics like share of wallet and total lifetime value. Moving B2B towards customer-centric KPIs will require a shift in how we define ‘customer.’ In B2B markets, relationships are more complicated, as the line between selling human-to-human (H2H) and B2B is blurred. Whether B2C or B2B, the sale is closed between people based on human perceptions of needs and benefits.

Marketing Automation News from Dreamforce: B2B More Integrated, B2C Stays Separate

Customer Experience Matrix

The bad news was for B2B marketing automation. Conference presentations confirmed that Pardot, the B2B marketing automation system that Salesforce acquired as part of its ExactTarget acquisition, has been separated from the rest of ExactTarget and made part of the Sales cloud. There, Pardot is described only as providing lead scoring and nurture programs, which is a subset of what B2B marketing automation usually offers. The good news is the B2C marketing vision.

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IBM May Buy Silverpop: B2B Marketing Automation and B2C Email Would Be Great Fit

Customer Experience Matrix

The other enterprise-level B2C email vendors ( ExactTarget , Responsys ) have already been bought at wondrously high prices, and every B2B marketing automation vendor I talk to tells me that potential investors are approaching them constantly. Although they bought B2C marketing automation leader Unica several years ago, they lack enterprise-scale B2C email engine and B2B marketing automation.

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Eight ways B2B market research differs from B2C

The B2B Research Blog

One of the most important tricks is to avoid shoehorning a B2C research approach into a B2B environment. B2B research is different from consumer research in eight important ways: The 80:20 rule applies. B2B buyers are experts. B2B decisions are more considered. B2B research can be a valuable relationship building tool. B2B market research B2B Marketing Magazine column B2C market researchWarning.

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3 Brilliant B2C Marketing Campaigns That Every B2B Marketer Can Learn From

HG Data

B2B Marketing: The Struggle to Evoke Human Emotion. Traditionally, B2C marketeering has had an advantage over B2B, particularly when it comes to tapping into the emotional drivers of consumer behavior. B2C Marketing: No Longer The Sentimental Frontrunner.

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Are B2B and B2C Going to Converge into One?


For many years, marketers have drawn a distinction between B2B and B2C marketing. The post Are B2B and B2C Going to Converge into One? At one point, this division made sense. Work cultures operated under the assumption that people had two.

Top 10 B2C Marketing Tactics to Use in B2B


. What comes to mind when you read the phrase “B2B marketing?”. . Don’t think for a moment that B2B marketing has to be less exciting than marketing to consumers. Starbucks is another example of a B2B company who has successfully gamified the purchase process.

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CCO Opens the Idea Garage for Inspiring B2B and B2C Content Marketing Examples

Content Marketing Institute

B2B and B2C brands surprise and delight their audiences with relevant, entertaining, or unique content opportunities, from Instagram to YouTube to new digital media partnerships. The UPS Store makes B2B interesting ( November 2017 ).

How is B2B Marketing Different From B2C Marketing?

KoMarketing Associates

That said, there are definite nuances and characteristics of B2B marketing that are different from marketing to a general consumer. A study by Deloitte published by the Wall Street Journa l shows that B2C companies spend more on social media than B2C, but B2B spends more money on marketing training and analytics, possibly due to the fact that B2B industries are often more intricate and require more professional training and product support.

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3 Holiday Marketing Tips B2B Marketers Can Learn From B2C Marketing

Marketing Insider Group

It’s no secret that B2C marketing tactics have a way of ascending to the B2B industry over time. The post 3 Holiday Marketing Tips B2B Marketers Can Learn From B2C Marketing appeared first on Marketing Insider Group. Whether you’re targeting a consumer or another business, you’re still tasked with forming a human connection and creating a need for your offering, after all. Most recently and according to McKinsey1, the adoption of multi-channel marketing in […].

Infor Epiphany Marketing and Interaction Advisor: Good Examples of B2C Marketing Automation

Customer Experience Matrix

As I noted in yesterday’s post , B2C marketing systems like Epiphany have actually been more popular acquisition targets than B2B products. Since many readers of this blog are unfamiliar with the B2C products, it’s worth taking a detailed look at Epiphany’s components.

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Selligent Brings a New B2C Marketing Automation Option to the U.S.

Customer Experience Matrix

The late 1990’s were really the last time we saw major innovation in the B2C market, when vendors like Unica and Aprimo released their then-innovative systems to create lists for direct mail and, somewhat later, email campaigns.

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B2B vs. B2C Copywriting: An Emotional Journey


As a copywriter who is dedicated to working primarily on B2B websites, I’ve often fallen into the trap of thinking that B2B copywriting vastly differs from B2C writing. … Read the rest The post B2B vs. B2C Copywriting: An Emotional Journey appeared first on Fathom.

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How to Make Your Content More Shareable: An Analysis of 175K Blog Posts From B2B & B2C Companies [New Report]


HubSpot Research and BuzzSumo dug deep into 175,000 B2B and B2C blog posts to give you guidelines on optimizing your own content for the maximum amount of shares per social network. Easy-to-read charts showing the differences between B2B and B2C content.

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Is the chasm between B2B and B2C really that big?

Invoke Recruitment B2B Marketing

You might not think that B2B marketing is as creative as B2C marketing, and in some ways this is true. B2C marketing allows you to have a bit more fun and jump on current trends. But B2B can be all of these things too – in fact, some of the best B2B marketing is. Most of the people we interviewed believed that B2B marketing requires just as much creativity as B2C does, because you’re working within tighter boundaries. B2B Marketing

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B2C Marketers: 4 Reasons Why Webinars Are Worth the Investment

Marketing Action

Webinars have long been a top-ranking tactic among B2B marketers and for good reason: They work. But it’s a different story in the B2C world where anecdotes, casual conversations, and bona fide studies all indicate the same thing: B2C companies don’t seem to use webinars.

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10 B2B Marketing Tips from the Best B2C Ads

Sales Intelligence View

InsideView Culture Marketing Sales-Marketing Alignment Tips and Tricks best marketing campaigns of 2014 marketing creativity Marketing Tips top 10 advertisements top 10 b2b ads top 10 list top 10 marketing tips Today’s post is from Janice Bowen, Partner Market […].

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