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3 Branded B2B News Services That Get It Right

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Some B2B marketers have gone that. B2B Content Marketing Adobe Cisco Connected Futures Knowledge@Wharton thought leadership Tim MoranMost content marketing is currently delivered piecemeal in the form of white papers, e-books, webcasts and the like.

8 Data Points about the Importance of Customer Experience

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Sixty-two percent of B2B and 42% of B2C customers purchased more after a good experience , while 66% and 52%, respectively, stopped making purchases after a bad experience, according to a recent survey of 1,000 people who had had recent customer service interactions.

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Not Dead Yet: Blogging’s Popularity Surges Among F500

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Did you know that e-mail still has a significantly higher conversion rate than any other B2B Web traffic source? There’s no fluff in the press release, so I’ll just excerpt it word for word.

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The Trouble with Klout

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In the interview with Schwartzman, who is the co-author of my B2B social media marketing book , Megan Berry said the company has “a million and one&# improvements it wants to make. Estimating influence is a delicate balance of art and science.

Secrets to Successful B2B Webinars

This best practice guide covers a variety of elements surrounding successful webinar strategy and execution

Five Often-Overlooked Reasons Senior Executives Should Use Social Media

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B2B LinkedIn marketing Social Media social networks Tips linkedin Medium Twitter“I don’t have time to build my LinkedIn profile. I already get more useless messages than I can handle anyway.”. Why would I want to be on Twitter? It’s a lot of noise, and no one cares about what I’m reading.”. “I

What a Hotel Manager Taught Me About the Future of Business

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These forces will affect B2B and B2C businesses, nonprofits and government agencies. Scott Wright is the general manager of the Wyndham Wingate Hotel in Erlanger, KY, and in a 15-minute ride to the airport yesterday morning he taught me something about the future of business.

Slides and Video Cover What You Need to Know About Search

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B2B search Social Media social networks Tips Facebook google HubSpot Mike Moran Paul Gillin Search Engine Land Search engine optimizationA client asked me to prepare a one-hour seminar on the basics of search engine optimization (SEO), and I thought it was worth sharing.

A Nice Collection of B2B Marketing Stats and Videos

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based B2B marketing agency that says its mission is, “to chase out the humdrum and bring a lot of love and passion to B2B marketing.” Earnest’s B2B campaigns have a lot of B2C energy inside them. Here’s its latest collection of recent trends and statistics: This is the year that was in B2B Marketing crunched. Be sure to check out the links to some of the year’s best B2B videos on slide 37. Earnest is a U.K.-based

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Why B2B Content Strategies Are Paramount for Generating Quality Leads

Generating demand and ensuring the consistent flow of high-quality, actionable leads is what makes B2B marketers successful

B2B Blogging Gets Publishing Discipline

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Blogs may be declining in importance in the consumer realm as Facebook and Twitter grow in popularity, but they are still the most valued social platforms for B2B marketers as evidenced by recent research (see p. B2B Corporate Blog blogging businessblog

How B2B and B2C Marketing Are Different

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Co-author Eric Schwartzman and I wrote the book because we felt that B2B marketers were getting inadequate advice about how to apply social media constructs to their work. Invariably, someone stands up and asks, “What does this mean to me as a B2B marketer?&#.

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How to Summarize Content for a Business Audience

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B2B Content Marketing marketing Tips Big Data Executive summary Inverted pyramid

Two B2B Social Marketing Initiatives Worth Checking

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A couple of notable B2B efforts have caught my eye recently that I wanted to share. No doubt this wasn’t cheap, but it’s impressive to see a B2B community demonstrate this kind of ingenuity. B2B communities marketing Social Media video

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The Other Social Network

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LinkedIn is set to eclipse the 100 million member mark sometime this spring, and it is quickly becoming the social network of choice for B2B professionals. This is the ideal B2B environment. Facebook is about mass, but LinkedIn is about focus, which is one reason it rocks for B2B.

Flip My Funnel - Guide To B2B Account Based Marketing

As modern B2B marketers, we have been lucky enough to witness some of the most dramatic shifts in marketing strategies and technologies

Industrial Age Thinking Thwarts Potential of Internal Social Nets

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B2B corporate Facebook social networks InformationWeek mckinseyAbout 15 years ago the CEO of the company where I worked decided that it was important that employees should learn to use the technology they were writing about.

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Here’s What 25 B2B Marketers Think Are the Key Trends in 2016

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I was delighted when B2B Marketing Zone – a website and newsletter that I devour – asked me to be one of 25 contributors to its “ B2B Marketing Trends for 2016 ” e-book. I love this content concept, and it’s an idea more B2B marketers could adopt.

Social Marketing Wisdom From a True Practitioner

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Stand Out also has several excellent case studies from both B2C and B2B businesses that dramatize the advantages of engaging in conversation rather than spewing messages.

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Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter in Plain English

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LinkedIn is a favorite of B2B marketers because its members go there mainly to discuss professional interests. B2B Facebook LinkedIn Social Media social networks TwitterI prepared summaries for my upcoming Search & Social Double Whammy seminar on May 2 in Burlington, MA describing the “big three” social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

A Content Formula for Complex B2B Organizations

Content Marketing is essential for anyone who wants continued success and growth

I’ve Been Writing A Lot Lately, Just Not Here

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report reveals a startling disconnect between B2B companies and their customers that should give every marketer pause to reflect on his or her priorities. Marketing and sales organizations at most B2B companies have a relationship that can be politely described as strained.

Facebook Can Work for B2B Marketers, But You Gotta Know the Rules

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In my work with B2B organizations, the question of how to use Facebook is invariably front and center. This Is despite the fact that numerous surveys have shown that Facebook is one of the least effective social networks for B2B marketing.

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What Social Media Marketers Should and Shouldn’t Do

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These thoughts are particularly directed at B2B marketers. Since my main focus is on B2B, I’ll stick to that. CME Group (the former Chicago Mercantile Exchange) has amassed the largest Twitter following of any B2B company of which I’m aware. B2B marketing Social Media Tips Chicago Mercantile Exchange CME Group constant contact Facebook linkedin Social network Twitter

Awareness E-Book Raises the Bar on Social Measurement

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B2B Book Review marketing Social Media social networks Awareness Networks e-book influence measurement metricsThe question of how to measure social media performance, particularly in a marketing context, continues to be one of the industry’s hottest topics.

Effective B2B Marketing Content That Will Lead to Sales Growth

Effective marketing content leads to increased sales productivity, more revenue, greater marketing effectiveness and stronger alignment between marketing and sales

Interesting Threads in Dell’s 2013 Social Media Predictions

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advertising B2B Facebook influence innovation LinkedIn marketing Social Media Anita Campbell ann handley Gaurav Mishra Geoff Livingston Lee Hopkins Lee Odden Michael Brito Philip Sheldrake Ray Wang Rohit Bhargava Shel Israel Toby Bloomberg Valeria MaltoniI happen to be one of the 14 people quoted in this Dell e-book, Social Media Predictions for 2013 , but that’s not why I’m pointing out to you.

Recommended Reading – 7/9/15

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SlideShare continues to be one of the best-kept secrets in B2B marketing. B2B blogging Content Marketing influence Social Media Twitter Buffer Content Marketing Institute HubSpot slideshareNinja Guide to Content Creation: Top 10 Writing Tools – Content Marketing Institute.

Marketo Tells How to Use Social Media for Lead Generation

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Marketo recently contacted several B2B social media marketing pros to get their tips on how to generate leads with social platforms. B2B Content Marketing Social Media Marketo

How to Calculate Social Marketing ROI

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Much of the money that B2B marketers have poured into direct mail campaigns, trade show exhibitions and trade print advertising for the last 50 years has questionable returns. In niche B2B markets with a small number of potential customers, that assumption may be optimistic.

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Empathy: Your Lead Generation Superpower

Speaker: Brian Carroll, CEO & Founder of markempa

The single biggest issue for B2B growth is effective lead generation: increasing lead quality and quantity. Today’s sales and marketing environment is a paradox. There has never been more marketing channels to reach potential customers.

Thrilled to be Mentioned in the Company of These Phenomenal B2B Bloggers

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DNN (formerly DotNetNuke) has posted a listing infographic of the Top 10 Blogs Every B2B Marketer Should Read. Profitecture is a small start up that provides social media training to B2B companies and their channel partners, and I’m happy to be a founding associate. Top 10 Blogs Every B2B Marketer Should Read from DNN I was stunned and thrilled to be included with phenomenal bloggers like Jeremiah Owyang , Seth Godin , Ann Handley and Brian Solis.

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Surveys Show ‘Social Business’ Concept Gaining Traction

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B2B communities marketing Social Media budgets constant contact IBM IT SMB spiceworks

Transforming P&G

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The volunteer position would demand a few days of my time every year just as I was beginning to transition my focus to B2B and away from P&G’s consumer markets.

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My Video Interview About B2B Social Media on CMO Advantage with Ed Gaskin

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B2B book podcast video cmo advantageI spent a fun half-hour chatting it up with Ed, who’s a good friend and fellow media enthusiast. He told me how he spends most of his time these days working with inner-city gang leaders to mediate disputes. It makes social media marketing seem rather unimportant.

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5 Pillars of Marketing Automation Success

Ensure Your B2B Marketing Clients Get the Best Results

Attack of the Customers Press Release

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Using dozens of case studies from consumer and B2B brands, the book classifies attackers into four categories – Casual Complainers, Extortionists, Committed Crusaders and Indignant Influencers – and provides coping strategies for dealing with each.

Let Your People Speak!

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Earlier this week I wrote an article for that made the case that last week’s IBM Watson Jeopardy challenge, in which an IBM computer thrashed the two greatest Jeopardy champions of all time, was the greatest B2B marketing campaign ever.

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‘The Truth about Leads’ Is Just That

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This behavior contributes to the chasm that exists between marketers and sales people in many organizations, particularly B2B companies. B2B Book Review marketing Dan McDade lead generation PointClear sales

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New Video Series Shows How Mobile Marketing Can Work for B2B

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Christina Kerley is a leading voice in B2B mobile marketing, and she’s starting posting engaging educational videos that show how mobile devices can be incorporated into the B2B marketing mix. B2B video Christina Kerley

Stop Killing Your Content: 3 Reasons Your Content Falls Flat

Each year B2B organizations spend more than $5.2 billion on content creation