An Interview With Mike Damphousse About B-to-B Appointment Setting

Sales Lead Insights

This is the first in a series of occasional interviews with top practitioners in the field of B-to-B demand generation. Today’s guest is Michael Damphousse , CEO/CMO of Green Leads, LLC , a firm that specializes in using the phone to get qualified appointments for its clients’ salespeople on a pay-per-performance basis. His blog, Smashmouth Marketing , has developed a wide following among B-to-B marketing professionals.

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How Performance Marketing Accelerates B-to-B Prospecting


Every time you turn around, a new “performance marketing” opportunity turns up for B-to-B marketers. But there are some potholes to consider. Let’s look at how marketers get value out of this approach to finding new customers. . To back up, what is this performance marketing thing, anyway? There are scads of ways performance marketing is being applied across the B-to-B go-to-market spectrum. Photo credit: Wikipedia.

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Five Ways B-to-B Marketers Need to Change Their Game


In the old days—just a few years ago—when business buyers had a problem, they’d call in their vendors for advice on how to solve it. So a sales person was in a nifty position to educate—and influence—the buyer from the earliest stages of the process. Buyers don’t really want to talk to vendors until somewhere akin to 70% of the way down the road, at the stage of writing RFPs and getting quotes. So marketers have to think differently today.

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Where is B2B data-driven marketing headed?


In preparing my new book on the subject—to be published in June of 2015—I had a chance to speak to a variety of brilliant thinkers about where things are headed. As marketing technology grows in its sophistication and ease of use, marketers will continue to take advantage, shifting budgets and influence away from IT departments, and requiring a higher level of tech skill and experience in the marketing department.

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Case study in data-driven B2B customer acquisition marketing


While preparing case studies for book, I had the fun of interviewing a bunch of very smart B2B marketers to learn how they were applying data and analytics to their marketing objectives. Five9’s solutions provide everything businesses need to run an inbound and/or outbound center for sales and marketing, customer service, or outsourcing, including sophisticated management tools for reporting, recording, workforce management, quality monitoring, and CRM integration.

6 thorny data problems that Vex B2B marketers, and how to solve them


Business-to-business marketers are plagued by data problems. To shed some light on B2B data problems, Bernice Grossman and I compiled a working list of problems and solutions. Give them objective rules to follow. Then, develop a very simple process by which reps pass their data to this group. Dedicate particular group members to certain reps, so the input person builds experience about rep’s behavior and communication style.

Martyn Etherington Speaks: the story of a B2B digital marketing turnaround


I had the chance recently to catch up with Martyn Etherington , a marketing leader I’ve long admired. In a reflective mood, he was willing to field some questions about his successes there. Where did you direct them to focus their efforts, and why? Customers have changed the way that they buy, and therefore we need to change the way we sell. Fast-forward, we went from the 30 users to close to 2,000 employees who are actively engaged in social media.

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Named account marketing: new tools and techniques to reach a limited universe


Best of all, a number of new tools and tactics are now available to do the marketing job efficiently. These are the accounts we pay attention to.”. A similar focus occupies Warm-Transfer, which tele-qualifies leads generated by very large insurance companies, and warm transfers the prospects to the clients’ sales teams. “We We need volume of at least 1,500 leads a month to serve a client efficiently,” says Jeff Feuer, CEO.

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Do BI vendors ignore competitors’ positions or follow the herd?

Messages that Matter

B to B SolutionsWhy do so many Business Intelligence (BI) software companies use “insights” as their position? Of the 19 BI companies evaluated in this 4th annual assessment, more than half (11) position around the notion of “insights.” There are two polar opposite explanations for what I call “me-too” positioning which means no differentiation. Either the BI companies […].

B2B prospecting data just keeps getting better


The most reliable and scalable approach to finding new B2B customers is outbound communications–whether one is using mail, phone, or email, or using rented or purchased lists. But new research indicates that B2B prospecting data is much more detailed these days and that it includes a plethora of variables to choose from: refining your targeting, for building predictive models, or picking your targets even more effectively. (Photo credit: Wikipedia).

Beware of dubious data providers: a 9-point checklist


Are you hounded by email pitches offering access to all kinds of prospective business targets? As a B2B marketer, I am always interested in new customer data sources, so I feel compelled to at least give them a listen. So, over time, I have come up with a 9-point assessment strategy to help marketers determine the likely legitimacy of a potential vendor, using approaches that can be replicated by anyone, at arm’s length. (Photo credit: Tim Morgan).

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Fresh Insights in Selling to SMBs


Despite the attention given to large enterprise marketing, it’s small and medium businesses (SMB) where the bulk of marketing investments go. SMB is where there’s enough volume to do plenty of testing. Plenty of agencies, research firms, and other marketers are focused on SMB, and willing to share their insights. Kudos to Bredin for figuring out how to persuade 532 busy business owners to take a 15-minute survey online, in May 2014.

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Marketing automation is not marketing strategy


Or, “Once this automation system is installed, it will take our marketing to the next level.” Déjà vu all over again, to echo Yogi Berra. Not only was it a nightmare to get up and running, the software served only to automate the processes—good or bad—that companies already had in place. Even the marketing automation software vendors themselves recognize the importance of strategy for their own success, as well as that of their clients.

Lights, camera, action: Video helps you stay in touch with customers


One problem that plagues B-to-B sales and marketing is coming up with relevant, timely messages for nurturing customer relationships. A territory-based sales rep may be trying to keep in touch with hundreds of contacts at a time, but struggles to find a steady supply of good-quality reasons to reach out, without being a pest. The cover note is in plain text, inviting customers to have a look at the latest “Minute” video. Image via Wikipedia.

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How to Create a B2B Content Audit


In the B2B marketing world, content is used primarily to 1. Develop the relationship over time until the prospect is ready to see a salesperson, a process known as lead nurturing. For these two purposes, business marketers need to have on hand an array of very particular types of content assets. A good way to determine what’s available, and what additional content you need to create, is to perform a content audit. Photo credit: Wikipedia.

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How Can a Small Business Marketing Consultant Help?

Leading Results Rambings

Their website was based on a modern, up-to-date platform. The year was poised for success and growth from a 4m firm to a 5.25m firm. One salesperson left and one of the marketing staff left, and now the owners were back to working IN the business instead of ON the business. Unlike an ad agency, a website shop, or a marketing tactic fulfillment vendor (e.g., Lead Generation B-to-B Marketing Marketing

The Changing Rules of B2B Marketing

Paul Gillin

Here is a draft of the first chapter of Social Marketing to the Business Customer by Paul Gillin and Eric Schwartzman. This chapter focuses on drawing the major distinctions between business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) markets and where social marketing has particular value to B2B companies. But to thousands of technology professionals around the world, Hanson is a celebrity. Welcome to the new world of B2B communications.

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Social CRM: Curb Your Enthusiasm

Paul Gillin

If you’re a marketer in a medium-to large-sized B2B company, you’re almost certainly using customer relationship management (CRM) software to track your customers and prospects. I encourage you to restrain your enthusiasm. CRM is a well-established discipline that presumes that the more information we can capture about a customer’s interactions with our company, the better we can deliver products and services that the person wants to buy.

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How Can a Small Business Marketing Consultant Help?

Leading Results Rambings

Their website was based on a modern, up-to-date platform. The year was poised for success and growth from a 4m firm to a 5.25m firm. One salesperson left and one of the marketing staff left, and now the owners were back to working IN the business instead of ON the business. Unlike an ad agency, a website shop, or a marketing tactic fulfillment vendor (e.g., You will be hard pressed to find all the needed skill sets in a single consultant (or a single employee).

Beyond the B2B Buying Funnel: Exciting New Research about How Companies Make Complex Purchases


There are entire industries devoted to researching consumer buying behavior, but until now there has been relatively little research into B2B buying behaviors. Enquiro Research (as well as Google , , Covario , and Demandbase ) to perform new qualitative and quantitative research into the (often irrational) ways that businesses make complex purchases. The initial findings of the research are a must-see for anyone involved in marketing or selling to other businesses.

Report: Most Loyal B2B Customers Value Reliability in Companies

KoMarketing Associates

Previous research from Part 1 of Merkle Loyalty Solutions’ “The Ideal B-to-B Loyalty Program: What Should It Look Like” research indicated that marketers were placing a greater priority on acquiring new customers, rather than retention. Now, Part 2 is shedding light on what encourages existing customers to stick with a B2B provider over time. In Part 1 of Merkle Loyalty Solutions’ “The Ideal B-to-B Loyalty Program: What Should It Look Like?”

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BtoB 2010 Lead Generation Guide

B2B Lead Generation

The guide contains information about trends, expert columns, market statistics and vendor lists. BtoB Magazine just published their 2010 Lead Generation Guide. I recommend you check it out.

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B2B Marketing Stats for 2022 and Beyond

BOP Design

If you need to convince your C-suite or manager to set aside money, time, or other resources for your B2B marketing efforts, these stats should help. B2B, or B-to-B, or BtoB Marketing: General Stats. Read more: 10 tips to create content your audience will devour.

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New Response Databases - Valuable Resource for B2B Marketers?


Today we're honored to have guest blogger Ruth Stevens share her thoughts on database marketing. Business marketers are always suspicious of the data they are getting from list and data companies, whether its prospecting lists or data elements purchased for “append,” to fill in gaps. And within those law firms, do I have the names of all the partners I should be marketing to?". So that’s the background…now on to the conclusions from our new study.

SiriusDecisions Summit 2018: Bound Event Guide


It’s a big event, with 3,000+ attendees, 120+ vendors and all the frameworks and case studies you can dream of. Here is everything you need to know about SiriusDecisions Summit 2018. Our team is excited to share this experience with you. Last year I walked into Summit thinking how the heck does Jewel relate to B2B Marketing? While I don’t expect such a core announcement in 2018, we can expect the keynotes to guide the themes of the conference.

Who Do You Trust? Industry Analysts Reign Supreme

The ROI Guy

A SiriusDecisions survey recently examined which b-to-b sources are trusted most by buyers during the buying lifecycle, and the results indicate not surprisingly that Industry Analysts and Peers are the most influential and trusted sources of information. The influence of vendors as a trusted source of information has also increased, from only 3.3% of buyers who cited them as a trusted source in 2006 to 8.1% Vendor Brightspot?

The 5 Top Media for Cold Prospecting


These are the five essential channels you can rely on for generating a steady stream of inquiries that you can then convert to qualified leads, and have a prayer of closing enough sales to meet your revenue quota. Outbound telemarketing The telephone is the Swiss Army knife in the B-to-B marketer’s backpack: a flexible, personal, dependable resource with infinite applications. That compares to $7 billion spent on direct mail and $4.5

Engaging Multimedia Content: Making a Human Connection

B2B Digital Marketer

Companies need to realize that if they want to stay afloat during these trying times they need to adapt and use content and technology to engage more with their potential customers. 12:42 – How to stand out from everybody even if you’re late to the game.

Top 4 Sessions for B2B Marketers at SiriusDecisions Technology Exchange


Given the abundance of technology companies in the Bay Area focused on B2B lead generation, marketing and sales, I’d say they’re on to something. For data-driven marketing and sales folks, I’ve selected my top four to check out: 1. Specificity Over Scale: The Future of B-to-B Sales, Marketing and Product Technology. Click to tweet about this session: Coming to @SiriusDecisions #sdtechx?

Top Takeaways from #SDTechX


As a marketer, I am always interested in learning about new technologies and how other companies are leveraging them to drive results. We commonly refer to this as ‘shiny object syndrome.’ The concept came up in several talks throughout the event really to drive home the point that success with technology equates to so much more than just the shiny, new technology. Last week SiriusDecisions hosted its inaugural Technology Exchange in San Francisco.

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8 Great LinkedIn Groups for B2B Marketers

KoMarketing Associates

According to a recent report released by Regalix, 91 percent of respondents said that LinkedIn was the most effective channel in terms of helping them reach their target audience. And according to the “LinkedIn Ads Benchmark Report Q3 2015” published by Marketing Mojo, 79 percent of B2B marketers said that LinkedIn was “effective” at generating leads. Consider your own alumni network, industry affiliations, and vendor-specific resources.

B2B Lead Generation by Phone: An Interview with Michael Brown

Sales Lead Insights

This is one of a series of occasional interviews with top practitioners on topics of interest to business-to-business lead generation, marketing and new business development professionals. He is the B2B telemarketing and telesales consultant and telemarketing trainer whom I frequently recommend to our clients. Michael, first off, I know you hate to use the word “telemarketing.&# And yes, human beings do need to communicate LIVE! before trying to get.

How Belly Aligned Marketing and Sales to Build a Successful Inbound Sales Organization

Ignite Tech

Lessons on How Belly Retooled its MarTech Systems and Processes to Increase Leads by 125% and Close Rates by 30%. Belly has helped over 10,000 businesses serve loyalty rewards programs to about 8 million consumers with its iPad and mobile-based solutions. By 2014, Belly had gained a significant market presence, and shifted from a dominant outside sales team to a dominant inside sales team. Once we show a demo to a prospect, the close rate is generally very good – over 40%.

What eMagine Customers are Saying: Client Recommendations

EMagine B2B Blog

eMagine is proud to have worked with some of the best and brightest clients on Website Design, Hosting, and Online Marketing in the technology, health care, medical device and other B2B industries. “As the Marketing Manager at SourceMedical chose to work with eMagine due to their experience of working with clients within the healthcare and technology industries. We met with several vendors, and eMagine demonstrated a proven track record of developing B-to-B sites.

14 Key B2B Marketing Reports to Inform the Strategic Budgeting Process

KoMarketing Associates

About a week ago Google’s Ben Gomes, VP of Search, News, and Assistant, discussed three fundamental shifts in how the search engine intends to think about Search in the coming years. For B2B marketers, the key takeaways are how search will become more personally valuable, and move away from text to a visual, more interest-based experience. To help in these endeavors, we have compiled 14 important trend and benchmark reports and studies to aid in this process.

Case Study: San Francisco Travel Sets New Agenda For Content Marketing Management


But that’s exactly what was happening to the content marketing management process before the destination marketing organization of record for the Golden City enlisted the help of content marketing platform DivvyHQ. A lot of people were creating content on their own with little-to-no feedback from the rest of the team, and a lot of the content that people ultimately wanted to create wasn’t being created. The migration from Google Docs to DivvyHQ happened quickly.

Writing Your Own Book to Establish Authority

B2B Digital Marketer

There’s no doubt that having a book published is a great way to establish authority in the domain you are in. There is a lot of writing and preparation involved and the majority of people are not able to publish a book without having to spend a lot of money on book publishers.