Google’s SERP Features: Get Your Company Listed

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There’s only so much room on Google’s SERP pages, and a lot of that space is reserved for featured snippets, related questions, videos, and more. To capture your audience’s attention, it’s now critical for brands to get listed on Google SERP features.

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What Is a SERP? Definition of a SERP

The Basics of SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). + The Main Elements of SERPs. Anatomy of an SERP (2020). + How Do Search Engines Choose Results for SERP? + How to Make Use of SERPs. Increasing Your Organic Rankings in SERPs. The Main Elements of SERPs.


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BERT: Google’s New Algorithm That Promises to Revolutionize SERPs


What are the impacts of BERT on SERPs? What are the impacts of BERT on SERPs? On the other hand, if the page is right for Google, it was probably better aligned to another query and managed to improve the quality of its traffic, making visitors more likely to enjoy the content.

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SERP Universal Listing Trends


The SERP landscape is also constantly changing and has evolved over time. Marketers must be quick to adjust strategies to accommodate both algorithm updates and changes to the SERPs. Because of this, BrightEdge started tracking some of the ways Google is evolving the SERPs.

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SERP Universal Listing Trends


Changes to the SERP Landscape. The SERP landscape is also constantly changing and has evolved over time. Marketers must be quick to adjust strategies to accommodate both algorithm updates and changes to the SERPs.


5 Ways to Improve B2B PPC Performance with SERP Features

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Some cost money, like SEMRush, but have a wide variety of features, like competitive research, keyword ideas and traffic estimates. That tool is Google’s search engine results page (SERP). The easiest form of research that can be done on the SERP is observing the competition.

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10 Effective SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic in 2020

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Want to grow your organic traffic by 20-100%? Looking for SEO techniques that'll increase your rankings and send you free, qualified traffic? The better Google is at answering queries within the SERPs, or directing users to ads instead of organic listings, the more money it makes.

Use SEO and PPC Together For Maximum SERP Real Estate


5 min read While SEO and PPC are unique channels that both work well alone, combining insights and data from the two for greater results and more visibility can help your overall digital marketing strategy and help increase your ranks in the SERPs.

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Content and Links: The Two Most Important Ranking Factors


Like it or not, Google is a significant gatekeeper in the success (or failure) of many business who rely on website traffic for sales. So, it's obviously imperative for companies to understand how Google determines ranking positions. It really comes down to two things: content and links.

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15 Quick Ways to Boost Your SERP Results

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SERP results are crucial to the online success of any business. That’s why boosting SERP results is a key aim of SEO. If you’re already putting in that hard work, there are some actionable tips that can make a swift difference to your SERP rankings. Think of SERPs like a market.


SERP Rankings Are More Important Now For The Buyer's Journey


By focusing your attention on how your brand appears in search results, you can reduce the overwhelming nature of the modern buyer’s journey, and make sure you are targeting the right content to the right audience at each moment in their journey to minimize poor bounce rates.


Use SEO and PPC Together For Maximum SERP Real Estate


5 min read While SEO and PPC are unique channels that both work well alone, combining insights and data from the two for greater results and more visibility can help your overall digital marketing strategy and help increase your ranks in the SERPs.


My Site’s DR Is 1.2 but My Article Ranks #1 in Google!

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but my article ranks #1 in the Google SERPs. So, yes, it’s in the #1 position in Google for the most part, but it wobbles, just like all links in the SERPs do. Want to grow your organic traffic by 20-100%? Want to grow your organic traffic by 20-100%? My site's DR is 1.2

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What is organic traffic and why it is essential to your online strategy


If you can’t bring the right audience to your digital channels , you won’t get results. Nowadays, you can generate visits to a website without spending any money on ads or buying email lists — that’s what we call organic traffic. What is organic traffic?

SEO vs. SEM: Combining the Two to Maximize SERP Real Estate


The quality and quantity of the traffic coming to your site matters. Using SEM and SEO together will drive traffic using both organic and paid strategies. SEO is the process of improving your website to enhance the user experience and to increase quality traffic to your site.


How to Relate to Your Audience with Empathy in Content Marketing

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Content is your big chance to connect with your audience by offering something useful, helpful, and valuable – all without pushing products on them. According to Semrush , most marketers say lead generation (79%) and traffic (75%) are their top-two content marketing goals.

10 techniques to increase your blog traffic in 2020


Increase blog traffic is the key to Content Marketing. Attracting a qualified audience is the key to get better results. First of all, it is necessary to think about what the audience wants. These terms indicate what your audience has been searching for on Google.

How to Build Organic Traffic to your B2B Website

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Therefore, the strategies that will drive traffic to a B2B website are different from those that will attract the individual consumer. Therefore, to drive traffic, you need to satisfy their needs and make the information they are seeking easy to find.

Why You Should Update Content – Or Risk Losing The Traffic You Have [Case Study]

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HubSpot released statistics stating that updating old blog posts increased traffic to old posts by 106%. In fact, not only do some posts remain flat after an update, but sometimes the traffic even tanks. Updating Blog Posts Increased Traffic by 96%. Ultimately, updating old content increased our traffic by nearly 96%. In other words, it nearly doubled the traffic of the old posts. 17 posts generated less traffic. Traffic increased by 135.8%

The importance of accurate keyword difficulty scores


Low competition keywords give an advantage in attracting traffic. With countless companies competing for the same audience, digital marketers need to develop a highly effective and targeted content strategy to find a way through the crowded market and connect with potential customers.

International SEO: How to Optimize Your Website to Capture a Global Audience

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There are two major challenges you will have to face: Acquiring traffic from different countries. It helps your business grow globally and lets you target audiences from different countries in their native language. 1) Reach Audiences Globally. 2) Acquire Massive Organic Traffic.

5 Ways Audience Research Helps You Customize Your Landing Pages


Before you can accomplish your goals, you’ve gotta help your audience accomplish theirs. Audience research. Sometimes, though, you don’t start out with the audience insights you need to create a landing page with the exact effect you intended. Use Audience Research Tools.

What Is Organic Traffic and How Does It Work?

Organic Traffic 101. + Why Is Organic Traffic Valuable? Organic Traffic as Part of SEO. + How to Measure Organic Traffic. One of the most important concepts associated with SEO is organic traffic—the number of people visiting your site from search engines.

The 15 best SEO techniques to drive more traffic to your blog


SEO techniques need to be applied to get more traffic. This post will show the 15 SEO techniques that will drive more traffic to your blog. Thus, these types of posts will always receive high traffic volumes. By 2022, videos will be 82% of all web traffic.

Boost Traffic With Evergreen Content


Creating content that consistently drives traffic to your site can be difficult and everyday blogging likely won’t be the way to do it. Evergreen content is targeted content written on a topic that is always going to remain relevant and is always driving traffic.

How To Embed Content Marketing And SEO For More Traffic And Leads?

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When we invest all our time and efforts creating an incredible in-depth piece of content that’s engaging and loved by our customers, prospects, and clients – why not receive Google’s love too and improve qualified organic traffic of our website?

How To Drive Traffic To Your Website’s Landing Pages (2021 Guide)


Unfortunately, it can be an uphill battle to capture some of that traffic unless you know your target audience as well as you know your product. Understanding where your audience is online and how they engage with your content is critical to setting yourself up for success.

8 Essential SEO Reports to Create for Your Client in 2020

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Dive Deeper: 9 Effective SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic in 2020. While it might be tempting for you to simply download the keyword rankings and organic traffic reports and show them to your client, that might not be enough to showcase your overall SEO plan.

3 Marketing Activities to Increase Your Google SERP CTR

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SERPs are personalized to each individual. The trick is to focus on increasing your SERP click-through rate instead of swapping rank positions. AJ Kohn first reported his informal findings on how SERP click-through rate can influence ranking signals. For example, images like this have been used forever to explain how CTR changed based on SERP position: ( image source ). How to Raise SERP CTR to Skyrocket Traffic.

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13 Best Keyword Research Tools to Boost Your Organic Traffic


Is a lack of organic traffic costing you sales? In this guide, we’re sharing our picks for the best keyword research tools to help you boost your traffic. If people can’t find your site in search results, you’re missing out on traffic, leads, and sales. One of the best ways to solve that problem and boost your traffic is with keyword research tools. Recommended Resource: Need more website traffic?

Marketing and Branding Strategies to Increase Your SERP Rankings

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Marketing and branding strategies built around increasing traffic and authority require constant and consistent effort. They’re the ones you want to show up at the top of Google SERPs. Funnel your traffic to an action. You have real, measurable traffic coming to your site. While there are many marketing and branding strategies built around increasing traffic in particular, our process rounds off with compelling that traffic to convert.


Omnivores of the SERP: Eat Up More Market Share

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The more universal and user-based search becomes, the more important taking up more market share on each SERP becomes. If we look at an average SERP (search engine results page), we can see that the results are generally divided by four categories. The bulk of SERP links are business websites that are offering a product, service, or content to the reader. Changing SERPs. On top of that, Google has removed the side ads that used to occupy the right side of the SERP.


How to Optimize Content for Maximum Traffic in 2021

More than that, its first SERP page is enough for 90% of users to find the desired results. Searching habits change, and Google changes the criteria of what your content should look like to drive more organic website traffic and rank higher.

Content Personalization: learn all the secrets to create tailored experiences for your audience


As you can see, there are several personalization levels, ranging from segmenting your audience when producing content to advanced platforms capable of creating unique experiences for each user. But we now have access to cutting-edge technology to refine our audience like never before.

There's Gold In Them Thar SERPs: Mining Important SEO Insights from Search Results


Posted by AndrewDennis33 There’s gold in them thar SERPs…gold I tell ya! Search engine results pages (SERPs) are the mountains we’re trying to climb as SEOs to reach the peak (number one position). because we’re going to learn how to mine the SERPs for SEO gold!


Google Trends: How To Use Google Trending Searches To Increase Your Own Traffic

When it comes to driving traffic, Google offers a highly valuable tool known as Google Trends. Since Google captures all the user data, user behavior and keeps track of how people access and use websites, it helps businesses keep tabs on their real-time consumer behavior to drive more traffic.

Why You Should Use Long-Tail Keywords in Your SEO Campaign

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Over 70% of search queries are made up of long-tail keywords while the other 30% consist of head keywords, as shown in the below graph: If you are ignoring long-tail keywords then you are ignoring 70% of the search traffic. There is less competition, no fear of bigger brands outranking you, and you can easily bring in more traffic to your site. Long-tail keywords are 3-5-word phrases with low search volume that are used to capture relevant traffic to a website.