Your Audience Called. They Say You’re Fired.


“You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” Often there is a real push and pull between what your audience wants you to publish, and what you (or your boss, or your boss’s boss) want to publish. They need help.

How to Speak the Same Language as Your Marketing Audience


Do you know anything about your marketing audience – such as the big issues in their industry, trends that might affect them, or the role they play in their own companies? This practice also helps establish trust. Surveys can help you, too – such as a poll to frequent customers.

How to Understand Your B2B Audience Better

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In content marketing, there’s a similar mantra: “audience, audience, audience.”. If you can create content that both fits the needs of your audience, and meets your business goals at the same time, you will have hit the sweet spot of content marketing. But if you don’t understand your audience and don’t target your content for them, you might as well do broadcast advertising. But fortunately, they need nowhere near a Coke-sized audience.

B2B Product Launch Secrets: How to Wow Your Audience

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With so much competition, how can you woo and wow your audience? Instead, create a strategy that outlines your overall plan, including audience, messaging, and timing. An integral part of your strategy is to find your core audience. Use live video to answer audience questions.

eBook: The 9 Ingredients Your Need to Create Better Content

out and helps meet your business objectives takes a. can help you automatically incorporate each ingredient. audience will love to gobble up. consistent, it helps create a unified experience that your. risk of confusing your audience and potentially damaging.

Twitter: How to Break Through the Noise and Reach Your Audience

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Let’s take a look at the five ways B2B companies and marketers can stand out and reach their audience on Twitter. On the other side, simply posting to post and pushing out content at all hours of the day in fear of becoming irrelevant is a sure-fire way to scare off your target audience and decrease your engagement. Make your tweets count and provide your target audience with the content they crave. If your content would add value to your target audience, #whynottweetit?

How to Take an Audience-First Approach to Your Content

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Take a journey with your audience. We developed the audience journey as a tool for content marketers. Its sole purpose is to align your brand’s content with the needs of your audience. This journey is a tool to get insight into your audience’s needs, not a chronological process.

Calls to Action: How to Motivate Your Audience

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Theis post will show you how to motivate your audience to take that next step -- or rather, click. What does it really take to produce a CTA that makes a difference for B2B lead generation , and helps your B2B PR campaign succeed? The Key Takeaway: Know Your Audience.

Content marketing personalization: know your audience


Knowing what interests your audience means knowing your audience, so let’s take a look at painting a more personal picture of them. The first step in this process is understanding that your audience is not a single monolith.

Report: How Top Businesses Approach Content Creation

your target audience. 39% 63% 67% 51% TO OVERCOME THESE AND OTHER CHALLENGES, CONTENT PROFESSIONALS RELY ON A VARIETY OF TACTICS: THE MOST COMMON TYPES OF TECHNOLOGIES BEING USED ARE: Enlisting the help. target audience. target audience. staff to help with.

How Influencer Marketing Can Help Your SEO Efforts


In the world of online marketing, an influencer is a like a mutual friend, bridging your brand and your target audience. Here is how influencer marketing will help your SEO efforts. It Helps You Build a Diverse Link Profile. Guest post by Nate Vickery.

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15 Audiences You Should Be Targeting with B2B Facebook Ads

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Ultimately, Facebook Ads are an excellent, highly targeted, and inexpensive way, compared to other ad networks, to get in front of your target audience as an introductory or re-engagement touchpoint, that will expand your reach and visibility, and ultimately assist in your sales funnel. Give the audiences below a try. Facebook Lookalike custom audiences take a contact email list you upload and creates a new audience based on your list that is similar to the people on it.

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The real value of engaging your audience in content marketing


Which is why engaging your audience is critical to you marketing success. It’s about engaging customers so they become fans and promoters – and help you win more customers. If you can engage your audience, you have a much greater opportunity to build your brand organically.

Three Ways Users Can Help Keep Twitter Vibrant


What Twitter offers in terms of audience building, traffic driving, customer responding, support providing, socially engaging features is unique. But fans of the social network can do a few things to help keep it vibrant as well. Is Twitter dying?

Location-Based Data is Helping Marketers Personalize the Customer Experience

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Approximately 91 percent of marketers increased their understanding of audiences with this information, and 87 percent created a positive customer experience. Until recently many senders have treated email as primarily a broadcast channel, loading lists and ‘blasting’ their most popular content to broad swaths of their audience,” wrote the authors of the report.

8 Ways to Create More Effective Lead Generation Programs

Explore key areas you should focus on with your content syndication strategy in order to help you get the attention of your target audience and build trust

4 Ways to Shift Your Thinking to Truly Focus on Your Audience

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Audience first. But, here’s the thing: Too many marketers say and even think they are all about the audience, but when you dig into their programs, you see it’s still all about them. Instead of saying: “We’re going to target this audience.”. Ask: “Who are the people we can help?”

How to Better Understand the Size and Composition of Your B2B Audience

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Today, smart marketers operate like niche media publishers, forgoing a massive but unresponsive email database in favor of a possibly smaller but more engaged audience. To convert the names in your database into an engaged audience, you first must understand who is behind those names.

Personalizing for Alternative Audiences


The basics of audience segmentation for personalization are pretty intuitive. The goal is to identify subsets of your audience that share some common characteristics, around which you can build a unique website experience tailored to the needs, expectations, and marketing goals of each group. Here, I highlight two seldom-targeted (and strategically disparate) audience segments that can help you get the most out of Get Smart Content and website personalization.

How A CMO Uses Storytelling To Engage Audiences

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How do you use email marketing to tell stories to engage your audience? Each of those examples, despite targeting different markets takes a narrative approach with helpful resources to provide true value to the recipient. Jeremy Duerksen is CMO at Peaksware.

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Watch Your Tone! The Ultimate Guide to Developing Your Company’s Tone of Voice

their time and knowledge to help us write this eBook. Before joining Distilled she wrote for Groupon, helping to produce its. consultancy that helps global clients tell their story more effectively and profitably. relationships, help reduce inventory?”. help clients?

Expert Insight: Have B2B Marketers Helped Programmatic Advertising Go Mainstream?

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To learn more, we spoke to Dun & Bradstreet’s SVP of Audience Solutions, Anudit Vikram, for additional insight. “The B2C world has been doing this for some time, and B2B marketers are now recognizing how to use the right data to hone in on the right audience, all with a pretty lean team and minimal effort. Vice President of Dun & Bradstreet’s Audience Solutions.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Audience Development

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The true challenge of becoming a successful publisher is sustaining an audience – providing so much ongoing value that they naturally seek out your content and become a loyal reader. The true challenge of becoming a successful (brand) publisher is sustaining an audience, says @LukeKintigh.

How to Research Your B2B Audience


You might be surprised by how much your B2B marketing strategy relies on changes in your audience. Even if you’ve already identified your ideal buyer persona, you might be leaving multiple audience segments on the table depending on the objectives of your marketing strategy. We live in an age where customer data is easily accessible, so there’s no excuse for not knowing your audience or for ignoring their pain points and specific motivations. Target Audience.

Personalizing for Alternative Audiences


The basics of audience segmentation for personalization are pretty intuitive. The goal is to identify subsets of your audience that share some common characteristics, around which you can build a unique website experience tailored to the needs, expectations, and marketing goals of each group. Here, I highlight two seldom-targeted (and strategically disparate) audience segments that can help you get the most out of Get Smart Content and website personalization.

How to to Double (Yes, We Mean Double) the Impact of Your Content Strategy

The purpose of this report is to provide hard data to help managers demonstrate how better content drives better. content for a random audience. Good vs. Great: How to Double (Yes, We Mean Double).

How Does Content Marketing Help with SEO?


Efficient use of meta data, URL addresses and sitemaps all fall under this category and can help to naturally increase your chances of naturally appearing high in search results. But it needs to be crafted with your audience in mind. Guest post by Sam Allcock.

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How CMOs Are Helping Healthy Food Brands Secure Market Share

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The following five steps outlined below explain the new-age strategy CMOs are using to help elevate these new brands. For example, target CrossFit fans to place your offers and content in front of an audience that is interested in healthy food choices.

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Why and How to Improve Audience Segmentation for B2B Marketing


10 ways to segment your audience to meet the growing demand for personalization. In terms of technology, a marketing automation platform integrated with a CRM system can help you keep track of vital customer information, including defining characteristics, preferences and engagement history.

How to Create Opportunity, Build Trust, and Stay Top of Mind With Your Audience


In my career, I’ve spent a lot of time dissecting what content marketing is and how we as leaders and marketers can use content to develop meaningful connections with the audiences that matter most to us. He had to build trust with his audience before he could get anywhere.

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How to Refresh Evergreen Content (and Reach a Big Audience)


Here’s the top of the current search results: These look like my content marketing peers, so it makes me feel good about targeting the right audience. If it reads like a poor man’s Wikipedia article, it’s probably not something your audience (or Google) is likely to dig.

Content Strategy Competency – Understand Audiences (Buyers)


These strategies naturally focus on the requirements and audiences of each function. These requirements are driven by digital content, online channels and self-educating audiences. The first competency organizations must develop we call Understand Audiences (Buyers). When our clients apply this framework, the results they experience help them appreciate the important factors that were missing from their content strategy.

How Can Media Companies Use Content Marketing Strategies To Build Their Audience?


But on the flipside, media companies and journalists can actually use content marketing strategies to help themselves continue to build their own audiences. Of course, many established media companies already have substantial audiences.

Symantec Wins at Content by Responding to Its Audience

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Know your audience. What’s easy to overlook, though, is that the process of getting to know your audience can lead you to the unexpected. Through trial and error, Randi and her team hit on a content formula that works for the audience.

Audience Management Platform: The Next Evolution in B2B Martech?


How can marketing form a coherent picture of their target audiences when they can’t effectively integrate so many disparate data technologies? B2B Audience Management Platform: The long overdue solution to B2B marketing’s data problems.

How To Use RLSA To Help Increase High Quality Leads

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Essentially, RLSA allows you to collect data to get a better insight on defining the audience most likely to buy your product. There are a few best practices that are advised to follow when launching an RLSA campaign, although they are dependent on the audience you want to target.

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How to Build an Audience Without Depending on Social Media

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” As always, the answer to the question of how to build an audience is as simple (no, not easy , but simple) as creating and maintaining a content hub that delivers a differentiated message regularly to your clearly defined niche consumer. Shhhh. do you hear that?

The Broken User Experience: Content-Driven Fixes to Audience Disengagement

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As content marketers, we spend a lot of time talking about how to attract new audiences and engage our current readers. There are many reasons an engaged audience loses interest, but there are just as many opportunities for us to get them excited about our content once again.

Great Content: 5 Rules for Delighting (and Engaging) Your Audience


For marketers, this means we need to do more to engage our audiences before our minuscule window of opportunity closes. Your audience comes to you in search of something, and they want it now. Your target audience shouldn’t feel as if reading your content is a lengthy, daunting task.

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How Customer Data Platforms Help with Marketing Performance Measurement

Customer Experience Matrix

The primary unit of analysis here is the campaign audience, not the specific individuals. This is very similar to campaign analysis except that audiences are defined as people who received a particular piece of content, which could be used across several campaigns.