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3 Ways To Connect With Today’s B2B Buyers

Tony Zambito

This is part 4 of a limited series on why buyer choice modeling is the new view B2B Business must adopt to improve revenue performance and develop long lasting relationships with buyers. Connecting with today’s B2B buyers is on the minds of most CEO’s and their teams today. Not too long ago, reaching and connecting with B2B buyers was a straight forward proposition. The idea of connecting to B2B buyers has gone from straight forward to major league complex.

Getting to ABM: notes from the field


David Rowe , SVP marketing and business development at Enli Health Intelligence , spoke at the BrandHIT marketing conference in Las Vegas last month, and candidly shared some of his firm’s experiences in migrating from traditional B2B demand generation to an ABM strategy. It’s been a long, but productive, journey. David identified four factors key to Enli’s ABM success: process, culture, attitude, and metrics. I posed four questions to David about the journey to ABM.

Field 136

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Grow SMB Revenues With Buyer-Based Marketing

Tony Zambito

This is part 3 of a series on the challenge of targeting SMB markets and how the use of buyer-based modeling and buyer-based marketing help organizations to grow their SMB customer base. . Buyer Persona © All Rights Reserved Cristian Cardenas. When you consider some Fortune 1000 or Global 2000 organizations can have in the 10’s or 100’s of thousands of companies in their customer bases, the expression of zeroing in on your target buyer can sound near impossible.

SMB 161

The Buyerology of the Buyer: How B2B Leaders Respond to the Psychology of Buyer Choice

Tony Zambito

This is part 3 of a limited series on why buyer choice modeling is the new view B2B Business must adopt to improve revenue performance and develop long lasting relationships with buyers. . When it comes to understanding the psychology of the buyer, much has been done in the world of B2C to get inside the mind of consumers to understand buying choices and preferences. In part 2 of this series, I discussed the Buyer Orbit and the elements of the Buyer Choice Model.

Does Account-Based Marketing Make Buyer Personas Unnecessary?

B2B Marketing Directions

In this article, Jason argues that ABM represents a major step in the right direction for many B2B companies, but he also contends that it falls short of being a comprehensive demand generation strategy. I would suggest that Jason's article is particularly on point when it comes to the issue of buyer personas. But does this mean that ABM diminishes the importance and value of buyer personas? buyers) in each target account.

The Soul of the Buyer

Tony Zambito

The entrance into the digital age and the emergence of the new buyer experience economy has challenged our understanding of who the buyer really is.    As we entered this year, I predicted that it may very well be the year of the buyer.    And the pronounced use of the term buyer has undoubtedly increased substantially.    In essence, we do not know the soul of the buyer. The New Buyer Experience Economy.

The 4 B’s of Buyer Experience Innovation

Tony Zambito

   Perplexing executives as well is the rapid infusion of digital and social media that buyers are engaging with at an increasing rate yet with no clear discerning picture of what the future holds.    Viewing what each function is capable of in isolation and missing the harmonizing around the buyer experience.    Such a composition can be written and designed when executives can harmonize around the 4 B’s of Buyer Experience Innovation. 

Demand Generation: An A-Z Guide for B2B Marketers (with Strategies & Examples)


he demands. . . So what does the movie Back to the Future have to do with demand generation? . Demand generation strategies and teen dramas both want the same thing; to help you to stand out from the crowd and be noticed for who you are and the value you provide. . Savvy marketers use demand gen to skip the growing pains. . Demand generation is such a broad topic. What is demand generation? . Demand gen vs. lead gen.