Not all integrations are created equal: 4 layers of app integrations with SaaS platforms


While it’s not specific to HubSpot — this is an issue and a framework that I believe are broadly applicable across all SaaS platforms — I want to be transparent that I do have a stake in how these dynamics play out in our industry. Governance : establishing and enforcing rules and standards across all approved apps in the platform’s ecosystem. It can authenticate app ratings and reviews from real users to prevent astroturfing.

PR and Blogging Outreach: Practical Tips


I've been thinking about this topic over the past few weeks realized that good blogger relationships is one part doing your research, one part old school PR and one part transparency. In some cases, bloggers will provide you with rules when contacting them. Some of these rules are included below, while others may be more specific to the blogger's interest, for example, CK's Rules for PR folks.