PR and Blogging Outreach: Practical Tips


Note: this is the second of two guest-posts from PR guru-ess Cece Salomon-Lee on how Web 2.0 has changed the practice of PR. The first covered macro issues; this piece focuses on how PR professionals can best approach bloggers. In my first post on PR and blogging , I had discussed the macro issues impacting the quality of outreach—both traditional media and blogging. If I have to explain this more, then you need to take PR 101 all over again.

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While I was always a proponent of transparently pitching bloggers and message board and forum owners on behalf of our very cool clients, that was never the company core, though we did create many a blog and website posing as superfans. I wasn’t always in marketing communications and PR. Influencer Marketing Internet Marketing Online Communities Public Relations Social Media Marketing astroturf don trump memes Putin russian troll army troll army Trump trump election vlad puti