I was a teenage Russian troll OG


80% of all cyberstrikes were done in order to build trust in the community. I haven’t at all since I left NMS in 2006 and I don’t even know if NMS continued doing it themselves since there was a lot of heat from the FTC and organizations like WOMMA, PRSA, and the lot to not astroturf or misrepresent oneself. All anyone is talking about these days is how armies of Russian trolls got До́нальд Джон Трамп (Donald John Trump) elected President of the United States.

Not all integrations are created equal: 4 layers of app integrations with SaaS platforms


I’d like to propose a framework for evaluating the depth of an integration between an app and a cloud platform as follows: This model considers integrations on four levels, starting at the bottom with integrating data and working our way up to governing the collection of apps being integrated: Data : passing fields, records, or other packets of information between systems. Governance is how the collection of apps that we’ve integrated are managed. governance –> grammar.