I was a teenage Russian troll OG


We spent all day, every day, becoming essential parts of these online communities. 80% of all cyberstrikes were done in order to build trust in the community. Sometimes, online identities would not start cyberstriking on behalf of our clients for months, each one just becoming part of his or her community, sometimes communities.

Best practices for social media shilling


These fake grass roots campaigns, called astroturfing, caught on about ten years ago and still haven’t died out. . All this was brought to mind when I recently did some dog food research for a client and it occurred to me that quite a few of the comments are astroturf. Well, from 2003-2006 I was in the astroturfing business. It’s always better to become friends without intent and with no agenda. Sometimes it’s not about them or the community.

Your online reputation should be a culmination of you


I just wrote something about this in relation to building online social media communities over on the Huffington Post and so I thought I would extend the idea to online reputation management (ORM) as it’s practiced both in your own life (as the resulting splatter painting of your life online, over time, unintentionally) and as it’s managed by my company, Reputation.com. Everybody indeed wants a shortcut.

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