How to Generate More Leads with Every Article You Publish


It’s hard enough to write unique articles that aim at appealing your target audience. Creating niche content is not an easy task but creating performance-oriented (specifically lead-generating) content is even harder.

Content Marketing Tip: Start with Ready-to-Publish Articles

Writing on the Web

A great way to short-cut the time needed to research, write and publish quality online content is to find a good writer to supply articles. Tell them why this article and these ideas are important to them. Tell them how they can learn more about what you’re publishing.

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Our Favorite Articles & Blog Posts of 2017

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Much like our Secret Santa gift exchange, this list of our favorite articles and blog posts from past year has become an annual end-of-year tradition. In a reflection of our growth as digital marketers and as a team, I’m happy to report that this year’s list features more contributors and articles than any previous year! I found this to be a very useful article as it makes you think outside the box. This article breaks down five ways to do just that.

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“On Predicting The Future” & Other Articles from Kevin Jordan


Articles. ” “The American Mountain Guides Association published tips on how outdoor professionals can use ‘psychological first aid’ to stay mentally healthy during these challenging times.

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News About Publishers’ Newsletter Strategies


Newsletter juggernauts like Morning Brew and The Hustle, two of today’s most widely-recognized newsletter-first publishers, are building thriving businesses. And those are just two examples; there are plenty of smaller newsletter publishers who are also prospering.

New exponential publishing drives business growth and revenues


How can publishers switch from being disrupted to exponential growth that disrupts others? As publishing turns fully digital, its companies face this existential threat: if you’re not an exponential competitor, you lose. How will a publisher drive exponential business growth?

Content Marketing Tip: Use Ready-to-Publish Articles

Writing on the Web

A great way to short-cut the time needed to research, write and publish quality online content is to find a good writer to supply articles. Tell them why this article and these ideas are important to them. Tell them how they can learn more about what you’re publishing.

How a Small Company with Little Budget Can Rank #1 Through Consistent Blog Publishing

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Consistent blog publishing is the heart of successful content marketing. It’s all about publishing content on these targeted topics regularly – and that means committing to blogging long-term. For some, that might mean publishing a 500-word article once a month.

Achieving Stability: How Publishers Are Driving Subscriptions


It’s been challenging to suss out the reasons for this volatility, so I took a different approach instead: What are publishers with steady, consistent performance doing that the others aren’t? How One Publisher Achieves Stability. Publisher X’s metered paywall is capped at 5 articles.

Take leadership through exponential growth publishing


How can publishers take back leadership from the tech giants, Google and Facebook ? Exponential growth publishing switches the paradigm from “corporate-first” to “people-first.” What happens if publishers and media add a powerful “people-first” paradigm that “corporate-first” Google and Facebook find difficult to follow? Publishers win. If you are a publisher your next step is to realize how much we now know, and how much you can achieve. Lesson for leaders.

Convert articles and blog posts to video


Convert articles and blog posts to video. The same is true for articles like research reports and white papers. This was pointed out to us by a client for whom we’ve converted articles into videos: published articles have already been blessed by the appropriate authorities.

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6 Articles CMOs Should Read This Weekend

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Here's X articles I think CMOs should read this weekend: How The CMO Can Leverage AI Internally And Externally. Read the full article on Forbes. Read the full article on CNBC. Read the full article on Huffington Post.

Why Top Publishers Are Expanding into New Lines of Revenue


Publishers are going through an identity crisis. It’s like the world is screaming: “Think like anything but publishers, please, we beg you!” ” — The post Why Top Publishers Are Expanding into New Lines of Revenue appeared first on LiveIntent Blog.

Millennials Surprisingly Prefer News Articles Over Videos


In July, researchers at the Reuters Institute came to that same conclusion in their report, “ The Future of Online News Video “: “So far, the growth around online video news seems to be largely driven by technology, platforms, and publishers rather than by strong consumer demand.”

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Publishing’s revolutionary breakout: always-on, multi-way connections in shared life spaces


Publishing’s plight is clear: continuing today’s publishing platform is a recipe for disaster. Publishing’s current digital and business models will be obsolete. Publishing must find a new bridge to an always-on, multi-way 21 st -century publishing platform.

Our Favorite Blog Posts & Articles for 2016: 5th Annual Edition

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I found Aleh Barysevich’s article extremely beneficial as I began evaluating ways to get my clients’ content to appear in the Answer Box. Our Favorite Posts & Articles from 2015. Our Favorite Posts & Articles from 2014.

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How exponential growth publishers can accelerate digital wealth


There’s a new option with exponential growth publishing. When publishers switch the focus to a people-first digital Earth, interactive two-way publishing will be embedded inside every digital step. Each of the coming transformation processes are expanded immeasurably by exponential growth publishing. Publishers can deliver this widely and scale it worldwide. Some publishers can use this as a strategy to replace Google and Facebook. Lesson for leaders.

How to Set up Google's Publisher Center


In late 2019, Google merged Google News Producer and Google News Publisher Center into a single tool. It's important to note that whoever sets up a new publication within Publisher Center must have ownership of the site where that content is published within Google Search Console.

The 15 Best LinkedIn Pulse Articles On Marketing

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I started publishing on Slideshare in July of 2010. So In the spirit of learning from the best, here are the 15 best LinkedIn Pulse articles on Marketing. The 15 Best LinkedIn Pulse Articles On Marketing. Dr. Fou is back with his second article on the list.

Our Favorite Third Party Articles & Blog Posts from 2018

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It is a smart article and it’s certainly worth a read. Google: Introducing simpler brands and solutions for advertisers and publishers. Being that social media is an ever-evolving space, keeping up on trends in both paid and organic is made easy by articles such as this published in Forbes. This article breaks down the top 5 trends for digital advertising on social media in 2018, with a focus on Facebook and chatbots specifically.

The Ultimate Guide to Publishing


People are open to new ideas, readers are consuming content through a variety of media, and traditional publishers no longer stand in the way of releasing a new title. Raise your hand if you’ve ever considered publishing a book. can publish a book. What Does a Publisher Do?

Pinterest for publishers


As a publisher, you’re probably already involved in Facebook and Twitter. For example, it can be used for branding and outreach, particularly when it comes to publishing. Just recently, the site started focusing even more on publishing. percent of social media traffic to publisher sites , putting it in front of Twitter, Reddit and LinkedIn (combined). What Pinterest has going for it that other sites do not is the ability to “pin” articles for later.

Publishers, This Is Your Ticket to Content Diversity


The January update put publishers on a scrambled path to diversify their distribution strategy, and in turn, the entire digital ecosystem changed its course. But publishers are still trying to navigate exactly. So should publishers be focusing on a video monetization strategy?

Weekend Update: Should You Publish Every Day?


When they finally could devote enough time to read the articles, the news was already old. ” The way people interact with media and social media today affects publishing schedules. Legacy publishers like The New York Times post breaking news pieces online before they hit print.

Families of devices multiply publisher’s powers to control the world


Publishers have lost advertising revenues, content displays, and leadership. People do the thinking and decide their futures, with publishers assisting them every step along the way. When constructed digital realities are created and published, some could grow very popular.

How to Publish Your B2B Content on LinkedIn

B2B PR Sense

LinkedIn Publishing puts you in the driver’s seat of your content, and allows entrepreneurs of every shape and size to access a larger audience. Why Publish Your B2B Content on LinkedIn? There are numerous benefits to publishing on LinkedIn. How to Publish on LinkedIn.

Revenue Streams and the Publishers who Love Them


All publishers use their content in one way or another to keep their revenue generation engine running. But in order to grow substantially, publishers have to diversify their revenue streams and increase their stability. So how are publishers trying to win the race to gain subscribers?

In 2018, Publishers Take Back Control with Subscription Success


In 2018, readers got clued into the tug of war between publishers and platforms that had been stewing for years. Just like publishers, the modern content consumer has grown tired of the platforms and, in turn, is willing to find content elsewhere. The Rise of the Mature User.

What makes a good article recommendation?

On your typical news or content website, articles are queued up so that readers always have opportunities for a next click. While providing much-needed revenue for publishers, common complaints range from irrelevant links to “ click-bait ” stories and headlines.

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As Publishers Look to Diversify, Google News Makes Meaningful Changes


The Newsstand helps users explore every publisher available on Google News. And by using the Google Subscribe feature, readers can also subscribe to news publisher with one click when they discover them. Articles Referenced. Cleaning up After Cambridge Analytica.

10 Most-Read Sales Articles of 2018


This year, the ZoomInfo team published nearly 250 blog posts related to sales, marketing, recruiting, and business growth. Recently, we published The Ultimate List of Marketing Podcasts. Key Takeaways from the Best Sales Articles of 2018.

How to turn your business blog into a publisher


Since this single goal unites nearly all businesses, many companies have turned their business blogs into publishing powerhouses. However, in addition to selling this product, the company also has developed a well-trafficked blog that publishes new information daily.

Beyond BuzzFeed’s Juicy Headlines: Article Types and Themes that Earn Outstanding Shares and Insanely Valuable Links


It’s clear the publisher has put a lot of time into understanding how to write titles that drive clicks. Their approach is data-driven, often testing multiple titles, thumbnails, and even different versions of the same article.

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Optimizing Articles for Google Discover


And we're not limited to what's published today — if we think that a user would find earlier content interesting, then Discover will show it." Make sure all of your articles are available in Google's AMP format.

Google Wants Your Ads to Work Smarter, Not Harder: What This Means for Publishers


The extra attention on marketers from Google comes at a time when many publishers and brands have grown weary of social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Still, it's a powerful tool that can help publishers mix up platform dependence and revenue streams even further.

What You Need to Know to Get a Wikipedia Page Published

Content Marketing Institute

Getting a Wikipedia article published about your company or topic related to your business isn’t easy. Continue reading → The post What You Need to Know to Get a Wikipedia Page Published appeared first on Content Marketing Institute.

10 Most Popular Marketing Articles of 2018


Thus far, we’ve covered the most-read articles for sales professionals and recruiters. Given its rising popularity, podcasting is now an avenue marketers can explore to publish more branded content and reach new audiences. Key Takeaways About Our Top Marketing Articles in 2018.