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Romi Mahajan leaves Microsoft to Join Metavana as CMO

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My new role as CMO of Metavana, a soon to be launched social-sentiment engine, has all the elements of my dream job – People, Impact, Autonomy and direct correlation to both the Consumer and Enterprise spaces. Of course I know of NLP, LSI, DA, etc.


Analytics CEO makes a passionate case against marketing attribution


But there is of course an ultimate promise: a mastery of the formula results in consistently getting more money out of it than the amount originally invested. And there is great power in correlations.

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Everything You Need to Run a Successful Social Media Contest


” In addition, it is important to provide disclosure information -- that if the participant is filling out a form and giving you personal information, that information is going to you and not to Facebook. Your goals should be directly correlated with how you run your contest.

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Lyzasoft: Independence for Analysts and Maybe Some Light on Shadow IT

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Of course, compression ratios for both QlikView and Lyza depend greatly on the nature of the data. Lyza also provides basic statistical functions including descriptive statistics, correlation and Z-test scores, a mean vs. standard deviation plot, and stepwise regression.