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Video Tech Company Leverages SEM to Drive Enterprise Leads

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In 2015, JW Player piloted a small-scale, in-house SEM program on Google AdWords to gauge the potential efficacy of using search advertising to drive qualified leads for its enterprise video platform.

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The 29 Best Web Analytics Tools


Yet as pointed out on Marketing Charts , “What’s interesting to see is that CMOs don’t seem to be pursuing what’s being touted as the solution to the ROI struggle: marketing analytics.” ” Analytics tools can ultimately help measure ROI. 1) Google Analytics.

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3 Tips for Hospitals To Fuel Content Marketing with SEM Data


As many of us know, SEM/PPC is an established source of patient acquisition for health systems and hospitals. It’s not news to any of us that Google Analytics no longer shows organic search keyword data.

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The Difference Between SEO & SEM

Puzzle Marketer

For those of you just starting to dabble in online marketing, we wanted to provide a quick explanation as to the difference between SEO and SEM. So then what is SEM? Take a look at your website analytics. You can set up an account with Google Analytics for free. The post The Difference Between SEO & SEM appeared first on Puzzle Marketer. Paid Search Search Engine Optimization search engine marketing sem seoOriginally posted here on USSCO Speaks blog.

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17 (of the) Best AdWords and SEM Guides of 2011


Discover the answers to these questions and many more here in 17 of the best AdWords and SEM guides of the past year. adCenter 101: Utilizing Campaign Analytics For Better Conversion Data.

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Digital Marketing Strategy, Trends & Predictions for 2013


Big Data/Predictive Analytics Content Creation & Strategy Conversion Optimization Education Industry Google Analytics Mobile Online PR/Link-Building Paid Advertising/SEM/Display SEO Social Media Technology Industry Usability Video Web Design & Development

The importance of knowing what competitors spend on SEM


Somehow, it always seems to be analytics season in the world of search marketing. Either you’re setting up a campaign, optimizing it, or reporting on its performance.

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Search Engine Marketing is Legion


I just discovered that Search Engine Marketing (SEM) isn’t just a rebrand of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a marketing discipline that is almost universally damned as being shifty, black-hat, and more than just a little shady.

How to Pick Effective Keywords [VIDEO]

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SEO/SEM Tips in 2 analytics Blog Post content Google Webmaster Tools keywords marketing web page

Balancing SEO and PPC to Maximize Search Results


Though branded terms (keywords that include your company’s name or products) are kind of like “fake” organic traffic, don’t forget that Google Analytics is still considering it organic. Search Engine Marketing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) keyword research Max DesMarais organic search PPC remarketing SEM SEO strategies SEO tactics Vital NHGuest post by Max DesMarais.

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Are You Making These PPC Mistakes? 10+ Bizible PPC Fails… And How We Fixed Them


Well, we want both to run because it allows us to get audience-specific analytics. Marketers, including us, naturally tend to really want to show up for everything related to their brand, so they start really general with keywords ('marketing analytics' vs 'marketing attribution' for example).

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8 Search Engine Optimization Tips Everyone Should Know

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Here’s a quick five: GetListed , Google Analytics , Google Webmaster Tools , Majestic SEO and Moz Analytics.

8 Easy SEO Tools Everyone Should Use

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Google Analytics : The gold standard for analytics tools. You get keyword tracking, landing page tracking, analytic data and on page SEO suggestions. SEO/SEM free tools Google Analytics Google Webmaster Tools paid tools SEO tools

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5 Ways to Use Paid Search & SEO Together

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Use Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to see what keywords are driving visits to your site. SEO/SEM adwords google organic paid search PPC search engine marketing SEM SEO serp Paid search and SEO work in different ways to get visitors to your website. Paid search can yield almost immediate results, but can be expensive. Conversely, SEO is relatively cost free, but optimization efforts can take a long time to impact organic rankings.

Why don’t more marketers use keyword research?


It just takes longer, and requires more integration with data from your web analytics system. You have to build logic, flow charts, translation machines, and all kinds of big data analytics capabilities into the system.

The “Marketing” Guide for Higher Education Content Marketing


Welcome back marketers. Before we jump right into part #3, let’s do a bit of recapping shall we? So far in the series, Content Marketing for Higher Education, we have covered just what can serve as effective content marketing when looking to promote the great things going on within your university.

6 Ways to Keep SEO and Content Sittin’ in a Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

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SEO/SEM alt text bing content marketing google Google authorship Google updates images internal linking Internet Marketing keywords Marketing Blog Meta tag Meta title Quality Content Search Engine Results Page SEO SEO tips Skadeedle SwellPath web analytics Yoast


The 11 Best Content Marketing, SMO, and Marketing Performance Management Tools


Web analytics tools are often all small to midsized firms will need to track their digital marketing performance—particularly when combined with marketing analytics dashboards that pull in data from social media accounts and other sources. 3) Agency Analytics.

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5 Takeaways from Search Marketing Expo Advanced 2014

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Additionally, there is a wealth of information available to website owners from various paid and free tools and sources that can be used to make valuable business decisions as well including: Google Analytics.

[New Guide] Avoiding Lumps of Coal: Marketing Strategy for Profitable Retail Holidays


Analytics / Big Data Digital Marketing Marketing Automation / Email Online Advertising / SEM / Display Retail / E-commerce SEO holiday marketing holiday planning retail holidays Much like 2013, planning in 2014 is more critical than usual because the holiday shopping season is shorter.

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(not provided): Google Locks Up 100% Keyword Data

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Breaking News SEO/SEM adwords google google adwords google keywords Google Search Google Webmaster Tools Internet Marketing keyword Keyword Data Keyword Ranking Keyword Tracking No Keyword not provided NSA PRISM privacy search engine optimization web analytics

8 Search Engine Optimization Tips Everyone Should Know

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Here’s a quick five: GetListed , Google Analytics , Google Webmaster Tools , Majestic SEO and Moz Analytics.

How to Get the Most Out of Google Analytics

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Google Analytics , (or GA for those in the know), is the true alpha male of its division – The name has become synonymous with free web analytics tools. However, fear no more, here are 5 custom Google Analytics reports that will make your life easier (and revenue greater). The post How to Get the Most Out of Google Analytics appeared first on VR Marketing Blog. SEO/SEM Tools/Services email marketing Google Analytics keywords PPC reporting SEM web analytics

What Exactly Do You Do?


A common enough question, but it got me thinking: in more than five years and nearly 500 posts about web presence optimization, SEO, SEM, content marketing, social media, and inbound marketing on this blog, I’ve never actually answered that question here.

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The 20 Best SEO Rank Tracker Tools


Web analytics tools like Google Analytics or Clicky are great for the former. Special features: keyword grouping/categorization; geo tracking; Google Analytics integration; keyword suggestions. 16) STAT Search Analytics.

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Five social media courses make one social media strategy meal


When I was young and naïve pasta was called spaghetti, and it was the main course of dinner at home. Then I took my mom to Genoa on holiday and quickly discovered that pasta isn’t a main course, it’s simply the first course.

A Small Biz Guide to Digital Marketing Acronyms

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GA: Google Analytics i s a website and analytics reporting service created by Google that gives you various statistics in regards to website traffic. There are two components SEM : 1) typically, this refers to PPC advertising that would appear on sites like Google, Yahoo!


Seven Common AdWords Mistakes to Avoid


Digging a bit deeper, it usually turns out it wasn’t the tactic that was ineffective, but rather the execution of the AdWords or other search engine marketing (SEM) program. Steering clear of these potholes and using SEM best practices greatly increases the odds of success with AdWords.

The 32 Best Twitter Marketing Tools


View analytics on any user’s tweets, retweets, replies, mentions, and hashtags; export Twitter activity; monitor interactions with your followers; batch add/remove people from your lists; see who’s not following you back; and track your follower growth over time.

How To Use Increasing Digital Marketing Budgets


Get good (clean) data and analytics; take action. Content Creation & Strategy Google Analytics Marketing Automation/Email Marketing Online Advertising/SEM/Display SEO stats So, you have more digital-marketing budget this year. Congratulations!

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New Way to Promote Your Google Plus Page & Attract More Customers


Google Analytics Online PR/Link-Building Paid Advertising/SEM/DisplayGoogle has been hard at work trying to find a better use for its Adwords Express Ads application. The interface has seen many changes in the last year, since it was removed from the Google Places dashboard.

So You Are Changing Your Name – Learn What to Do Digitally.


Update your Analytics & Webmaster tools. Make annotations in your analytics the day of the switch. B2B / Technology Content Marketing Digital Marketing Manufacturing Marketing Automation / Email Online Advertising / SEM / Display Online PR / Link-Building Social Media Web Design & Development Companies change their names and website domains for a number of reasons including right after a merger, completing an acquisition or just to re-launch their brand and identity.

Attribution for the Assist


Getting some initial insights into the value of attribution is as easy as looking at your Google Analytics data and comparing how the pre-set attribution models stack up for your site. Analytics / Big Data Digital Marketing Online Advertising / SEM / Display SEO

Google Releases 2 New Algorithm Updates: Payday Loan 2.0 & Panda 4.0

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Cool Tool: If you’re worried that your site might be impacted by the latest Panda update, or any Google update for that matter, try using the Panguin Tool , which links up to your Google Analytics account and overlays all known Google Updates. Breaking News SEO/SEM Google algotithms Google updates Panda 4.0 Google’s head of webspam, Matt Cutts recently announced two new Google algorithm updates that could affect your business.

About SEO Shortcuts, SEO Tools, and Productive SEO Campaign Development

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SEO Reporting and Management: RavenTools , SEOmoz , Advanced Web Ranking , Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools, (and exploring Search Metrics ). Search Engine Marketing Blog Search Engine Optimization SEM Tools Spam

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The 26 Best WordPress Plugins


Make it easy for your readers to join your email list, share your articles and optimize with analytics. A lead generation plugin for WordPress featuring A/B testing, customized targeting, and analytics. 16) Google Analytics by MonsterInsights. Blogging Wizard (Analytics).

Audienti merges SEO, Advertising, and Influencer Engagement services


It’ll ask you for all your Social handles and pages, your Google Analytics creds, and even your Google URL Shortener creds. I have had access to Audienti for a couple years now, back when it was called OMAlab.

How Cookies & Website Tracking Tags Can Help Grow Your Biz

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Google Analytics – The most important tool for not only tracking tags, but your general website traffic as well. Resources SEO/SEM Small Business Marketing ad pixels ad tags advertising analytics Online Advertising Have you ever looked at a product online, or visited a particular website and then later saw ads for that same product or website elsewhere online, almost as if it was following you? This is done with the help of tracking pixels, tags and cookies.

Google Penalties – All You Need to Know

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Using that, in combination with your own analytic data, you can get a pretty good idea if your site’s been whacked by a Penguin or Panda update. SEO/SEM algorithm algorithm penalty bing google manual penalty Panda Penguin search engine optimization SEO SEO penalty

SEM Mystery: The Case of the Missing Leads


Sugar wasn’t going to like this, and as the old saying goes, hell hath no fury like a woman with an underproducing SEM campaign. Tags: Search Engine Marketing CTR Google AdWords ROI SEM Originally published on the WebMarketCentral blog in December 2008.