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Why You're Thinking About Digital Marketing Analytics All Wrong


The trouble is, when most marketers hear 'digital marketing analytics,' they tend to think of the metrics you'd typically associate with a web analytics tool like Google Analytics -- traffic, bounce rate, unique visitors, etc. So why exactly do digital marketing analytics matter?

How to Use Facebook Live: A Complete Guide


In their continued effort to promote video content in the News Feed, Facebook recently launched Facebook Live , a live video streaming service that lets anyone broadcast live videos from their mobile device straight to their Facebook News Feed. How to Broadcast on Facebook Live.

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What is a Marketing Technology Stack? Definitions, Stats and Examples.


In this post, we’ll not only answer that question, but also take a look at why marketers are investing more in the stack, and look at common frameworks and examples to get you going. . . Analytics tools like Kissmetrics or Google Analytics for tracking different marketing efforts.

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Interactive Storytelling: How to Make Your Content Strategy Soar in 2017 (with Examples and Stats)


One of the keys to content marketing success is differentiation. You need to differentiate yourself, and find a more effective way to engage your readers. Sounds great, but let's see some examples of interactive storytelling in aciton to get a better understanding of it's potential. .

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Top B2B Website Metrics to Monitor Using Google Analytics

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In Google Analytics, the graphic for pages/session looks something like this: How can you improve your pages per session ratio? For example, an executive search firm’s website draws both job candidates and employers looking for talent. Hinge’s library as a good example.

Education as a Marketing Strategy: 8 Brands Doing Online Classes and More

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Banks are often perceived as boring , but as far as content goes, you can help differentiate yourself by taking a calculated risk to show what your brand does,” says Oxford. Creating educational #content can differentiate your brand, says @johnoxford1.

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The “Marketing” Guide for Higher Education Content Marketing


This infographic is a guide, a tool to visualize examples of digital avenues available online for content promotion. Integrating video into the right spots of your domain, for example the engineering department page, can be a crucial optimizing factor in getting students to convert.

7 Twitter Analytics Metrics You Should Check Right Now


Analytics. We’re here to show you that analytics aren’t all that scary. In fact, social networks have made a point of ensuring that analytics are simple and digestible for everyone, whether it’s your first day on the job or you’re the CEO. Twitter analytics are a prime example.

55 (of the) Best Social Media Tips, Tactics and Tools of 2010


Facebook added more than 200 million users last year, and Twitter more than doubled in size, adding 115 million. McCorvey explains how to integrate targeting, monitoring, content sharing and analytics into a coordinated b2b social media marketing program. Share this on Facebook.

10 Things to Double-Check Before You Begin Your Next Campaign Analysis


I've made my fair share of analytics mistakes in the past. For example, many of us do end of the month reporting on the first day of the next month. For example, let's say that you are running a promotion on Facebook and Twitter to drive traffic to your website.

23 Outstanding Social Media Marketing Guides


Basic presence and listening tactics will no longer suffice, and certainly won’t differentiate brands. Keri Jaehnig details two dozen tips and tools for planning, productivity, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+, image editing (e.g.,

The 7 Building Blocks of a Solid Content Marketing Plan


Buzzfeed is a great example of a news organization that uses thousands of custom segments to determine what post will engage a specific audience segment. Google Analytics can be a useful (and free!) You can find him on Twitter , Facebook , and LinkedIn.

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4 Content Promotion Strategies to Increase Engagement

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In order to get your content seen by your intended audience, you need to differentiate your brand and rise above the noise by offering value. In this example, you can see industry influencer Michael Brenner has pinned a blog article to the top of his Twitter profile. .

Sailthru Offers End-to-End Omnichannel Personalization for B2C Marketers

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Sailthru is a good example. In any event, there are several differentiators that determine whether a product like Sailthru is suitable for a particular situation. Mongo is also fast and scalable and good for analytical processing in general. They can also export lists for Facebook promotions or to other channels.

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Agency: Bottom-Line Boosters for Marketing Agencies to Adopt in the New Year


You can integrate Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn into a single publishing interface, easily schedule and share your content, and measure the results. Keep teams focused and clients informed about campaign performance with easy-to-understand dashboards and analytics.

Three Things Twitter Needs to Thrive


First, it occupies a unique position among the leading social networks: Facebook is for family and friends, LinkedIn is for work, and Twitter is for news. And third, it has possibly the largest and most diverse range of third-party tools that enhance the platform, from apps for Twitter analytics and follower management to brand monitoring and influencer research. The UK’s agency:2 has one a fantastic job of comparing the ad targeting options on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Top 9 Professional Services Marketing Lessons Learned in 2014

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Through our interviews with 128 Visible Experts and survey of 1,028 buyers of professional services, we discovered: The 5 levels of Visible Experts Why and how clients seek them out How you can do it up to 5x faster than most Visible Experts One example of a Visible Expert is Joe Pulizzi.

The Four Pillars Of Revenue Performance Management

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Analytics that drive action. Another key differentiator with the RPIs is that they drill-down to a level that allows someone to take action. As an example, you might discover early interest in a sales territory where you have no salespeople stationed. Facebook. Revenue Performance Management benchmarking forecasting Joe Payne lead management Lead Scoring marketing automation predictive analytics revenue revenue performance RPMby Paul Teshima | Tweet this.

How to Write Good Instagram Captions: 8 Tips for Perfecting Your Copy


The quality of your photos will be the differentiating factor when it comes to gaining Instagram followers , getting them interested in your brand and what it's about, and showing off the human side of your business. Here's an example from WeWork: 8) When in doubt, keep it brief.

73 Experts Reveal B2B Marketing Trends to Leverage in 2017


The loudest one with the biggest reach and the lowest cost is Facebook advertising. Use Facebook advertising's B2B targeting options including job title, seniority, etc. Both Google AdWords and Facebook Ads work best when your website can handle mobile traffic. Facebook.

Five Marketing Metrics that are Definitely NOT “Worthless”


Facebook “Likes” The article argues in his post that “the vast majority of people who click the ‘like’ button will never return to the site of their own accord. If the latter, then the “likes” differential truly doesn’t matter much.

7 B2B Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018

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While these are just a few examples of how marketing’s role is likely to evolve, the biggest takeaway is that B2B firms are starting to see marketing’s value and its potential for greater contribution to bottom-line success. Customer experience (CX) has emerged as the key to creating genuine differentiation and sustained competitive advantage in the “age of the customer.”

THE HACKIES: How to use your unique dataset to create valuable content


You can register your vote in the contest by sharing it on social media, especially LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. For many companies, especially those in the martech space, a key product differentiator is a unique approach or a unique perspective on data. Other Examples.

How to Stop Acting Like a Marketer and Start Acting Like a Publisher

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One article , for example, describes an emergency button that outdoor adventurers can attach to their clothing. Mark Zuckerberg is your landlord,” Luke says, referring to Facebook’s control of its audience. “He Check out what technology is making possible!”.

The 28 Best Influencer Marketing Tools


Bookmark an article by an influential journalist, for example, and BuzzStream will automatically pull in any email addresses and social profiles associated with that journalist. Sample review: “Looking to spy on competitors’ blog post analytics?

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10 Essential B2B Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Professional Services Firm

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A specialization is a differentiator that proves itself. Web and graphic design can influence your audience’s perceptions, aid recall, and swiftly and intuitively differentiate a business. Google Analytics is an essential tool for measuring and analyzing your site traffic.

Does Snapchat Marketing Measure up against Other Social Media?

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A horizontal video is easily deployed to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and virtually every other major video player found online. Through Snapchat, for example, video views are always full-screen and developed for mobile users.

7 Components That Comprise a Comprehensive Brand Strategy


For example, Apple doesn’t just sell computers and music equipment; it sells well-designed products that are easy to use. Added a new photo to Facebook ? If it doesn’t tie back to your brand's message, you will have trouble differentiating yourself from competitors.

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Our Favorite Online Marketing Posts of 2013

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March Madness is one of the most exciting times on the sports calendar and this post is a great example of how to compare content marketing to real-world events. This post does a great job describing some of the changes being made and providing detailed, real-world, examples for each.

Not Getting What You Want From Blogging? Ask These 11 Questions


To clarify, here are a few examples of both: Shoes (short tail) vs. Size 6 Black Pumps (long tail). The script sorted the posts from most shared to least shared and used social APIs (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+) to determine the number of shares for each post. You did it.

How B2B Organizations Can Create More Effective “About” Pages

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Analytics supports this assumption: Just over two-thirds of the B2B companies we have access to analytics for have “About” or “Company” section pages in their top 10 most viewed pages reports for 2013 year to date. Examples of a few timelines I like: Moz.

5 Excessive Marketing Tactics to Stop Wasting Your Time On


Fast forward to today, and most marketers are really scared of being the equivalent of the one who said “Facebook is dumb” back in 2007. Just make sure you’re making your decision based on marketing analytics , not gut feelings. That differential isn’t too big.

10 of the Most Memorable Marketing Campaigns of 2012


Marketers can learn a lot from P&G's example. First, they focused on the true feature differentiation between the two products; something that every potential buyer cares about but is not always emphasized in brands' marketing.

10 Places You Can't Afford to Publish Mediocre Marketing Copy


The same goes for social media updates, too -- if you're publishing a blog post to your Facebook Page, you better believe a compelling meta description is of the utmost importance. Let's continue with our example of the 27 pre-designed CTAs.

What Is Digital Marketing?


Social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). BuzzFeed sponsored posts are a good example, but many people also consider social media advertising to be ‘native’ -- for example, Facebook and Instagram advertising.

53 Questions to Help You Choose the Right Interactive Content Creation Platform

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Are you looking to create a single poll for Facebook, or do you want to develop a range of content on a regular basis and publish that content across multiple channels? Does the platform integrate with platforms beyond CRM (such as Google Analytics, social networks, and CMS programs)?

Amplify Your Top-Performing Assets With This 3-Step Curation Process

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Mine your analytics for performance/conversion leaders. Consult your analytics data to add key metrics like page views, social shares, time on-site, and conversion rates to include for individual assets in the inventory.

The Symbiosis of Business Development and Marketing

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The marketing department’s main function is to understand the wants and needs of your company’s target market through research and analytics. An example would be a research analysis that shows the number of leads converting to sales based on what offers prospects respond to.

No. 4 Trend: What Fringe Social Media Platforms Are Worth Your Time in 2016?

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This week, we look at the ever-growing social media platforms ecosystem, focusing on the fringe platforms that look to surpass legacy networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. According to TechRadar , engagement on Instagram is also seven times higher than on Twitter and Facebook.

How to Engage Your Audience For Long-Term Success


For example, running a contest “just for fun” might seem like a great way to drive engagement, but it won’t boost the effectiveness of your content marketing efforts in the long run if you don’t have a plan in place. By V ictoria Hoffman , Content & Com munity Manager at Uberflip.