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Here’s why 100,000 people unfollowed me on Twitter

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The other day, I was cleaning up my Twitter account and clicked on an analytics button that I had not used before. I currently have about 60,000 people following me on Twitter, all of them are real people to the best of my knowledge.

50 (of the) Best Social Media Guides, Tips and Insights of 2011 (So Far)


Social media marketing has gone well beyond the hype stage and is now mainstream business practice. Read on for answers to these questions and more from some of the best minds in social media in some of their best blog posts and articles of 2011 so far. Social Media Case Studies.

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What are the most reliable content channels to connect with customers?

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” The best content channels for reliable reach. So, when we attain that magical level, what are the very best ways to reliably reach those customers? Twitter subscribers. In terms of the very best and the very worst … Joe and I agree.

What’s Your Content Cadence?

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Mark has a reputation of publishing only the BEST and most ORIGINAL content — it’s one of the biggest reasons, in my opinion, he has such clout (and Klout) in the social sphere. How can I analyze these components to find my best content cadence?

The 7 Building Blocks of a Solid Content Marketing Plan


The same study revealed that only 37% of B2C marketing organizations (and 32% of B2B marketers) have a documented content marketing strategy, even though those with a documented strategy are more effective across the board. Google Analytics can be a useful (and free!)

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Are You Making These 5 Common Content Marketing Mistakes?

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You can get started by creating a list of the traits your very best customers and ideal buyers have. There are over 27,000,000 pieces of content being shared every day, but did you know that 60-70 percent of content produced by B2B marketing goes unused?

Search and Social Lessons from the Zenith Social Media Marketing Conference


Among the first group of morning breakout sessions was “Using Social Media Analytics To Define ROI KPIs.” What’s the best way to accomplish it? Facebook work best over lunch). Track your campaign like a case study.

Webinar Replay: Tips for Using Social Media in B2B Marketing


Daniel Kushner, CEO of Oktopost, shared some great insights around social media in the world of B2B marketing and best practices for successfully generating leads through social efforts. What are some best practices specifically around LinkedIn?

7 Epic Uses of Twitter's New Embeddable Tweets Feature


The most important new Twitter feature for marketers isn't brand pages. As part of its redesign announcement last week , Twitter revealed brand pages as well as a host of other features. How to Embed a Tweet Using The New Twitter Web Design.

Short-form & Long-form: Where They Fit in Your Content Strategy


Pro tip: An extensive study from found that 1,600 words – or about 7 minutes of reading time – is optimal. Examples include (bulkier) blog posts, whitepapers, e-books, case studies, and webinars. An interactive case study that begins with a challenge, middles with a solution and ends with a happy result is a great example. Create content that is highly data-driven, analytical and backed by a lot of research.

50 Things We Learnt About Content Marketing This Year


We ourselves conducted 5 major content marketing research studies ranging from analyzing 500m Facebook posts to analyzing the shares and links of 1m posts to a study of the most viral web articles. BuzzSumo/Moz study ). How to’ and Practical Content. Case Studies.

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102 Compelling Social Media and Online Marketing Stats and Facts for 2012 (and 2013)


The first step to improving digital marketing results is to understand the emerging trends and best practices. B2B buyers are most likely to share useful vendor content via email (79%), followed by LinkedIn (53%), Twitter (39%) and Facebook (18%). 6 Twitter Stats.

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You Need to Understand These 6 Things About What B2B Buyers Want


Developing content and resources (calculators, assessment tools, videos, case studies, and whitepapers) that are solely for each group. And I could use Google Analytics ― a free, widely-used tool ― to do the job.

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55 (of the) Best Social Media Tips, Tactics and Tools of 2010


According to a HubSpot study, 71% of marketers viewed Twitter as a useful marketing tool last year, up from just 39% in 2009. Facebook added more than 200 million users last year, and Twitter more than doubled in size, adding 115 million.

35 (of the) Best Guides to Facebook Marketing, Advertising, Search and More of 2010 (So Far)


Also included are a few posts from Facebook proponents, and skeptics, to help you determine if you even really need to be concerned with any of this — or if your social media marketing efforts might be best directed elsewhere. In this article I’ll tell you how to best engage with Facebook fans.&# Tactics include tying your post frequency to number of fans, creating an editorial calendar and varying the types of content posted. Facebook is an extraordinary phenomenon.

12 Marketo Summit 2017 Sessions You Should Attend


A case study in operating marketing like sales, from CMO planning to demand generation. Additionally we can see there are multiple sessions that cover topics such as Customer Experience, Marketo Best Practices, Sales Alignment, and Account-Based Marketing.

Be Inspired: The Best B2B Content Of 2015


Ok, we are calling it early but here are our views on some of the best B2B content of 2015. Identifying the top or best content is clearly a subjective task. Also what is meant by “best content”? Or the content that generated the best leads and most conversions?

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Marketers


Create and update the content that’s driving the best results, and retire the rest. Which formats get the best results? Make Google Analytics my home page. I’ve decided to block out an hour or two on my calendar every week to catch up on reading industry best practices.

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How to Leverage Social Intent Data for Email Marketing

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They go to industry publications and social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn to learn about and discuss issues in their industry. On Twitter, you can identify potential buyers based on their tweets and following relations. I’d love to hear your tips, tricks, and best practices!

The Data-Driven Marketer's Guide to SiriusDecisions Summit 2016


More than 100 case studies will be presented on Tuesday, May 24, along with a kickoff keynote from Alton Brown. Additionally, we’re super excited for what the future of Virtual Reality means for the B2B Marketing community-- think VR product demos, case studies etc.--

10 Trends That Defined Digital Marketing in 2016

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This year, Twitter updated its advanced search capabilities to allow for long-tail keyword searches. In April, Twitter introduced Ad Groups. Compare that to these case studies for targeted ads on social platforms: VistaVu, a business intelligence and software company, saw an 18.2%

7 Things You Can Learn from Influencers at Marketing Nation Summit

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Author: Ellen Gomes If you’re like me, you follow a set of marketing influencers on Twitter, LinkedIn, and SnapChat, and almost religiously read their blogs for new ideas, fresh perspectives, and interesting content. Analytics and Data Matter. Analytics and data have always mattered.

The Colossal Content Marketing Report: Blogging Basics and Beyond

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Author: Maggie Jones Last week, competitive intelligence platform TrackMaven released their “ Colossal Content Marketing Report ” – an analysis of blogging culture, pain points, analytics, and more. of social shares were on Twitter, and Facebook “likes” accounted for 33.8%.

83 Exceptional Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2014


What do 40% of B2B buyers say about LinkedIn, that only 19% say about Twitter? “Data analytics are currently most commonly used by B2B marketing leaders to measure and report marketing’s performance (64%), as well as to justify (55%) and allocate (52%) the marketing budget.

How Kele Developed a Personalized Email Strategy

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Follow Jen on Twitter @Jenny_Iggy. One of the best ways to target customers accurately is to create messaging and marketing tactics that resonate depending on a customer’s buying cycle or frequency. Check out the case study on how single-source supplier Kele did just that.

How To Squeeze More SEO Out Of Your B2B Marketing Budget Priorities

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Consider the following opportunities: Curated content marketing lists – make sure your subscribers are aware of the best content your organization is producing; presented in a manner that makes it easiest for them to link out or share in social media.

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31 Expert Guides to Maximizing Online Brand Visibility – WPO


Yet despite the analytical and strategic power of the model, WPO still largely remains the concept that everyone talks about, but no one names. ” As indicated by the posts from Search Engine Watch and All Twitter highlighted below, that is starting to change, but only just.

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Planning Social Media Content? Ask Yourself These 9 Questions


Back in the day, I had to make the case for some businesses to even have a social media presence in the first place. In any case, knowing what you’re promoting should run in tandem with your social media schedule. Despite our best planning efforts, unexpected things still come up.

30 Must-Read Growth Hacking Resources for Digital Marketers


Jon Yongfook developed an awesome set of 21 growth hacking tactics that aren’t just actionable – they’re fun, practical and an enjoyable read. You’ll find some really battle-tested practical tips here. Last year’s roster included marketers from Square, Quora, Facebook and Twitter.

39 Fantastic Inbound Marketing Blogs You Ought to Be Reading


In August 2011, we did a round-up of the 23 best inbound marketing blogs on the internet. B2B Inbound Marketing Tips and Tools: Landing Page Best Practices. Best Practices for Your DIY Email Marketing Campaign. Twitter Etiquette: 24 Guidelines to Tweet By.

9 Link Building Email Outreach Templates That Actually Work


1) The best way to generate quality backlinks is to publish exceptional content publishers organically cite. I just followed you on Twitter, and I saw you've been tweeting about Facebook's F8 conference. Best, Jack. Best, Jack. Best, Jack. Best, Jack.

100+ Quick Ways to Find Blog Post Inspiration

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In fact, as my colleague Casie notes in a recent post, writing is one of the best ways to grow your SEO career. Keep tabs on trending topics on Twitter. Use Hashtagify to search on the best hashtags to reach your audience. Write a “Best of” post. There are 1,025,109.8

2013 in Review: Top Content Marketing Assets & Initiatives for the New Year

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And the Nominees for Best 2013 Content Marketing Ideas Are…. 32+ Influential B2B Social Media Profiles (People) to Follow on Twitter. 10 of the Best B2B Facebook Pages. A Case Study In B2B SEO Keyword Analysis. Mobile SEO Best Practices.

38 Fantastic Inbound Marketing Blogs You Ought to Be Reading


In August 2011, we did a round-up of the 23 best inbound marketing blogs on the internet. B2B Inbound Marketing Tips and Tools: Landing Page Best Practices. Best Practices for Your DIY Email Marketing Campaign. Twitter Etiquette: 24 Guidelines to Tweet By.

How to Optimize Your Google+ Content for Lead Gen, From the Experts at Google


A data-driven approach to identifying the types of content you should share is to look at your marketing analytics and identify the most popular pages on your website. For instance, in HubSpot's software, we look at the Landing Page Analytics tool to figure out which marketing offers (e.g.

Using content-related quizzes to generate leads

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Let’s go over three practical ways to generate leads using quizzes. Adding links to share their results to Facebook and Twitter helps get the quiz on a social media platform, increasing its exposure. Let's go over three practical ways to generate leads using quizzes.

5 Proven Strategies for B2B Social Media Marketing

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Top Topics Twitter YouTube Facebook iPhone Google Video Google Buzz Social media Android Mobile 2.0 Advertise Network Blippr iPhone App Mashable France MashDeck Twitter App Mobile Site Social Media Events Twitter Guide Book Facebook Guide Book Partners App Development WordPress Experts MaxCDN Content Delivery Dynect Managed DNS Rackspace Hosting Intridea About Us Submit a Tip! The company started a blog, participated in LinkedIn LinkedIn and engaged on Twitter.

The ROI of Paid Social Media Ads

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This includes traditional display ads on sites like LinkedIn and Facebook, as well as less traditional options such as Facebook Promoted Posts and Twitter Promoted Tweets. Twitter Promoted Tweets. Source: Marketo Revenue Cycle Analytics. Source: Marketo Revenue Cycle Analytics.

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The Marketer's Guide to Search Engine Optimizing Non-Written Content


Best Practices for Image SEO. Here’s a bad, better, best example for the ice cream example to see what I mean. Best : alt=”Popular ice cream flavors”. Best Practices for Video SEO. Best Practices for Audio Content SEO. Twitter.

High-ROI Content, Streamlining Processes, and Other Content Marketing News


Big data stole the spotlight this week in the marketing realm, as a recent study revealed that companies plan to dramatically increase their spending on analytics in the years to come.