How to select the perfect B2B data vendor


Just use this handy checklist of criteria, organized in three categories: the data product itself, the surrounding services that will help you get the most value from the data, and the factors that suggest the vendor candidate will be a satisfactory business partner for your company.

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Ranking the Demand Generation Vendors by Popularity (Yes, Life Really Is Just Like High School)

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My original plan had been to add several marketing automation vendors with significant presence in this market. My original set of products was based on a general knowledge of which companies are most established, plus some consultation with vendors to learn who they felt were their main competitors. Yet there are so many more vendors I could add. The general rule is pretty obvious: pick the vendors that people are most interested in.

Marketing attribution systems: a quick look at the options

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I’ve seen a lot of attribution vendors recently. Quick searches for "attribution" on G2 Crowd and TrustRadius turned up lists of 29 and 17 vendors, respectively – neither including Brightfunnel or Claritix, incidentally. A closer look found that 13 appeared on both sites, that each site listed several relevant vendors that the other missed, and that both sites listed multiple vendors that were not really relevant. How does the vendor do the attribution calculations?

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Highspot Sales Enablement Helps Sales People Find Content and Marketers Measure What Works

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The July release will supplement this with opportunity information from CRM, allowing correlation of content usage with funnel stage conversions and revenue. But from a technology standpoint, what’s most interesting about Highspot is what the vendor calls “content genomics”. content analysis crm data science predictive analytics recommendation engines sales enablement semantic analysis

Mintigo InterestBase Harvests Web and Social Data for Marketing and Sales

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Sentiment analysis can (with limited reliability) detect the attitudes that individuals express. Predictive models can show how different attributes correlate with targeted behaviors such as purchasing a product.

Data Visualization Is Just One Part of a Dashboard System

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Dashboard systems must gather data from source systems; transform and consolidate it; place it in structures suited for high-speed display and analysis; identify patterns, correlations and exceptions; and make it accessible to different users within the constraints of user interests, skills and authorizations. Tags: dashboards business intelligence analysis systems vendor evaluation score cards

illuminate Systems' iLuminate May Be the Most Flexible Analytical Database Ever

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illuminate calls iLuminate a “correlation database”, a term they apparently invented to distinguish it from everything else. The new crop of analytical database vendors has learned this lesson: nearly all of the new analytical systems are SQL-accessible. Tags: qlikview database technology qliktech columnar database business intelligence analysis systems OK, I freely admit I’m fascinated by offbeat database engines. Maybe there is a support group for this.

Upside Down on Marketing Priorities


As the analysts from Regalix state, marketers are not finding a direct correlation. However, it is due to the fact that they do not know HOW to make that correlation. Measurement, analysis and optimization are the job of any B2B marketer who is involved in Demand Generation.

Customer Data Platform Guide Reviews Tools to Build Marketing Databases

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But someone who only read industry news and vendor promotions might think all anyone had to do was to plug in the latest cool application and it would immediately be filled with fresh clean data like water from a tap. You’ll want to read those closely when you’re selecting a vendor.

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Marketing Automation Buyer Survey: Many Myths Busted but Planning is Still Key to Success

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My analysis since then found that people who cited “missing features” are among the least satisfied of all users: so it really mattered that those features were missing.

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3 Insights to Help Build Your Unified Customer Database

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You can download the full survey report here (registration required) and I’ve already written some analysis on the Institute blog. Those answers could include systems where data is copied into a central database but then used only for analysis.

Improving the security of your containers in OCIR with Twistlock

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To tackle these problems, Twistlock does three things: Uses over 30 upstream sources to source CVE information, then parses, correlates and consolidates the data into the Twistlock Intelligence Stream. By comparing multiple sources and going direct to vendors, Twistlock is able to provide a significantly reduced false positive rate vs. traditional vulnerability management tools. Twistlock’s per layer analysis makes it easy to pinpoint where CVEs are introduced.

Pointillist Journey Orchestration Discovers Customer Paths for Itself (Marketing Automation is Doomed, I Tell You)

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Plenty of other vendors have the potential to make the transition – in particular, products developed for real time interactions and Web personalization. The acting part is especially important, because it makes Pointillist more than simply an analysis tool.

B2B Budgeting for 2015: 10 Key Marketing Research Reports & Guides

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It provides insight into how B2B vendors need to reconsider digital marketing initiatives to keep up with buyer demand and expectations. Searchmetrics’ SEO Rank Correlations And Ranking Factors 2014.

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B2B Marketing: Guide to Success in the Digital Era

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With these numbers you will be able to demonstrate improvements and declinations and ultimately be able to correlate your efforts with these results.”. Data Analysis. Marketing has changed significantly in the past years. If you think about it, Google didn’t even exist until 1998.

How to Use the Tech Stack to Displace Competitors


More stuff to comb through, more “analysis paralysis,” more time wasted. If the incumbent vendor – your competitor – lacks any feature that you have, Battey says, you can ask your prospect how they’re going about gaining the value your feature gives.

How to Leverage Sales Efficiency and Sales Effectiveness


And when 65% of B2B buyers make a purchasing decision based on vendor content (DemandGen), there are definitely missed sales opportunities. Best-in-class sales leaders are open to ongoing analysis, learning, and adjustment.

Making Big Data Actionable for Paid Search Optimization


Because the big data it generates enables very accurate statistical analysis and computation. Plus you can collect browsing behavior and seemingly unrelated data on the sidelines that ultimately may correlate to some future value. With big data, correlations trump causation.

10 Digital Marketing Trends That Should Influence Your 2016 Content Strategy

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Numbers behind this trend : Nearly three out of every four (71 percent) technical professionals visit at least six websites a week for work-related purposes, with 85 percent pinging search engines for information during the research analysis portion of the buying cycle.

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The Artificial Intelligence Impact: Friend or Foe to Marketing?


So we’ve already seen AI take over some more routine marketing tasks, such as certain kinds of reporting and analysis, and even climb a bit up the value chain to making suggestions based on those reports. That’s beyond creepy and it’s all based on data and analysis.

Transforming the Back Office with Oracle AI Apps for ERP


With the vast data made available through IoT, machine learning gives us access to the algorithms needed to parse through all the collected data, derive correlations, and deliver quick insights. Artificial Intelligence offerings are taking Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to new heights.

The 29 Best Web Analytics Tools


A premium account will also give you access to cool features like heatmaps, goal-setting, funnel/path analysis, campaign tracking, and conversions.” QuickSprout also gives you quick SEO and website speed analysis along with recommendations for improvement.”

Consumers Aren't As Into Personalization As You Think, and Other Survey Results

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Some markers show much less correlation with leadership. Mid-market buyers also rank security as their top concern but then look for help with internal data and for data analysis tools. I review a lot of surveys -- easily a dozen each week.

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Measuring the Immeasurable

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Most tools now also provide some degree of sentiment analysis, which attempts to derive attitudes from comments. Sentiment analysis is devilishly difficult to get right, however. Most experts I’ve spoken to on this topic say that sentiment analysis tools are at best 70% accurate.

Are You a Citizen Data Scientist? Am I?


Aberdeen’s coverage of the BI / Analytics sector tracks companies actively researching topics related to decision support and analysis. Source: Aberdeen Analysis, Bombora Company Surge, June 2018. I’ve grown accustomed to easy answers.

How Content Personalization Is Impacting B2B Content Marketing

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According to Hubspot, an analysis of 330,000 CTAs over six months found that personalized CTAs converted 202 percent more than non-personalized versions. They are making decisions about suppliers and vendors that best help them reach their own target audiences.

Speed-trap and SAS Promise More Accurate Web Analytics

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This code activates when the page is loaded and sends a record of a displayed contents to a server, where it is stored for analysis. Yet this is not truly unique: ClickTracks also uses a single tag without attribute pre-specification, and there may be other vendors who do the same. Speed-trap’s white paper “Choosing a data collection strategy” provides a detailed comparison against page tagging and log file analysis.

Demand Generation Usability Scores - Part 4

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I spent a good part of yesterday talking with demand generation vendors about the usability scores I've been publishing all week. There might still be some others: two of the vendors haven't spoken with me, which could mean they agree with my ratings but, more likely, means they just haven't been paying attention. The relative ranking of the different vendors hasn't been significantly affected. What remains are scores for functionality, pricing and vendor background.

The buzz around account-based marketing at MarTech


The following is a guest post by Bertrand Hazard of TrustRadius , who attended MarTech last month and interviewed a number of vendors exhibiting there about their perspective on “hot” categories within the marketing tech landscape. We help with that analysis and insights piece.

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Interview with Infer on Predictive and ABM

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Here are a few key use cases for predictive that we’ve seen at early stages of the Martech Maturity Model: Stage 0 (Marketing Transformation): Most companies don’t start building their sales and marketing stack by selecting a MAP vendor — their first step is usually to purchase a CRM system like Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce to store sales data. What’s different about ABM+predictive vs. statistically correlated lead scoring?

Bet You Didn’t See These Coming…5 Out-of-the-Box Use Cases for Predictive


Channel & Campaign Analysis. There’s an incredible amount of scrutiny on marketing spend, and since no vendor is going to approach you with “hey, I’ve got a mediocre offer that may or may not be worth your while,” it’s on you to determine what’s really best for your business.

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Clarifying the Differences Between Database and Digital Marketing

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These generate plenty of useful data, such as click through rates, search rankings, sentiment analysis, and page views. But this data and related analysis are quite different from what database marketers are used to. Even when they can’t, their database still ultimately tells them who bought what, so they can correlate the promotions they’ve addressed to an individual with that individual’s subsequent behavior. Summary: Database and digital marketing are both data-driven.

The Right Way to Think about Marketing Mix Models

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But when I tried to find the paper on the vendor’s site, it wasn’t there. For those who are not, let me correct the impression that marketing mix models simply take a company’s advertising budget and correlate it with changes in sales volume. Gathering the information typically requires access to external data on advertising spend, promotions and product sales from vendors like Nielsen and Information Resources, Inc.

10 Modern Marketing Skills You Must Perfect


Here are some hard skills that directly correlate with B2B marketing success: 1. Data analysis. Of course, not every marketer will be a master of data analysis. As previously discussed, data analysis should drive the majority of modern marketing initiatives.

Don’t Start ABM Without Knowing your Total Addressable Market (TAM)


This stage encourages demand gen marketers to take advantage of powerful new martech tools for social listening and determining intent, from vendors such as The Big Willow , which can help marketing and sales teams catch people earlier in the buying cycle. Case study: TAM analysis in action.

The Next Big Leap for Marketing Software

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I’ve often written about the tendency of marketing automation vendors to endlessly expand the scope of their products. My guess is it will be a coordination mechanism to tie together all of those different components – resource management, execution, analysis, and so on. Managers at all levels need to see basic correlations between treatments and behaviors. so all different kinds of analysis can be conducted on the same base.

Marketing data technology: making sense of the puzzle


I will then follow that up with some overall thoughts as well as a vendor-populated version of the same chart. will pretty much destroy the value of certain categories of data for medium-specific analysis, delivery, activation or automation purposes.