How to Get More Results Out of Your Marketing Funnel

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The marketing funnel was developed in 1898 by Ad agency executive Elias St. He broke down the marketing journey into four distinct stages including awareness, interest, desire, and action, commonly known by the acronym AIDA. Even today, marketing funnels still use this basic template.

You’re Looking at the Marketing Funnel the Wrong Way. Here’s Why…

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You’d be hard pushed to find a marketer who doesn’t use a marketing funnel somewhere in their marketing strategy. Our relationship with funnels goes way back…. However, how accurate is our understanding of the funnel model? How does your content reach every touchpoint?

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How Do I Create Content for the Customer Journey?


Decision stage (BOFU ): In this final touchpoint before making a sale, your customer is ready to commit. When we envision the customer journey, we refer to a classic conical “funnel.” Think of a working funnel like an ice cream sundae. You create mindful content.

6 Fresh Customer Experience Hacks for 2020

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The purchase experience is no longer about a linear attention, interest, desire, and action (AIDA) funnel. With so many channels in play, from brick-and-mortar to web and mobile, brands need a carefully articulated CX strategy that takes all of these touchpoints into account.

Creating Data-Driven Buyer’s Journeys


A standard buyer’s journey with this definition will include an awareness stage, consideration stage, and decision stage or you could use the older AIDA model. Some marketers will draw this out as a horizontal scale, others will draw it as a funnel.


30 Terms Every Sales and Marketing Professional Should Know


These are the four steps involved in the so-called purchase funnel. Refers to the various stages in the sales funnel. This includes marketing messages, actual product use, customer support, and other brand touchpoints.