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When the company structures the sales process, it’s possible to know the conversion rates of each sales team member , the stage of the funnel your customers are, and other relevant information. . Cold mail and cold call.

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30 Terms Every Sales and Marketing Professional Should Know


Churn Rate. These are the four steps involved in the so-called purchase funnel. Sometimes called “the buying process,” this refers to the stages a potential customer goes through—from learning to purchasing or rejecting. Cold Calling. Refers to unsolicited calls made by sales representatives in the hopes of selling to new customers. Bounce Rate. Popular KPIs include cost-per-click, traffic, likes, shares, and conversion rates.


The Ultimate Smarketing Glossary: 62 Common Sales Terms Explained for Marketers


" Churn Rate. To calculate churn rate, take the number of customers you lost during a certain time frame, and divide that by the total number of customers you had at the very beginning of that time frame. For example, if a company had 500 customers at the beginning of October and only 450 customers at the end of October (discounting any customers that were closed in October), their customer churn rate would be: (500-450)/500 = 50/500 = 10%.