What to Leave Behind and What to Adopt in 2020 | Taking Stock of Your Marketing Strategy


There are some exciting predictions about what lies ahead for marketing in my news feeds these days. Like many of us, I’m clicking and reading quite a few of these futuristic articles because I want to be aware of how marketing will innovate in 2025 and beyond. However, I also need to know how to improve my marketing strategy starting in January and ensure the best outcome for my marketing programs in 2020.

Squirrels, long working hours, and social technologies


When visiting IBM’s Big Data site , a reader is greeted with this bold statement: “90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone” No matter if the right figure is 90, 80 or 70%, there is no denying that we are all drowning in data. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that the first PC I owned, 20 years ago, had a puny 40 MB hard drive. I would guess that we are not even that lucky in our work lives.

Work 157

Adapting to More Digital and Social Ways of Being in a Time of Crisis


A few weeks ago I was happily working away on a talk for Adobe Summit in Las Vegas. How to use social media to sell shoes. Well, there was going to be more to it but that was the major point: social can drive sales. Fast forward to now. I’m locked in my office with my restless canine colleagues, just up the hill from King County Washington, which is ground zero in America for COVID-19 outbreaks. Use social to protect human connection.