Why Your Memory Sucks: The Science of Remembering in the Internet Age


Now, we outsource memory to technology and the internet. But that reliance on the internet and less on our own memory isn't just changing our lifestyles. Has memory become obsolete thanks to the ubiquity of the internet? We become part of the internet in a way.

Your online reputation on Google is the direct result of the content you write on your website, your blogs, and on social media, over time


Unlike reddit or Wikipedia, Google isn’t micromanaged. How (and, to be honest, if) you, your brand, your business, and services, your products, and your colleagues are portrayed in a simple Google search is the most important personal and professional reputation there is.

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Defining Corporate Listening In the Online Age


Photo credit: Wikipedia. You still need to listen to each other but now it is just as important to be listening to everyone and everything because of the rapid growth and increasing importance of the Internet in day to day company operations.

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Are Local Websites Like the Internet’s Old Gray Mare?


Here is the first verse of the song as taken from Wikipedia: Oh, the old gray mare, she ain’t what she used to be, Ain’t what she used to be, ain’t what she used to be. Well, now there may be a modern take on this ode to aging. Internet Marketing Local Marketing

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It’s not your house to pwn so remember your place


On reddit, on Wikipedia, on message boards , in emails, on reviews, and even on Facebook, Twitter , and Google+ , to the best of your ability. Can you blame the Internet ? Sometimes I forget and become complacent that the Internet is not my house to pwn.

Why Every Social Media Team Needs Millennials AND Boomers


Photo credit: Wikipedia. Sloane argues that her generation has been “around long enough to see how life worked without it but had it thrown upon us at an age where the ways to make the best/correct use of it came most naturally to us.”.

Get Into Your Buyer’s Psyche To Create Relevant Digital Marketing


Photo credit: Wikipedia. One of my current projects is to develop and market a product to college-educated women between the ages of 40 and 60. Pew’s Internet & American Life Project and the Project for Excellence in Journalism cover reading habits of Americans.

Your website sucks


And, what’s worse: the modern Internet runs on permalinks and Flash blobs don’t have direct link-tos, now do they? And, in the world of unprotected Internet, rife with hackers, botnets, exploits, and cracks, keeping your codebase is essential.

Re-Inventing Organizations: Taking “Mad Men” into the 21st Century


Photo credit: Wikipedia. Yet, how much has the Internet, mobile devices, and social networks impacted how today’s business organizations are structured or how work gets done? The age of the all powerful ‘boss’ is very 20 th century.

Tips for Next Gen Digital Marketing and PR Pros


Photo credit: Wikipedia. This one is for digital media marketers and PR pros of all ages: Be a disciple of Life-Long Learning. What’s the future of digital media marketing and social public relations? What trends are we, as seasoned digital media marketers, seeing in the marketplace?

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Wake up to the Internet of Things


Photo credit: Wikipedia. There is a great deal of talk about the Internet of things and how it will create an unimaginable number of connections between everyday devices. Today’s Internet culture is clearly in conflict. Internet Marketing

How does Vodafone prove digital media’s effectiveness?


(Photo credit: Wikipedia). The main target: Target Audience is age 25-50 males / females. Internet Marketing Slider Business Business Services Byron Sharp Customer Management Marketing and Advertising Peter Buckley social media Target audience Vodafone

Blogger outreach is earned media PR, isn’t it?


1] Earned media often refers specifically to publicity gained through editorial influence, whereas social media refers to publicity gained through grassroots action, particularly on the Internet. ” (Wikipedia).

Feed Google fresh sandwiches every day instead of Christmas dinner once-a-year


The internet webosphere is like greater Washington, DC on a weekday lunchtime: food trucks everywhere! Why do search professionals scatter like roaches when the kitchen light comes on? Why is everyone acting so sneaky all the time?

A Shortish History of Online Video


And it’s no surprise that when the internet rolled around in about the same time frame, it would take less than 30 years for video to become one of the primary, and most exciting uses of this new communications network.

The New Social Buyer Ecosystem

Tony Zambito

Image via Wikipedia.   We know from such sources as Basesone’s Buyersphere Report what B2B buyers are doing respective to the use of social media and the Internet as they ultimately make purchase decisions. 

The 24 Best Visual Content Creation Tools


Sample review: “If you’ve been on the Internet much, you know what an Internet meme is. Typically, it’s a recognizable picture with large text on it that represents a certain part of Internet culture…Quickmeme is probably the most well known meme-making tool.”

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Why marketers need to embrace responsive design


Photo credit: Wikipedia. Clearly, we live in a mobile age right now and we need to be present in the mobile space to tell our brand’s story.

The Ascent of the Social Buyer

Tony Zambito

Image via Wikipedia.   With the advent of the Internet, we began to see the first shifts in online buyer behaviors influencing how plans and decisions were made in a B2B context.  Social Buyerology: Understanding Buyers in the Social Age (buyerpersonainsights.com).

What’s next? Social Media and the Information Life Cycle


Image via Wikipedia. Radio, cinema, TV, and the Internet of the 1990s did more of the same for a broader set of records of human knowledge. One can always argue that there are plenty of tools out there for translating Internet content. Back in the days when “Web 2.0″

Should Writers Fear the Rise of Video?


Instagram captions, podcast scripts, landing page copy, training video highlights – the list of places written content is required has actually grown in the age of visual consumption. I love Eddie Shleyner's idea of simplifying Wikipedia paragraphs to be more concise.

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Importance of Context to Understanding the New Social Buyer Persona

Tony Zambito

Image via Wikipedia. One of the major outcomes of the recent advances in the social age is the resurgence of contextually-based persona development and its’ role in helping to inform as well as shape strategy. 

Listening Online Isn’t A Lost Art, You Must Find It


Photo credit: Wikipedia. If you are even a casual reader of my posts here at Biznology you will see that one of my hobbies is to observe what might called the “conventional wisdom” of the Internet space and then call b t on it if I think it’s a fair assessment.

Reinvent B2B Sales With Buyer Personas

Tony Zambito

Image via Wikipedia.   B2B organizations will begin to assign and delegate buying to “professional buyers” skilled in using Internet and social technologies and who are skilled in the process of executing a self-directed buying cycle. 

You’ve probably over-farmed your donors’ land


Image via Wikipedia. The Internet allows much smaller donors to be actively appreciated for their micro-donations. The Internet allows all of these things to be easily and readily tested. None of this was even remotely possible before the efficiencies of the Internet.

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Your social media faults are not in the tools but in ourselves


Credit: Wikipedia. Granted, I am old, but even for people my age, it was unusual to be using e-mail in the ’70s. I was even sending Internet e-mail in 1985, although I don’t remember us calling it the Internet at the time.

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KCNN: Principles Module

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Make Internet TV. In this special section, our goal is to detail the bedrock foundations of journalism to help citizen reporters master the fundamentals of the craft in a networked age. We offer offers insights from a fact-checker for the Atlantic magazine, a talk with Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, a proposal for updating breaking news in a different way, and more. This Web site is an initiative of J-Lab: The Institute for Interactive Journalism. J-Lab. J-New Voices.

5 Critical Roles that Need SEO Skills


Photo credit: Wikipedia. Far from being a “plague of the web,” SEO is the primary way we succeed as Internet marketers, where, by SEO , I mean white hat SEO. Last month, I said that SEO is the top skill for digital marketers.

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Are You Promoting Yourself as a Digital Marketer?


I run into many people my age or even younger–for some reason more and more people seem to be younger than me each year–who are unemployed or underemployed. Dan Schawbel, author and public speaker (Photo credit: Wikipedia).

Are you turning your marketing into PR?


Photo credit: Wikipedia. PR people can be the new marketers because their approach to messaging works better in the digital age. Internet Marketing Public Relations Business Communication Digital marketing IBM marketing Message public relationsSome of you might be scandalized to here me urge you to turn marketing into PR.

HELP! My CMO Is Big on Hacking!


Key points in Wikipedia’s definition of Growth Hacking are: Growth hacking is a marketing technique which uses creativity, analytical thinking, and social metrics to sell products and gain exposure. —Spotlight on Greg Ott, VP Marketing for QuickBooks Online, (Intuit Inc.).

Are Keywords Market-Shares?


Photo credit: Wikipedia. The Internet offers so many opportunities to mathematically create world-views that can help us make marketing decisions on expected sales and where they’d be coming from. The Internet offers so many opportunities to mathematically create world-views that can help us make marketing decisions on expected sales and where they’d be coming from.

12 Things You Learned in College That Prepared You for the Real World


To my professor, a middle-aged man who wore a coat and tie to every class, there's a world of difference between "Hey" and "Hi." The ability to search the internet on a moment's notice has been a total game changer for students and professionals alike.

Social Media U: Take a Class in Social Media - ReadWriteWeb

Buzz Marketing for Technology

This is a concept that is a direct result of the internet age we live in today. I feel so lucky to be in Singapore where we have great internet infrastructure and all that so that I can be a part of this awesome web2.0 ReadWriteWeb. RWW Network. ReadWriteWeb. ReadWriteTalk.

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4 Advanced Targeting Techniques Every Facebook Advertiser Should Master


You could then break the ad targeting down even further by age and gender. In its reporting, Facebook breaks age down in the following buckets: 13-17 , 18-24 , 25-34 , 35-44 , 45-54 , 55-64 , 65+. Check out this Wikipedia entry for reference.). Next, add a minimum age filter.

Use Buyer Personas to Segment by Buying Behavior

Tony Zambito

Image via Wikipedia.   This may have been just fine – that is – until buyers have become fairly self-directed in the buying process as well as enabled by the Internet and social technologies. 

Is it even possible to destroy your reputation today?


Photo credit: Wikipedia. Well, that was so many Internet ages ago–2011. What is the issue is that if he does (and apparently he has hired a campaign manager, so you do the math) we have to seriously consider what depths we have plunged to in a society in the social age.

Six Ways Infographics Changed the Course of Human History


Likewise, the use of infographics on the Internet —where users are barraged with a constant stream of changing information—has grown by nearly 1,000 percent since 2007. Information design is the most recent manifestation of the age-old profession of communications assistance.”

On Leaks and Privacy and Social Media


Image via Wikipedia. Even though Wikileaks have been called "social media journalism" by some, the seeds that enabled their model were planted much before the age of Twitter or Facebook. I would argue that the Internet is not the culprit either. by Aaron Kim.

Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead


Image via Wikipedia. Obviously, if you're my age and you know the story of the band, this book is a delight, but I think it has lessons to teach anyone in Internet marketing. Tags: Internet Marketing brianhalligan davidmeermanscott gratefuldead marketing