Which is the Most Secure, Fully Featured Web Browser for Modern Marketers? [CHART]

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Finally, I wanted to show the relative market share for each browser vendor as the size of the bubbles. I showed this in aggregate since Chrome and Firefox issue updates faster than you can say ‘Usain Bolt’, it seemed inapplicable to compare specific versions.

Are You Using First Party Data To Drive Personalized Customer Experience?

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Third-party data, on the other hand, is sold by aggregators who collect information on consumer demographics, online behaviors and purchase history as well as other types of data from a variety of external sources.

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LeadLiaison Helps Marketing Automation Users Break the Content Bottleneck

Customer Experience Matrix

There are several third-party networks that offer this sort of service, but I’m not aware of any other marketing automation vendor that has developed their own. Users can prioritize leads by combining these elements in a single aggregate score according to user-assigned weights.

6 Tips for Turning Big Data into Great Customer Experiences

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The real-time data that your website and CRM systems are gathering is far more valuable than anything you can obtain from an outside vendor. Examples of the typical aggregate data you can capitalize on in a big data strategy: Acquisition source. Recency of visits.

Not All Deterministic Identity Graphs Are Created Equal


Marketers today often gauge the quality of an identity vendor based on match rates, and accurate match rates are largely determined by whether an identity graph is deterministic or probabilistic. However, we believe an identity graph’s foundation must be deterministic in order to execute people-based marketing , and it is important to understand how a vendor defines deterministic and applies this science to its graph.

31+ of the Coolest Social Media, Search and Web Tools of 2010


Or use /forums too see only results from discussion forums, /date to sort results by recency, or even create your own slashtags. 6 slick news aggregators you should try by iMedia Connection.