Five fascinating ways AI is changing advertising


With technology powered by AI, media planners will be able to free themselves up for other high value activities. It’s peppered with shots of news reporters, media hype and people watching what is sure to be the vehicle’s destruction on TV. 3) AI for media planners. Technology advances promise to help media planners with budget allocations based on their media mix modeling. 4) AI for media buyers.

Google Redesigned How They Measure Page Speed. Here’s What to Do About It


So what about Google's news aggregator and app instead? Major Media Companies: Does a Custom, High-Cost CMS Pay Off? It's part of the reason why major media powerhouses invest in hyper-expensive CMS options, customized to both host their content and. GZERO Media.

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Is Content Curation an Easy Way for Content Marketers to Do More.

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Google News, aggregating content via RSS feeds and social bookmarking sites have been around for a while. Creators, distributors, aggregators, and curators are all economically essential parts of the value chain.

Tools to Master the New Content Workflow


started out as a social feeds aggregator and subsequently went viral as the "social front page." At RebelMouse, this workflow is just one part of our CMS that's helped launch new media powerhouses like Axios and The Dodo. Content creation has never been static.

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How Did That Banner Ad Get To Your Website?


If you’re a novice in the online advertising world and ever wondered how that banner ad showed up on the website you are looking at, I have written a new eBook on how online advertising works, how to plan campaigns, how to target and retarget, how to measure and more.

The Ultimate Tracking URL Builder


To track properly, you need to create a unique tracking URL for each placement in your media plan. It is a tedious and time-consuming process, even more so when your media plan has hundreds of lines. Media Operations teams appreciate the fast pace of executing a campaign.

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Forbes, DWA and Bombora: 360 Degrees of Predictive Intelligence


Director of Global Marketing, DWA – messaging strategy, content and media execution; and. – How access to B2B intent data is changing the way the media planning and publishing industries operate. Join us to learn how a B2B intent data aggregator, a modern media agency and one of the most recognizable B2B publishers align their core competencies to build a marketing engine that targets, engages and converts prospects with precision and accuracy.

MMA Modernizes Marketing Mix Models

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But MMA works with aggregate data such as total spend and impressions, with a major emphasis on mass media like television. Those other vendors work primarily with data about individual buyers, which comes largely from digital and direct media.

How Machine Learning Is transforming Video Advertising

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And just as importantly, what worked for each individual viewer, and how do we improve our media moving forward? Creative is typically delivered to media teams as a one-way street, with optimization limited to serving different variants to different audiences.

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VisualIQ Connects Attribution to Media Buys

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Unlike marketing mix models, which work with aggregated data such as total TV spend per month, the algorithmic systems start with individual ad impressions. Users can pick the level they prefer and have the system generate an optimal media plan.

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Top 10 Data Management Platforms for 2020

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When DMPs were born, there was a clear need to aggregate disparate data from sources like emails, website activity, ad exposure, and mobile apps and tie it to other data sources to have a single consumer ID for paid media.

How Your Agency Can Prevent Data Overload and Build a Streamlined Reporting Approach


This adds additional stress to agency teams trying to manage more data, more frequently, and from more media sources. It’s the first day of the month and Marketing Mary is starting the “Data Death March:" the painful task of manually gathering media channel data for month-end client reporting.