Aggregation Theory applied to martech stacks


” Now, another way of thinking about platforms is as vehicles for aggregation. The four layers of integration also correspond to four layers of aggregation in a platform, as shown in the graphic at the top of this post : Data Layer = Aggregating Data. Aggregating Time.

Matrixed Tech Stacks with Both Horizontal and Vertical Aggregation Platforms

Chief Martec

Last year, I wrote about a pattern of aggregation platforms growing in martech stacks. The two key characteristics of an aggregation platform: It centralizes a cross-departmental capability (e.g., Instead of futilely fighting The Great App Explosion , aggregation platforms embrace it.


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Content Management – Aggregate Don’t Upload


In fact, some of the important content that initiated this project are on landing pages in our […] The post Content Management – Aggregate Don’t Upload appeared first on Avitage. Tips & Techniques aggregate content Bloomfire content management content repositories Manage content As a content operations consultancy and service provider we occasionally find ourselves in the embarrassing position of the “cobbler’s children.”

What is a Content Aggregator Website? Does Your Brand Need One?


These are examples of content aggregators that bring information, news and entertainment to the masses. Content Marketing content aggregator websiteYou've heard of sites like Reddit and apps like Flipboard.

Top 5 Content Marketing Blog Aggregators

Writing on the Web

I recommend using my favorite aggregator, Here’s my top 5 aggregator list: Alltop. Have you created a list of your top 10 blogs? If not, you’re missing out on opportunity to improve your search rankings. It’s easy, smart and can help your business blog get inbound links. I’ve talked about creating your own Top 10 lists before, and it still makes sense, even more so given the way SEO works today.

Stolen Thought Leadership / The Ethics of Aggregating Content (alt title: Stolen Goods: The Dangers of Plagiarized Content)


Almost three years later, FuckJerry weathered the storm to continue aggregating memes to an Instagram flock of 16.3 The aggregating of content is really for traffic, for awareness, reach, and daily news,” Carter explains.

Journalism, Aggregation, and Doing Things with Words

B2B Memes

There has been a burst of blog posts today discussing the arguments for and against aggregation in journalism. And for the benefit of any accidental readers, aggregation , per the Nieman Journalism Lab , is “the practice of bringing together pieces of news and information from elsewhere on the web into a single news source.”). How can any of them complain about aggregation, he asks, when “all reporting is, in essence, aggregation.”

The (digital) morning news routine: how mobile news aggregators have evolved beyond the homepage

When an organization sees a spike from a news aggregator app like Flipboard, Smartnews, Toutiao, or Apple News, it comes from readers who, very intentionally, set out to read news. Traditional newspapers are, in a way, the original news aggregators. This gave rise to news aggregators the likes of MSN, Yahoo!, These sources aggregated the news from multiple sources, and maybe mixed in some original content. Explicit vs. implicit aggregation.

Shakespeare Was an Aggregating Social-Media Pirate

B2B Memes

He was a master aggregator, one who would certainly be accused of plagiarism if he was a 21st-century artist. ” A useful reminder, perhaps, that the best aggregators improve the things they borrow. Social Media aggregation Anonymous collaboration conversation copyright Crowdsourcing Los Angeles Times plagiarism Roland Emmerich ShakespeareAargh?

Why Do Aggregator Sites Outperform The Original Source On Google? via @sejournal, @tonynwright

Search Engine Journal

Aggregators, by definition, use duplicate content. The post Why Do Aggregator Sites Outperform The Original Source On Google? This week, learn why they rank higher than your original content and discover how to rise above them.

New in Litmus: Aggregated Reporting in Email Analytics


Introducing: Aggregated Reporting in Litmus Email Analytics. Identify top-performing email campaigns with our new aggregated reporting view. Aggregated reporting in Litmus Email Analytics makes it easier than ever to get insights to help optimize future email campaigns. You can sort your aggregated analytics view by opens to do just that. Get started with aggregated reporting today.

Aggregation and integration: why 67% of marketers replaced a martech tool in the past year


” Or, I was would frame it: aggregation and integration. We aggregate their data, workflow, UI, and governance. And we need to integrate everything into those aggregation platforms to achieve that. Aggregation and integration are part of the bedrock now.

Scraping vs. Aggregation: How To Share Others’ Content Fairly


SEO Book’s recent piece, How To Prevent Content Value Gouging , isn’t strictly about content marketing – the focus is, not surprisingly, more on SEO – but there are a lot of analogies to content marketing, particularly when we talk about some of the low-hanging fruit of content marketing – aggregating content, reposting content, and commenting on other people’s content. Photo credit: Wikipedia.

The Marketer's Guide to Content Aggregators in 2020


One thing that makes that easy is content aggregation. For me, I use a specific content aggregation site dedicated to travel blogs to find the best information. For marketers, content aggregator sites can be a useful strategy to reach new audiences. Blog Aggregators.

Content Aggregation and Curation Debated


Check out the first in the podcast series, on Content Creation vs. Content Aggregation. Image via Wikipedia. If you've wondered what these big words really mean to your content strategy, you'll be interested in this series of four ten-minute podcasts that I recently recorded where I interview content experts on that subject.

Aggregated Event Measurement in Facebook: What You Need to Know via @closedloop

Search Engine Journal

Aggregated event measurement will be an impactful change for many Facebook advertisers. The post Aggregated Event Measurement in Facebook: What You Need to Know via @closedloop appeared first on Search Engine Journal.

HiveFire Curata Cuts the Work in Content Aggregation

Customer Experience Matrix

So even in its current state, Curata is worth a look if you want to sail the seas of content aggregation. Tags: software as a service demand generation marketing automation natural language processing artificial intelligence content aggregation Summary: HiveFire Curata makes it easy to assemble and republish content on specialized topics, attracting visitors to your company’s Web site.

Aggregator Sites: Is Your Website Optimized to Accommodate Global Traffic?

Martech Advisor

Many brands serve international markets through virtual marketplaces or product aggregator sites. E-commerce aggregators and marketplace websites—such as India’s Flipkart and China’s Tmall—empower brands to serve global markets by providing convenient centralized, localized “virtual mall” experiences for online customers. If the aggregator site permits the use of multimedia, be sure to localize any text within product imagery.

ClickInsights: Aggregating the Best Content in B2B Marketing

Ambal's Amusings

The pace at which content is being added to the web has increased dramatically and so has the value of aggregating the best. How will the content aggregation landscape change in the next few years? What will the impact on content aggregation be as the semantic web starts to really take off? We have invited Tony Karrer to share his insights on content aggregation. I'm learning a lot about aggregation, filtering, long tail SEO.

Aggregate Social Network Data Using the New Group Report

Sprout Social

The Group Report allows you to compare and analyze your social strategy across networks by aggregating common metrics across channels and timeframes. After analyzing the Group Report for aggregate data across your social networks, you’ll have a better understanding of your social efforts as a whole. This post Aggregate Social Network Data Using the New Group Report originally appeared on Sprout Social. We’ve wrapped up our reports overhaul with an update to our Group Report.

Decentralize or Die. the Future of Marketing Is About Data Distribution, Not Aggregation

Martech Advisor

We marketers love to preach the gospel that data is power. But if we truly believe it, the question we should be asking ourselves is not how to get more data, but how we can distribute it more effectively, writes, Christian Monberg, CTO at Zeta Global. When factories adopted electric power in the late 1800’s, it vastly increased their efficiency and drove a wave of new innovations. But these advances had almost nothing to do with replacing the massive coal-fired belt drives in the basement.

Are mobile news aggregators on the rise as referral traffic sources?

SmartNews is an app that aggregates and serves “impartial, trending and trustworthy” news through machine learning algorithms. News aggregators appeal to a younger demographic. adults are spending an average of 3 hours, 25 minutes a day on mobile devices in 2018, according to eMarketer , it may be no surprise that more and more readers are finding news through mobile news aggregators. The post Are mobile news aggregators on the rise as referral traffic sources?

How to Create a Performance Dashboard for Your Content Channels


Aggregating content analytics from disparate platforms into one delivers substantial insights faster. Content Analytics Tips & How-Tos aggregation analytics channels content content analytics Content Marketing dashboard data divvyhq analytics insights kpi metrics

Content Aggregation: The Future of (B2B and Consumer) Media?

Webbiquity SMM

Instead, successful media will become aggregators and editors of content, rather than creators. Online content aggregation is as old as the Internet itself, beginning with AOL. Technology to “scrape&# websites and republish content (legally or not) has also been around for some time, but until recently, doing content aggregation well required either a massive investment in infrastructure (like Moreover ) or a unworkable level of manual effort.

Introducing MightySignal Feeds, a data snapshot service to power aggregate analyses


Sample data and documentation related to the feeds are publicly available here: [link] Introducing MightySignal Feeds, a data snapshot service to power aggregate analyses was originally published in MightySignal Blog on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story. MightySignal Feeds is a service that provides frequent snapshots of various MightySignal data sets.

Advertisers Ramping Up on Local Spending, Popular News Aggregator Reports


Local news aggregator Topix held a “State of Local Online Advertising” survey with some of the top U.S. ” The post Advertisers Ramping Up on Local Spending, Popular News Aggregator Reports appeared first on ReadWrite. Contrary to the beliefs of some Internet entrepreneurs, local news and advertising is not dying.

New in Litmus: Integrated Insights


You get an aggregated view of your overall email program performance, as well as the metrics for each of your recent emails, accompanied by a thumbnail image for easy reference.

Introducing MightySignal Feeds, a data snapshot service to power aggregate analyses


MightySignal Feeds is a service that provides frequent snapshots of various MightySignal data sets. Today, we support feeds for iOS and Android apps (includes SDKs) and publishers. Previously, you were required to run large-scale jobs against our API to gather a significant amount of data from our platform related to

How To Get Actionable Email Insights and Share Results… Fast


You might be using multiple Email Service Providers (ESPs) that report on different metrics, or it can be nearly impossible to see an aggregated view of your campaigns to compare them against each other. aggregated reporting collaboration Litmus email analytics sharing reports tracking code

Trying to predict referral trends in 2019: what we got right, and what we got wrong

With a clearer perspective on how audiences engage with aggregators, with Facebook making a slow-but-steady comeback, and with your SEO efforts likely extending beyond traditional search results. Evolving aggregation.

October News from Litmus: The New, Redesigned Litmus; Aggregated Email Reporting; and Spam Testing Made Easy


Get a high-level view of your program’s performance with aggregated Litmus Email Analytics reporting. The post October News from Litmus: The New, Redesigned Litmus; Aggregated Email Reporting; and Spam Testing Made Easy appeared first on Litmus Software, Inc. Features & Updates Product aggregated reporting litmus checklist Litmus email analytics litmus spam testing new litmus redesigned litmusLitmus has gotten a refresh—and it’s a big one.

5 steps to wrangling your most important social media channels


Content aggregator — email subscriptions (free) and Feedly (free). Social media gurus make social media management sound so darn difficult. Maybe it’s because they have social media management services to sell you, or they could be in the wrong business. Here’s what the gurus don’t want you to know: the toughest part about social media management is getting started. Identify your most important social channels. Choose your social media management stack to set up your checklists.

Is Content Curation an Easy Way for Content Marketers to Do More.

Industrial Marketing Today

Google News, aggregating content via RSS feeds and social bookmarking sites have been around for a while. The practice includes aggregation (gathering) and curation (sorting, categorizing, art directing, and presenting) such that material from multiple sources creates a unique editorial experience for readers/visitors. Creators, distributors, aggregators, and curators are all economically essential parts of the value chain.

What B2B Publishers Can Learn About Content from Circa

B2B Memes

Its content is atomized, aggregated, and personalized. Its news content, all sourced to the original, is entirely aggregated from elsewhere. So aggregation—sharing the best and most relevant content from other sources than your own—should therefore be part of any trade publication’s mission. In tablets, for instance, articles may still flourish, while in mobile, short-form aggregation may dominate.

The Future of Content Is Not Destination but Identity

B2B Memes

Founded by Joshua Topolsky and several other former Engadget staff, it’s been praised for its dynamic design and for features like StoryStream, which aggregates the site’s content into timelines. ” How he and many others now read content, he argued, was in aggregation: “So if there’s a great Verge article on the Jawbone Up , I will see it in my Twitter stream or in my RSS feed, I’ll read the article, but then I’ll leave the site.”

How to Maintain Great Content Curation

The Effective Marketer

Be Careful How You Aggregate. Content Marketing Marketing ROI community content aggregation content curation content marketing content plan lior levin Marketing AutomationA guest post by Lior Levin. On the surface, content curation sounds like a great way to generate content with little to no time or effort.

Curation: Add Value and Pass It Along

B2B Memes

It’s simply the output of an aggregation serf. Related posts: Why Aggregation Is Not Distasteful. Ethics New-Media Models aggregation blogging Business Insider curation Huffington Post Rex HammockAmong all the topics that seem to rile journalists and publishers these days, perhaps the most contentious is curation. Is summarizing and linking to another person’s article an honorable act or a form of theft? How can you distinguish between good curation and bad curation?

Reporter Failure, Editor Failure, or Tool Failure?

B2B Memes

Why Aggregation Is Not Distasteful. Journalism New-Media Models aggregation blogging Ethics new media The Awl Washington PostWhat are the new-media lessons, if any, to be drawn from the resignation earlier this month of Washington Post blogger Elizabeth Flock? Her immediate reason for resigning was having a prominent correction slapped onto one of her stories, the second in the last five months. Most of the discussion about her resignation has focused on who’s to blame.

Report 112

Three Ways to Make Media More Personal

B2B Memes

Aggregate. So you must point them to it by identifying and aggregating good content from other sites—even from competitive sites. Social Media aggregation blogging commenting content curation personal branding personalization publishing reader participationMUD day 20: Back in the late 90s or early aughts, one of the hot topics in the Web 1.0 world was personalization.

How to Get the Latest and Greatest B2B News and Insights – Personalized Just for You


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