Buyer Persona Basics

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“A buyer persona is an example of the real person who buys, or might buy, products like the ones you market,” according to Adele Revella , who also advises that you hold direct interviews with real buyers and build your personas based on what you learn in those meetings.

A Nurture Strategy for Content Syndication Leads

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Note: it is not sufficient to simply dump these leads into your regular nurture stream, even one that’s persona- or product-specific.

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Buyer Persona Basics

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“A buyer persona is an example of the real person who buys, or might buy, products like the ones you market,” according to Adele Revella , who also advises that you hold direct interviews with real buyers and build your personas based on what you learn in those meetings.

Buyer Personas: The Missing Piece of Your SEO Strategy


In today’s blog post we explain why buyer personas are a critical—but often missing—element of your SEO strategy. What is a buyer persona? Buyer personas are created using quantitative analysis, market research, anecdotal observations, and many other data sources.

Are Agencies missing the inbound opportunity?


What Kristian Gough, Managing Partner of Incite New Business , a sales and marketing consultancy for marketing agencies, brought to light in his talk was that this situation needs to change, and change quickly. 50% of agency selection searches involve online research.

Agencies: How to Build an Email Campaign – When Your Client Has No List

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One of the biggest challenges agencies face in deploying email campaigns for clients is dealing with companies that have no contact lists. No two list providers are alike; do your homework on the vendors, and choose one you trust.

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What Does a Great Buyer Persona Look Like? Dissecting 3 Real-Life Examples


Take buyer personas, for instance. We spoke with three of our customers to see if they''d share their personas with the world -- and they said yes. Below, we''ve shared their personas, and dissected why their examples are great. Inside Visual Creatives'' Buyer Persona.

The Telltale 8% Drop In Content Marketing Effectiveness

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With the amount of hype, “content about” content marketing, growth of content marketing agencies/consultants, and the explosion of content marketing conferences, the instinctive thought process is this percentage should be increasing – not decreasing. by Aha-Soft.

In Defense of Demand Generation in the Age of ABM

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To be successful, we’re told, ABM requires a deep understanding of one’s target audience (including personas and buying centers), an abundance of personalized, relevant content, and success metrics that align with specific, quantitative goals and even buying stages.

10 Things to Do When Marketing Spend is On Hold

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Audit your existing content library and map each asset by form factor, persona, vertical and funnel stage (early, mid, late). Consider adding segmentation (a separate track for a key persona, for example) as a way to add relevance and increase click-through rates.

How to Get Started with Inbound Marketing


Plus, with inbound marketing, you’re only creating content that appeals to your buyer personas. Step 2: Create Buyer Personas. Before determining what kind of content you’ll need to reach those goals, you need to create your buyer personas. Can you add buyer personas?

Is it Time to Add Chatbots to Your Demand Generation Engine?

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Martech vendors in the space, notably Drift , are elevating the concept of chatbots to something called “conversational marketing,” the notion that chatbots enable B2B marketers to replicate the consumer experience by providing an immediate, real-time, personalized conversation – at scale.

Do ABM Marketers Underestimate the Value of Messaging?

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Steve Patti is a former B2B CMO, agency CEO, and CxO advisor with 30 years of international experience helping brands grow revenues. Earlier this year, he launched The B2B Content Agency to provide clients with buyer research, message strategy and insight-lead sales narratives.

Top 10 ABM Mistakes

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When so many technology vendors claim to be an “ABM solution,” what are the smartest investments?

How B2B Firms Can Acquire Leads with Programmatic Ads

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For instance, if you’re a content marketing agency that wants to target CMOs and decision-makers of startups who read Marketing Week – you can. The more accurate data you feed about your target audience’s buyer persona , the more enhanced the targeting is.

The 11 Best Content Marketing, SMO, and Marketing Performance Management Tools


Pricing: contact vendor for quote. 3) Agency Analytics. Sample review: “Agency Analytics (provides) awesome rank tracking, page auditing, link tracking, and more built into a single tool with a great user interface.” Pricing: contact vendor for quote.

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Accelerating the Pace of Inbound Leads: An Interview with Paul Albright of Captora

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HS] I notice that you integrate with some of the leading marketing automation vendors, including Marketo and Act-On. Should a demand generation agency like Spear be nervous? [PA]

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The Marketing Automation Terms You Need to Know


We even have a special section with terms specific to marketing agencies. Marketing Automation Terms for Agencies. [Or – A – Agency-Focused Features. This, in turn, gives the agency more time to focus on delivering high-value results to its clients.

Inbound Marketing’s Next Industry Disruption: The IT Reseller World


One way this could play out is how HubSpot’s own marketing agency reseller community developed in the face of similar circumstances. Marketing Agency Community. CMOs complete 57% of their research before contacting agencies. Of the 60,000 odd agencies in the U.S.

Crunchy, salty, nutritious news & views on B2B marketing for technology companies | Velocity - the B2B marketing acceleration agency for technology companies

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In the marketing world, agencies are supposed to be the ‘creative’ ones and clients are supposed to be the dullards who are grateful for a fresh source of ideas. We’ve been working with the company and its CMO… Read more… Stan Woods | April 29th, 2009 | one comment Web personas and Mind Maps Like most good digital agencies, we’ve been exploring web personas for a while and we’ve found them to be a critical aid to great site design.

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5 Things Your Business Must Consider About Outsourcing Customer Research


Keeping with this metaphor, many marketers choose to enlist the help of a personal trainer when it comes to buyer persona or related customer research. These consultants have led the evangelism of buyer personas for years now – in fact, two of the industry’s best are on our board of advisors as we build technology meant to better enable buyer understanding. Understand the difference between a well-developed, well-researched persona, and a sketch.

The 2 Things You Must Nail For Lead-Generating B2B Content

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The two things you must nail for successful lead generation content are 1) deep insights into your buyer persona and 2) an understanding of the buyer’s journey. Buyer Persona. A focus on the buyer persona is the basis for all successful content marketing.

How to Choose the Right Predictive Analytics Tool for Account-Based Marketing


” What to Look for in a Vendor. Most predictive analytics vendors make use of multiple data points to help “feed” the models and forecast potential high-value accounts. Research Vendors.

The 2 Things You Must Nail For Lead-Generating B2B Content

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The two things you must nail for successful lead generation content are 1) deep insights into your buyer persona and 2) an understanding of the buyer’s journey. Buyer Persona. A focus on the buyer persona is the basis for all successful content marketing.

Underpin Your ABM Strategy With Account-based Advertising


That’s why businesses partner with agencies, vendors, consultants, etc. Does anyone remember the story of the pin factory? Want to know how it applies to your ABM-informed advertising campaigns?

How To Measure Account-Based Marketing In 7 Easy Steps


Step 4: Assess Account & Persona Development. It’s also necessary to regularly update your buyer persona profiles, which will enable you to better target specific decision-makers within your target accounts. For fast insight into your ideal customers, track personas in a worksheet.

Why Interactive Sales and Marketing Applications are Not Enough for B2B Enterprise


The Kaon Interactive High Velocity Marketing Platform ® is what sets us apart from other 3D, AR, VR and hardware vendors in the crowded martech space. Recently, Kaon Interactive was named one of MarTech Series’ Top 250 B2B Technology Companies You Should Follow.

How To Plan Your B2B Lead Generation Content Over Three Martinis

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The buyer tends to be looking for educational, third party, vendor-neutral content related to identifying problems or symptoms. He is starting to compile a list of available vendors and products within his solution strategy.

Budgeting for Content—How Much Do You Need?

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If you’re starting from ground zero, start with this simple calculation: Take the number of buyer personas you’ve identified as targets, multiply them by the number of buying stages you’ve identified, and multiply that by each unique issue or question to be addressed.

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Seven Ways to Humanize B2B Marketing


Thing is, the core message of most B2B products and services revolves around how a vendor’s offering helps its customers (companies and government agencies) do things better-faster-cheaper. One enterprise software vendor talks about making its IT customers into business heroes.

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19 B2B Marketing Strategies That Are Still Important for 2019

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One of the most common ways to get started is by using your marketing agency or internal committee to identify your top five to ten competitors and conduct a SWOT analysis for each. Partner with a Marketing Agency.

Software Should Be Bought, Not Sold (And More From INBOUND 2019)


When 24,000 influencers, marketers, salespeople, researchers, and agency executives flock together for an event like INBOUND, it’s hard to imagine that a common theme will emerge from the chaos. For too long, marketers have relied on artifacts like personas to “personalize” marketing efforts.

Hive9 Marketing Performance Management Includes Customer Journey Optimization

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My blog post listed three vendors from the MarTech show: Pointillist , Usermind , and Thunderhead. But I had already spoken with another relevant vendor before the show, Hive9. The vendor plans to add statistically inferred weights in April.

Has the Technology Market Left It’s Marketers Behind?

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Recently I read an article called “ Godless Barbarians at The Gates of IT ” by Ryan Skinner from a UK-based agency called Velocity Partners.

The Ultimate B2B Lead Generation Buying Guide

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Should You Hire a Lead Generation Vendor? Every company could benefit from working with a lead generation vendor; some companies more than others. To answer the question, “should you hire a lead generation vendor”, it is important to first identify symptoms of an unhealthy sales pipeline. Once you conclude that your company could use lead generation services, you can then move on to finding the right vendor to provide such service. Introduction.

Lead Gen: A proposed replacement for BANT

B2B Lead Generation

Now imagine after having done so, the vendor tries to call you. If the call is from my agency, then X, or if it’s from overseas, then Y, and so on. Persona Qualification. The first point of phone qualification is making sure the person is one of the buying personas you hunt for.

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Book Review: Adam Needles' Balancing the Demand Equation

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Needles is a well-known industry leader who is Chief Strategy Officer at demand generation agency Leftbrain DGA. Spoiler alert: early emails should come from industry peers, later emails from vendor experts.) Business marketers can find plenty of books on broad strategies and plenty of other books on specific tactics. But a framework for connecting tactics to strategic goals has been missing.

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