Content Marketing Agency Vs In-House Writers

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There are always pros and cons to in-house vs. outsourced decisions, but we believe strongly that a content marketing agency like ours can deliver more return for every dollar you invest. What a Content Marketing Agency Does. Marketing agencies are specialists in what they do.

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7 Key Principles of B2B Email Creative

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7 Key Principles of #B2B Email Creative Click To Tweet. On July 16, 2019 at 11 AM PT, I’ll be discussing these principles and other tips in a live Webinar, “ A Crash Course in B2B Email Creative.” The post 7 Key Principles of B2B Email Creative appeared first on The Point. What, Why, How. There are three things your email recipient should see almost immediately, and those are: WHAT the offer is, WHY it’s of value, and HOW to get it.


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The RebelMouse Creative Agency


We're the best in breaking news and crisis communications: Our digital services agency built the version of Axios that fueled their rapid growth, making them a new media giant over the past three years. Built for Times of Uncertainty.

Does Creative Still Matter in B2B Marketing?

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However, I’m also concerned that, as marketers, in our haste to throw off our reputation as a bunch of do-nothing artists, we run the risk of relinquishing a creative legacy that still has an important role to play, in demand generation , and in marketing as a whole. Creative. Creative. Without either of those two factors in place, even the best creative will suffer. But none of this renders creative unimportant.

A Crash Course in B2B Email Creative

Speaker: Howard Sewell, President, Spear Marketing Group

Too often, email campaigns are seen as something that "just anyone" on your team can put together. But in today's attention economy, strong creative can be the defining factor that gets your email to stand out in the inbox. Join Howard Sewell of Spear Marketing Group, a leading B2B agency, as he uses real-world examples to highlight tips, techniques and key principles that can make or break your campaigns.

How Creative Marketers Can Get What They Need From Data

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Data and creativity have always been siloed, even in our own minds. You’re probably well-acquainted with the idea that our “left brains” are more logic- and data-focused, while our “right brains” house our creativity. To be effective for its audience, creative marketing needs to be data-led—but the data deluge can be overwhelming. Marketers have to strike a balance between data insights and unique creative, increasing their confidence in their ability to execute. .

How to work with a content marketing agency on creative design

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It’s any directed act of creativity driven by a commercial purpose. Once you find your purpose (s), most content marketing agencies use image boards to clarify in our minds what’s hard to put into words. Feel free to converse with us on any aspect of any design we create for your content marketing strategy — but to get the most from us (or any other content marketing agency), use the five principles above to start that conversation.

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The RebelMouse Creative Agency


We're the best in breaking news and crisis communications: Our digital services agency built the version of Axios that fueled their rapid growth, making them a new media giant over the past three years. United Airlines uses RebelMouse's agency and tech services to power their content hub and communicate with customers. We're the agency behind La Verità , a subscription-based news site in Milan, Italy that has been at the center of the COVID-19 crisis.

Is Technology Making Marketing Agencies Obsolete?

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Over at the IDC Technology Marketing Blog , analyst Sam Melnick posted an article recently with the intriguing title: “Are Ad Agencies Keeping Pace with the Marketing’s (sic) Massive Digital Uptake? Melnick posits his question largely on the basis of IDC research that shows the rate of growth in digital marketing spend amongst technology companies significantly outpacing the equivalent growth of digital marketing as a percentage of agency revenue.

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choozlechat: Display ad creative with Creativity Multimedia


Megan Sullivan-Jenks, Director of Marketing & Communications, Choozle: From your point of view, how important are display ad creative assets to the success of a digital advertising campaign? Jim Wagner, Designer, Creativity Multimedia : Creative assets can be critical to a campaign’s ROI. Because the creative is so outrageous and sometimes offensive they get huge amounts of press coverage (which is free). The creative does all the work.

The Fluid, Creative Agency Inside of RebelMouse


Our clients get a global creative agency made up of content optimizers, social strategists, and audience builders. RebelMouse is not simply lean tech, but also a full-service creative agency. Ux design Managed hosting Wordpress vip alternative Digital publishing Wordpress vip Social media marketing Grow instagram followers Creative agency Best cms Distributed content

The Dismal State of B2B Email Creative

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What you might call the Dismal State of B2B Email Creative is, I believe, creditable to two factors: 1. Creative is now an afterthought to marketing technology and data. But creative, clearly, doesn’t matter. But it’s clear that no such standard applies to email creative. Would you expect a $10 Billion digital content and advertising company to be a showcase of stunning online creative?

Rain the Growth Agency partners with Horizon Fitness to Produce and Launch New Creative and Media Campaign

Rain The Growth Agency

29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Rain the Growth Agency has partnered with home fitness equipment leader Horizon Fitness , expanding the company’s direct-to-consumer marketing efforts with a new TV creative and media campaign. PORTLAND, Ore.,

4 Major Ways Your Creative Agency Can Make Money


When a video really impresses me, I research the advertising agency that conceptualized the campaign for its clients — like this one, from Sarto Restaurant: I loved how this commercial mixed funky music with action shots. But what else can creative agencies offer?

What Every Creative Advertising Agency Needs To Know To Endure The Digital Transformation

Stevens & Tate

Let’s face it: the transformations that are taking place in the digital world have altered the definition of being a creative. Understanding the impact these changes have on creatives and figuring out how to navigate them can be an overwhelming task.

Creativity and AI at Cannes Ad Fest


The Cannes Lions festival will be packed with executives from the world’s top advertising agencies and influential marketers from many industries, and I hope you’ll tune in to see what Oracle has to say, too. On Tuesday, June 19, I’ll speak on a panel exploring the impact of artificial intelligence on creative professions. And on June 21, Oracle will join a roundtable talk on the changing definition of creativity in a fragmented media landscape.

Where Does Martech Fit in the Creative Agency Triumvirate?


Well, that was the goal… For any professional who has worked inside an agency, he or she has likely witnessed a similar power struggle between the art director and copywriters. How has the creative marketing agency triumvirate evolved with time?

Announcement: Big Changes Made to RebelMouse’s Creative Agency Team


Sandra Orlic — Chief Creative Officer I have never in my career met someone with the intellectual and creative capacity of Sandra. At RebelMouse, creativity is not just something we bring to the table as a service — we enable creativity in your own teams as well. Sandra has proven time and time again to have an inherent talent for bringing out the creative ideas in our clients and our own internal teams.

3 Examples of Creative B2B Marketing Initiatives


Creativity is a difficult concept to put into words. So, in an effort to demystify the term, we recently took to our blog to discuss marketing creativity —what it is, what it isn’t, and how to achieve it. We also thought it would be helpful to provide our readers with examples of truly creative marketing. Three Incredible Examples of Creative B2B Marketing Initiatives. So although it’s creative, they didn’t do the impossible.

Agency or In-House Creative: Which Approach Is Right for You?


One of the latest evolutions is in how brands execute their creative. While brands used to rely on external agencies and partners, many leading brands are now building their own creative teams in house. A 2018 Digiday survey reported that 69% of brands surveyed already conduct over half of their creative marketing and advertising internally. As all of these moving parts take time to come to full fruition, brands may continue to outsource creative work.

Announcement: Big Changes Made to RebelMouse’s Creative Agency Team


Sandra Orlic — Chief Creative Officer I have never in my career met someone with the intellectual and creative capacity of Sandra. At RebelMouse, creativity is not just something we bring to the table as a service — we enable creativity in your own teams as well. Sandra has proven time and time again to have an inherent talent for bringing out the creative ideas in our clients and our own internal teams.

Creative Marketing in a Data-Driven Culture


by Eloqua | Tweet this Marketing is driven by many components, making it difficult to balance between creative and data-driven concepts. Since joining the agency in 1988, Sutherland has worked on key accounts including Amex, BT, Compaq, Microsoft, IBM, BUPA, easyJet, and Unilever. Sutherland was appointed Creative Director of OgilvyOne in 1997 and ECD in 1998.

Agency Acceleration Advice from Shama Hyder


The new SharpSpring Agency Acceleration Series features an awesome curated lineup of the top influencers in digital marketing. We could not be more excited about the group of great minds we were lucky enough to pull together to make this agency-focused series happen.

Agencies Have a Morale Problem


Like most industries, the agency world is in an intense period of transition. As competition heats up from media and tech companies, and brands turn to in-house teams , agencies are being forced to evolve or die. That pressure has had detrimental effects on agency employees. According to a new study by Campaign US, the American offshoot of a British ad trade magazine, morale in the agency world has sunk to dramatic new lows. B2B Media agencies data studies

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How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Agency

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This is where a digital marketing agency steps in. Instead of running your team thin, you can hire an agency to stay on top of trends and drive real business results. However, choosing a digital marketing agency isn’t a decision to take lightly—especially in a saturated market.

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20 Creative Agencies You Should Follow on Instagram


Instagram has evolved into a perfect visual platform for agencies, filled with photos of office parties, company outings, and creatives hard at work behind their Macs. And while there were more than a few pictures of agency pups and craft beers, Instagram has also become a place where agencies can share behind-the-scenes shots of their latest work and highlight their accomplishments. A must-follow if you want a glimpse of what life is like at a top agency.

What is a Creative Management Platform (CMP)?


It’s an ad tech term that has grown rapidly within digital advertising circles but what exactly is a creative management platform, or CMP? In this blog we focus on the different benefits and values that a creative management platform can provide a marketing team, including: Increasing efficiency within production. Driving engagement through creativity. Personalising at scale, via dynamic creative optimisation (DCO). But firstly, what is a creative management platform?

7 Creative Ways Your Agency Can Close More Business Before the End of the Month


Maybe your agency is having a rough month, or maybe sales team victories are steady but slow. If you want to be more proactive, though, there are a few creative tactics you can use to bring in more business in the weeks that remain. Creative Sponsorships. If there are any trade shows for industries that your agency works with, book a table and do some old-fashioned networking. Create a value comparison by putting that estimate against your agency’s rates.

A B2B Email Pre-Flight Checklist

The Point

Earlier this month I presented a standing-room only session at the B2BMX Conference in Scottsdale on key principles of B2B email creative. For a more comprehensive discussion of B2B email best practices, view our recorded Webinar: “ A Crash Course in B2B Email Creative. ”.

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Stop Asking Your Marketing Agency for Client References

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As one of the principals at a B2B marketing agency , I get asked for them frequently (though not always) by prospective new clients and, quite aside from the hassle of selecting (who have we not asked recently?), Most agencies (ours included) provide their client list online for all to see. Here’s what I’d want to know if I was hiring an agency: -How do you market your company? So ask your agency: how do they market their own services?

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Six stats to guide agencies through their 2021 service offerings

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Agency owners and professionals have been pushed to their limits in 2020. In the past nine months alone, agencies have had to lean into remote work, shifting client priorities and current events that were far from predictable. . 93% of agencies count on referrals to drive new business.

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The State of Agencies 2020


From what email marketing tools they’re using to what services they’re providing, the more that we understand what top marketing agencies are up to, the better we can tailor our own efforts for success. With that in mind, we’ve gone deep into industry research to discover as much as we can about the state of agencies today — and we’ve packaged all of that information up for you right here. 69% are offering creative services. 39% of agencies use CRM.

How agency technology can support your content marketing journey

Tomorrow People

Great agencies use the latest content marketing tools and technology to strengthen your partnership and establish high-performing strategies. Along with the services our digital teams can provide , we believe that cloud computing and Software-as-a-Service apps enable and empower the client/agency relationship, letting us work across borders (and frequently across continents) whatever the device or time zone. Content Marketing Working with a content marketing agency

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Infographic: SiriusDecisions on How to Evaluate Demand Creation Agencies

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Just as B2B marketing has evolved rapidly in the last decade, so too have the marketing agencies who service those B2B companies. In particular, a new breed of agency focused on demand generation (or demand creation) has emerged – these firms tend to be part strategic consultants, part creative agency, part systems integrator. The infographic below provides an outline of what SiriusDecisions considers to be the core capabilities of the new demand creation agency.

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5 Predictions for Creative Careers in 2021


No one could have made accurate predictions about 2020 , or how much it would disrupt the creative career in 2021 and beyond. In other words, creatives have the power. Creatives should know that VR is evolving—it’s not just about niche headsets for video games anymore.

Why Virtual Agencies Might Be More Creative


Since I recently left behind big New York agency life to focus exclusively on writing and consulting, I’m able to do that -- work by pools. It got me thinking about the creativity part. Is a virtual work environment simply more conducive to creativity? Is the distributed agency, therefore, an innately more creative business model? And I wanted to hear about the relationship between telework and creativity first-hand. Creativity begets creativity.

Tips on Reducing Burnout for Marketing Agencies


Many marketing agencies experience high rates of burnout and employee turnover. This unwanted turnover: brain drains the agency of expertise. We have reached out to several agencies to get their tips on how to balance life and work in an agency.