Kids and keyboards don’t mix for social media managers


So first a bit of background: The US Strategic Command is the government agency responsible for things like nuclear operations and missile defense. But on Sunday, March 28, this official government account tweeted a line of complete gibberish: “;l;;gmlxzssaw.”.

CIOs, CTOs and CROs are missing the social media boat


And then add in agency partners and their people. User provisioning, identity management and governance quite honestly gets pushed to the back burner because it is less immediate.


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How Technology Is Shaping the Future of Employee Communications


We’ll be featuring Mark Dollins and John Stemmle in a Consultants Collective Conversations online event on September 22nd at 9am PT / noon ET. Consultants Collective Corner Our Digital Future ai Blockchain Consultants Collective employee communication mark dollins

Agency or In-House Creative: Which Approach Is Right for You?


While brands used to rely on external agencies and partners, many leading brands are now building their own creative teams in house. Along with shifts in marketing technology driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning, this shift in the creative model is forcing agencies and brands to re-evaluate their working relationships and future strategies. This forces some companies to rely on agencies because of the talent gap.

Five Reasons to Consider Social Media in Your M&A Planning


Agency partners: Most large companies have at least one agency partner working on social, and big companies may have dozens. Obtaining a list of agency partners and connecting with those teams is equally important.

Brand Implementation with TenTen


In this episode of Messaging on a Mission, Consultants Collective member consultant Douglas Spencer talks with Darren Horwitz, Founder of TenTen, a brand implementation firm that helps organizations plan, build, and manage change.

The Pros of Living through a Coronavirus Crisis


If we can provide additional help and support through our executive consulting, advisory and coaching services, please contact us. It is William Gibson’s Agency — a sharply imagined sequel to The New York Times’ bestselling novel The Peripheral.

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Developing a PR Content Strategy for your B2G firm


Developing an effective Business to Government (B2G) marketing strategy to reach decision-makers in the public sector requires a handful of marketing tactics, perhaps the most impactful of which is a well-founded public relations program. Target content at agency decision-makers .

Every Crisis is an Opportunity…to Learn


This article, authored by our Member Consultant Kelley Haggert, continues a special series titled “Creating Resiliency During the COVID-19 Crisis.”. If we can provide additional help and support through our executive consulting, advisory and coaching services, please contact us.

Social media strategy leaders: Kerry Gallagher


Throughout her career, Kerry has worked in social media at not-for-profits, agencies, and in the insurance and finance industries. From the American Lung Association, I moved on to an integrated marketing agency called Cronin and Company , where I managed social media. After working on the agency side, my next career move was to Liberty Mutual —I was looking to move to Boston and the opportunity was a good one. We work with agencies, but our relationship is clearly defined.

2020 Resolutions for Marketers - Prioritize Privacy, Create a Single Customer View, and Practice Responsiveness

Martech Advisor

Consult with your leadership and legal teams to ensure that everyone is on the same page with regards to what is required for compliance. Data Governance

Lead to Revenue Management Programs: How to Invest and Select the Right Agency Partners (Forrester Report Review)


A program driven by an agency partner typically resembles the phases below: Phase 1: Discovery. Governance assessment. Marketing automation platform implementation – as necessary, modification to landing pages and lead capture forms, changes to implementation of tracking code, consulting regarding integration with SFDC, improvements to campaign architecture. Oftentimes, this type of integrated approach (between agencies & internal teams) works most efficiently.

5 B2G PR Strategies For Mergers & Acquisitions


Amidst all of the business uncertainty in 2020 due to COVID-19, one area that remained relatively stable was a healthy volume of M&A activity for government contractors and government IT service providers. . Cybersecurity PR Government Marketing Public Relations

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The emerging challenges for managing brand risk


Emotionally, the trust level for the establishment, especially big business and government, has never been lower, fueling the rise of partisanship. A recent survey of 300 brand executives by the research consulting firm, GumGum , revealed that 75% of these marketers said their brands had been exposed to high-risk situations in 2017, mainly advertising placed alongside objectionable content.

Why You Still Need a Content Marketing Strategy for B2G

Hinge Marketing

For any company, even a small percent of that is a windfall, and many make a concerted effort to secure contracts from the federal government and capture some of this pie. While winning companies have mastered the processes and nuances of government contracting, the barrier to entry has begun to shift, requiring contractors to do more than they have in the past. It requires content marketing with a business-to-government (B2G) focus. Management Consulting Content Marketing

Four Qualities of a Memorable Logo


To increase the likelihood of a successful logo design, many companies turn to digital agencies like Bluetext who understand the competitive landscape and get to know each business in depth before designing a logo that accurately reflects the company and helps them stand out among the competition.

Oracle’s Social Media Policy

Paul Gillin

Chris Boudreaux has assembled an amazing database of 167 social media policies from businesses, government agencies and nonprofit organizations that you may also find useful. Oracle resources, including servers, may be used solely in connection with formally authorized blogging environments that have been established following consultation with Global IT, Global Information Security, Legal, and Oracle Brand and Creative.

Book Review: The Power of Strategic Commitment


Noting, from their observations in years of business consulting, that “when strategy fails it is almost always due to poor implementation, not poor formulation,” the authors argue that consensus is not the same as commitment. a strategic management consulting firm that has worked with numerous Global 1000 clients. Weiss is a consultant, speaker, author of 32 books, and head of Summit Consulting Group.

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8 Email Marketing Improvements to Make During Slow Periods


“View slow periods as opportunities to reinvent your business,” says Kyle Sjoberg, Senior Strategic Consultant for Strategic & Analytic Services at Oracle CX Marketing Consulting. Improve Data Governance & Hygiene.

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5 Steps to Take to Secure Your Website


Website design and development agencies, such as Bluetext, can ensure your site security is always up to date. ManTech is a multi-billion-dollar public company that provides subcontracted technological services to the US Government.

Strategies for CMOs to Protect the Golden Playbook


The relationship between China’s businesses and government is very different than the corporate / government landscape in the US. It’s the nature of being a consultant. The most secure companies that I work with use the same virtual data handling protocols deployed by high-level government agencies. CMOs have a tough enough job as it is. The way that consumers interact with their brands is changing at lightning speed.

100 Helpful Data Sources for Content Creation

Marketing Insider Group

Government/World Data. CIA World Factbook – One of the most interesting content data sources on our list, the CIA World Factbook provides free access to history, population, culture, government, geography, environmental, military (and more!)

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The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Minority-Owned Business [+ Expert Tips]


You may also need this certification may also if you want to apply for government-funded minority business grants and loans, or other programs. Illinois , Ohio , California , and New York have local agencies to get certified as a minority-owned business on a state level.

5 Ways to Leverage Content Marketing to Expand Your Business into New Markets

Marketing Insider Group

Using a content marketing agency can provide the subject matter expertise you need without the expense and hassle of expanding your in-house team. Set up a quick consultation, and I’ll send you a free PDF version of my books.

Which areas of tech grew the most during lockdown?


Content created in partnership with Tudor Lodge Consultant. Tech PR agency, Eskenzi, also highlighted other platforms that gained huge traction in lockdown, including Slack, TikTok, Facebook and recently, business social network, Clubhouse.

Why Millennials Are Resistant to Advertising and Politics


The results of a recent (10/14) survey by two consulting firms, Elite Daily and Millennial Branding, show how different their perceptions and buying habits are: Millennials don’t trust advertising – only 3% are influenced by traditional media like TV and print, and only 1% say an ad would make them trust a brand more. This trend of declining brand trust in our core institutions is not surprising given the growth of fraud, inefficiencies and corruption in Government.

Brands Wake Up to Juneteenth


But some notable brands and community groups aren’t waiting for government recognition to commemorate it. Mohammad Anwar, CEO of Houston-based digital agency Softway, explained his rationale for recognizing Juneteenth in a social media post. “As Reading Time: 3 minutes.

Successful Drip Marketing Examples and What You Can Learn from Them

Marketing Insider Group

A drip marketing campaign’s endpoint can either be a sale, a request for a consultation, or another goal you want to reach. The non-profit watchdog group, The Project on Government Oversight (POGO), needed to grow awareness, as well as its subscriber list.

Disaster and Crisis Messaging Best Practices


“Xfinity knows how disruptive service outages (WiFi especially) can be for their customers' daily lives,” says Ana Jablonski, Senior Consultant for Strategic Services, Oracle CX Marketing Consulting.

Five ways business buying is changing: Ignore these at your peril


Long prevalent in government buying, companies of all sizes are increasing their requirements of vendors in areas such as sustainability, diversity and—for manufacturers in such categories as apparel—wages, working conditions and safety. Calling all consultants, accountants, lawyers, agencies—here’s your chance to compete on a level playing field for enterprise accounts. If you’re a B2B marketer, especially a services provider, your environment is about to be upended.

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How Buyer Behavior Will Change Amid COVID-19

Tony Zambito

While governments and public health agencies wrestle with containment, mitigation, therapeutic interventions, and the race for a vaccine, buyer behavior is undergoing drastic change. We are living in unprecedented times.

Twitter Blurs the Line: Sorting Out Branding, Adv/PR and Marketing Opportunities

B2B Marketing Savvy

Read Time = 2-3 minutes) With Twitter seeping further into the collective B2B outbound mainstream, agencies, clients… consultants and entrepreneurs must grapple over who “owns” it, what policies/practices will be used for governance, and the type metrics which will need to be applied to compare/contrast this channel w/more traditional means for outreach and marketing communications. . Posted in Agency Side, Client Side, Marcom for B2B, PR in a 2.0

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How to Conduct a Market Opportunity Analysis


Whether you work in B2B, B2C, government, or non-profit organizations, defining and analyzing the market will help you make better decisions. You may discover a new government initiative that encourages sustainable businesses. Consulting agency Say Yeah!

Your experience and qualifications are not differentiators!


I recently started a discussion within different LinkedIn groups where I asked consultants , sales, and marketing leaders how they were differentiating themselves from others in their industry. One consultant mentioned that her differentiation was defined by her extensive experience and her successful professional achievements, which contributed to the development of a variety of sectors. But consultants and others continue to use their years of experience as a differentiator.

Interpublic Group is Buying Acxiom Marketing Services for $2.3 Billion. Here's Why.

Customer Experience Matrix

But this report from Hampleton Partners gives a more comprehensive perspective: yes, private equity’s share of marketing deals doubled in 2017, but the main buyers are still big agencies and consultancies. It will be right at home with an agency parent. One of the nice things about ad agencies as buyers is they’re really clear in their explanations of their purchases.

22 Incredible Small Business Opportunities for 2019 and Beyond


Professional Consulting. Market yourself as a professional consultant who assists others in launching and building successful businesses through online sites like Clarity. Online courses are huge right now," says David Hoos, Head of Marketing at The Good marketing agency.

Hire a Legal Writer: 8 Experts for Any Content Marketing Budget 


Area of expertise: Government contracting . Area of expertise: Government relations. I continue to seek new challenges through my consulting business. Government investigations . Are you a law firm who needs a great copywriter? Writing to potential legal clients?