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Bizible’s Ultimate List of Paid Media Resources


Whether it’s Google Adwords, sponsored updates on social platforms, or hiring an agency to manage campaigns for your company, paid media is a great way for B2B marketers to find and close customers. LinkedIn Advertising. The Guide to Cracking the LinkedIn Ads Platform.

An Email is Not a Campaign: the Case for Integrated Marketing

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The reality of life as a professional marketer is that there is rarely, ever, enough time, budget, resources or bandwidth to plan, design, build, launch and manage every campaign as we would if we could. Add the offer to the ad rotation in your Google AdWords campaign.

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33 Inspiring B2B digital marketing case studies

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In this post, we wil feature case studies in the areas of content marketing, social media marketingm social CRM, social selling, LinkedIn marketing, and webinars. has four Facebook pages, four Twitter feeds and two LinkedIn accounts. LINKEDIN: Had to be converted to social selling.

Your corporate website needs to become a trap


I just started as Director of Social Media at Unison Agency in Washington’s historic Georgetown. There are a number of traps you can lay — and you should consider them all if you have the commitment, time, and resources to maintain them all.

Playing the online reputation shell game


Instead of “Chris Abraham” coming up with my web site , my Twitter / LinkedIn / Facebook profile, or my Huffington Post articles , it goes much further.

22 Free Content Marketing Tools To Drive Your Content Marketing Plans

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I also have listed my favorite free image resources to make sure your written content is supplemented with the right visual appeal that today’s audiences are looking for. is a great resource because it allows you to enter your keyword and see top related searches.

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From Scratch: Four (Free) List Building Strategies


Most marketers and agencies have more ideas than budgets, so we’re going to explore seven strategies to build a great prospect list that take a varied approach: four strategies require time, and three strategies require money.

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A SaaS Marketing Plan for High Growth Companies


This is a daunting challenge, but in today's post we're going to look at the four core tenets of a marketing plan (goal setting, tactics, resources and evaluation) that can help you achieve these goals. The second is giving them the resources that they need to be successful.

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6 Data-Backed Lessons for Content Marketers in Europe


Over a quarter of companies are increasing internal headcount for content marketing, and 28% are increasing investment in agency resources this year. 48% of respondants don't use LinkedIn ads. Content marketing is nothing new to marketers all over the world.

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Why Your Keyword Strategy Is Incomplete Without User Intent


A user wants answers, resources, information, reviews of a product, and much more. There are a number of ways to do this, but I recommend using a tool like the Keywords tool in the HubSpot software, or Google’s AdWords Keyword Tool.

73 Experts Reveal B2B Marketing Trends to Leverage in 2017


I do exactly that at my agency, Web Profits by creating content & videos about our core values, beliefs, process and inner workings which helps us show our human side and potential clients feel like they know us. Dedicate plenty of resources to content promotion.

5 Steps for Crafting an Effective B2B SEO Blogging Strategy

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Besides Google Adwords and Bing, what other major PPC sevices are. When working with multiple authors, resources like Google Calendar or Google Docs help organize efforts. Encourage social sharing (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) Are you a Search Engine Watch Member? |

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8 Tips to Boost Health Insurance Enrollments with Online Advertising


This is usually due to the usage of dynamic keyword insertion, but if your brand is trademarked, you can report them to Google if they are using your name in their ad copy via the AdWords trademark complaint form.

5 Ways to Help B2B Marketers Come Up With New Content Ideas

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Here’s a roundup of great resources for marketing agencies that work for in-house marketers, too. And here’s a list of over 50 expert resources for internet marketers. Is your content engine running out of gas?

The Top 3 Priorities for 2010 Marketing Budgets

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If you don’t have in-house SEO resources, hire an agency or consultant, but either way, make SEO an ongoing priority. If you need immediate opportunities, search engine marketing (SEM) programs such as Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing provide a competitive ROI, make it easy to control spending, and can start generating results as soon as they’re flipped live. Share this on Facebook Share this on FriendFeed Share this on Linkedin Share this on

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What Your Traditional Marketing Education Didn't Teach You About Marketing Today


However, marketers were typically trained to develop creative briefs, project manage logo design and refinement, and draft the core messages for an advertising campaign, while the visual storytelling and execution were typically left to a designer or agency to draft and return for feedback.

How to Get Hired as an Inbound Marketer


We hope this will be a valuable resource for the community." I'm not saying you need to make your Facebook profile public or anything, but you should be able to be easily found on networks like Twitter and LinkedIn, at the very least. You aren't working? What's wrong with you?

Best Social Media Stats and Market Research of 2010 (So Far)


A national survey of reporters and editors revealed that 89% use blogs for story research, 65% turn to social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, and 52% utilize microblogging services such as Twitter. Social Media Not Preferred Recommendation Resource by MediaPost Online Media Daily.

B2B Lead Generation Blog: Prediction: Lead generation dashboards will likely be a hot topic

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B2B Lead Generation Blog About Free Resources Get FREE Updates Instantly Get A FREE Chapter from my book. Many CRM providers, database gurus and a few agencies have developed preset forms to create dashboards.

Marketing Blog Marketing Automation | Lead Generation | Email.


Google AdWords Tracking. Agencies & Consultants. Resources. LinkedIn. Platform. Lead To Revenue. Email Marketing. Drip Marketing. Nurture Marketing. Email Designer. Email Personalization. Testing Deliverability. Behavioral Targeting. Can Spam Compliance. Lead Capture.

Marketing Automation Trends for 2010


1) We’re at a point where we have lot of data about marketing performance, but it’s a big challenge to turn it into actionable information (2) we’re actively tweeting, blogging and using LinkedIn, but how can that be effectively managed, and how can it be measured? (3) Social networks like Facebook and Linkedin will start to face customer defections as their networks get bogged down with marketing spam.

Why Social Media Is Not For Everyone « The Effective Marketer

The Effective Marketer

Choosing the right social media strategy While some may say that since your employees are already using social media (facebook pages, tweeter accounts, linkedin posts, etc.) What resources will it require? That’s why you have experts (consultants, agencies, etc.)

Top 37 B2B Marketing Posts and Hot Topics August 2010

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8217; On Linkedin. Socialize Gmail with Rapportive - Sazbean , August 5, 2010 Rapportive is a free-plugin for Firefix, Safari, Mailplane or Chrome which shows you information about a contact — their job, company and LinkedIn profile, their latest tweets, links to their Facebook and Skype accounts and more. You’ll find no greater supporter of online content marketing than me, but marketers and agencies are talking up print for 2011. Find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.