[Adwords] The Marketing Automation Terms You Need to Know
    The most common example of PPC advertising is Google AdWords. When you were a kid, what did your mom tell you every time you asked her what a word meant? Just look it up in the dictionary.”. Well, we’re not your mom, but we’ve got the same advice when it comes to learning about marketing automation. That’s why we’ve created The Ultimate Marketing Automation Glossary.
    [Adwords] When and Why to Use Landing Pages
    Landing pages can act as the solution to that problem because they play a key part in generating traffic and converting it with search ads and they are the leading paid channel for businesses : Industry leader, Google, highly prioritizes landing page experience , determining whether or not to show your AdWords ads based on the page visitors click through to: Bing takes landing page experience into account too.
    [Adwords] How to Accurately Track Your Website Leads
    Search Engine Marketing Google AdWords Google Analytics marketing ROI Matt Cannon PPC advertising Straight NorthGuest post by Matt Cannon. Have you ever wondered whether your PPC or SEO campaign is worth the investment? Are you ever frustrated because no matter how much you test and tweak your campaigns, nothing seems to improve? At the root of both problems is quite frequently the same thing: incomplete and/or overstated lead tracking.
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    [Adwords] Optimize Your Keyword Research and Rankings with SEMRush
    AdWords SEO keyword strategy keywords Search engine marketing search engine optimization Search Engine traffic SEMLearn how to use the popular SEO tool SEMRush to perform valuable keyword research.
    [Adwords] How to integrate offline campaigns with your digital marketing strategy
    Local businesses that rely on phone calls rather than websites for customer inquiries make use of Google-forwarding phone numbers for their Adwords campaigns. A recent survey of 200 retailers in the United States showed that online campaigns delivered better ROI than offline marketing initiatives for over 76% of the participants. Despite this, offline marketing continues to garner a significant chunk of a business’ annual marketing budget.
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    [Adwords] What Are the Benefits of Advertising in Account-Based Marketing?
    Account-based advertising is different than typical forms of advertising such as Google AdWords, retargeting (advertising to contacts who have visited your site), and CRM retargeting (advertising to contacts in your database). There are big benefits of using advertising in your account-based marketing campaigns. Account-based marketing (ABM) is all about marketing to the entire buying committee at best-fit accounts instead of marketing to only one lead at an organization.
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    [Adwords] Just Released: AdWords Industry Benchmark Report 2017
    In collaboration with DWA, we’re excited to share tons of great data and insights on how B2B marketers are using AdWords to drive business in the third annual AdWords Industry Benchmark Report. AdWords has long been a critical channel for B2B marketers. The AdWords Industry Benchmark Report answers questions like, “What impact should I expect from AdWords?”
    [Adwords] Lexer Grows Its Customer Data Platform from Social Listening Roots
    There are standard integrations with Facebook, Twitter, and Google Adwords advertising campaigns. Customer Data Platform vendors come from many places, geographically and functionally. Lexer is unusual in both ways, having started in Australia as a social media listening platform. About two years ago the company refocused on building customer profiles with data from all sources.
    [Adwords] Learn How To Use Quora Ads for B2B User Acquisition
    So that’s something that would be super helpful to the marketer, being able to see which topic has been most effective and that’s no different than keyword level reporting on AdWords, right? Rodrigo: Hey everybody, I’m Rodrigo Fuentes from ListenLoop and I’m here with Jaime from Vettery, and this is a session of Marketers Teaching Marketers. Jaime, please introduce yourself and tell us how to use Quora Ads for B2B user acquisition. Jaime: Thanks so much Rod. So, I’m Jaime.
    [Adwords] The Paid Marketing Metrics You Must Measure
    Quality Score (AdWords): This is used by Google to measure the relevance of your ads to the keywords you’re targeting. Whether you’re using AdWords or Facebook Ads, conversion tracking (or Facebook Pixels for the latter) is imperative. Within the context of AdWords, there are three different kinds of conversions: Webpage Conversions: These include purchases, leads or sign-ups. AdWords has also recently introduced a powerful attribution modeling feature.
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    [Adwords] How to Select Your B2B Channel Mix
    Let’s say in Q1 you generated 37 marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) through Google Adwords out of a raw lead count of 98 with a Cost-per-Click of $17, at an average CPL of $45/lead. Adwords: 37. Adwords: 12. Adwords: 6. Adwords: $45. Adwords: $139. Adwords: $278. Google Adwords. Marketing budgets are always tight. Competition for prospects’ attention and engagement is unrelenting.
    [Adwords] How Google and Apple Are Using ‘Privacy’ to Kill Ad Tech
    Around 90 percent of its 2015 revenues came from selling advertising across its various ad tech products such as DoubleClick and AdWords. And on Google, Google AdWords ads link back to content meant to provide some sort of value. For years, ad tech CEOs have agonized over various crises—the rise in ad blocking , rampant bot fraud , a pervasive lack of quality control. Yet in the end, it may be none of these worrisome trends that puts these CEOs out of a job.
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    [Adwords] Facebook ads vs Google adwords: 7 key criteria to decide
    These facts state that if you do any digital advertising, you likely to be using Facebook ads or Google AdWords. Both Facebook ads and Google AdWords are very affordable because both are based on Cost Per Clicks (CPC) set by a predetermined budget of your choice. To measure effectiveness, Google Adwords uses more traditional digital media measurements like: impressions , clicks, click-through rate , and conversions. Consider these facts: Digital ad revenue in the U.S.
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    [Adwords] What We Learned From Spending $100k On Facebook Ads
    Using the same ad creative from AdWords, we launched on Facebook Ads. For a three-person digital marketing team like ours, the prospect of having a big ad budget seemed like a distant dream. So when we were suddenly given $100K to spend on Facebook ads, we were positively giddy. And unbelievably nervous. As a lean SaaS startup, we have to be very wise with our marketing investments.
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    [Adwords] How 6 Companies Use Content For Other Departments Besides Marketing
    On AdWords, for example, customers can find a “ Setup and Basics ” page. While content marketing may be the trend du jour, content isn’t just for marketing. Content is everywhere: It’s the article that helps sales secure a coveted meeting, the memo from HR that announces a new acquisition, the personalized deck from account managers that keeps clients up to speed.
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    [Adwords] How to Create Content Unicorns and Ignore the Donkeys
    It’s because all of these systems ― like the Facebook news feed algorithm, or the organic search algorithm, or Google AdWords quality score, or Facebook ads ― they all employ machine-learning algorithms that greatly reward content that has unusually high engagement rates with tremendous visibility within those platforms. I once created a piece called the most expensive keywords in Google AdWords. It’s a great topic for me because I sell AdWords and pay-per-click advertising.
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    [Adwords] The art of narrative storytelling via social media marketing
    We respond with too-long awkward pauses because we’re always afraid that our clients don’t get us at all, and that maybe they just wanted to throw some money at Google AdWords and not us. Content Marketing Digital Marketing Influencer Marketing Internet Marketing Public Relations Social Media Marketing A/B testing Advertising Advertising campaign AdWords Communication Digital marketing Facebook Google marketing pay-per-click public relations
    [Adwords] Four Unique Features Found In Baidu Paid Search Management
    In my previous post , we discussed eight ways that Baidu advertising differs from Google AdWords from an account and setting perspective. In AdWords, there are four keywords match types – broad, broad modifier, phrase, and exact match. Similar to the broad match type in AdWords, the ads are triggered by search terms that are relevant to the target keywords, even if the characters are not specifically in the keywords.
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    [Adwords] You Need to Understand These 6 Things About What B2B Buyers Want
    Relevancy is what turned Google AdWords from an experiment into a trillion-dollar project. The more we know, the better we can sell – especially when it comes to knowing what B2B buyers want. That seems to be the underlying premise of marketing right now. It’s not a bad premise. It leverages one of the all-time great marketing principles: relevancy. It’s why retargeting works and personalization converts. It’s why account-based marketing is so hot. So, no wonder we like information.
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    [Adwords] 101 Ridiculously Effective Ways to Use Interactive Content in Your Marketing Today
    Bonus tip: create an Adwords campaign around the regulation and checklist to bring in visitors. . Interactive content has endless possibilities. It can take so many different shapes and sizes, tackle such an assortment of goals, and be used across the whole spectrum of marketing channels, that it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start. .
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    [Adwords] Everything you need to know about Facebook Pixel
    The cost-per-acquisition (CPA) of the Facebook ad tool can be as interesting as that of Google Adwords. Do you have a website and want to advertise via Facebook? Besides grooming the content of your ad beforehand , is also essential is to get complete statistics on how visitors interact on your website through your advertising. In this article, we’ll detail how Pixel, developed by Facebook, will serve as both a conversion tool and a customized audience creator for your campaigns.
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    [Adwords] 4 Strategies for Reestablishing Your Website’s Lead-Gen Magnetism
    Free tools such as Google AdWords Keyword Planner , Google Trends , and Microsoft Advertising Intelligence are good places to start. How do you get a seat at the table when nobody’s officially invited you to pull up a chair? That’s the challenge for today’s businesses and the marketers tasked with making them gloriously conspicuous by establishing brand presence, generating demand, and enticing leads to come hither.
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    [Adwords] How to Get Started With Paid Search [Free Guide]
    Clearly, marketers are taking advantage of AdWords, but what does a great PPC campaign even look like? How do you even do a Google AdWords campaign? The following is an excerpt from the ebook How to Use Google AdWords, just one of the resources included in The Ultimate Free Google AdWords PPC Kit we created with our friends at SEMrush. Google AdWords generates a Search Terms report that displays all of the keywords for which your ad has been displayed.
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    [Adwords] Five social media courses make one social media strategy meal
    When I was young and naïve pasta was called spaghetti, and it was the main course of dinner at home. Then I took my mom to Genoa on holiday and quickly discovered that pasta isn’t a main course, it’s simply the first course. There’s a whole list of meals for a formal dinner — from the appetizer to the antipasto , then the pasta, meats, side dishes, insalata , cheese and fruit, dessert, coffee, and the digestivo. Talk about missing the bus.
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    [Adwords] Why Blogging Should Be a Key Part of Your Marketing Plan
    Use the AdWords Keyword Planner or another tool to find your keywords. Did you know that 70 percent of the links that people click on online are organic ? In other words, 7 out of 10 internet users ignore paid ads and click on natural links, like blog posts and articles, instead. While there are many ways to attract organic traffic, blogging is the best option. Companies that run blogs have 434 percent more indexed pages than companies that don’t blog.
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    [Adwords] 6 tips for a successful Facebook ad
    Facebook has become an indispensable platform for generating traffic, leads, and sales through paid advertising, just like the very famous, Google Adwords. In addition to the great configuration of your campaign, it’s the content of your Facebook ad that will make all the difference in the eyes of the web surfer and, that will push them to make the famous conversion (visit, buy, subscribe, register, download …) you are looking for.
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    [Adwords] Chronicles of an ABM Superhero: Localytics Improves Pipeline Efficiency by 140%
    Terminus is a nice middle ground,” she explains, “because we’re not doing any other programmatic display, we’re not doing any PPC AdWords, we’re not doing any retargeting — some of those strategies that are usually table stakes in a demand gen marketer’s toolkit.”. With account-based marketing, Localytics was able to 2x the amount of sales pipeline generated for every marketing dollar spent.
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    [Adwords] 3 Ways to Avoid Churning Out Average Blog Posts
    I recently read a blog post from an agency that discussed the power of Bing Ads, reminding the audience that pay-per-click content isn’t purely limited to Google AdWords. The writer used a host of stats to back up the thesis, but I was shocked to see an embedded infographic referencing comScore data from 2012. A quick Google (or Bing!)
    [Adwords] Baidu PPC Versus Google AdWords: 8 Key Differences
    B2B marketers familiar with search engine advertising on Google AdWords will likely find it easier to understand Baidu PPC. However there are key differences between Baidu PPC and Google AdWords as well. In this post, I’ll first outline the eight ways Baidu PPC differs from AdWords from an account and settings perspective. AdWords provides a range of paid advertising products, such as display, text, search, shopping, video, and app ads.
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    [Adwords] The Best Advice for Marketers in 2017: Insights from 11 Experts
    It’s not about how advanced they are, or if they know how to set up a campaign in AdWords or a variation in an A/B testing platform. Don Draper wouldn’t know what hit him. Gone are the decadent days of the liquid lunch, three-piece suits, and Madison Avenue dominating the marketing landscape. Modern marketers have to be a jill-of-all-trades, with one foot in the real world, and one in cyberspace. We live in an age of digital disruption and a constantly evolving marketing playground.
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    [Adwords] Win lifestyle influencers over with generosity and attentiveness
    Content Marketing Digital Marketing Influencer Marketing Internet Marketing Public Relations Social Media Marketing AdWords Alphabet Inc. It takes a lot of money to give you license to treat someone like crap. And they’ll still resent you and wish you dead. In the gig economy, the interview process goes both ways.
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    [Adwords] B2B Omnichannel Marketing is Finally Here
    With the addition of integrations to Google Adwords, Facebook, and DMP’s, a full omnichannel experience is now possible. How great would it be if we could just put a billboard in front of all your top prospects’ office buildings? While that option might not be scalable, you can still get in front of your top prospects anywhere and everywhere. We all know that breaking through the noise to reach the right buyer at the right time and via the right channel is our biggest challenge.
    [Adwords] 7 SEO Metrics that Reflect Revenue Growth and Prove Value
    If an organization allocates a portion of its advertising budget to AdWords, that cost can be eliminated or reduced with high organic rankings. result in a click on an AdWords ad. Author: Nate Dame Knowing what metrics matter—and how to utilize those metrics to prove marketing’s impact on overall business revenue—is crucial for modern marketers. In 2016, a record number of CMOs lost their jobs, and studies suggest that metrics neglect may have played a part.
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    [Adwords] 32 Free Online Marketing Classes to Master Your Marketing Skills
    You can even take a Google AdWords certification at the end of the process that helps you beef up your resume (and your Google+ profile). I don't know about you, but I miss going to school. I miss taking notes, studying, and most of all, learning a ton of new skills. That's not to say I don't learn a lot on the job here at HubSpot -- because I absolutely do. But sometimes, there's nothing quite like listening to a lecture, taking notes, and doing homework.
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    [Adwords] Earned-media micro-influencer marketing primer
    These partnerships can include multi-year contracts which are getting tighter and more exclusive the more these same influencers are being dropped by advertisers such as YouTube , Google AdWords , and Instagram. In my humble opinion, modern influencer marketing is traditional public relations pitching corrupted by huge Madison Avenue advertising money. Big celebrities and even bigger bucks.
    [Adwords] Does Your Email Marketing Strategy Get the Most out of Your Email Addresses?
    Many major ad platforms, including Facebook , AdWords , and Twitter , use custom audience services to allow marketers to construct audience personas through an existing email list (cross-checked against email addresses used to create accounts on the displaying service) rather than through a filtering tool. You, a weary content marketing manager, walk out of an email marketing strategy meeting with your director on a Thursday afternoon.
    [Adwords] 4 Effective Google AdWords Tactics to Supercharge Your Lead Generation
    Author: Wesley Parker Today AdWords is almost synonymous with digital advertising —most marketers are aware of or already using AdWords to target their audience with ads online. Generating more leads from Google AdWords can be tough once you reach a certain threshold. In this blog I will walk you through four tactics that will allow you to break through that plateau and scale your AdWords lead generation.
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    [Adwords] 58 Best Marketing Tools to Build Your Strategy in 2017
    Google Adwords. Google Adwords. In the world of marketing, it seems like there are always new tools, tips, tricks, and trends to discover and incorporate into your marketing strategy. How is it possible to keep up with them all? As a marketer myself, I often wish I had a better sense of all of the tools available to me -- and what sets each of them apart -- so I can make more informed decisions on how to create and optimize content.
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    [Adwords] Reaching Millennials With Social Media: A Healthcare Case Study
    Paid search (AdWords). Missed our webinar? Check it out now and learn how to engage millennials with a modern, comprehensive digital media plan. Millennials are coming of age and, accordingly, they are taking on the lion’s share of buying power in the United States. This matters to healthcare marketers because millennials are consuming healthcare services differently, which will affect your long-term healthcare marketing success.
    [Adwords] How Panasas Does ABM with Terminus Account-Based Advertising & 6sense Predictive Intelligence
    We are seeing results and moving more and more dollars from Google AdWords and other tools into more targeted campaigns through Terminus. Aditi Karandikar’s team at Panasas uses technology from the Terminus Cloud for ABM to do account-based marketing at scale.
    [Adwords] 3 Paid Media Tactics Designed To Aid B2B Account Based Marketing Efforts
    AdWords Customer Match. These options allow you to add additional tactics and segmentation to your marketing initiatives in AdWords. Search engine advertising – or PPC – is not typically associated with account-based marketing. Generally in PPC, we target high value keywords to inform and acquire new customers based on need, specific pain points, or keywords associated with products or services.
    [Adwords] PPC V Influencer Marketing; Clicks V Sales
    they spend on AdWords. Marketing as a business function seamlessly combines both creative and strategic thinking; creative because to stand out against your competitors, you must strike the right balance between achieving a sense of familiarity to your customers, while remaining differentiated; strategic because it must make sense- you cannot let creativity run free and lose sight of your business objectives or what your competitors are doing.
    [Adwords] 5 Golden Rules for Your Next Content Marketing Hire
    When you’re a small content marketing operation, you may need someone who can run social, manage the newsletter, build landing pages, run AdWords, and still produce content for the blog. There’s a lot of noise and uncertainty in content marketing, but one thing has remained constant: People are creating more and more content.
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    [Adwords] The Benefits of Retargeting for B2B
    AdWords B2B Marketing Marketing Strategy Social Media Marketing B2B marketing b2b marketing strategy retargeting retargeting ads retargeting strategy rethink b2b marketingAn Interview with Act-On Software Marketers. Imagine being top of mind and front and center with your customers on a regular basis. Sounds good, right? Luckily, new and exciting ways to capture attention online in the world of marketing today are making this “virtually” possible.
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    [Adwords] What is Latent Semantic Indexing & Why Does it Matter for Your SEO Strategy?
    2) Use the Keyword Planner Tool via Google AdWords. If you have access to Google AdWords, you can also use their Keyword Planner tool. I’ll admit that when I first heard a colleague mention “latent semantic indexing,” my immediate response was simply, “What?”.
    [Adwords] 4 Tools and Tactics to Generate More Leads with Baidu PPC
    Similar to Google Adwords, you can use form submissions on your site, and then set up goals in the Baidu PPC platform. Marketers can set up Call Extension — similar to Adwords call extension — where when people search for your business on their cell phone, they will see a phone icon identifying Call For More Info. The ultimate goal of business is to capture more customers and close more deals. But this does not happen overnight.
    [Adwords] Simple content optimization – SEO for when SEO doesn’t make sense
    Still, it doesn’t hurt to use a tool like Google ’s Adwords Keyword Planner to confirm your suspicions–and to find the variations that are most productive. It’s not often that you’ll hear a content marketing guy tell you that a big investment in SEO isn’t for everyone. But if your marketing focus doesn’t include creating a steady stream of content for your website, for example, it may not make sense to commit resources to an on-going SEO campaign.
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    [Adwords] Part 2: Link Building and SEO Strategies to Resurrect in 2017
    Set up a Facebook campaign or AdWords campaign and pay for clicks. #11 Increasing the number of relevant and authoritative websites that link to your own page is an essential search engine optimization strategy. Although this somewhat challenging methodology contains several potential pitfalls, if you heed best practices and take a thoughtful, educated approach, growing the number of germane links to your site will help take your marketing to the next level.
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    [Adwords] The AI Power Hour: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, featuring Christopher Penn of Shift Communications [Podcast]
    Christopher is a Google Analytics Certified Professional and a Google AdWords Certified Professional. Listen on Itunes Listen on Soundcloud Listen on Stitcher. Guest Bio: Christopher S. Penn is an authority on digital marketing and marketing technology. A recognized thought leader, author, and speaker, he has shaped three key fields in the marketing industry: Google Analytics adoption, data-driven marketing and PR, and email marketing.
    [Adwords] THE HACKIES: Hacking a technology stack for local presence management
    Before she visits the store, she does one last search for the store to look at the dress online, but finds another wedding dress retailer in the AdWords listing just before she clicks into the original site destination. Hesitant to make a decision before considering every option, she clicks the AdWords listing and ends up finding the dress of her dreams. This article is a guest post by Mila Hose and Mireya Prado (with graphics from Margaret To ) of Brandify.
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    [Adwords] Three Favorite Act-On Features that Help You “Tell and Sell”
    And so we created the landing pages ‒ through pay-per-click websites, Google AdWords, or whatever it might be, gated the content, and offered the product tour. Once upon a time …. there was a marketer who thought the best thing about marketing is telling a company’s story to engage people, and that the best thing about marketing automation is how it helps you tell that story.
    [Adwords] How to Scale Your Marketing Strategy Without Sacrificing Engagement
    Additionally, the ability to pass a pre-built marketing audience from your platform to other marketing channels such as Google AdWords or Facebook can reduce the amount of time you spend aligning and executing multi-channel marketing. Author: Patrick Groover Companies are always looking for a new edge to capture mindshare and differentiate their solution within the marketplace.
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    [Adwords] What Can You Do with Marketing Automation: Surprise! Its more than you think.
    Run AdWords programs targeted at look-alike traffic. Almost every marketer knows that marketing automation (MA) has been a boon for demand generation. But, while driving potential customers’ awareness and interest in a company’s products or services is certainly one essential function of MA, the story hardly ends there. Because marketing automation can do so much more. It also slices! It dices! It makes julienned fries! Well, proverbially, that is.
    [Adwords] How to Incorporate Webinar Promotion into Your Multi-channel Marketing Mix
    Place banner ads or bid on paid search terms using Google Adwords or Bing Ads. Leading organizations are discovering how effective it is to run webinars as part of their marketing strategy for increased brand awareness and lead generation. In fact, according to recent research by the Content Marketing Institute , 58% of content marketers said they use webinars as one of their key marketing tactics.
  • FATHOM  |  TUESDAY, MARCH 21, 2017
    [Adwords] How Will Google’s Latest AdWords Changes Affect You?
    Google is making a big change to exact match keyword targeting in AdWords. Google’s AdWords Update: The Details. For now, these changes do not apply to phrase match keywords and AdWords is still designed to prioritize matching identical keywords to identical search queries. The article How Will Google’s Latest AdWords Changes Affect You? On Friday, Google announced an additional change in the way exact match keyword targeting will work for search ads.
    [Adwords] Straight from the Champions’ Mouths: What to Look Forward to at Summit 2017
    From a non-publishing/media perspective, marketers are only focused on their digital advertising objectives which can include retargeting, Google AdWords, and Facebook. Author: Katie Pope In just a few months, thousands of people will descend upon San Francisco for the Marketing Nation Summit.
  • SNAPAPP  |  THURSDAY, MARCH 16, 2017
    [Adwords] What is a Marketing Technology Stack? Definitions, Stats and Examples.
    While there are hundreds of different technologies that fall in this category, the most common ones will include platforms like Google AdWords , Bing Ads , AdRoll and facebook Power Editor. . It’s likely you’ve heard the term “marketing technology stack” referenced as a marketing trend lately – but the question that remains for many is: Um.what exactly is it? And, how do I set it up?
    [Adwords] Second-Party Market Data: Why You Need It, and Where to Find It
    A DMP uses cookies, and you need another entity to offer you access to this information.But between AdWords, digital ad platforms, and the published websites themselves, this can easily be arranged, either through a purchase agreement or a mutual exchange of information and access. Marketers are always examining their data acquisition channels, looking for ways they could improve. More information means better insights, and better insights support better marketing strategy.
    [Adwords] Negative Keywords Can Be Shared Across Google AdWords Accounts
    Google currently provides the ability to add negative keywords to your AdWords Pay-per-Click (PPC) accounts. In January of 2017, Google made a change to AdWords. Now you can share negative keywords across all your Google AdWords accounts from one location; you do not need to add them manually to every campaign. This update is another improvement that Google has added to enhance the usability of AdWords.
  • HUBSPOT  |  MONDAY, MARCH 6, 2017
    [Adwords] YouTube Ads for Beginners: How to Launch & Optimize a YouTube Video Advertising Campaign
    In January 2017, Google announced it would make changes to AdWords to allow advertisers to reach more viewers on YouTube -- especially across mobile devices, where 50% of YouTube views take place. AdWords provides data about completed views, partial views, if the video drives channel subscriptions, clickthrough rates on CTAs, views sourced from a user sharing the content, and views on the brand's other content that can be attributed to a person initially viewing a video ad.
  • NUSPARK  |  SUNDAY, MARCH 5, 2017
    [Adwords] Cost Per Click Reduction Strategy in Google AdWords
    If your products and services aren’t on page 1 or 2 of the organic results, then paid search ads via Google AdWords are considered so that you can generate bottom funnel leads; targeting prospects using a search engine to find an answer to their business problemsThe problem is; for very competitive keywords in a competitive industry, the cost of a click in many industries can be quite high. The Google AdWords platform allows a myriad of techniques to keep your cost per click in line.
    [Adwords] 9 Client Reporting Tools That Will Save Your Agency Time
    Megalytic provides templates so that you can easily import your data from sources such as Google Analytics, AdWords, Facebook, a CSV file, and others. The tool has a library of widgets, such as ecommerce sales by geography, AdWords conversions, social referrals, etc., You simply connect your Google Analytics or Adwords accounts, and schedule when you would like the report to be sent to the client's account manager. You love data.
    [Adwords] 5 Monthly PPC Check-Ups to Keep an Account in Shape
    One in particular that’s important to check frequently is changes to a company’s AdWords competition. Much like we regularly go to the doctor to stay healthy, the key to PPC success is making sure to regularly check that all areas of an account are running as smooth as possible. Discovering areas that are working, as well as where enhancements can be made, is vital to the health of an account.
    [Adwords] Five Reasons Why Sales Strategy Doesn’t Work for Many Small Businesses
    For instance, with a $4,000 budget, it is wise to spread the campaign over few months invest in one channel at a time (spend first $1000 on Adwords in the first month, next $1000 on FB ads in next month and so on) and squeeze the channel altogether. For example, many businesses spend thousands of advertising dollars on Google Adwords. Guest post by Anthony Bergs. Customers are the heart and soul of any business.
    [Adwords] Why You Should Always Have an Active Branded Campaign
    B2B Online Marketing Blog Brand Management AdWords b2b brand awareness b2b leadsBranded campaigns and keywords should be considered the bread and butter of your PPC accounts. In most instances, they almost always have the best KPIs, including lowest Cost-Per-Click (CPCs) and highest Click-Through-Rate (CTR) in addition to a higher quality conversion volume.
    [Adwords] An Email is Not a Campaign: the Case for Integrated Marketing
    Add the offer to the ad rotation in your Google AdWords campaign. The landing page that you develop for the email can be the same landing page you use for AdWords, the banner ad, and the LinkedIn ads (with different tracking codes, obviously.) The reality of life as a professional marketer is that there is rarely, ever, enough time, budget, resources or bandwidth to plan, design, build, launch and manage every campaign as we would if we could. I get that. We all make compromises.
    [Adwords] THE HACKIES: How to use your unique dataset to create valuable content
    Let’s take a look at some examples: AdWords Benchmark Report. One of our top performing pieces of content is the annual AdWords Benchmark Report. Most AdWords benchmark reports focus solely on top-of-the-funnel channel metrics: impressions, clicks, and conversions. But it’s way more valuable to be able to compare the down-funnel performance of your AdWords ads. Is your AdWords revenue per lead as good as your industry benchmark?
    [Adwords] Leveraging Unique Data For Powerful Content Marketing
    Let’s take a look at some examples: AdWords Benchmark Report. One of our top performing pieces of content is the annual AdWords Benchmark Report. Most AdWords benchmark reports focus solely on top-of-the-funnel channel metrics: impressions, clicks, and conversions. But it’s way more valuable to be able to compare the down-funnel performance of your AdWords ads. Is your AdWords revenue per lead as good as your industry benchmark?
  • ACT-ON  |  TUESDAY, JANUARY 31, 2017
    [Adwords] 10 Content Creation Mistakes That Make Me Crazy
    It’s what made Google AdWords into a trillion-dollar project. What are most content marketers doing for 2017? Creating more content. So if you’re going make more, I recommend you do it right. Here are ten of the most common content marketing mistakes I see: 1. You botched the headline. Headlines matter. A lot. Old school direct response copywriters would spend half their writing time on the headline. Because if you botch the headline, you’ve lost most of your audience.
    [Adwords] The 29 Best Web Analytics Tools
    Analyzes your Google Analytics data and delivers insights about your site’s KPIs including sessions, pageviews, bounce rate, referral traffic, goal conversions, events, ecommerce, and AdWords. Connect data from Google Analytics, AdWords, Search Console, Facebook Insights, and other sources then create reports from scratch or using pre-built templates.
    [Adwords] 3 Ways Google Can Have More Credible Search Rankings
    SERPs already include some labels: Sponsored links get flagged as “Ad” at the top of the page to make it clear that someone paid for the placement through AdWords. Media ads adwords facebook Google Search seo the guardian“Did the Holocaust happen?” ” is not a question up for debate. You don’t have to search very hard to find irrefutable evidence. Ask the thousands of Holocaust survivors still alive today for confirmation.
    [Adwords] 4 Smart Ways to Keep Up With Google in 2017
    Use keyword research tools such as Google AdWords and HubSpot's Keywords App to determine the long-tail, conversational keywords your audience is searching for. Over the past few years, Google has made a lot of changes that can be challenging for modern marketers and SEO experts to keep up with. Recently, Google started indexing according to mobile search results, cracked down on intrusive pop-up ads , and removed right-side ads. What do all of these changes have in common?
    [Adwords] TOPO Summit, Craig Rosenberg and Account Based Everything
    Google AdWords, marketing automation, etc.) The sales and marketing industry is flooded with events, conferences, web events, you name it. You could make it your full time job just trying to attend every one of them. Last year I was invited to attend the TOPO Summit in San Francisco – the inaugural event from TOPO. I’ve known the founders, Scott Albro and Craig Rosenberg, as clients, industry partners and friends for years.
    [Adwords] Smart SEM Strategies for B2B Tech Companies [Q&A]
    In Part Two of our Q&A with search engine marketing expert, Chris Turner of ChocolateSEO , Chris dives into the specific of using Google AdWords as B2B brand, the value of display and remarketing ads, and tips for writing copy that converts. Is Google Adwords still a viable channel for them? In your opinion, what makes for good Adwords copy that increases click throughs?
    [Adwords] 7 Creative Demand Gen Tactics to Drive Trade Show Booth Traffic
    Google AdWords – place ads on AdWords using the show name (and variations) as keywords. Even in this digital age, trade shows are still a core part of many B2B marketers’ 2017 demand generation plans. Generating maximum return from that investment, however, requires careful planning, and close attention to both pre-show and post-show communications strategy. In a previous post, I discussed key strategies for following up with trade show leads.
    [Adwords] What B2B Tech Companies Can Expect From Search Marketing in 2017
    This ties into SEM in that businesses can use Google AdWords and Display networks to support branding initiatives, content they’ve shared or published off-site, and gather data about their interested audiences, which allows them to use that insight in future posts, blogs, and marketing strategies. We recently sat down for a Q&A with search engine marketing expert, Chris Turner of ChocolateSEO.
    [Adwords] Bizible Introduces Facebook Ads Integration Making Media Optimization Easy for B2B Marketers
    In addition to Facebook Ads, Bizible has native ad network integrations with Google AdWords, Bing Ads, and DoubleClick, plus automatically tracks any UTM parameter, making it the ideal measurement and reporting solution for optimizing digital media. At Bizible, we believe in helping marketing teams make the best decisions and our leading automated multi-touch attribution solution is already being leveraged by over 250 brands such as Optimizely, Avalara, and OpenColleges to do just that.
    [Adwords] Lead Liaison Opens It’s Doors to Partners
    Past partnerships include print and mail API creator, Lob; Pipedrive CRM, Citrix’ GoToWebinar, Google AdWords/Analytics, Wistia, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. Allen, TX – To kick off the new year, Lead Liaison has recently launched a Partner Program.
  • THE POINT  |  FRIDAY, JANUARY 13, 2017
    [Adwords] Expand your Offer Strategy to Increase SEM Performance
    B2B Marketing Campaign Strategy Content marketing Demand Generation Google AdWords Inbound marketing lead generation Lead Nurturing Offer Strategy PPC Advertising search marketing SEM Social PPC b2b paid search b2b search agency paid search Paid Search Agency Paid Search Tips search marketing agency sem best practices SEM offer strategy SEM strategy
    [Adwords] [Webinar Recap] How OhioHealth Navigates Google’s Paid Search Ecosystem
    Google AdWords benchmarks and states for health systems. Google AdWords policies specific to health systems. Missed our webinar? We’ve got your back. You can find the most important information from the webinar below—or you can watch it now. Paid search is complicated. When it comes to healthcare marketing, though, intense competition, stringent legal requirements, and complex privacy laws can all heighten complexities. The result?
    [Adwords] 8 Steps to Open a Baidu PPC Account
    Opening a Baidu PPC account is much more complicated than creating a Google Adwords account. There are many more steps involved – and even more if you want to ensure a successful launch in the China market. As an agency, we continue to receive many inquiries about setting up Baidu PPC accounts from western companies new to Chinese digital marketing. Many of them are reaching out because they don’t know where to start or are confused about the search advertising regulations in China.
    [Adwords] 8 Steps to Open a Baidu PPC Account
    Opening a Baidu PPC account is much more complicated than creating a Google Adwords account. There are many more steps involved – and even more if you want to ensure a successful launch in the China market. As an agency, we continue to receive many inquiries about setting up Baidu PPC accounts from western companies new to Chinese digital marketing. Many of them are reaching out because they don’t know where to start or are confused about the search advertising regulations in China.
    [Adwords] Google Answers the 5 Most Pressing Questions About Expanded Text Ads
    On May 24th 2016, Google announced a series of changes affecting its Google Maps, AdWords and Google Analytics platforms. However, it was the announcement about expanded text ads (ETAs) that seemed to illicit the most interest for digital marketing teams. By now every big data marketing adopter is aware of the importance of text ads. […]. Big Data Marketing
    [Adwords] Call Tracking and PPC. Are You Doing it Right?
    And recently, Google AdWords implemented text messaging as an additional method for potential customers to contact businesses via online ads. 4 Tips to Understand Call Tracking and PPC Most marketers have used or are at least familiar with Pay-Per-Click advertising. When set up correctly the data collected is extensive, from impressions to conversions. PPC advertisement tracking can even be used to track offline activity such as phone calls.
    [Adwords] Our Favorite Blog Posts & Articles for 2016: 5th Annual Edition
    In Mid-April, Google released the first of a few extensions for Google AdWords including this new, much-needed one which now enables advertisers to spotlight various categorical snippets in their ads. The most expensive keywords in AdWords. What I liked the most about these post was not related to the most expensive keywords in AdWords, but instead the tips for bidding in competitive niches, which are important to always keep them in mind, especially if you are in the B2B space.
    [Adwords] Our Favorite Blog Posts & Articles for 2016: 5th Annual Edition
    In Mid-April, Google released the first of a few extensions for Google AdWords including this new, much-needed one which now enables advertisers to spotlight various categorical snippets in their ads. The most expensive keywords in AdWords. What I liked the most about these post was not related to the most expensive keywords in AdWords, but instead the tips for bidding in competitive niches, which are important to always keep them in mind, especially if you are in the B2B space.
    [Adwords] What can B2B Marketers Adopt from Growth Hacking?
    Now I’m converting whether it’s AdWords, or Facebook ads or even SEO. What can you learn from growth hacking and how can it help you develop a mindset to better your B2B marketing? To help answer this question, I interviewed Neil Patel ( @neilpatel ), co-founder of Crazy E gg, Hello Bar, and KISSmetrics. He also helps companies like Amazon, NBC, GM, HP and Viacom grow their revenue. As marketers, we can reject having a growth mindset without realizing it. What does this mean?
    [Adwords] The PPC Attribution Carnival: Finding Your Way Through the Maze [Gifographic]
    You can set up your campaign URL tagging automatically in Google Analytics by linking your Google Analytics to your AdWords account and then navigating here in your AdWords account: Google AdWords > My Account > Preferences. Here are seven PPC attribution options broken down, with an example to demonstrate each type: Example: Customer clicks AdWords or paid search ad to find your site.
  • ACT-ON  |  THURSDAY, DECEMBER 15, 2016
    [Adwords] 63 Digital Advertising Terms Every Marketer Should Know
    AdWords digital marketing terms marketing glossary marketing termsIf you’ve explored digital advertising, you’re probably aware that getting started with it can be fairly overwhelming. To begin with, it’s full of specialized terms that may be new to you, which is why we created this digital advertising glossary. What follows are (relatively) jargon-free explanations of the most common digital advertising terms.
    [Adwords] 73 Experts Reveal B2B Marketing Trends to Leverage in 2017
    Both Google AdWords and Facebook Ads work best when your website can handle mobile traffic. As 2016 draws to a close, it's time to look forward and see what B2B marketing trends will shape the road into 2017. The B2B industry is constantly shifting, and is projected to grow at an annual compounded growth rate of 12.9%. New opportunities, challenges and technologies are emerging every day, making it harder than ever for companies to keep up.
    [Adwords] Inbound Marketing’s Second Act: 4 Things Every Inbound Marketer Should Do in 2017
    Ten years ago, paid AdWords results took up about 50% of the screen “above the fold.” Today, because of a layout shift Google introduced earlier this year , AdWords ads have moved from the right column to the center and take up nearly 100% of the “above the fold” space on both desktop and mobile. 2016 marks HubSpot’s 10th anniversary. When my co-founder Dharmesh Shah and I first started talking about the concept of inbound marketing, it wasn’t an evolution -- it was a revolution.
    [Adwords] Search Engine Advertising in China Starts With Knowing the Market
    In China, Baidu search engine has Baidu Phoenix Nest Promotion, a paid advertising platform similar to Google Adwords. As with Adwords, marketers using Baidu need to understand their target audience and industry, then build the account with clear account structure, well-organized keyword groups, and relevant ad creatives and landing pages. Most B2B marketers are very familiar with Adwords Scheduling.
    [Adwords] Search Engine Advertising in China Starts With Knowing the Market
    In China, Baidu search engine has Baidu Phoenix Nest Promotion, a paid advertising platform similar to Google Adwords. As with Adwords, marketers using Baidu need to understand their target audience and industry, then build the account with clear account structure, well-organized keyword groups, and relevant ad creatives and landing pages. Most B2B marketers are very familiar with Adwords Scheduling.
    [Adwords] 5 Disruptions to Marketing, Part 3: Vertical Competition
    Examples today: Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. Click the image above for a larger version of the illustration. This is Part 3 of a 5-part series on 5 Disruptions to Marketing (you can start with Part 1 and Part 2 if you haven’t already): Digital transformation redefines “marketing” beyond the marketing department. Microservices & APIs (and open source) form the fabric of marketing infrastructure.
    [Adwords] Interesting Infographics: Create a Killer Social Media Strategy
    Tools like Alexa and Google Adwords are helpful for research. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Periscope, LinkedIn … the list of platforms used by marketers goes on and on. Why the intense focus on social media marketing these days? It’s where your customers are: 74% of adult internet users are active on social media and 55% of buyers use social media sites when researching products.
    [Adwords] 10 Trends That Defined Digital Marketing in 2016
    On average, conversion rates for advertisers on Google AdWords are around 2.7% While Google AdWords, Twitter, and Facebook have offered remarketing capabilities for some time, in the last year, we’ve also seen the capability added to Instagram and Pinterest. Author: Mike Tomita As the role of marketing continues to expand, it’s more challenging than ever to keep a pulse on what changes are occurring in the field.
    [Adwords] Why Your PPC Agency Needs to Focus on the Full Funnel
    Pay per Click (PPC) advertising has been around for almost 20 years and PPC Agencies have been managing client’s accounts since before Google AdWords launched in October of 2000. Integrating Salesforce and AdWords, through Bizible , allows companies to track the exact revenue generated and tie it all the way back to the exact search term that the user initially typed in, as well as the exact ad copy that they clicked.
    [Adwords] How B2B Companies Are Using LinkedIn Marketing Ad Campaigns [Interview]
    It’s still pretty early in the adoption curve for LinkedIn ads, so how marketers use it is definitely maturing, but it’s not at the level of AdWords, for example. The “2016 LinkedIn Ads Benchmark Report” from Bizible found that most B2B software and business service companies (50 percent) consider their LinkedIn marketing strategies to be successful. Additionally, 70 percent have invested in LinkedIn marketing ad campaigns for demand generation purposes.
  • ACT-ON  |  TUESDAY, DECEMBER 6, 2016
    [Adwords] 10 Tips on How to Write Better Pay Per Click Ad Copy
    This is a quote attributed to a Google AdWords reviewer from a few years back. I hate wasting money. Even other people’s money. And while I love pay per click advertising, it can be like hoarding up a big pile of cash and setting it on fire. You just hope you get warm enough before the blaze goes out. Of course, most of us don’t just light our budgets on fire. And many of you reading this know all about the pay per click basics.
    [Adwords] 11 Examples of Facebook Ads That Actually Work (And Why)
    Back in February 2015, Facebook launched a feature in the Facebook advertising platform that rates your ads and gives you a relevance score, similar to Ad Rank in Google AdWords. One average, Facebook is home to 1.18 billion daily active users -- from CEOs, to students, to companies. And while the community is clearly there, connecting with them from a marketing standpoint isn't always easy.
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