8 Common LinkedIn Advertising Mistakes

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In a remarkably short time, LinkedIn has grown to become a major player in B2B advertising (at about 20% of total industry spend, according to industry watchers ), quickly rivaling search advertising on Google. 8 Common LinkedIn Advertising Mistakes #paidsocial Click To Tweet.

How to achieve 1 billion impressions


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The creative process in advertising, from idea to impressions


This is especially true for those in the advertising industry, where truly original ideas are #goals. The creative process in advertising. There are so many ways we can talk about the creative process in advertising. Download our display advertising creative resource guide.

Why Target Impression Share in Search Engine Marketing?


Advertisers have always prioritized position bidding over targeting impression share. Recently, though, Google Ads introduced a number of new metrics to help advertisers better understand… PPC automated bidding Digital Marketing PPC Performance QuanticMind target impression shar

Why 34 clear facts on Viewable Impressions matter


Impressions are a metric used in advertising to measure media delivery. In digital media, an impression occurs when an ad is called by a web browser. Each time an ad is served, it counts as an impression. Viewable Impressions are an improvement.

8 Impressive Examples of Employee-Led Storytelling


Here are eight impressive examples of employee-led storytelling: 1. The first big success was the #NewWaytoWork campaign — a B2B campaign which got 120 million impressions, no doubt thanks in large part to IBM sales staff wanting to share the latest products and promotions.

Display Advertising Stats 2019: SEMrush Study


SEMrush has conducted the first display advertising study for ecommerce businesses on the market. Research is based on over 40 million impressions from the top Google Display Network (GDN) ecommerce advertisers, and 23 million impressions from the top GDN ecommerce publishers.

Guide to mobile advertising: Types of ads and main platforms


With the growth in adoption of smartphones, consumers are also increasingly getting glued to their mobile devices more than ever, this has led to mobile marketing becoming a mainstay of the online advertising sector. Why mobile advertising? What is mobile advertising?

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Instagram Story ads: Rules and best practices for impressive results

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And ever since the introduction of Instagram Story ads and full-screen Canvas ads in 2017, the platform has also seen a lot more advertisers promoting their products through Instagram Stories. This means that there is more competition for businesses that wish to advertise on the platform.

5 benefits of programmatic advertising


Programmatic advertising offers many benefits beyond faster reporting times and endless data. The total number of benefits offered by programmatic is often what sways marketers and advertisers to start buying their media this way. What is programmatic advertising?

4 Tactics to Measure B2B Advertising Effectiveness

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This post will provide some strategic tactics marketers can use to better measure B2B advertising effectiveness, and provide a list of KPIs expert marketers are measuring to help them hit their ROAS goals. That lead to lots of top-of-funnel effort: views, impressions, clicks, etc.

Why Mobile Advertising Is Critical for B2B Marketers

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As B2B advertisers, it’s important to make sure we also continue to evolve in line with the changing marketplace and the behaviors of our target audience. One of the biggest challenges B2B advertisers have is simply getting there ads served to the right user.

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Advertisers Want Their Data (or else!)


With the latest ANA industry standards, ad agencies who are unable (or unwilling) to provide advertisers with access to their advertising data will erode trust and risk losing clients in 2020 reviews. New Industry Standards Demand Advertising Data. What is Advertising Data?

The Difference Between Reach and Impressions and 7 More Social Media Questions Answered


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Demystifying data driven advertising


We are entering a new digital advertising era where data will be more important than the creative message that drives the consumer. What is data driven advertising? With access to more and more data, the strategy of data driven advertising creates a huge opportunity for marketers.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression


I have been exploring SalesFusion myself and am amazed how one software program can replace everything you need to market, advertise, promote, prospect, content market, social media market, email market, event market, etc, online — and even face-to-face.

What B2B Advertisers Need to Know About Google Display Network

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Display advertisements can be extremely effective at generating awareness, informing customers and potential customers of key changes and value propositions, and creating a huge digital footprint across many different websites that cover a vast array of topics and categories. Over the years, I’ve reviewed dozens of AdWords accounts where B2B marketers opted into both keyword-based advertising as well as the Google Display Network (GDN).

10 Impressive Examples of Influencer Marketing Campaigns


What exactly is influencer marketing, and how does it differ from the traditional celebrity spokesperson advertising model? DJ Khaled has completely cracked the platform," said Emmanuel Seuge, senior vice president for content at Coca-Cola, one of Snapchat’s major advertisers. "He’s

Display advertising trends: The 2019 infographic


Display advertising is thriving in Europe. Yet, surprisingly, engaging consumers via display advertising is still a challenge for today’s marketer. What we found is that consumer behaviour is directly impacting display advertising.

What is display advertising?


In this article, we answer the most common questions related to display advertising. It is an introduction to an effective form of online advertising and why you should use it as part of your marketing strategy. Why is HTML5 the preferred display advertising format?

What is programmatic advertising?


Programmatic advertising is now the dominant form of buying and optimising digital advertising. It’s a major component of modern advertising. How does programmatic advertising work? The top 5 reasons you should use programmatic advertising.

Why Alaska Airlines used Wrapify for OOH advertising and attribution


Alaska Airlines chose to work with Wrapify, using both out-of-home (OOH) and digital advertising and attribution, to promote specific flight routes and cities. It allows companies to better capture, retarget, measure, and scale OOH advertising.

How promotional products fit in with the modern consumer


Advertisers have a challenging job of increasing recall and improving resonance with consumers. Perhaps that is why promotional products have stood the test of time through the technological advances in advertising. 29% felt impressed. Ideal advertising qualities.

MarTech Conference: Some Random Impressions and Interesting New Vendors

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Advanse : rule-based ad customization drawing on an advertiser’s individual-level data as matched to audience cookies. I spent last Tuesday and Wednesday at the MarTech Conference in San Francisco, where close to 1,000 marketing technologists heard sage advice, shared experiences, and otherwise frolicked with their peers. It might just be me, but this MarTech felt a bit less intense – less tribal -- than the first, held last August in Boston.

Instagram Impressions, Reach, and Other Metrics You Might Be Confused About

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2 million monthly advertisers. Impressions: The number of times your content, whether a post or a story, was shown to users. While commonly confused with reach, impressions are the total number of times your content could have been seen.

What is CPM (Cost Per Mile, Cost Per Thousand Impressions)?

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Cost Per Thousand or Cost Per Mile (CPM) is defined as the price of reaching one thousand impressions for your ad on a webpage. In Q1 of 2018, advertisers spent an average of $2.80 per thousand impressions, according to the Google Display Network report.

11 Emotional Advertising Examples Most Used by Brands


Marketers tend to focus on conversion rate, impressions, bounce rates, and bids, and we forget about the emotional appeal in the advertising. AdvertisingEveryone knows that emotional marketing is difficult to do right.

Benefits of promotional products advertising campaigns


Have you used promotional products for advertising and branding for your company? In this article, we will feature statistics from an informative infographic all about promotional product advertising campaigns. After receiving a promotional product: 42% felt a more favorable impression.

Finally, 100% Transparent Advertising Plans!


In advertising, simple questions like “what’s running today?” Bionic just eradicated this problem with a powerful new tool that gives you unprecedented insight into your advertising placements. It’s hard to know where your advertisements are running at any given point in time.

Podcast Advertising: 5 Experts Reveal Their Secrets


That's why it's important to consider podcast advertising for your brand. Here, you'll learn everything you need to know about podcast advertising — from top podcast advertising strategies to advertising rates and networks. Podcast Expert Advertising Strategies.

Facebook ads vs Google adwords: 7 key criteria to decide


Google and Facebook are predicted to make $106 billion from advertising this year—almost half the world’s digital ad spend. These facts state that if you do any digital advertising, you likely to be using Facebook ads or Google AdWords.

5 ways to promote your promotional products


When promotional products do such a good job advertising your business, you should use them more often. This is the perfect opportunity to advertise something for free on your website. When you invest in promotional products, you want to make the most of them.

Pro Tips: Driving Awareness with Programmatic Advertising in Email


There’s a good chance you’re allocating most of your programmatic advertising budget to Facebook, Google, and Amazon – most marketers report spending more than 60% of their combined marketing dollars within those three environments.

Everything You Need to Know About Billboard Advertising


Now, billboard advertising isn’t your typical inbound marketing methodology. Billboard advertising can still be a powerful way to build brand awareness and attract customers. Billboard Advertising. Billboard Advertising Cost. Each OOH advertising opportunity (e.g.

How to Use Multicultural Marketing in Your Digital Advertising

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For successful international marketing and advertising, it is important to understand how customers make decisions. With the same overarching approach and brand experience, modern advertisers can learn how to deliver their message to diverse audience segments.

When Did Programmatic Advertising Start: A History Lesson


Those ads that we would see on our computers after school, or deep in a chat with your best friend, were actually the beginning of what we call Programmatic Advertising today. Programmatic Advertising: The Early Days. Programmatic Advertising Today.

How to Rock Mobile Native Advertising

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When Melanie Deziel’s New York Times colleagues tweeted “ impressively produced ” and “ can’t believe I’m sharing a paid post … even mobile-friendly ” about a native ad that she and her team had created, she knew T Brand Studio had gotten some things right. Advertising” means paid.

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11 Companies That Are Doing Mobile Advertising Right in 2019

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With a surge in the number of smartphones and tablets, mobile advertising has become a primary mode of digital advertising which is both cost effective and conversion oriented. Gamified ads are advertisements that people can interact with as though they were playing a game.

Online advertising glossary


Ever since the first banner ad emerged in 1994, the digital advertising world exploded with new terminology seemingly going the way of Wall Street with exchanges, DSPs, SSPs—turning this new industry into some sort of obscure alphabet soup.

What is programmatic? A guide to programmatic advertising


At Choozle, we define programmatic buying as the act of bidding on digital advertising inventory and doing so in real time. To start, we’ll go over the programmatic advertising definition and programmatic advertising 101. Programmatic advertising definition.