Key Insights: Mobile ads “the hotspot”, advertising growth projections, and customer experience dissected


30-second summary: Mobile ad spending will increase by 4.8% ($4.22 billion) making the total mobile ad spend budget this year to $91.52 Mobile continues to increase its share of digital ad spending, reaching 68% in 2020. Mobile Advertising: The reigning advertising “hotspot”.

Content Marketing in a Mobile World


Nor can you copy and paste it into your mobile content marketing strategy. If you want to reach your target audience in today’s environment, you need to understand that it’s a mobile world —and you need a separate content marketing plan for this channel. Not convinced it’s actually a mobile world? In November 2018, Statista reported that mobile devices (excluding tablets) accounted for 48 percent of website traffic worldwide.

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Why Mobile Advertising Is Critical for B2B Marketers

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Mobile device connectivity continues to take more and more of our time, focus, and energy. According to Search Engine Land , digital media usage has grown 49% and mobile app usage has grown 90% between June 2013 and June 2015. eMarketer forecasts that during 2016 mobile ad spend will top 100 billion worldwide, which translates to 51% of all projected digital ad expenditures. How Can We Best Utilize Mobile Advertising in the B2B Space?

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Behold the Ongoing B2B Mobile Marketing Disconnect


Chasing the Ever More Mobile Buyer. That's the title of a recently release report from eMarketer on the state of B2B marketing and advertising for 2017. In their report, eMarketer shares the findings of various research done on the subject of mobile marketing and B2B marketers, which I'll get to in a second. The operative words of the title are "ever more" as in more B2B buyers, AKA human beings, are using their mobile devices more and more.

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Is Anyone Actually Looking at Your Mobile Ads? And Other Mobile News


The topics will include but not be limited to: - Mobile marketing. This Week's Friday Five: Mobile. How Can Marketers Be Certain Their Mobile Ads Are Actually Getting Seen? Having addressed marketers' concerns about desktop viewability (ads that are actually seen by consumers) in 2014, the Media Rating Council is now in the hot seat to provide guidance on mobile advertising. Mobile video ad spending triples in 2015, and that’s just the beginning.

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Mobility and why it matters


Mobile is primarily about the devices and platforms, but mobility is a bigger idea. Mobility is very much at the heart of culture right now. Mobility in advertising and media is going beyond mobile advertising, to adding mobile functionality and targeting. Mobility is all about a non-stop, multi-directional conversation between people/users/consumers and brands/information/knowledge. Why should I be interested in mobility?

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B2B Programmatic Advertising for Beginners


As with nearly every other aspect of business— automation, predictive learning, and artificial intelligence have drastically changed the advertising landscape. Programmatic advertising. Defined, programmatic advertising is the use of data-driven software to automate the buying and placement of digital ads, including online desktop display, mobile, video, etc. What are the benefits of programmatic advertising? Best practices for programmatic advertising.

Hulu Advertising 101: A Guide to Running Streaming TV Ads

Single Grain

If I told you that you can advertise on TV with a budget of $500, you might not believe me. In this article, I will cover the basics of Hulu advertising 101 to help you understand how Hulu ads work and how you can create and run ads using the Hulu Ads Manager. Hulu Advertising Policies.

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Mobile Personalization: How to Turn Expectations Into Opportunities

Martech Advisor

The need to personalize communications, particularly those appearing on mobile devices, cannot be overstated. Personalization has grown in importance in mobile marketing over the past few years, with 52 percent of consumers saying they will switch brands due to non-personalized communication. The need to personalize communications, particularly those appearing on personal mobile devices, cannot be overstated. Also Read: Putting Trust Back into the Mobile Ecosystem.

Publishing’s revolutionary breakout: always-on, multi-way connections in shared life spaces


This new communications paradigm could be the only way for publishers to take back the lead and re-capture both advertising and content displays. According to eMarketer , 1.8 Many people go to work through screens, whether they are at a desk or using a mobile device like a phone or tablet. With digital boundaries, the visibility and participation of people, vendors, advertisements, and content are under your control, depending on what you want each minute.

What is private marketplace advertising?


Today, the most common form of digital advertising is a hybrid of open exchange and private marketplaces. According to eMarketer , next year, private marketplace buying will overtake the buying on open exchanges for the first time. Jump to: What is private marketplace advertising?

What is: audio advertising?


With the prevalence of smartphones, wireless headphones, and smart speakers, you will quickly notice that we are in a new age of audio and a ripe opportunity for audio advertising. Jump to: What is audio advertising? Audio advertising metrics. What is audio advertising?

Digital Advertising Tactics Guide for Travel Marketers


Brands like Trivago, JetBlue, and Hyatt are spending as much as $65 million a year in advertising. eMarketer reports that in 2019 travel marketers are expected to spend over $10 Billion across digital channels alone. Private Marketplace Advertising.

The ultimate guide to mobile banner ads


Mobile banner ads play an important role in today’s marketing mix. They are digital advertising that is engaging, relevant, and growing. In this blog we detail how to create, scale, and serve the ultimate mobile banner ad. We will explore the key design features of mobile display advertising, and technologies marketing teams need to embrace. But what is the current state of mobile digital advertising? The growth of mobile digital advertising.

3 Reasons Mobile Optimization Should Be in Your B2B Marketing Mix

KoMarketing Associates

The mobile platform is something that marketers are beginning to catch hold of, but haven’t quite fully embraced yet. Unlike most social media platforms, mobile is something that any industry, especially B2B, can fully embrace and have success with. Below are some of the reasons why mobile strategy should have a place in your B2B marketing efforts. Mobile is The Fastest Growing Niche. Most advocate creating separate campaigns for mobile and online ads.

Digital Advertising – Key Trends Heading into 2020

V12 Data

Digital Advertising – Key Trends Heading into 2020. The digital advertising landscape is constantly evolving to meet the demands of consumers today. To better understand the online advertising landscape, here’s a look at some interesting statistics: Native advertising was the fastest-growing advertising segment, with 35 percent growth between 2017 and 2018. eMarketer ). Native advertising increases purchase intent by 18 percent. eMarketer ).

The Future of Advertising [Expert Predictions & Data]


In a world of banner blindness , I'm sure you're concerned about the future of advertising. And as technology and advertising continue to evolve, so will your strategies. Below, let's dive into the future of digital, mobile, video, and TV advertising. Advertising

4 Reaons Display Digital Advertising is (still) Effective


In the world of digital advertising, it’s easy to get caught up in the latest and greatest – what’s new, trendy, and making a splash. Although this format may seem plain compared to the unique creative ad formats we see today, there are many great benefits of display digital advertising.

What's Holding CMOs Back From Using a Mobile Data Management Platform


As users spend more time engaging with media on mobile devices, brands are—not surprisingly—increasing ad spend on mobile platforms. Two years ago, almost 20 percent of worldwide digital ad spend was projected to be allocated towards mobile, and this figure is expected to rise to 70% globally, and 72% in the US by 2019 according to eMarketer. This applies to mobile where data is more easily tracked for digital efforts than offline marketing.

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Facebook and Google Rule Advertising, and 3 Other Takeaways From the IAB’s Latest Report


Last week, Facebook announced that it had reached 1 billion mobile-only monthly users. Meanwhile, October was the first month when mobile and tablet devices accounted for more pageviews than desktops, according to analytics firm StatCounter. Both highlights signal the culmination of a trend that has been simmering for a while now: Mobile devices have taken over media consumption. Mobile ad spend is booming. In just a year, spending on mobile advertising in the U.S.

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The Rise of New Video Advertising Formats


With the staggering amount of video channels advertisers have to choose from when crafting a media campaign, it is helpful to understand the differences and benefits of each one. Keep reading to learn more about the different video advertising formats advertisers can use to reach viewers. .

21 Spectacular SEO and Search Marketing Stats and Facts


digital ad spending last year, while Facebook’s share was about 8%; and Google’s advertising revenue is larger than that of the entire U.S. eMarketer ). Google’s advertising revenue is larger than that of the entire U.S. 30% of companies outsource their paid search advertising, and 28% do so for display advertising. Total internet advertising spending is growing 16% per year. Mobile accounts for 11% of the total.

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Forecast Shows Mobile Ad Spend in China Growing Significantly

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New forecast numbers from eMarketer show mobile ad spend in China will increase significantly over the next five years. The analysis predicts by 2021 nearly 82 percent of digital ad spending will be dedicated to mobile. According to the data, investment in mobile marketing in China is largely divided across three main players: Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent. Combined, these three companies accounted for almost 72 percent of all mobile ad spend in China this year.

Mobile Trends 2020: 10 Trends to Monitor As 5G Ramps Up and Privacy Battles Loom


In 2020 advertisers will be taking a cautious approach to mobile location data and “doing some extra homework before leveraging location data.” ” eMarketer’s Mobile Trends 2020 featuring our own Jenna Umbrianna, is a must-read.

21 Native Advertising Statistics for 2021


Did you know it’s been 10 years since the term “native advertising” was first mentioned? If you’re a history buff, check out our infographic of the story of native advertising over the past century or more. eMarketer ). eMarketer ). eMarketer ). Native Advertising

Online advertising trends to watch: 2019


Every year here at Bannerflow we set out to give you the trends in online advertising that you need to watch out for. In advertising terms, out-of-home (OOH) advertising is nothing new. And with brands such as Innocent and Mercedes Benz adopting it successfully, there is no doubt that DOOH will become the norm for outdoor advertising in 2019. With exciting developments in mobile location, anonymised data, and media buying – DOOH is the future.

How Do You Appeal to the Distracted Buyer?


The amount of time we spend in front of the TV, the computer, our mobile devices – it’s all going up. According to recent eMarketer data , adults in the US consume an average of 11 hours of media in a day, with the largest shares going to TV, video and online. We are, according to eMarketer’s own analysis, multitasking. Radio advertisers have always had to deal with this challenge,” he said.

Preparing your holiday advertising in 2020


Traditionally, marketers often look at last year’s holiday trends to understand how to plan this year’s holiday advertising campaigns. Digital advertising tactics for holiday campaigns. Practical tips to use in your holiday advertising campaigns. Mobile engagement .

4 features of successful display advertising


Successful display advertising is far easier than many marketers realise. In this article, we focus on four features to consider when producing high performing display advertising, including: Using rich media to animate and engage. Optimising campaigns for mobile devices. With the advancements in display advertising technology, there has never been a better time to consider fresh tactics for boosting the performance of your campaigns. What are mobile display ads?

87.7% of US Native Advertising will be Purchased Programmatically by 2020


A report, recently published by eMarketer , presents its predictions by juxtaposing 2018 numbers with 2020 estimates. It concludes that in 2020 native advertising will be more programmatic and mobile, but less social. That said, social native advertising still commands around 75% of native spending. This bodes well for native advertising tech companies moving forward – especially content demand side platforms (DSPs). Is Programmatic Native Advertising Mature?

Role of Advertising During the Coronavirus Era

Martech Advisor

With the Coronavirus top-of-mind for people around the world, CEOs and CMOs across every vertical need to be mindful, and adjust their advertising strategies to continue benefiting consumers during this trying time, writes, Ken Harlan, Founder and CEO, MobileFuse.

Display advertising best practices: ultimate guide


Display advertising best practices do not stand still, they change and evolve constantly. From humble beginnings, display advertising has gone from simplistic static images to a key channel of digital marketing. Plus, with the growth of programmatic digital out-of-home (DOOH) networks, and digital video, how display advertising interacts and is produced alongside these different channels is set to get ever more important. Mobile first. Scale up from mobile!

Why B2B Marketers Shouldn’t be Concerned about Mobile Ad Blocking


Surely you’ve seen the research, like this one published by eMarketer that found 41% of desktop users and 11% of mobile users use ad blocking software. The app has since been pulled by the developer citing remorse over the monetary damage that would be done to publishers who rely on advertisements for income). It’ll come down to knowing your customers-- which is already an advertising best practice. Should B2B advertisers be worried?

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choozlechat: Common misconceptions around CTV advertising with Magnite


Over 48 million homes will shift from linear TV to only connected TV (CTV) by 2021, according to eMarketer. As CTV has gained momentum with consumers, advertisers have invested accordingly. The shift in viewing is followed by a shift in where advertisers are allocating their budgets.

The Complete Guide to Online Video Advertising


Let’s examine some of the top video advertising trends and what you need to know about using this medium. What is Video Advertising? Video advertising is promotional content that plays before, during or after streaming content. The Current State of Video Advertising.

The Impact of Mobile on B2B Customers

TrustRadius Marketing

The adoption of mobile device usage since 2011 is nothing short of a revolution. Wide mobile adoption crosses multiple demographics. This widespread adoption of mobile naturally has implications for the way we search for products and services in our professional lives. Research from a study by Google and The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) reports that mobile usage drives or influences more than 40% of revenue in leading B2B companies. Simplify your mobile experience.

Display Advertising Trends 2020: the essential facts and stats


Display advertising trends (and staying on top of them) is a priority for all advertisers and marketing teams. Display advertising continues to grow – even during these unprecedented times. Why mobile devices are the champions of display advertising.