SOLVED: Media Planning for Programmatic Advertising


Programmatic advertising brings media planning problems you don’t have with other media channels. Because rates and quantities are not known in advance, programmatic advertising creates unique challenges for media planners.

Estimate ROAS While Media Planning


Return on Ad Spend – or ROAS – is the most important KPI in media buying. However, few advertisers or agencies have a system in place to predict ROAS while media planning. ROAS is the Most Important KPI for Media. ROAS Has Been Missing from Media Planning.


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Why the “ideal” media planning + buying tool?


Bionic for Agencies is rated the “ideal” media planning + buying tool because it’s complete, #1 ranked, fast, easy, and saves money. Bionic automates your entire media planning and buying workflow across all media channels.

Media Planning at a Distance


“Social distancing” is disrupting the workflow of media planning teams. Bionic is here to help you keep your media planning team operating with minimal disruption. Bionic for Agencies is 100% cloud based, with no software to install or special setup required.

Bionic Unveils AI-Powered Media Planning Tool


Isn’t it about time for your media planning software to recommend your media plans? Bionic has unveiled the Media Plan Recommender – a revolutionary new media planning tool that uses artificial intelligence to recommend the best media placements for your advertising campaigns. Smarter Media Planning through AI. Bionic is all about smarter media planning. Media Planning Can Be Overwhelming.

New Date Formats for Global Media Planning


Bionic media investment management software is used by media planning teams all around the world. Advertisers and agencies love it because it centralizes and standardizes media planning activities of all their teams. So, dates in media plans, performance reports, and everywhere throughout Bionic will display in your favorite – or favourite – date format. Note that default currency is set for each advertiser and campaign.

Top 15 Advertising Agencies in Australia


Top 15 Advertising Agencies in Australia. Similarly, if you have the desire to monetize Australia’s growth, you will need to advertise your brand. Hence, this list of the best advertising agencies in Australia that might help you on your quest. The Brand Agency.

See How to Share Media Plans, Flowcharts, KPI Performance Reports with Your Clients


Watch the video below to see how media agencies use Bionic for Advertisers to share media plans, advertising flowcharts, media spending analytics, KPI performance reports, and more with clients. Check out Bionic for Advertisers and Bionic for Agencies. Advertiser Planner

Top 15 Advertising Agencies in Europe


Top 15 Advertising Agencies in Europe. The internet world is head over heels in love with advertising leading to some truly innovative advertising campaigns. Digital advertising is the present and it definitely claims the future! Long Live Advertising.

Top 15 Advertising Agencies in Westcoast, USA


Top 15 Advertising Agencies in Westcoast, USA. Digital advertising, in fact, accounted for almost 50% of the total ad spend in 2019. Hiring an agency that answers to all of your advertising needs. AMP Agency. Dailey Advertising.

Top 15 Advertising Agencies in the Midwest USA


Top 15 Advertising Agencies in the Midwest USA. Confused about how to advertise your new product? We have put together a list of the top advertising agencies in the Midwest, USA. These advertising agencies in the Midwest USA can help you do just that.

Build a Custom Media Planning System without Getting into Trouble


Bionic just released new software that enables you to build your own custom media planning system. You can now easily customize Bionic’s media investment management platform to meet the unique needs of your organization, your clients, and each of your campaigns. Best of all, you can do all this without breaking the rules of running a diligent media buying operation. The ‘Standard Media Plan’ is Extinct. Media plans were simple and standardized.

A Tour of Online Display Advertising; DSP, DMP, RTB, Ad Exchanges


Here’s an amazing chart detailing the major players in online display advertising. . A demand-side platform (DSP) is a system that provides the technology needed for advertisers to unlock the value of real-time bidding (RTB) information provided by ad exchanges. An ad exchange is a hub through which ad networks, and some large advertisers or agencies, can trade inventory within a single central marketplace. Ever wonder how a banner ad finds you?

Five fascinating ways AI is changing advertising


With technology powered by AI, media planners will be able to free themselves up for other high value activities. And of course, more accurate ratings save agencies money by reducing lost opportunities and the need to go after makegoods. Like a lot of industries, artificial intelligence (AI) is changing advertising right before our eyes. So how is AI making an impact on the television advertising industry – and the people in it – today? 3) AI for media planners.

Bionic for Agencies 2021 Capabilities Overview


. In this 5-minute video, you’ll learn why Bionic for Agencies is the #1 rated media planning software. The post Bionic for Agencies 2021 Capabilities Overview first appeared on Bionic Advertising Systems

4 Ways an Agency Can Help Your In-House Instagram Advertising Strategy


But, fleshing out a plan (and creating content) for this highly visual platform can take a lot of resources. Working with an agency to supplement your Instagram strategy can be a lifesaver for companies who don’t have the time, manpower or capabilities to get the results they want to see.

Bionic Unveils AI-Powered Advertising Research Tool


With today’s fast-moving advertising landscape, it’s impossible to find the best advertising opportunities using yesterday’s slow-moving advertising research tools. A Fresh Approach to Advertising Research. Advertising Research Re-Imagined. Advertiser News Planner

Advertisers Want Their Data (or else!)


With the latest ANA industry standards, ad agencies who are unable (or unwilling) to provide advertisers with access to their advertising data will erode trust and risk losing clients in 2020 reviews. In contrast, data-centric agencies will build trust and win new clients.

Can Accenture Take Over Advertising?


To develop advertising and marketing creative for its clients. The move is the latest in a string of developments that are pitting consultancies against agencies. Both are battling for content marketing dollars, relationships with C-suite executives, and above all, longterm partnerships with brands than transcend individual campaigns—and the conflict threatens to change the landscape of the advertising world. How big are digital agencies born of strategic consultancy firms?

Top 15 Content Marketing Agencies in Australia


Top 15 Content Marketing Agencies in Australia. Have you been looking everywhere for quality-driven content marketing agencies to turbo-boost your business? Straight out of the bustling streets of Melbourne and Sydney, we bring you the top 15 content marketing agencies in Australia.

Bionic Unveils Advertising Vendor Database


As the cookie crumbles , it’s more important than ever to have a clear understanding of the advertising landscape. This database covers all media channels – digital, TV, radio, print, billboards, etc. Advertising Vendor Overview. Catalog of Advertising Programs.

7 Ways the ANA Contract is Disrupting Media Agencies


The new ANA contract is either a worst nightmare or a dream come true for media agencies. Get ahead of this contract with this article – Gain a better understanding of the ANA Contract and the new risks it exposes for your agency. The ANA Contract is the New Model Agreement Between Advertisers and Agencies. The ANA Contract Can Make or Break Your Agency. The ANA contract is shaking up the advertising industry. Media Placement.

5 Things To Consider When Planning Your Advertising Budget

Stevens & Tate

The media landscape is constantly changing. New technologies and trends are emerging rapidly and existing platforms continue to evolve, providing more ways to spend your advertising budget. Develop your media strategy around your core audience. Does your media plan reflect this?

Finally, 100% Transparent Advertising Plans!


In advertising, simple questions like “what’s running today?” Bionic just eradicated this problem with a powerful new tool that gives you unprecedented insight into your advertising placements. It’s hard to know where your advertisements are running at any given point in time. The problem gets worse when you’re running ads all over the world through multiple agencies or brands. Monitoring your day-to-day advertising has been practically impossible… until now.

Rain the Growth Agency Forms Integrated Media Investment and Planning Team, Promotes From Within

Rain The Growth Agency

Rain the Growth Agency, the leading independent, full-service DTC advertising agency, is proud to announce the promotions of Robin Cohen to Executive Vice President of Integrated Media Investment and Planning, and Shasta Gibson to Vice President of Integrated Media Investment.

choozlechat: Relic Agency shares how specific targeting strategies can drive success for travel destinations like Bristol, TN


For travel destinations, digital advertising strategies can vary greatly, but the one thing they all have in common is precise audience targeting’s ability to drive results. Kim Boshart, Product Marketer, Choozle: Let’s start with an explanation of your role at Relic Agency.

Agency or In-House Creative: Which Approach Is Right for You?


While brands used to rely on external agencies and partners, many leading brands are now building their own creative teams in house. A 2018 Digiday survey reported that 69% of brands surveyed already conduct over half of their creative marketing and advertising internally. Here are four considerations for brands evaluating how and if they should break the agency model mold and bring creative and advertising services in house.

What Does a Full Service Marketing Agency Do?


When it comes to a full service marketing agency , you might be surprised about all of the tasks the team on the other side of the screen can handle. A stellar digital advertising agency takes care of everything from digital marketing to content creation and website development.

Cerebral Expands Rain the Growth Agency’s Cohort of Telehealth Accounts

Rain The Growth Agency

Rain the Growth Agency , the leading independent advertising agency built to scale direct-to-consumer brands, has been awarded the TV media planning and buying duties for Cerebral , as of January 2021. Analytics Direct to Consumer Media

Trailblazing Women Lead First ANA In-House Agency Conference


The Association of National Advertisers launched a new conference last week in Orlando, the ANA In-House Agency Conference. Jessica Cipolla-Tario, Senior Vice President, Advertising and Content at MGM Resorts International, hosted and elevated the energy of the conference throughout. Helen Lin, Chief Digital Officer at Publicis Media, explained how agencies bring enterprise-class infrastructure and global insights that feed into media investment strategies.

Bob Ward Declares Stevens and Tate as Agency of Record

Stevens & Tate

Named its agency of record, Stevens & Tate is responsible for media planning and placement for all Bob Ward communities as well as the company as a whole. The post Bob Ward Declares Stevens and Tate as Agency of Record appeared first on Stevens & Tate Marketing.

How is COVID-19 Impacting Advertising, Marketing and Media?

Martech Advisor

But as governments, industries, companies, and individuals around the world rally to fight this disease, media, marketing and advertising have an especially important role to play. Social media provides a mechanism for both distributing information and combating social isolation.

Why Agencies Need to Join Programmatic in 2019

Digital Marketing World Forum

As technologies keep evolving, advertising agencies are starting to realize: in order to stay ahead, they need to weave more innovations to their digital strategies. During the past decade, the number of communication channels has multiplied, and the world has witnessed the rise of omnichannel personalized advertising. Automation, ad personalization and minimum user acquisition cost are three main features that make programmatic especially popular among ad agencies.

TOP 15 Content Marketing Agencies in South East Asia


Top 15 Content Marketing Agencies in South East Asia. Maybe this list of the top content marketing agencies in South East Asia can help you out! iProspect is a global marketing agency and caters to some of the best brands around the world.

Media Buying 101: What It Is and How It Works [+15 Platforms to Use]


The answer is media buyers. When a brand gets a marketing budget, a portion of that typically goes to paid advertising. That's where media buying comes in. Whether they're watching a TV show or scrolling through a website, media buyers get brands in front of their target market.

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4 Digital Marketing Agency Services Mid-Sized Businesses are Better Off Outsourcing


Digital advertising faces emerging channels on what seems like a constant cycle. As digital advertisers, it’s our responsibility to stay up-to-date with these channels and implement them into our digital media plans, when applicable. . 1.Social Media Advertising.

Traditional Media Channels still exist, and continue to be relevant. They are not to be avoided.


I’ve been inactive on my blog the last month as have been working many hours as a contractor for a large Delaware based ad agency, helping with largely traditional media channels for a number of clients. Half of me was a little concerned over my own brand since I have been largely consulting on mostly digital strategies the last 3 years, but working with traditional channels again has reminded me of the following: My brand is lead generation and media strategy.