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Can Accenture Take Over Advertising?


To develop advertising and marketing creative for its clients. The move is the latest in a string of developments that are pitting consultancies against agencies. How big are digital agencies born of strategic consultancy firms? B2B Media Accenture agencies Consultancies

Influencers: the key to content marketing


I recently had the pleasure of participating in a B2B digital marketing forum hosted by The Conference Board and led by Mike Moran and Tim Peter. In B2C marketing, this is done by hiring popular people to subtly endorse your product, primarily in social media.

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Marketing Agency Leaders Discuss: The New Agency Model for Success

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It used to be that companies hired advertising agencies to come up with exciting new ways to popularize their brands – and that was mostly it. The shift has been happening for years, but lately, things have gone into overdrive – and it’s a whole new reality for marketers and agencies.

Why Your PPC Agency Needs to Focus on the Full Funnel


Pay per Click (PPC) advertising has been around for almost 20 years and PPC Agencies have been managing client’s accounts since before Google AdWords launched in October of 2000. What Defines Success for a Traditional B2B PPC Agency?


9 Reasons Your Marketing Agency's Retainers Aren't Bigger


I've seen the inside of hundreds of marketing agencies over more than a decade, including my own. Most marketing agencies struggle to generate recurring revenue. This kind of success continues to fuel me in my mission to help agencies grow their recurring revenue.

104 Fascinating Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2014 (and 2015)


72% of marketers think branded content is more effective than advertising in a magazine; 69% say it is superior to direct mail and PR. Internet advertising will make up 25% of the entire ad market in 2015. B2B content matters. Or maybe 93% of B2B marketers use content marketing.

Agency Revenue Is Up 300% Thanks to Marketing Automation

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Competition is fierce for digital marketing agencies. Consider this: According to the American Association of Advertising Agencies, the average life-span of a client/agency relationship is now less than 3 years.

14 Key Takeaways from the B2B Content Marketing Report


The 2014 B2B Content Marketing Report is out, and no doubt will spur a number of blog posts. On the other hand, webinars/webcasts are used by less than half of b2b marketers. ” Just 41% of B2B marketers, however, say that Facebook is effective for content delivery.

The State of Marketing Technology, in 12 Charts


And marketing technology, according to a recent report from The Wall Street Journal, is receiving more venture capital investment than advertising technology. CRM tools like Salesforce took a close second, which isn’t surprising considering their ubiquity in B2B marketing.

73 Experts Reveal B2B Marketing Trends to Leverage in 2017


As 2016 draws to a close, it's time to look forward and see what B2B marketing trends will shape the road into 2017. The B2B industry is constantly shifting, and is projected to grow at an annual compounded growth rate of 12.9%. B2B buyers are people too, just like you.

102 Compelling Social Media and Online Marketing Stats and Facts for 2012 (and 2013)


At least on the B2C side, there is a disconnect between what marketers think consumers think is important and what consumers actually value. B2B buyers are most likely to share useful vendor content via email (79%), followed by LinkedIn (53%), Twitter (39%) and Facebook (18%).

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Why The Analysts Are Wrong About Twitter’s Ad Platform

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Twitter has a very reasonable $15,000 minimum for their direct sales team, and anyone with an account has received emails promoting Twitter’s self-serve advertising platform where the minimum spend is less than you spend on your morning Americano from Starbucks.

Marketing in 2018: Here’s What Prognosticators Predict!

Aberdeen CMO Essentials

Chad invokes the leading trends in technology – AI and blockchain – predicting that they will have a big impact on analytics and paid advertising, respectively, but the prediction that caught my eye was “Media Companies Will Start to Take Significant Market Share from Agencies Globally.”

Why Brand Consistency Matters to B2B Companies (+ 1 Brand SEO Hack)


You can guess all the reasons why brand consistency matters for a B2C company, right? Before you try and answer that, let’s take a moment to explore why branding and brand consistency matters to B2B companies. Why brand personality matters for B2B companies.

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How B2B Marketers Are Finding Value in Social Media [Interview]

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Did you see any differences in how B2B marketers were using social media, compared to their B2C counterparts? So it’s best to look at these findings as being reflective of the B2C sphere.”. How can B2B marketers resonate with their target audience in new ways on social in 2017? “It’s Put another way, a brand’s marketing department isn’t its best advertiser — its consumers are.”.

Oh How the Tables Have Turned: What B2C Marketers Can Learn From B2B


Business-to-business (B2B) sales and marketing are entirely different from business-to-consumer (B2C) tactics — or that’s the general assumption. B2C relies on consumers, transaction events, impulse buys and coupons. 4 Ways B2C Can Benefit From a B2B Martech Stack.

43 Execs Explain How Millennials Impact B2B Buying Committees


For B2B marketing and sales teams to continue finding success, they must be able to identify, acknowledge, and respond to the generational differences of today’s new buying committees. . 43 CEOs, VPs and Content Strategists Discuss How Millennials Impact B2B Buying Committees. .

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What a Hotel Manager Taught Me About the Future of Business

Paul Gillin

Certainly not with advertising. Conversely, the owner of the Best Western Premier Marlemont can cut the advertising and direct mail budget because customers are doing a better job of promoting the hotel than any marketing could do.

Top Technology Marketing Agency

KEO Marketing

Whether they are B2B or B2C, they need to differentiate themselves and their marketing messages from their competitors. KEO Marketing: A Top Technology Marketing Agency . KEO Marketing, based in Phoenix, Arizona, is a prominent B2B technology marketing agency.

30 Experts Discuss Marketing Automation Trends That Will Have The Biggest Impact On B2B Marketers In 2018


This maturity has led to a surge in adoption — B2B adoption grew by 1100% between 2011 and 2014 alone: . . We reached out to 30 B2B marketing executives and asked the following question: . . Macon Raine - A B2B Marketing Agency | Managing Director. . .

Crunchy, salty, nutritious news & views on B2B marketing for technology companies | Velocity - the B2B marketing acceleration agency for technology companies

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I presented a webinar the other day where I stated that while white papers are still the staple of content marketing, they’re getting really stale as a communications vehicle for B2B. The book of the webinar of the movie: The Velocity B2B Content Marketing Workbook. Over 45 breezy pages of good, solid advice about thought leadership and content marketing for B2B marketers like you. The book of the webinar of the movie: The Velocity B2B Content Marketing Workbook.

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B2B Marketing Attribution – How Single Source Attribution Is Hurting Your Business

The Lead Agency

Find out how attribution can align your B2B sales and marketing activities to generate more revenue and lower acquisition costs. The B2B customer journey has changed considerably over the past twenty years. Similarly, there are models that work better for B2B and others for B2C.

A Crash Course in Tumblr for B2B Marketers

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I was particularly interested to see if this might be a viable channel for B2B marketers to publish (or re-publish) content. Its audience skews heavily toward the younger crowd, and the marketing is primarily B2C. The audience is young and most of the marketing is B2C.

What the Future Holds for B2B Social Media Marketing

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Top Topics Twitter YouTube Facebook iPhone Google Video Google Buzz Social media Small business Business Advertise Network Blippr iPhone App Mashable France MashDeck Twitter App Mobile Site Social Media Events Twitter Guide Book Facebook Guide Book Partners App Development WordPress Experts MaxCDN Content Delivery Dynect Managed DNS Rackspace Hosting Intridea About Us Submit a Tip! The B2B Social Media Marketing Series is supported by IDG Enterprise. B2B prospects are people, too.

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What the Future Holds for B2B Social Media Marketing

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Top Topics Twitter YouTube Facebook iPhone Google Video Google Buzz Business Small business Social media Advertise Network Blippr iPhone App Mashable France MashDeck Twitter App Mobile Site Social Media Events Twitter Guide Book Facebook Guide Book Partners App Development WordPress Experts MaxCDN Content Delivery Dynect Managed DNS Rackspace Hosting Intridea About Us Submit a Tip! The B2B Social Media Marketing Series is supported by IDG Enterprise.

Influencer Marketing: Truth or Myth?

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There’s no doubt about it, if there is a financial exchange between a brand and an individual, then this is endorsement, or outright advertising. 3 Influencer marketing is more appropriate for B2C brands.

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Augmented Reality For B2B Marketing in 2011? | B2B Marketing Insider

Marketing Insider Group

Skip to content Home About Michael Brenner Appearances B2B Marketing Insider Michael Brenner's Blog on B2B Marketing Content Marketing Demand Generation Mobile Sales Alignment Search Marketing Social Media Strategy December 21, 2010 4 Subscribe Augmented Reality For B2B Marketing in 2011?

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101 Vital Social Media and Digital Marketing Statistics for (the Rest of) 2013


B2b vendors? B2B Infographics ). Social media…to engage or to advertise? 70% of brand marketers (and 60% of agency professionals) view social media advertising as more valuable for building brand awareness than for driving direct response. B2B Infographics ).

B2B Pay Per Click Advertising


There are many ways to find these new leads: inbound marketing, search advertising, tradeshows, lead programs, etc. Search advertising (pay-per-click) is another popular option: it costs money, but it immediately starts driving people to your site. I recently got in touch with Terry Whalen of CPCSearch, a B2B PPC agency , and he offered to answer some questions: this turned out to be a great B2B Search Marketing primer.

The 10 benefits of marketing outsourcing

Exo B2B

Many companies now rely on external resources for their marketing, advertising and communication activities. At Exo B2B, we offer B2B marketing outsourcing services. However, creating paid advertising campaigns requires some skill and knowledge of these media.

Social Media For B2B Marketing – How To Get Started

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Whether you’re in B2B Marketing, Social Media or any business, the world is getting smaller and great ideas come from all over the globe. . GetIt Comms is a B2B Marketing agency out of Singapore headed by CEO Anol Bhattacharya. B2B professional are already actively networking.

47 Superb Social Media Marketing Stats and Facts


And that usage isn’t all selfies and cat videos; both consumer and B2B purchases are influenced by social content. 46% of B2B marketers say they’re not sure whether any social channels have generated revenue for their businesses.

B2B marketers are stumbling in the dark

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Theres a never-ending dialogue about the difference between B2B and B2C marketing. But one thing does seem annoyingly true of B2B marketing departments compared to their consumer peers: B2B departments dont learn. Theres no reason why b2b marketers cant be in the mix too.

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B2B Social Media Marketing -- Does It Work?

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Log in now ClickZ Interactive Marketing Events Search Engine Watch Search Marketing Conferences Subscribe to Newsletter Subscribe to RSS Feeds Free Webcasts Members Area Forums Advertise You are here: SEW Home › Experts › Social Media Marketing › B2B Social Media Marketing -- Does It Work? Real-Time Activity Stream B2B Social Media Marketing -- Does It Work? The big question here is, however, does a B2B social media marketing campaign actually work?

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Key Takeaways From our Influencer Marketing Huddle Workshop

Onalytica B2B

Ryan Visse r , Head of Social Media at VMware – How VMware are effectively working with B2B influencers. Your advertising, PR and social teams’ objectives should all be harmonised and geared towards achieving this. Brief your influencers like agencies.

The Convergence of MarTech and AdTech Platforms


Display Advertising, Video Advertising. Ad Servers, Ad Exchanges, DSPs, SSPs – we are all familiar with these terms as the advertising ecosystem has grown since the dawn of the internet. AdTech Started With Large Scale B2C Applications.

36 (of the) Best Facebook Guides, Stats and Rants of 2010


Using Facebook as a Strategic Marketing Channel by Green Buzz Agency. 5 Ways for B2B Companies to Engage on Facebook by Social Media B2B. I’m still not sure that Facebook has more than one effective use for B2B marketing , but Karlie makes an interesting case.

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Data: The New Business Currency in a Digital World – B2B ESP


The premier predictive intelligence summit, B2B ESP is one week away! As leading voices in B2B sales and marketing, the influencers below share the insights and strategies that drive their approach to building the revenue engines at their companies. DWA President Bob Ray hit the nail on the head about the shifting B2B landscape when he says: “Data is the currency for business in the new digital world.”. How do you think the world of B2B marketing is changing today?

Where Do Marketers Get Leads? [Data]


As with my previous post about customer generation, I tried my best to address as many demographic areas as possible -- B2B versus B2C, U.S. Notable Findings: B2B companies get twice as many leads from telemarketing than B2C companies do (8% versus 4%).

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3 Questions Businesses Should Ask When Selecting a Marketing Agency


” Does advertising in Times Square actually help these businesses achieve marketing goals ? And what criteria do these businesses use to select the agencies that help them advertise in Times Square? Is this agency going to help me achieve my business goals?