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Why You Don't Need Agency Experience to Launch an Advertising Agency


This post originally appeared on Agency Post. To read more content like this, subscribe to Agency Post. The process of growing some gray hairs and shifting out of the “whiz kid” mentality and into the mentor mindset prepared me in a way that no agency experience could have.

Switch the user interface to accelerate growth and leadership


Advertising looks like an unstoppable force as it drives Google ’s and Facebook ’s dominance, earning them one-fifth of global ad revenues. But advertising has become increasingly disliked as it has been turned into a weaponized platform that tracks and targets every person.

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The emerging challenges for managing brand risk


Many brands have decided to take a stand on some of these controversial issues, and while this may strengthen its bond with some customer segments, the advertising messages and social outreach have disenfranchised other customers.

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Why this LinkedIn Ad Works: 2 Key Tips for Success

The Point

For many B2B Marketers, advertising on LinkedIn is becoming a demand generation staple. The creative requirements for sponsored updates are simple – a few lines of text and a custom image.

Influencers: the key to content marketing


“Our customers and prospects were hungry for more information about our product roadmap,” Steve said in a recent interview. The audience tends to tune that stuff out like advertising content.

4 Lessons from Responsive Design for CMOs

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Posted in Advertising Content Marketing Conversion Optimization Customer Experience Design Innovation Interactive Marketing Internet Optimization Web Design. 6 Tips for Turning Big Data into Great Customer Experiences The phenomenon of big data certainly comes with big promise.

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Lead exponential digital growth through publishing and advertising


Advertising is the Internet’s main business model. But publishers have declined because they lost advertising to the exponential growth platforms of Google and Facebook. Advertising has failed many publishers and websites as a major revenue source. Lesson for Leaders.

Why Digital Marketers Need to Get More Personal

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Nearly every online marketing vendor touts some form of personalization as the secret sauce for helping to target customers. A truly personalized customer experience—what amounts to a custom website for every consumer—has been the Holy Grail of marketing for over a decade.

Do You Need a Freelancer or an Agency?


Technology companies typically maintain relationships with one or more advertising, marketing, and public relations agencies for services related to sales promotion, including copywriting. How can you determine whether a project needs an agency or a freelancer?

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The Importance of Market Attribution for Agencies


Why Agencies Need Market Attribution. Prior to the purchase of a product or service, customers are exposed to numerous marketing touchpoints which cover a wide range of interactions. Agencies can effectively demonstrate the value they provide their clients.

Ideal Customer Persona – made with Social Data

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Some advertising agencies charge you hundreds of thousands of dollars to create what they call the “ideal customer persona”. What if there was a way to build the ideal customer persona by using social data?

eCommerce or Brick-and Mortar? A Look at Evolving Trends in the Furniture Industry

V12 Data

V12 offers a range of customized furniture audiences to make sure you don’t miss a single opportunity. Many furniture brands are seeing huge success with using Facebook advertising. General Retail Furniture Advertising Agency Furniture Industry Trends Furniture Marketing Agency

How to Secure Your Website from Attribution Loss


There are many ways websites encourage customers to get in contact with you. For example, if your business only caters to local customers use geolocation based dynamic content to prevent showing the email address to visitors from outside your region or country.

The Importance of Storytelling


Storytelling is a very powerful way to make your brand come alive in the minds of both your current and potential customers. Consumers are now active players in their own story and storytelling marketing builds trust and brand strength with core customer segments.

Smart Agencies are Investing in Technology


Investing in Technology for Smart Agencies. According to the RWS/US 2017 Outlook Survey Report, while Marketers and Agencies share a common business and often work together, their concerns about trends for 2017 differ. Smart Agencies are Investing in Technology.

Geek Good Intentions: Case of the Missing Twitter Brand

B2B Marketing Savvy

Read time = 2 minutes ) So last Thursday after an Agency review session , the Client lead tossed out an interesting dilemma. The client wanted the Agency to begin a brainstorm on alternative names and spin up a proposal.

Build a Custom Media Planning System without Getting into Trouble


Bionic just released new software that enables you to build your own custom media planning system. You can now easily customize Bionic’s media investment management platform to meet the unique needs of your organization, your clients, and each of your campaigns.

Customer Engagement: "You've Got to Have Faith"

MLT Creative

Her expressed objective was to expand customer reach and to save some money on marketing along the way. Marketing hasn’t changed because of all the new tools, the tools have changed to accommodate the evolving needs and behaviors of customers.

What’s the Key to Improving ROI on Advertising?

Modern Marketing

This article is part of our series on customer experience where we focus on topics relating to connecting data, intelligence and experiences. It can be a complex mix and one that potentially increases the risk of inconsistent messaging and poor customer experiences.

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What Are Your B2B Customers Saying About YOU?

MLT Creative

It’s about how the American Automobile Association (AAA) noticed its customers were migrating to social media, so it began monitoring and engaging with various social media sites. And, sure, that means Twitter and LinkedIn , but where else are your customers?

Creativity and AI at Cannes Ad Fest

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Later this month, industry luminaries from advertising, media, technology, and fashion will crowd the French Riviera resort of Cannes for an annual conference on communication, commerce, data, and design.

11 Companies That Are Doing Mobile Advertising Right in 2019

Single Grain

With a surge in the number of smartphones and tablets, mobile advertising has become a primary mode of digital advertising which is both cost effective and conversion oriented. Gamified ads are advertisements that people can interact with as though they were playing a game.

Eye Tracking in B2B Marketing: Are You Catching Your Customers’ Attention?

MLT Creative

Vann Morris is the Director of Buying Behavior Studies with the Atlanta B2B advertising agency, MLT Creative. The Research: Eye-tracking studies have found that when most people view websites, they start at the upper left corner and then rush over the prominent images. So if you’re to the right of an image, you may have a better chance of being noticed than if you are to the left of it.

Meet The adFWD Group, Our New Full-Service Agency

Opt Intelligence

Go beyond lead generation with The adFWD Group , our new full-service advertising agency providing world class customer acquisition strategies for enterprise clients. Stay tuned for more information soon, and let’s start building your custom plan today.

Traditional Advertising: Game or Gamble?

Tomorrow People

Yet too many companies continue to risk their budget for the poor returns of traditional advertising such as media and print advertising. Building and maintaining a powerful business presence is important, but traditional advertising is still leaving many companies behind. This is surprising when there are new and more effective ways to monitor and track the impact of marketing and advertising , while it’s live.

Is There an Alternative to Traditional Advertising?

Tomorrow People

There’s a big difference between traditional advertising and newer approaches. For a long time, companies have relied on the one hit wonder or short term campaign approaches of traditional advertising options - covering all kinds of media advertising and the big advertising agency extravaganza. So what are the new options overtaking advertising right now? It’s called strategy.

How to Write an Effective Communications Plan [+ Template]


If an advertising agency focused on small businesses were to make a SMART goal, an example could look like this: “To increase employment applications for the client by 25% over the course of one quarter.” Remember the “ Tide Pod Challenge ?”

Is Traditional Advertising a Thing of The Past?

Tomorrow People

Business spend on traditional advertising is falling whilst spend on newer channels such as social media continues to grow. So does this mean the end of advertising and the traditional advertising agency approach as we know it? Older forms of advertising such as TV and print ads are looking outdated compared with new ways of combining content marketing , marketing technolog y and social media.

Resources for Marketing Agencies: How to Keep Current in Times of Constant Change


Back in the way back days of yore, I was working at a marketing agency, and I struggled to remember how I could keep up with current trends. Agencies also need to share their knowledge with clients, and lead by example. If you have an agency, make sure you’re listed in their directory.

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Back to Basics: What is Digital Marketing?


It also includes advertising on mobile phones, TVs, and electronic billboards. Today, instead of being a subtype of traditional marketing, digital marketing is a powerful strategy that brings together customization and mass distribution in order to accomplish various marketing goals.

War and peace — managing the agency-client content marketing relationship

Tomorrow People

Stop flirting with your content marketing agency — have a loving relationship with them and get the most out of your marketing investment. successful working relationship with our customers and partners. An agency they can rely on during the tough times, as well as the good. An agency they can build an enduring relationship with. Marketing consultancy R3 recently put the industry average for the length of a client-agency relationship at just 3.2

Stevens & Tate Recognized As a Top Food Package Design Company By Design Rush

Stevens & Tate

Our combined amount of experience and expertise continues to receive recognition from prestigious teams like Design Rush because of our successful results delivered to our customers. Similar Article: Stevens & Tate Marketing Agency Named Industry Leader on Clutch.

Here's An Industry Comparison Of The Most Widely Used Marketing Channels


We tallied their answers and aggregated them down by industry to provide you a snapshot of how different industries find, engage and generate new customers. Marketing Agencies Rely On Content, Referrals And Paid Social To Generate Business.

Stripped bare: The content marketing secrets to know — before you sign up an agency

Tomorrow People

Stop flirting with your content marketing agency — build a loving relationship with them and get the most out of your marketing investment in our new 10-part blog series. In our new 10-part series, we’re going to pull back the curtains on the client-agency relationship, showing you how to get the most out of your content marketing agency spend. Let’s start with secret number 1: How to manage the content marketing agency relationship.

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3 Ways (Smart) Data Maintenance Can Improve B2B Marketing ROI


Brunner, the CEO of respected advertising agency M.J. Email deliverability issues, gaps in customer information, poorly targeted marketing campaigns, and, worst of all, a poor return on every marketing dollar spent. If B2B marketers combine actionable data with market savvy and relevance, they’ll be better prepared to gear toward specific sales goals, customer profiles and influence ratings, and pass leads o# to sales that can be acted on efficiently and successfully.

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What Is Content Marketing? It’s Starts With Culture!

Marketing Insider Group

Content Marketing is big trend in marketing because it represents the difference between what most brands produce in the marketing and what our customers actually want. It is this “higher purpose” that resonates with customers.