Top 15 Advertising Agencies in Europe


Top 15 Advertising Agencies in Europe. The internet world is head over heels in love with advertising leading to some truly innovative advertising campaigns. Digital advertising is the present and it definitely claims the future! Long Live Advertising.

Top 15 Advertising Agencies in Westcoast, USA


Top 15 Advertising Agencies in Westcoast, USA. Digital advertising, in fact, accounted for almost 50% of the total ad spend in 2019. Hiring an agency that answers to all of your advertising needs. AMP Agency. Dailey Advertising.

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Top 15 Advertising Agencies on the East Coast USA


Top 15 Advertising Agencies on the East Coast USA. Did you know that the first advertising agency in the United States was in Philadelphia? Palmer set up the first advertising agency in Philadelphia around 1840. is a full-service advertising agency.

Top 15 Advertising Agencies in the Middle East


Top 15 Advertising Agencies in the Middle East. This blog lists the best advertising agencies in the Middle East. For the past few weeks, we have been covering the best advertising and content marketing agencies in various parts of the USA and Europe.

Top 15 Advertising Agencies in the Midwest USA


Top 15 Advertising Agencies in the Midwest USA. Confused about how to advertise your new product? We have put together a list of the top advertising agencies in the Midwest, USA. These advertising agencies in the Midwest USA can help you do just that.

choozlechat: Display ad creative with Creativity Multimedia


Megan Sullivan-Jenks, Director of Marketing & Communications, Choozle: From your point of view, how important are display ad creative assets to the success of a digital advertising campaign? The creative does all the work.

Creativity and AI at Cannes Ad Fest

Modern Marketing

Later this month, industry luminaries from advertising, media, technology, and fashion will crowd the French Riviera resort of Cannes for an annual conference on communication, commerce, data, and design.

Why this LinkedIn Ad Works: 2 Key Tips for Success

The Point

For many B2B Marketers, advertising on LinkedIn is becoming a demand generation staple. The creative requirements for sponsored updates are simple – a few lines of text and a custom image.

4 Lessons from Responsive Design for CMOs

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Posted in Advertising Content Marketing Conversion Optimization Customer Experience Design Innovation Interactive Marketing Internet Optimization Web Design.

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How Problematic Ads Get Approved (And Ways We Can Prevent Them)


The New York branch of global advertising giant Ogilvy & Mather has a yearly event called “You Matter Day.” From the first creative briefs to production of the final commercial, we went through rounds of focus groups, concept testing, collaborative meetings, and edits.

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Where to Look When Your Creative Blog Ideas Dry Up


So, if you own an advertising agency, for example, try searching for #digitalmarketing or #advertisingtips. Instead of talking about, say, for example, the most notable trends in modern advertising, scale it back. Are the creative juices flowing yet?

Leo Burnett relaunches Kellogg’s Special K as fitness boost


Advertisers Agencies Creative News advertising featuredSpecial K used to be about squeezing into an improbable red swimsuit – a slimming cum beauty aid therefore – but now all of a sudden it’s not.

20 Creative Jobs that Didn’t Exist 20 Years Ago


These 20 creative jobs didn’t exist 20 years ago, but now, they’re viable ways to make a great living. And whether you’d rather be the one “influencing” or the one behind the scenes, there’s likely a place in the mix for creatives. Creative Strategist.

How Outsourcing Creativity Can Save Your Agency From Burnout


"Creativity is an advertising agency's most valuable asset, because it is the rarest." - Jef I. Whether you are in advertising, content marketing, or any other marketing service, one of the greatest values you can bring your clients is creativity.

Top PPC Leaders Explain How To Adapt To Changes in PPC Industry

Directive Agency

Answer: “Adapting to change is a constant in the digital world, especially in PPC advertisement. Early Beginnings : Started with a background in lead gen via paid advertisement in the medical device space. PPC Management Role: Owner of ZATO, a Paid Search PPC micro-agency.

PPC 56

The 21 Most Innovative & Creative Ads of the Past Year


In an age where most advertisements fall victim to the "skip" button, it takes something truly creative to make people pay attention. There is no bigger stage for celebrating advertising that moves us than the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

New Campaign Alert: Leesa Sleep Launches New Social Impact Ad Campaign

R2C Group

Leesa and Rain the Growth Agency, their integrated advertising agency saw an opportunity to share a message of positivity, and let customers know that Leesa is there for the community. COVID-19 Creative Direct to Consumer

12 Creative Ideas for Using QR Codes in B2B Marketing

MLT Creative

Here are some actionable B2B ideas on how to use QR codes to attract prospects to your business: Business cards are the simplest means of passing on your contact information, but including any sort of advertising makes them look cluttered. Brochures and other forms of mailed print advertising can be costly when there's a lot of information. Have other creative ideas for QR codes for B2B marketing?

Send Me to France! – Marketo @ Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity


The trip isn’t for vacation—instead, I’ll be a part of Marketo’s first ever delegation at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. So what’s a tech company like Marketo doing at a place full of advertising agencies and brand creatives?

Meet The adFWD Group, Our New Full-Service Agency

Opt Intelligence

Go beyond lead generation with The adFWD Group , our new full-service advertising agency providing world class customer acquisition strategies for enterprise clients. The post Meet The adFWD Group, Our New Full-Service Agency appeared first on Opt-Intelligence Blog.

Learning HOW in Chicago. Ideas on great design and a creative event.

MLT Creative

There were creatives of all ages and experience levels who shared a common goal — to learn something new and get inspired. This one was pretty self-explanatory, but the best creatives become the best by practicing.

CM Summit: Return on Creativity in Adland


This past week saw the Conversational Marketing (CM) Summit in New York, an event organized by Federated Media (which sells advertising on ReadWriteWeb). My one overriding impression was that creativity, in all its forms, is back. There was a real sense of a return on creativity.

Now Is The Time To Grow Your DTC Business

R2C Group

In my 20-plus years running a marketing agency, I’ve never seen such incongruity in terms of sales performance. All of this data provides directional reporting so you can quickly optimize your advertising investment. Make Your Creative Messages Current.

Liingo Eyewear Releases New Made-From-Home Video Ads

R2C Group

To share its availability with more Americans who need glasses during this time, Liingo initiated a new TV and OTT campaign with Rain the Growth Agency, 1-800 Contacts’ Agency of Record. The agency produced the entirely remote TV ad campaign in 11 days.

The Wild and Woolly World of Marketing Agency Names

Marketing Action

One of the best things about working for a marketing agency is that creativity is part of the job description. In a crowded industry, a little bit of creative branding can go a long way to make your agency stand out from the multitudes.

Agency 108

Bionic Links with Ad-ID to Boost Advertising Accountability


Creative Assets Risk Loss in the Supply Chain. Advertising workflows are becoming increasingly digital and complex. Creative assets are transferred electronically through many parties in the advertising supply chain. Ad-ID Diligently Tracks Your Creative Assets.

Link 55

Best of 2007: Amusing and Creative Marketing Stuff


Here are some of the most humorous, creative, and just plain odd, yet strangely relevant to interactive marketing, blog posts and articles from 2007. Sell your soul on eBay. Buy trash at Target. 404 Error" pages that are actually entertaining. A bedtime story about search engines.

How Ad Agencies Adapted to the COVID-19 World

Altitude Branding

Over the years, advertising agencies have generally figured out what works best for their industry, and have done a good job in structuring their business procedure around that concept. The post How Ad Agencies Adapted to the COVID-19 World appeared first on Altitude Branding.

What Are the Benefits of an MBA Degree in 2020?


With this type of MBA, you can find opportunities in media companies, advertising agencies, amd public relation firms, as well as in digital marketing and advertising agencies. Guest post by Mathew Jade.

Direct Mail Strategy: Do you see direct mail more as advertising or sales?

Direct Response Coach

When direct mail became a mainstream marketing channel for the largest brands back in the early 80′s, many advertising agencies jumped on the bandwagon and started to offer direct marketing services. They were already creating print advertising. All they needed to do was reconfigure the same creative approach [.]. The post Direct Mail Strategy: Do you see direct mail more as advertising or sales?

Mail 125

How If developed an in-house agency to ensure success


The most complicated and rewarding structure being that of the in-house agency. Yet, according to Bannerflow’s State of in-housing Report 2020 , only 36 percent of brands have developed a separate in-house agency. Why did If create an in-house agency?

SheScales Announces First Partnership With Home Health DTC Startup Carewell

R2C Group

The leading direct-to-consumer advertising agency, Rain the Growth Agency, is officially announcing the first partnership for SheScales, their marketing accelerator. The agency has partnered with Carewell, a female-founded eCommerce site for home health and adult care supplies.

The Very First Step To Take For Better Quality B2B Sales Leads

The Forward Observer

Walter Thompson advertising agency in New York, the agency’s creative director spoke to the class of about 30 trainees. One of my fellow trainees called out and asked about his promise to tell us how to make $1 million dollars in advertising by the time we were 30.

Stevens & Tate Marketing Agency Named Industry Leader on Clutch

Stevens & Tate

Stevens & Tate Marketing is a leading Chicago-based, integrated marketing and advertising agency that services clients nationwide. We specialize in digital marketing, broadcast advertising, package design, media planning, SEO, social media, and website design.

Funny Emails - it's ok to go rogue from the corporate world


I’m writing to you from the office of Render Positive, a highly creative marketing and advertising agency I run with my brother Gary, and a team of 20 people far more talented than me. For over five years, we’ve run our amazing agency – and we absolutely love it.

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A Useful New Model to Get The Edge in Public Relations

B2B PR Sense

Full disclosure: my B2B PR agency has done this). Moreover, the dividing line between PR and marketing is blurring with some PR firms hiring creatives and taking on branding and quasi-advertising campaigns. Agencies' focus on earned media impacts the bottom line.

Funny Emails - It's Ok to Go Rogue from the Corporate World


I’m writing to you from the office of Render Positive, a highly creative marketing and advertising agency I run with my brother Gary, and a team of 20 people far more talented than me. For over five years, we’ve run our amazing agency – and we absolutely love it.

Email 195