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Paid advertising: Tips to boost qualified leads and reduce costs


While many companies believe broader advertising coverage will increase revenue, this often leads to poor quality of leads. A year ago, our agency fell into this trap and, as a result, got very few qualified contacts at a much higher cost than usual. During high-traffic times, you can try paid social advertising.

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How Much Do Facebook Ads Cost in the Philippines?  


This blog will serve as a comprehensive guide for marketers who want to know more about the cost of running Facebook Ads in the Philippines and the factors that affect its price. Ad relevance and quality Facebook prioritizes ads that provide a positive user experience, so higher-quality ads often come with lower advertising costs.


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Discovering New Ways of Mobile Advertising with TikTok

Martech Advisor

When it comes to unlocking new ways of advertising, it’s crucial to strike the iron while it’s hot. While performance marketing, search engine marketing and social media advertising are “safe bets” and here to stay, they are also already saturated with advertising dollars driving up costs.

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8 Common LinkedIn Advertising Mistakes

The Point

In a remarkably short time, LinkedIn has grown to become a major player in B2B advertising (at about 20% of total industry spend, according to industry watchers ), quickly rivaling search advertising on Google. 8 Common LinkedIn Advertising Mistakes #paidsocial Click To Tweet. Stale Creative. Saying Too Much.

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How Much To Advertise on Instagram And Why It ‘s Worth The Cost

Stevens & Tate

If you’re not leveraging Instagram to advertise your brand, then you need to begin doing so. How Much To Advertise On Instagram? You can also set limits on how much you spend per day, meaning that you’ll never go over budget. and $1 a click. On average, it costs around $5 to $6 per thousand impressions.

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Top 100 Advertising Revenue Statistics to Inform Your Campaign

Single Grain

Keeping an eye on the latest internet advertising revenue statistics gives you an edge over your competitors. Online marketers need to stay updated about the latest marketing and internet advertising trends to minimize ad spend and maximize economic growth. WordStream ) B2B PPC campaigns cost between $115,000 and $122,000 on average.

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100+ LinkedIn Advertising Statistics to Improve Your B2B Marketing Campaign

Single Grain

Many advertisers start by reading LinkedIn advertising statistics to know which tactics will benefit their marketing efforts. Influencer Marketing Hub ) LinkedIn is the most popular B2B advertising platform. Oberlo ) LinkedIn advertising is available in 19 languages. Demand Sage ) LinkedIn’s CPC averages between $2-$7.