Why Brands Bring Their Advertising In-House


Every brand wants to create more content—be it TV ads, e-books, or infographics. The question then becomes whether brands have the internal resources to turn those ideas into assets. Brands can save a lot of money by avoiding expensive retainer fees.

Is Your Digital Advertising Signaling the Right Message to Buyers?

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There’s a fascinating article over at LinkedIn: “ You Are What You Signal ,” in which the authors discuss the concept of “signaling theory” in advertising, best summarized in simple terms as the way in which ads “signal” a consumer into trusting a particular brand.

11 Emotional Advertising Examples Most Used by Brands


Marketers tend to focus on conversion rate, impressions, bounce rates, and bids, and we forget about the emotional appeal in the advertising. AdvertisingEveryone knows that emotional marketing is difficult to do right.

The Lie of B2B Brand Advertising

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You were able to point to a few print pages or brand banners, but six weeks later, the change in awareness was nearly imperceptible. Companies like IBM and Coca-Cola have invested billions in building their brands. These budgets and experiences contribute to a brand.

How B2B Marketing is Changing in 2018

increasing brand awareness—hardly surprising, as these two objectives lead in studies year-after- year. and brand awareness. And it’s the area in which the most change is planned from last year, followed by.pay per click advertising. lead generation, brand awareness, and content.

5 benefits of programmatic advertising


Programmatic advertising offers many benefits beyond faster reporting times and endless data. The total number of benefits offered by programmatic is often what sways marketers and advertisers to start buying their media this way. What is programmatic advertising?

3 Ways Brands Can Succeed As Advertising And Technology Evolve

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We found out that Jerry Seinfeld loves advertising. Or at least getting paid by advertisers. Second, content marketing is emerging as the counter weight to advertising that we hate. Can brands create stories people love? Is Native advertising somewhere in the middle?

So what is native advertising?


That said, the onus is on the native advertiser: you’re only as good as your lure, only ad good as your headline, on as good ad your content. I guess we can call it buzz advertising, if you will. Brand execs. Native advertising *. Brand journalism/. Brand.

Does advertising or engagement build stronger brand equity among Millennials?


The concept of brand equity (i.e. the perceived value a brand) firmly arrived in the 1980’s when consumer goods’ companies reacted to a surge of cutthroat discounting with a new search for a more sustainable way to boost sales and profits.

Demystifying data driven advertising


We are entering a new digital advertising era where data will be more important than the creative message that drives the consumer. What is data driven advertising? With access to more and more data, the strategy of data driven advertising creates a huge opportunity for marketers.

Is Content Marketing Advertising?


Zara Curtis, Director of Content for IAG, says, “no” content marketing is not advertising. After all, the phrase has the word marketing in it so it can’t be advertising, too, right? She goes on to describe advertising as “tell and sell” and content marketing as “tell stories and show.” Paid would certainly be advertising, earned would be PR and, owned would be content marketing? Paid media – doing native advertising to amplify content.

Advertising Leaders: Consider Content Over Advertising

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Many years ago, David Ogilvy advised marketers to concentrate on the “content of your advertising, not its form.” ” Now we’re seeing marketing leaders support for the approach of publishing content instead of advertising.

The Advertiser’s Guide to Interstitial Advertisements


Interstitial advertisements are display ads that appear on the screen when viewers reach a natural transition point on a web page. The Truth About Interstitial Advertisements. The Benefits of Interstitial Advertisements. Considering investing in interstitial advertisements?

Is Programmatic Display Good for B2B advertisers?


This is an advanced way of targeting your ideal audience with digital advertising placements based on data and analysis, and marketers are rapidly adopting the new display advertising technology as a means to generate leads while freeing up their time. Benefits for B2B Advertisers.

AcuityAds on Cannabis Advertising


It’s a no-brainer that cannabis industry digital advertising will be a powerful tool to capture consumer attention in this booming market as cannabis entrepreneurs continue to grow their brands. We understand the advertising hurdles facing cannabis regulations, and we are here to help.

Effective types of native advertising for small businesses


Not many small businesses currently take advantage of native advertising , so the small businesses that do gain a significant advantage over the competition. Native advertising is advertising that looks like the rest of the content on a page, even though it’s promoted and paid for.

How Should B2B Advertisers Use Dynamic Search Ads?

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How can DSAs help B2B advertisers? In our experience, there are three distinct advantages to implementing DSA campaigns for B2B brands: 1. In addition to the above targeting options, Google AdWords allows advertisers to upload a page feed of what you want to promote and select the landing pages you want to include in your DSA campaigns. Essentially, advertisers can include a list of URLs with custom labels in a spreadsheet.

Benefits of promotional products advertising campaigns


Have you used promotional products for advertising and branding for your company? In this article, we will feature statistics from an informative infographic all about promotional product advertising campaigns. Promotional Products Can Show Off Your Brand.

What B2B Advertisers Need to Know About Google Display Network

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Display advertisements can be extremely effective at generating awareness, informing customers and potential customers of key changes and value propositions, and creating a huge digital footprint across many different websites that cover a vast array of topics and categories. Over the years, I’ve reviewed dozens of AdWords accounts where B2B marketers opted into both keyword-based advertising as well as the Google Display Network (GDN).

Super Bowl Strategies to Perfect Winning Advertising Plays


But new strategies that provide both reach and ROI are available as digital becomes a more accepted medium for both branding and lead generation. We’re now seeing brands do some of the following. We know not all brands can or want to drop $5 million for 30 seconds.

Why Mobile Advertising Is Critical for B2B Marketers

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As B2B advertisers, it’s important to make sure we also continue to evolve in line with the changing marketplace and the behaviors of our target audience. One of the biggest challenges B2B advertisers have is simply getting there ads served to the right user.

Mobile 313

Expert Insight: Have B2B Marketers Helped Programmatic Advertising Go Mainstream?

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Programmatic advertising continues to grow in popularity among B2B marketers, and recent research has shown that they are investing more in this area. The “B2B Advertising and Marketing Outlook: Programmatic Takes Hold” report from AdweekBrandshare and Dun & Bradstreet recently found that 63 percent of B2B marketers now buy or sell advertising programmatically – but are their efforts paying off?

Overview of the AdWords Structured Snippets Extension for B2B Advertisers

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Structured snippets is an AdWords extension that allows advertisers to highlight additional and relevant details about their business from a list of predefined categories. By listing the key elements, brands, or products you can highlight the core of what your key audience is looking for.

Programmatic advertising trends 2019


Advertisers worldwide are ready to invest 65% of their digital ad spend in programmatic in 2019. What does this mean for advertisers? Brands such as Innocent and Mercedes Benz have been leading the way, with innovative campaigns that leverage real-time data. And with the integration of DOOH into many premium creative management platforms (CMP), we expect a more unified digital strategy that for many brands, ones that include display ads to DOOH in the coming year.

The emerging challenges for managing brand risk


Last year was a watershed year for business and our society, where rising populism, Trump’s polarizing accusations, and various socio-economic trends have made the topic of “brand risk” a top priority concern for every marketer.

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New, undeniable evidence supporting emotional branding and advertising


The overwhelmingly positive response to their tearjerker commercial targeting moms in the Sochi Olympics (“Pick Them Back Up”), was the latest example of the buzzworthy power of emotional branding and advertising. This will definitely enhance the “brand trust” for Samsung, as well.

3 Ways Brands Can Make Native Advertising More Effective in 2017


When it comes to digital advertising, a “big four” have emerged: social ads, display ads, video ads, and native advertising. According to a Salesforce survey of 4,000 marketers, native advertising is currently the third-most popular tactic, tied with video.

Attention Deficit is Destroying Digital Video Advertising


“The advertising industry by and large has conquered the reach problem,” commented Seraj Bharwani, Chief Strategy Officer at AcuityAds. In an effort to counteract this, we’ve seen advertisements shrink from 30 to 15 to 6 – to even as low as 3 seconds.

Recapping Advertising Week New York 2018


This year marked the 15th year of Advertising Week New York and it was certainly a momentous year as it was the first time everything was under one roof! As CEO Matt Scheckner reminded us Advertising Week started as “an idea to try to move the needle on lot of big industry issues.”

How The New York Times Took Native Advertising Global


Today, plenty of brands and publishers have content studios. But a few years ago, when The New York Times launched T Brand Studio, its native ad shop, the content marketing space still had that new car smell. What great branded content can do is to provide insight and entertainment.

Let’s talk about it, Cannabis Advertising


At AcuityAds , we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the digital advertising industry. One of the topics currently at the forefront for us is cannabis advertising. Provide relevant, competitive information that allows customers to distinguish between brands .

Fixing Native Advertising: What Consumers Want From Brands, Publishers, and the FTC


And when it comes to trust, it’s hard not to talk about the ramifications of native advertising. Native advertising has become a crucial part of publishers’ business models. Sponsored” is the clearest label for native advertising to consumers.

Display advertising best practices: ultimate guide


Display advertising best practices do not stand still, they change and evolve constantly. From humble beginnings, display advertising has gone from simplistic static images to a key channel of digital marketing. But what are the latest display advertising best practices?

Rethinking the Role of “Advertisers”

B2B Memes

One in particular stood out for me: Call it underwriting, sponsorship, or share of voice, Quartz is leaping over the littered landscape of impression-based display advertising and selling sponsorships.

New feature: native advertising


We know that, as a marketer, you’re tasked with improving the reach and performance of your digital advertising campaigns on a constant basis. Native advertising is designed to drive user engagement with branded messages that fit seamlessly within the context of a web page.

4 Rules For Better Online Advertising Performance

Digital B2B Marketing

You tell the story around the table of how the message and design combine to illustrate your brand’s superiority. The Part You Are Forgetting Your advertising, which is important to you, may simply be an irritation to your audience. People are actively avoiding your advertising!

Rules 197

How storytelling can shape the corporate brand and culture


So what can storytelling do to improve communications, process our changing world, and especially help shape a corporate brand and culture? Vibrant leaders now recognize that storytelling can create an emotional connection, which is the heart of good branding.

Online advertising glossary


Ever since the first banner ad emerged in 1994, the digital advertising world exploded with new terminology seemingly going the way of Wall Street with exchanges, DSPs, SSPs—turning this new industry into some sort of obscure alphabet soup.

The Power of Choice-Based Advertising


With regards to advancements in technology and advertising alone, the current generation of consumers has spoken: the power of choice is of utmost importance. Our subconscious desire for choice helps to explain why choice-based advertising benefits consumers and marketers alike.

Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising trends 2019


Yet, like every advertising channel it is undergoing disruption. There are new players challenging established brands, and out-of-home (OOH) networks are expanding digital signage as fast as they can. DOOH enhances digital advertising. But why is DOOH so important to advertisers?

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