8 Common LinkedIn Advertising Mistakes

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In a remarkably short time, LinkedIn has grown to become a major player in B2B advertising (at about 20% of total industry spend, according to industry watchers ), quickly rivaling search advertising on Google. At our demand generation agency , LinkedIn advertising is a staple of most client campaigns, and yet when we propose LinkedIn to clients, we often hear comments to the effect of: “We tried and couldn’t make it work.”

Why B2B Marketers Should Try CTV Advertising


Over the last couple of years, Connected TV, via channels like Hulu and IMDB, has emerged as a productive new advertising medium. Many B2B marketers have historically avoided broadcast advertising, due to the big buys required, and the enormous waste.


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The Ultimate Guide to Programmatic Advertising for Brands in 2021

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Unless you are new to advertising, the odds are high that you’ve heard the expression “reaching the right audience at the right time” a million times. Still, if you aren’t familiar with programmatic advertising, this term may sound a bit daunting to you.

The 7 Most Effective Car Advertising Campaigns Of All Time


Car advertising campaigns are some of the most inventive around. So what did the dramatic fall in demand and production mean for car advertising campaigns? And with it came the latest complete with smart, engaging, multi-channel car advertising campaigns.

The Essential Marketer’s Guide to Advertising in Gaming


Yet – a lot of marketers have still not tried gaming advertising. This article will go through what advertising in gaming is, why you should try it, and how to get started in this new and exciting channel. What is advertising in gaming? What is advertising in esports?

3 Ways to Buy Email Advertising Inventory


As an advertiser, these are the kinds of questions you might be dealing with when it comes to email advertising. You know that email advertising allows you to reach audiences directly through publishers’ newsletters. Programmatic Advertising

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Hulu Advertising 101: A Guide to Running Streaming TV Ads

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If I told you that you can advertise on TV with a budget of $500, you might not believe me. In this article, I will cover the basics of Hulu advertising 101 to help you understand how Hulu ads work and how you can create and run ads using the Hulu Ads Manager. Hulu Advertising Policies.

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What is Comparative Advertising? [+ Examples]


Advertising is the process of creating messages that raise awareness of your brand. Most advertisements center around one business, but a unique type, called comparative advertising, centers around two. Given this, using comparative advertising requires care and attention.

The Future of Online Advertising


by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this Online advertising is all about delivering high-level of impressions, right? At Eloqua Experience , Steve took time to share the online advertising trends shaping the industry. You can get more on the future of advertising in our Grande Guide to Social Advertising. The Future of Online Advertising is from Eloqua’s It’s All About Revenue, a Blog Covering Business To Business Marketing.

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Resources for social media advertising & paid social

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In a pay-to-play game, social media advertising is a must for brands. Paid social advertising helps your content get views without relying on organic platform algorithms and their ongoing changes. In this resource, you’ll find all our essential guides to paid social advertising.

How to Scale Your E-commerce Traffic Acquisition with Native Advertising

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The digital advertising landscape has faced some drastic changes in the past decade. million people worldwide using ad blockers to avoid traditional display advertising, marketers have shifted their budgets to new advertising channels. What Is Native Advertising?

6 Native Digital Advertising Formats


As advertisers look to combat consumers’ discerning attitudes toward digital advertisements, native digital advertising has been a favorite solution. The growth of native advertising has been rapid. 61% ) of all display digital advertising last year.

The creative process in advertising, from idea to impressions


This is especially true for those in the advertising industry, where truly original ideas are #goals. The creative process in advertising. There are so many ways we can talk about the creative process in advertising. For this go-around, we’ll focus on three main ideas: banner ad design, digital project management, and the creative workflow as it applies in the digital marketing and advertising space. Download our display advertising creative resource guide.

The role of AI advertising for deep customer experience personalization


30-second summary: Bid optimization, targeting, segmentation, automation, and audience extension in advertising are enabled by AI. CEO of SmartyAds shares insights and details on AI advertising, its pros, and how businesses can overcome personalization challenges.

So Long, Third-Party Advertising?


Paid advertising is about to change in a big way. We reached out to digital advertising experts for a clearcut rundown of the what, why, and how behind the update—paired, we’d hoped anyway, with foolproof solutions to help you get ahead of it. Yep, the rumors are true.

Marketing vs. Advertising: How to Maximize Your Acquisition Efforts


I wasn't aware that advertising and marketing work together and aren't mutually exclusive. In fact, marketing and advertising have a lot in common. Below, let's explore the similarities and differences between marketing and advertising. Native Advertising vs. Content Marketing.

SOLVED: Media Planning for Programmatic Advertising


Programmatic advertising brings media planning problems you don’t have with other media channels. Because rates and quantities are not known in advance, programmatic advertising creates unique challenges for media planners. Setting Budgets for Programmatic Advertising.

The Comprehensive Guide to Impression Shares


Online advertising is booming. But, when you're launching digital campaigns, you want to be sure you're maximizing your efforts — and your profits — by boosting your ad's impression share. Each time your ad is displayed on a webpage, that's counted as an impression.

Attention, Not Impression | Podcast


33Across CEO, Eric Wheeler, joins Zach Rodgers on the AdExchanger Talks podcast to discuss the evolution of 33Across and the trends that will define programmatic advertising in the year ahead. The post Attention, Not Impression | Podcast appeared first on 33Across.

What Is Cost Per Impression?


What is cost per impression? Cost per impression (CPI) is the expense an organization incurs every time its ad is displayed to a potential customer. Measuring cost per impression helps marketers decide if a given ad campaign is reaching a large enough audience to justify the expense.

Balancing ad frequency, reach, and fatigue in digital advertising


Ad frequency is a critically important metric to watch during any digital advertising campaign. Ad frequency is defined as the average number of times a person is exposed to an advertising message over a period of time.

Managed service vs. self service programmatic advertising


Programmatic advertising offers a vast array of options for marketers and advertisers to get their digital campaigns in front of exactly who they want when they want, and where they want. Jump to: Digital advertising continues its trend upwards.

Guide to mobile advertising: Types of ads and main platforms


With the growth in adoption of smartphones, consumers are also increasingly getting glued to their mobile devices more than ever, this has led to mobile marketing becoming a mainstay of the online advertising sector. Recent research has also shown that mobile advertising spends by mature organizations are slated to increase 21.9% Why mobile advertising? What is mobile advertising? What are the different types of mobile advertising? Mobile advertising platforms.

7 Killer Digital Advertising Trends Every Marketer Should Know in 2020

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You may like or dislike digital advertising, but no matter what you think, you will still find it on the next webpage you browse. As advertising trends evolve, we marketers have become much smarter. Improve advertising targeting. 4) Tap into Mobile and In-game Advertising .

What Is Paid Advertising?


What is paid advertising? Paid advertising is just what it sounds like: ads that you pay to place. In exchange for a fee, you can advertise your business in prime spaces. Why paid advertising? Types of paid advertising. Why paid advertising?

What is programmatic advertising?


Programmatic advertising is now the dominant form of buying and optimising digital advertising. It’s a major component of modern advertising. In 2019, it’s predicted that 65% of all money spent on advertising in digital media will be traded programmatically and that advertisers will spend an astonishing US$84bn on the format worldwide. How does programmatic advertising work? The top 5 reasons you should use programmatic advertising.

Anatomy of an Advertising Investment Tracking System


Today’s advertisers aspire to treat advertising as an investment to maximize growth, not an expense to be minimized. This makes perfect sense because you expect business growth as a result of your advertising. But advertisers lack data and technology.

5 benefits of programmatic advertising


Programmatic advertising offers many benefits beyond faster reporting times and endless data. The total number of benefits offered by programmatic is often what sways marketers and advertisers to start buying their media this way. What is programmatic advertising? Advertisers now have a more granular look into their advertising campaigns by paying for impressions individually and using a dashboard to strategically manage their ad campaigns.

31 Impressive Content Marketing Examples You Can Use Today


And it was done without any paid advertising. million Twitter impressions, increased Facebook reach, and beating their goals for YouTube goals by 115%. The post 31 Impressive Content Marketing Examples You Can Use Today appeared first on OptinMonster.

Context Is King in Understanding Programmatic Advertising Metrics


Programmatic display advertising is such a powerful tool for B2B marketers because its performance can be monitored in real time. But this clear visibility has also created a misconception that standard advertising metrics tell the whole story of how programmatic ad campaigns drive revenue.

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What is Programmatic Advertising?


In order to understand programmatic advertising, it’s helpful to go back to the basics of ad buying. Of course, there is a whole lot more to advertising than just buying media space. Fast forward to the 2020s, and there’s a new media buying kid on the block: programmatic advertising.

Attention, Not Impression | Podcast


33Across CEO, Eric Wheeler, joins Zach Rodgers on the AdExchanger Talks podcast to discuss the evolution of 33Across and the trends that will define programmatic advertising in the year ahead.

Attention, Not Impression | Podcast


33Across CEO, Eric Wheeler, joins Zach Rodgers on the AdExchanger Talks podcast to discuss the evolution of 33Across and the trends that will define programmatic advertising in the year ahead.

Best Banner Ads: Examples of Remarkable Display Advertising


They can feature impactful imagery, unique interactivity, brilliant copy, or highlight the very best in advertising technology. Great online advertising not only needs to capture a viewer’s attention but fulfil a clear purpose. It’s also one of the fastest growing sizes by impressions.

What is Programmatic Digital Advertising?


Just a little over five years ago, in 2015, data shows that advertisers spent about $24.48 billion on programmatic digital advertising in the United States. Experts predict that advertisers will spend just under $80 billion on programmatic advertising in 2021. .

Social media advertising: how to run a compelling campaign

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If you’re still on the fence about social media advertising, we get it. That’s why we put together this primer on how social media advertising works, breaking down step-by-step what you need for a winning campaign. How does advertising on social media work?

When Did Programmatic Advertising Start: A History Lesson


Those ads that we would see on our computers after school, or deep in a chat with your best friend, were actually the beginning of what we call Programmatic Advertising today. Programmatic Advertising: The Early Days. Others emerged between 1998 and 1999, Dean Schmid from the Daily Disruptor asserts, “ brands could now advertise on multiple sites across entire platforms. Programmatic Advertising Today. So what’s next for programmatic advertising?