Top 15 Advertising Agencies in Europe


Top 15 Advertising Agencies in Europe. The internet world is head over heels in love with advertising leading to some truly innovative advertising campaigns. This blog will take you through some of the top advertising agencies in Europe that are the creators of these amazing ads. Digital advertising is the present and it definitely claims the future! If your brand’s advertising isn’t all over the internet, then your competitor’s ads certainly are.

Top 15 Advertising Agencies in Westcoast, USA


Top 15 Advertising Agencies in Westcoast, USA. Digital advertising, in fact, accounted for almost 50% of the total ad spend in 2019. Hiring an agency that answers to all of your advertising needs. Hence, this article will detail the top advertising agencies in Westcoast, USA, that will help you create ads, generate leads , and take your brand to the next level. Top Advertising Agencies in Westcoast, USA, That You Need To Check Out.

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Top 15 Advertising Agencies in the Midwest USA


Top 15 Advertising Agencies in the Midwest USA. Confused about how to advertise your new product? We have put together a list of the top advertising agencies in the Midwest, USA. Advertising is the key to connect your brand with your customers, to tell your story in a way that people start loving you as a brand. These advertising agencies in the Midwest USA can help you do just that. The Motion Agency.

Build a Custom Media Planning System without Getting into Trouble


Bionic just released new software that enables you to build your own custom media planning system. You can now easily customize Bionic’s media investment management platform to meet the unique needs of your organization, your clients, and each of your campaigns. Best of all, you can do all this without breaking the rules of running a diligent media buying operation. The ‘Standard Media Plan’ is Extinct. Media plans were simple and standardized.

Finally, 100% Transparent Advertising Plans!


In advertising, simple questions like “what’s running today?” Bionic just eradicated this problem with a powerful new tool that gives you unprecedented insight into your advertising placements. It’s hard to know where your advertisements are running at any given point in time. The problem gets worse when you’re running ads all over the world through multiple agencies or brands. Monitoring your day-to-day advertising has been practically impossible… until now.

Advertisers Want Their Data (or else!)


With the latest ANA industry standards, ad agencies who are unable (or unwilling) to provide advertisers with access to their advertising data will erode trust and risk losing clients in 2020 reviews. In contrast, data-centric agencies will build trust and win new clients. Bionic agencies stand to gain the most. New Industry Standards Demand Advertising Data. What is Advertising Data? The ANA contract defines the scope of advertising data: 1.4

Austin Williams Gains 50% Productivity Boost with New Media Planning Software


Learn how Erica Brown and Pam Schneck of Austin Williams boosted their ad agency’s productivity by 50% while simultaneously improving client service with new media planning software. Media Planning. Advertising Flowcharts. Austin Williams is a full-service advertising agency with a national client base. The Austin Williams media team handles the entire lifecycle of the media planning and buying process for traditional and digital media.

Is Your Media Working? New Tool Reveals the Truth


As an advertiser, you may be considering whether to bring media planning and buying in-house or to outsource to external advertising agencies. Regardless your agency setup, you need to answer two fundamental questions about your advertising media investments: Where is your money going? For many advertisers, it’s frustrating to get prompt and concise answers to these basic business questions. Flawless Advertising Schedules.

Stevens & Tate Marketing Agency Named Industry Leader on Clutch

Stevens & Tate

Stevens & Tate Marketing is a leading Chicago-based, integrated marketing and advertising agency that services clients nationwide. We specialize in digital marketing, broadcast advertising, package design, media planning, SEO, social media, and website design. We are extremely excited that in their 2019 Rankings Report, Clutch recognized Stevens & Tate Marketing among their top radio advertising agencies and top tv advertising agencies.

A Helping Hand and Then Some For the Data Driven CMO


” The disciplines of marketing and technology have converged, and CMOs are in need of partner agencies that possess proficiency in both data management and experience-creation to help define and lead this agenda. While advertising agencies often manage the bulk of a CMOs budget, traditionally they have been restricted to the confines of “the campaign.” ” This is a disadvantage to both CMOs and agencies.

CMO 203

Bionic 2019 Year in Review


2019 was a year of growth for the advertisers , agencies , and ad sales teams in the Bionic community. In 2019, 269 ad agencies spent $1.6 billion on behalf of 2,540 advertisers through 9,565 media plans comprised of 251,555 placements from a catalog of 44,334 media programs sold by 3,014 ad sales organizations. That’s an average of $165,700 per media plan. Bionic for Advertisers. Bionic for Agencies.

Gut Feeling or Analytics – which is better?

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Of course you know as a CMO of a leading Social Media analytics firm – I think you can guess which side of this argument I was on. But seriously, my buddy honestly wanted to know – so what can you do with all this good social media analytics that you talk about? Use this persona to drive any ad plan, sponsorship plan or event plan. Another way is to use the analytics to inform your media plans and to predict the outcome of a specific campaign.

Media Kit Grader Tool for Ad Sales Teams


When making advertising decisions, media planners and media buyers rely upon information provided by ad sales teams. The media kit is a key document that describes an advertising program, the audience reached, advertising options, inventory available, pricing, and other key information. Bionic today unveiled a Media Kit Grader tool that measures the quality of media kits and helps ad sales teams to identify and correct problems with their media kits.

Rain the Growth Agency Sees Two Major Promotions Within its Technology and Digital Groups

R2C Group

PORTLAND, OREGON—Rain the Growth Agency, the leading direct-to-consumer advertising agency, is proud to announce two major promotions within the company. Rian Schmidt has been promoted to Chief Technology Officer, while Jennifer Eenigenburg has been appointed to Vice President of Digital Media. Both promotions show the agency’s dedication to furthering its growth in the two areas named while celebrating Schmidt and Eenigenburg’s stellar accomplishments.

Stevens & Tate Marketing Named as a Top B2B Company Worldwide

Stevens & Tate

Stevens & Tate Marketing is a leading Chicago-based, integrated marketing and advertising agency that services clients nationwide. We specialize in digital marketing, broadcast advertising, package design, media planning, SEO, social media, and website design. Recently, Clutch named us as a top business services provider in advertising and marketing. Similar Article: Stevens & Tate Listed as a Top Branding Agency by DesignRush.

IHCA/ICAL- Nicole Wagner will Speak at Convention September 11

Stevens & Tate

Wagner explores topics such as SEO, social media marketing, and evolving brand messaging. Stevens & Tate Marketing ( ) is a full service advertising agency offering Internet advertising; award-winning, on-strategy creative; integrated message development; and cost-effective media planning and execution. For more information, contact: Debbie Szwast. IHCA/ICAL- Nicole Wagner will Speak at Convention September 11.

7 Engaging CMO Interviews From 2016


As the year comes to a close and we make final plans for the New Year and celebrations and the like, I figured it was a good time to take a look back at some CMO Interviews from 2016 before we move onto 2017. George, JetBlue’s executive vice president of commercial and planning, is a big fan of a certain Boston-area NFL team. You make the best media plan you can come up with.”

CMO 209

Streamline Your RFPs with New Automation


Bionic today revealed new automation aimed at streamlining the painful RFP process for media planners, media buyers, and ad salespeople. This software upgrade was inspired by insights gleaned from handling more than 6,000 RFPs for hundreds of advertising agencies and thousands of media vendors over the past five and a half years. There are hundreds of thousands of media options available for advertising. Changes to the RFP Tool for Media Planners.

RFP 40

Senior Living Marketing Experts Dan Gartlan and Nicole Wagner to be Featured at LeadingAge Illinois from April 2-4, 2019

Stevens & Tate

” Wagner will also be speaking on Thursday, April 4 th , from 8:00–9:30 am , with a session titled “Combining Social Media and Content Marketing to Drive Engagement Online” Over the last few years, the pair’s custom-tailored Attraction Marketing presentations have been highly regarded by numerous LeadingAge chapters around the county, with a program that provides actionable insight that senior living and aging care professionals can use to enhance their organization’s success.

Aging 48

Why Agencies Need to Join Programmatic in 2019

Digital Marketing World Forum

As technologies keep evolving, advertising agencies are starting to realize: in order to stay ahead, they need to weave more innovations to their digital strategies. During the past decade, the number of communication channels has multiplied, and the world has witnessed the rise of omnichannel personalized advertising. Automation, ad personalization and minimum user acquisition cost are three main features that make programmatic especially popular among ad agencies.

Marketing Experts Dan Gartlan and Nicole Wagner Selected as Featured Speakers at FABTECH 2019

Stevens & Tate

It focuses on topics such as evolving your brand message, strengthening your SEO and social media efforts, and enhancing conversion points for optimal results. Stevens & Tate Marketing ( ) is a full service advertising agency offering award-winning, on-strategy creative; integrated message development; Internet advertising; and cost-effective media planning and execution. LOMBARD, IL.,

Opinion: An AK47 to go with the roses?


Brand safety is the ultimate win-win for advertisers, agencies and publishers – so long as we ditch the blunt tools that don’t understand the context of content. Nobody wants to see brands caught out by inadvertently advertising against embarrassing or unsafe content, such as hate speech or a story that is critical of the business or its industry. It is no surprise that advertisers and their agencies are heavily invested in brand safety tools.

Top 10 Data Management Platforms for 2020

Martech Advisor

A data management platform (DMP) is defined as a software that helps build sophisticated audience/ customer segments to run highly targeted advertising and marketing campaigns. A data management platform (DMP) is a software that helps build sophisticated audience/ customer segments to run highly targeted advertising and marketing campaigns. This is especially useful to mid-size marketers who wish to advertise at scale.

B2B Marketing & Scientific Research: How the Brain Interprets Online Relationships

MLT Creative

Relationships Can Motivate Buying Behavior So when you are trying to talk the C-suite into a social media plan, include how your target audience’s brains process these online relationships the same as offline ones — and how that can help you motivate their buying behavior. Vann Morris is the Director of Buying Behavior Studies with the Atlanta B2B advertising agency, MLT Creative.

Predictions: Will Data-Driven Marketing Dominate in 2019?


Alongside traditional media, they have a whole new array of channels, played out on a wide range of devices, which are being fully embraced by the consumers they hope to reach. As the opportunities expand, so media planning and attribution become more challenging, and in 2019, brands will be looking for genuine intelligence around the proof points of what each platform can truly deliver.

The Sharpest B2B Social Media Monitoring Tools in the Shed - Part I

MLT Creative

For my second blog series, I’ll focus on the importance of social media monitoring tools. A recent issue of BtoB Magazine contained an in-depth study on “The Impact of Social Media on Search.” ” Out of the 464 B2B marketers surveyed, 29 percent plan to boost their social media budgets this year, and 56 percent plan on providing additional resources for social media. Develop a plan.

BtoB 64

11 Thought-Provoking Guides to Content Marketing for 2014

Webbiquity SMM

Ian Anderson Gray shares an infographic depicting the (potential) future of content marketing, full of facts and statistics such as that industry news and blogs are the second most-effective content types for social sharing (with visuals—such as photos, videos and infographics—being the most effective); three-fourths of marketers plan to spend more on content marketing in 2014; and emphasis on quality and originality in content creation will increase.

The 39 Social Media Tools I’ll Use Today

delicious b2bmarketing

Also, at my social media speaking engagements hither and yon I’m often asked what tools I use. So, I took a personal inventory and created this overview of the 39 social media tools I use daily. It’s a good choice for agencies, too. Sexy Bookmarks Plug-in My friend Michael Stelzner from Social Media Examiner (where I guest post monthly), turned me on to this excellent plug-in that improves upon the social sharing user interface.