What is programmatic advertising?


Programmatic advertising is now the dominant form of buying and optimising digital advertising. It’s a major component of modern advertising. In 2019, it’s predicted that 65% of all money spent on advertising in digital media will be traded programmatically and that advertisers will spend an astonishing US$84bn on the format worldwide. How does programmatic advertising work? The top 5 reasons you should use programmatic advertising.

Podcast Advertising: 5 Experts Reveal Their Secrets


podcast audiences listen to an average of seven podcasts per week. That's why it's important to consider podcast advertising for your brand. Here, you'll learn everything you need to know about podcast advertising — from top podcast advertising strategies to advertising rates and networks. Podcast Expert Advertising Strategies. Before you get started with podcast advertising, consider this advice from the experts. Podcast Advertising Rates.

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What is an Ad Exchange and How Does it Work?

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This process was not very cost-effective. As new ways to purchase advertising space online have popped up, including programmatic ads and RTB (real-time bidding) ads, so have ad exchanges. Publishers (such as website owners) make their digital advertising space available. Then, advertising agencies and marketers then purchase this ad space through the ad exchange. The use of an ad exchange provides benefits to both publishers and advertisers.

Advertisers Ramping Up on Local Spending, Popular News Aggregator Reports


Contrary to the beliefs of some Internet entrepreneurs, local news and advertising is not dying. If advertising professionals can be believed, targeted local advertising is one of their primary goals, with the market expected to grow to $35 billion by 2014. Local news aggregator Topix held a “State of Local Online Advertising” survey with some of the top U.S. advertising agencies. ” The Town As the Contextual Advertising Unit.

5 Steps to Set Up, Launch, and Manage an Online Display Campaign

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What is online display advertising? So, what exactly is online display advertising? Simply put, online display advertising includes any promotional banner (of any size and shape) put on a web page. But before you write them off as simple banner ads, remember that today advertisers can choose from a range of formats including video, rich media, and interactive ads. Why choose display advertising? How to Launch and Manage a Display Advertising Campaign.

Now Is The Time To Grow Your DTC Business

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In my 20-plus years running a marketing agency, I’ve never seen such incongruity in terms of sales performance. And according to our in-house tracking system, the cost per thousand impressions (CPMs) for our clients have dropped an average of 24% to 50% across the board in linear TV, paid social, digital video and display ads since February, which means lower customer acquisition costs (CAC).