Keep blogging even after you resent your blog


As I have said before, Google’s judging your posts less on exactly what you write but how often you post. The choice is not between writing good, vertical, passion-filled, and popular posts or posting my personal snappies, it’s between posting snappies and abandoning my blog.

How To Write Better, Part III: Use a Dictionary


Missing in my two previous articles in this series about writing better is any reference to one of the most powerful tools at a writer’s disposal: A dictionary. ” The post How To Write Better, Part III: Use a Dictionary appeared first on Fathom.

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How to Write an Effective Business Blog


Instead of saying “We’re the leading producer of widgets…” or some other such self-promoting statement, demonstrate your leadership by writing about the many creative uses of widgets, what to look for in a widget, recent developments in the widget field, or whatever. A blog is not an ad, a traditional Web site or an online brochure. Who should write for your blog? Ad programs such as Google AdSense are popular and easy to integrate.

Google Authorship brings your staff out from behind your brand


Encourage your entire staff to link their Google+ profiles to your business site. According to the instructions, it’s not limited to journals, papers, blogs, magazine, or social sites. Your corporate site is just dandy.

How to Make Money Blogging:Yes – You Can Still Make Money Blogging!

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10 to $100/click), Cost per Click (CPC), or CPC advertising like AdSense can be a money maker. When considering any type of content on your blog, whether a blog post, links to other sites, products or direct advertising, you must keep your reader’s needs in mind.

Fulfill your resolution to blog in 11 steps


More people give up on blogging — and writing in general — than give up on going to the gym in order to lose weight and get fit. 2) Only start a blog if you love writing and have something to say: Here’s secret number 1 about blogging: blogs don’t write themselves.

Maximize your SEO benefit on Google+ in 8 simple steps


Site URLs are translated the way they are on Facebook. In the graphic above, you’ll see a blue box around Arsh S and Jenna Levy — I did that by adding a plus symbol (+) before each name while I am writing the article. Image by entertailion via Flickr.

Google+ on its Third Birthday


Who don’t understand things like on-site duplicate content or how best to optimize for title, description, or copy? If I want to include my friends on G+, I’ll need to go out of my way to switch apps to G+ and then write a completely separate post, which I never do.

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LinkedIn Tips and Tweaks: Do More with your LinkedIn Account

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He launched this site in 2004. The Best Website Monitoring Services for Tracking Your Site’s Uptime. BlogAds Invitations Available for Bloggers & Site Owners. AdSense Sandbox. Digital Inspiration is an award winning technology site with over 5,000 articles, tutorials and how-to guides. Write to me at if you have any comments, questions or suggestions about the site. Sites We Like.

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Dead Man Blogging

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

This is uncomfortable, but I have begun writing my farewell blog post. One site will send your emails on dates you choose for 60 years into the future. A site such as My Wonderful Life allows you to put together an online scrap book of everything that was important to you.

How to court Google with chivalry and courtly love


While it is perfectly fine to have passion and excitement in your content-creation as your write your way into the Web and into Google’s many index servers, it’s not OK to go for a home run on your first date. Online reputation is a marathon and not a sprint.

Grow Your Wiki

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adsense. Google Sites. Writely. I’m Writing a Guest Blog Series for the Wikinomics Blog. I’m the first-ever guest blogger for the Wikinomics Blog , and will be writing a four-part series over the next several weeks. About. Services. Contact. Archives.

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Tips on How to Build Blog Traffic from the Problogger

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For example, you can blog about Adsense which is a sub-niche of Problogger. When people do sign up for your blog or show interest in you blog, look after them and write for them. Darren also suggests to write about items that incorporate keywords that are highly searched on (interesting because Hitail argues counter to this). These people would come to his site and helped build up his brand. Darren also stresses keeping it real and writing with emotion.

How to Become a Stellar Guest Blogger

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AdSense/CPC Blogging & RSS Design Getting Started Making Money Traffic / Promotion The Step-by-Step Guide to Guest Blogging June 14, 2010 · 33 comments This is a guest post by Ann Smarty of I will be visiting your site. Most Commented Posts Is Site Build It!

How NOT to pitch a blog | Online Marketing Blog

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Bloggers are on the move, writing about what comes to mind on a daily basis. Bloggers don’t typically scan press releases and write stories. Ask them what they want and provide personalized pitches and story ideas that clearly indicate you’ve made an effort to understand what they write about. If you’re going to pre-write the blog post for the blogger, keep in mind their writing style. We do not write about ad campaigns and likely never will.

Best of 2007: Articles and Blog Posts on SEM


The AdReady application.then allows marketers to manage and track the progress of their ads across Google's AdSense ad network, Yahoo's RightMedia exchange, and AOL's network."

What Groupon Showed Us About Google


Most of the industry couldn't get over the number that Google was willing to fork-out to get the daily deal site, reportedly $5.3 Greg Stirling has been writing some good articles this week that looks at what this deal could be truly indicating about Google.


How To Make B2B Search Engine Marketing Better? Have Some Popular Tips | Sanjay Dhingra

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Examining Google's Practices


Actually, I think that's past tense, considering that this copycat page gets a spot on the first page of Google while my original article on how to get bloggers to write about you doesn't show up in the top 100 positions.

SEMRush gives webmasters all the best tools via one desktop


I’ve played a little with Moz and never quite made it work for me because none of my personal sites were eCommerce sites, so I never really understood why I needed to pay between $99-$599/month.