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What Behavioral Marketing Is and How to Apply It to Your Social Media Campaigns


But in general, modern organizations have access to huge amounts of data that can be put to better and more active utilization. Technology, metrics, behavioral sciences, and marketing are at a point today where they can seamlessly merge to produce information that improves both the customer experience and business results.

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Five Demographic Characteristics to Consider When Building B2B Buyer Personas

Launch Marketing

Developing B2B buyer personas is important for many reasons, including crafting targeted messages and personalizing marketing activities. But, before focusing on messaging and personalizing marketing efforts it is key to understand all the components that make up buyer personas, especially demographics.


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How to use Demographic Data in Your Sales Pitch


Demographics: Contact information, such as direct dial phone numbers and email addresses, job function, management level, work and academic history, professional accolades and certifications, and so much more. And it all starts using demographic, firmographic, and intent data to deliver the right sales pitch. Sounds nice, right?

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Five Strategies You Can Use Right Now for Better Email Marketing Personalization


Every popup, feedback form, subscription, and newsletter signup form is valuable for collecting data to help segment your customers based on their activity, demographics, psychographics, and professional characteristics. Customize your email messages based on the user’s activity or interests. Send behavior-triggered emails.

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Infutor adds solution to activate CTV campaigns


Consumer identity management platform Infutor has updated its Identity Resolution services to include a solution for activating Connected TV ad campaigns. The value proposition lies in Infutor’s ability to resolve offline transactions and other behavioral attributes to a single profile of a consumer or a household. Why we care.

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How to Leverage Behavioral Intent Data to Strengthen Your Marketing Efforts


Table of Contents An Overview of Behavioral Intent Data Leveraging Behavioral Data for Marketing Make Your Website’s Experience More Personalized for Anonymous Users Send Customized Emails to Leads. This is where Behavioral Intent Data enters the picture. An Overview of Behavioral Intent Data.

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27 Top Facebook Demographics that Matter to Social Media Marketers


Facebook demographics reach farther and wider than any other social media network. Whether you’re planning to use Facebook to break into new markets, boost sales, or connect with customers, it’s important to stay on top of Facebook user demographics. 27 Facebook user demographics you need to know in 2020. billion in 2018.