Act-On Improves Marketing Efficiencies by Embracing Predictive Marketing

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As more companies join the predictive revolution, we love sharing their great success stories — and marketing automation innovator Act-On is no exception. To support its focus on the mid-market CMO, the company’s marketing team adopted Infer Predictive Scoring and gained a better understanding of how closely each lead fits Act-On’s ideal customer profile. Q&A with Kevin Bobowski, Act-On CMO.

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4 Reasons You Should Act on Influencer Marketing

Content Marketing Institute

On YouTube, 60% of subscribers say that channel’s influencers sway their purchase decisions. Other research found that 57% of all internet users over age 16 have made a purchase based on an influencer recommendation and 69% of millennials report buying products that influencers recommend. For every 1,000 people, the influencer-content shoppers spent an average of $285 more on almond milk.


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5 MarTech Trends to Act on Now for 2020

Martech Advisor

Elizabeth Gallagher, CRO of Lineate, hones in on the 2020 MarTech trends companies and marketers should act on now. Over the last decade, MarTech has evolved to keep up with changing consumer behaviors and the development of new media channels. While automation platforms aren’t new, the amount marketers now rely on them is – and it will only grow in the next year.

Top 10 marketing automation tools every marketer must have


Unfortunately, this only means that marketers have to spend a significant amount of time keeping up with news trends to entice the customer, rather than focusing on different ways to drive revenue. How can marketers free up their time to focus on more important aspects, do you ask?

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Experiential Buying Behavior Takes B2B Center Stage

Tony Zambito

  Buyer behaviors in B2B marketplaces are shifting tremendously towards more holistic experiential expectations that defy the conventional straight re-buy, modified re-buy, and new buy behaviors of the past.  The Influence of the Social Buyer on B2B Business ( Image by davidking via Flickr. In my previous article, Enhance the Buyer Experience with Intelligent Engagement , I referenced a trend I called Experiential Buying. 

Vidyard Brings Video Engagement Tracking and Analytics to Act-On Marketing Automation Platform


KITCHENER, Ontario – December 3, 2014 – Vidyard , a global leader in video marketing and sales enablement solutions, today launched its integration with the Act-On marketing automation platform. The integration gives Act-On users the ability to track video viewing activities of their contacts across all distribution channels. We’re excited to partner with Vidyard to bring these capabilities to the Act-On community.”

Vidyard Brings Video Engagement Tracking and Analytics to Act-On Marketing Automation Platform


KITCHENER, Ontario – December 3, 2014 – Vidyard , a global leader in video marketing and sales enablement solutions, today launched its integration with the Act-On marketing automation platform. The integration gives Act-On users the ability to track video viewing activities of their contacts across all distribution channels. We’re excited to partner with Vidyard to bring these capabilities to the Act-On community.”

Get More Email Opens and Clicks Using Behavioral Targeting


Their personas and demographics tell you what they might be interested in, but their behavior tells you what they definitely are interested in. Behavioral data can be highly predictive of future decision-making patterns and road-to-purchase activity. The information gleaned by paying attention to a consumer’s digital behavior is her online body language. This gives you solid and very powerful information to go on. Examples of Behavioral Targeting .

Online Shopping, Evolving Consumer Behaviors and the Importance of Consumer Data in Today’s New Economy

V12 Data

Jungle Scout recently compiled some great research on these trends. 71% of consumers say they have shopped on Amazon during the COVID-19 pandemic, and 48% of consumers say they are shopping more frequently on Amazon since the COVID-19 pandemic than they did previously.

The Differences Between Behavioral Segmentation and Audience Segments


The Differences Between Behavioral Segmentation and Audience Segments Behavior-based marketing tactics are commonly broken down to ‘fixed audience segments’, and ‘behavioral segmentation’. In a general sense, fixed audience segment marketing involves building a list of prospects based on their profiles and marketing to them, while behavioral segmentation includes marketing to anyone who fits a targeted behavioral pattern.

3 Ways to Optimize Your Landing Pages to Better Address Human Behavior


A landing page''s layout, the fonts and colors used, image placement, form length, and other design factors can have an impact on how many people actually choose to fill out the form. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is, simply, understanding human behavior. According to the Fogg Behavioral Model for persuasive design , human behavior is a product of three factors: motivation, triggers, and ability. In this post, we''ll explore these three factors of human behavior.

What is Lead Qualification?

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It’s based mostly on gut instincts, simple formulas and limited prospect data. It’s better than nothing, but far from the pinpoint guidance sales needs to cut through the uncertainty and focus on the best opportunities. The problem isn’t a lack of information to go on. In today’s digital world, there’s a mountain of data on potential buyers, their interests and purchasing behavior – data that can reveal exactly what sales teams most want to know.

How a Simple Email Can Give You Critical Insight Into Your Recipients' Behavior


Yet, more often than not, our clickthrough rates tend to settle in the single digit range -- and many times, on the low end of that spectrum. So I''m going to let you in on a little secret. If you want to know why your email recipients aren’t clicking on your emails, you should ask them. For example, HubSpot’s email tool has a click tracking feature, which allows you to see who clicked on which links in your emails.

7 Unusual Ways to Increase Your Audience Response

Content Marketing Institute

People often rely on decision defaults – hardwired responses they use without thinking. Some of these automatic behaviors can impact how people act on what they read and how they act.

B2B Imperative: Reinvent the Sales Experience

Tony Zambito

Adapting to transformative changes in buyer behavior is the most significant challenge facing B2B organizations.    The digital age bringing new expectations on the part of buyers for learning experiences, subject matter expertise, innovative customization, and varied channel engagements.    For the past thirty to forty years, sales have focused on relationship building, methodology, and processes.  Image via Wikipedia.

Eventricity Lets Banks Buy, Not Build, Event-Based Marketing Systems

Customer Experience Matrix

As you may recall from my posts on Unica and SAS , event-based marketing (also called behavior identification) seems to be gaining traction at long last. This led to a long conversation with eventricity founder Mark Holtom, who turned out to be an industry veteran with background at NCR/Teradata and AIMS Software, where he worked on several of the pioneering projects in the field. Eligible events are ranked based on event type and processing sequence.

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3 Ways to Create Customer Loyalty and Increase Revenue


As you create a strong customer experience focused on cultivating loyalty, your customers will develop a relationship of trust with you and you will be more likely to retain them. And the best way to do that is for companies to act like humans themselves.

B2B Content Marketing: Will Video Kill eBooks?

B2B Lead Generation

“With the rise of content marketing, a lot of businesses get stuck in the eBook rut,” saysLinda West ( @ misslindawest ), Director of Digital Marketing at Act-On Software , a rapidly growing company that makes a marketing automation Software as a Service (SaaS). We’re ending our dependency on eBooks.” A Shift in Customer Behavior in Content Marketing. However, there was a rise in the number of people watching the on-demand webinars.

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Top 10 Sales Intelligence Tools to Use for Your 2021 Campaigns


However, when these teams are equipped with the right tools, such as sales intelligence, less important tasks can be automated so that reps can focus on lead strategies. But with hundreds of sales intelligence tools on the market, which ones are right for your teams?

How to Grow Your Business with Voice of the Customer


Imagine you’re a consumer on the hunt for a new pair of sneakers. You’ve done some Google searching and scrolled through your favorite brands on Instagram. You’ve even added an item to your cart on a handful of websites, but haven’t yet pulled the trigger.

Digging Into Customer Churn Data: A Guide to Better Retention


The answer varies based on the unique attributes of your company. You probably already know what churn is, but as a refresher, here is how you calculate your churn rate: This number acts as the basis for building your customer attrition and retention strategies.

How to Set Business and Marketing Goals Amidst Uncertainty

Marketing Insider Group

We’ve all learned over the past year that uncertainty can arrive at any time and make massive impacts on markets, companies, and consumer behaviors. Brands can benefit from focusing on objective measures and factors they can control. Focus on What You Can Control.

Unlock the Benefits of Leveraging Oracle Responsys with Oracle Maxymiser


Oracle Maxymiser will give your team the power to split traffic coming from both Oracle Responsys emails as well as other channels between any number of page or site experiences, all on the same URL. An integration of Oracle Maxymiser and Responsys makes it easier than ever before to attribute behavior across channels back to an individual user.

Using Heat Mapping to Drive Website Conversion: A Step-by-Step Guide


Measuring website visitor behavior has become an increasingly popular topic of conversation in the digital marketing industry. Apply heat map tracking on identified pages. to see if it’s possible to boost the engagement on that site element.

3 Steps to Success in Omni-Channel Orchestration


Consumers today, on average, use six channels with nearly 50% regularly using more than four. Blame our ever-growing ADD if you want but the point is we change marketing channels like we change channels on our TV. Don't Sit On Data. Act On It. They analyze and act on it too. One of the ways companies can ensure meeting customer needs is by capturing and analyzing customer behavioral and feedback data.

A Marketer’s Secret Weapon to Optimizing the Customer Journey with Michelle Huff


Listen to the Podcast Now: For more thoughtful discussion with renowned marketing leaders, subscribe to our channel B2B Marketing Now wherever you listen to podcasts or catch us on Apple Podcasts , Spotify or follow Oktopost on LinkedIn.

Get the Most Out of Customer Intelligence for Better Insights


If you’re sitting on customer intelligence in your CRM or database — is your marketing team making the most of it? It’s a collection of customer analytics to understand possible customer behavior, which makes it a great addition for creating 360 customer views.

How To Automate Lead Qualification for Increased Response Rates


Some things need to be as automated as possible for sales teams to make the best decisions when acting on MQLs and leads. And that was just on one lead! Instead of sending out your entire team on the manual lead qualification chase, there’s actually an easier way.

Omni-Channel Marketing: Creating the Right Mix for Your Brand

Buzz Marketing for Technology

This week I moderated another Social Media Today webinar as part of their Best Thinker webinar series, this time on the topic of Omni-Channel Marketing: Creating the Right Mix for Your Brand. This webinar featured Martin Jones (@ martinjonesaz ) Senior Marketing Manager & Social Media at Cox Communications, Jahvita Rastafari (@ Jrastafari ) Social Media Manager at Act-On and Matt Hannaford (@ mhannaford ) Integrated Marketing Analyst at Union+Webster.

The Third-Party Cookie Workaround: Investing in First-Party Data


We’re here to assure you that the news isn’t all grim In the face of this challenge, some publishers and DSPs are working on their respective identity solutions to replace third-party cookies. Performance marketing flips digital advertising traditional pay-before-you-go methods on their head.

AI in B2B Marketing: 13 Strategic Questions and Practices


It’s possible to track relevant moves and behavior related to search journeys. 7 Strategic Questions: AI and Intent Decode Buyer Behavior. Who’s searching and acting on topics or solutions related to your business?

4 Things To Look For In A Marketing Automation Platform


For the first time, ad spending was measured on performance – the increase in top and bottom line – not some vague estimated brand exposure. To adapt to this change, there are four key components you should ensure your marketing automation platform provides: A Laser Focus on Data According to a recent CMO Council study, just 51 percent of marketers said a single customer view was both realistic and attainable for their organization – but not without new tools and talent.

The Future of CRM — 7 Trends to Consider for Sales and Marketing Teams


Read on to discover the latest CRM trends for sales and marketers to use in 2021—and beyond. They have always been crucial for valuable customer insights for sales and marketing teams to act on, with the shared goal of closing more deals.

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Intent Data in the Revenue Funnel: Uncover Real Buyer Needs


With intent monitoring, B2B marketers track buyer behavior across the entire marketing funnel. Marketers learn what target accounts are engaging with online, which key influencers they follow on social platforms, which blogs they read, or what content they choose to download.

Why Intent Data is a Must-Have to Boost Your Revenue in 2022?


And 62% of B2B buyers can make their purchase selection solely based on digital content. You might have heard about intent data before, but chances are that you are still missing out on efficient strategies to act on it. What kind of year will 2022 be?

B2B Audience Building & Segmentation Best Practices Part 3: Real-Time and Predictive Data.


Moving up to an intelligence-driven approach entails being able to act on individual-level data, not just segments. These profiles include not only demographics, but also rich behavioral, predictive, and psychographic data to support modeling and personalization.

Intent Data Cures Four Marketing Automation Headaches


1 Relate Response to Prospect Behavior. It lets you track target prospects’ online behavior. Or it might prompt the launch of an automated email from your marketing cloud platform, to capitalize on the opportunity and guide the target into a sales conversation. #2

Your Guide to Choosing a B2B Data Provider


It highlights behavior-based activity such as lead sources, social media engagement, form fills, and time spent on a website. Opportunity data helps identify favorable conditions for a company to act on when prospecting.

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Taking Your Customer Experience Strategy To The Next Level

Heinz Marketing

These poor customer experiences can result from not understanding customer needs, long wait times, lack of personalization, accessibility issues, unresolved issues or questions, the list goes on. . When receiving feedback, the key is to acknowledge it and do your best to act on it.

Foot in The Door: Getting B2B Prospects to Make a Big Leap By Starting Small

MLT Creative

Behavioral research has found that “foot-in-the-door” techniques can prove effective when attempting to motivate your target audience to make a large behavioral change. You cannot just assume your audience will proactively act on the larger request — you have to make it. It may also be useful to get your B2B target audience to comply with other behaviors that are similar in ease to the smaller request.