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20% of Best-in-Class Marketers Now ‘Very Successful’ in Using Intent Data

KoMarketing Associates

About 20% of best-in-class marketers said that they have been “very successful” with the use of intent data. Ascend2 recently published “The Outlook on Intent Data” report, and statistics suggested that the majority of marketers (69%) have been at least “somewhat successful” at leveraging intent data to achieve their marketing objectives.

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Mergers and Acquisitions: How to Acquire for Capabilities


Henry Schuck, the founder and CEO of ZoomInfo, was recently on the M&A Science Podcast , hosted by Kison Patel, where he talked about his experience with mergers and acquisitions. Since 2015, ZoomInfo has made 12 acquisitions with multiple purposes in mind. Can our data make the software competitively differentiated?


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Boosting Leads and Customer Acquisition are Top Goals for Marketers in 2020

KoMarketing Associates

About 49% want to boost customer acquisition, while 43% want to increase customer engagement. However, 39% of the best-in-class marketers said that they have been “very successful” at reaching their top goals. Nearly 38% would like to see a rise in brand awareness, and 33% want to improve the customer experience.

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The ANNUITAS Perspective on the Adobe Acquisition of Marketo


A Memo from CEO Adam Needles to ANNUITAS clients on the Adobe Acquisition of Marketo. – A short second … this is a welcome acquisition. That’s important because too often this type of acquisition results in mass talent exodus. Good morning. You probably saw that late yesterday Adobe bought Marketo.

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4 ways using social media for HR amplifies your talent acquisition strategy

Sprout Social

Partnerships between social and talent acquisition practitioners are mutually beneficial since they share multiple goals. By sharing vital insights, these teams can collaborate to build a social media recruitment strategy that overcomes a company’s most pressing recruitment roadblocks and fills open roles with world-class talent.

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Future proofing talent acquisition with technology


Knowledge Brief Future-Proofing Talent Acquisition with Technology 51% of HR leaders expect a continued increase in industry disruption – Download report for more information. What’s keeping talent acquisition (TA) leaders up at night? BIC (Best-in-class) organizations vs. All others. What does the report cover?

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Seven tips to improve customer acquisition and retention


Successful customer acquisition has no limits and can offer exponential possibilities, but must be balanced with retention. AddPeople’s Head of Campaign Management, Matt Rogers, offers seven tips to improve both customer acquisition and retention. Exploring acquisition as a business. You should focus on acquisition.