Capturing the Loyalty of the Skeptical Consumer


CrowdTwist recently conducted research into consumer attitudes towards loyalty programs, brand engagement, emerging technologies, and shopping experiences. However, the research finds that engaging, omnichannel loyalty programs are valuable to consumers. ” Customer Loyalty

5 Loyalty Best Practices for Subscription Companies


Engaging loyalty programs can help you acquire and retain customers, create personalized experiences , and increase your customer lifetime value. Here are some best practices to follow to ensure your subscription business is making the most out of its loyalty program.


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Why Your B2B Company Needs a Loyalty Program


Loyalty initiatives have been traditionally considered a better fit in the B2C rather than B2B space. With long, complex sales cycles and buyers that aren’t as responsive to discounts and coupons, many B2B marketers have rejected the concept of loyalty programs.

14 Ways to Improve Customer Loyalty During COVID-19

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Customer loyalty is a measure of how satisfied your customers are and how likely they are to share their experience with others: Existing customers are 70% more likely to buy a product or service than a new client. 14 Ways to Improve Customer Loyalty During COVID-19.

How Travel Brands Can Improve Acquisition, Retention and Loyalty

Martech Advisor

What does it take to not only attract new customers in the increasingly competitive travel space, but also to retain these customers and nurture them along the path to loyalty? Acquisition. Loyalty.

Optimizing for Loyalty: Overcoming One of User Acquisition’s Biggest Challenges


You see them everywhere — the growth ninjas and acquisition masters boasting about exponential growth and ROI. . The answer here is clear and simple: optimize for user loyalty. . What is “user loyalty,” anyway? In other words, loyalty is a primary driver of revenue. We know loyalty drives business and that optimizing for it as an interim goal on the path to higher-value conversions makes a lot of sense. The Loyalty Loophole.

Optimizing for Loyalty: Overcoming One of User Acquisition’s Biggest Challenges


You see them everywhere — the growth ninjas and acquisition masters boasting about exponential growth and ROI. . The answer here is clear and simple: optimize for user loyalty. . What is “user loyalty,” anyway? In other words, loyalty is a primary driver of revenue. We know loyalty drives business and that optimizing for it as an interim goal on the path to higher-value conversions makes a lot of sense. The Loyalty Loophole.

What Data are Marketers Using for Loyalty Programs?

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What Data are Marketers Using for Loyalty Programs? Loyalty programs incentivize your customers to shop at your stores and advocate for your brand. With so many options available consumers today, more brands are turning to loyalty programs as a way to keep good customers coming back.

Measuring the Pay-Off for Customer Loyalty

Measure Up Marketing

Let me take a minute to inundate you some commonly accepted facts about the impact of customer loyalty or the lack of it on an organization. Companies that lead their markets in customer loyalty generate operating margins of 13%, while laggards had margins of just 2%? These are good metrics but what they don’t do is tell us what business outcome they expect their investment in customer loyalty to impact. For example, is the focus of customer loyalty to increase repurchase?

Top Furniture Customer Acquisition Strategies to Boost Sales and Brand Loyalty

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Top Furniture Customer Acquisition Strategies to Boost Sales and Brand Loyalty. Consumers shop across multiple channels, have little brand loyalty, and a staggering 81% have already done extensive research on-line before they even step into your store. As a trusted partner to leading furniture brands, here’s a look at top acquisition and retention strategies used by V12’s clients today. Census data, consumer surveys, and other proprietary sources.

Customer Acquisition is Only Growth Formula in B2B, as per Romaniuk of Ehrenberg Bass


New customer acquisition is more important than customer loyalty Brands with a lower customer base tend to perform lower in loyalty metrics as well As per double jeopardy law, one cannot engineer loyalty. The loyalty of the brand grows proportionally to the customer base.

[UPDATE] 7 Customer Loyalty Programs That Actually Add Value


And if you’re like 65% of marketers, your company has implemented a loyalty program. But is your loyalty program working? According to the 2015 Colloquy Customer Loyalty Census , American households hold memberships in an average of 29 loyalty programs, but are active (meaning earn or redeem at least one per year) in only 12 of them. It’s time for marketers to look beyond convoluted rewards systems and offer actual value to customers using their loyalty program.

6 Easy Ways to Build Social Proof and Incorporate It into Your Website

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For instance, Hum Nutrition sends out surveys to their customers asking them to review their experiences after taking a supplement for a set amount of time. customer acquisition brand loyalty referrals reviews social media social proof trust

81% of Digital Retailers Rank Customer Acquisition as Highest Marketing Priority

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81% of Digital Retailers Rank Customer Acquisition as Highest Marketing Priority. Customer acquisition is a top priority for many industries, and this is certainly no exception for ecommerce retail brands. Retailers are investing highly in acquisition marketing. According to research by Oracle, 81% of ecommerce retailers stated that customer acquisition was their biggest marketing investment priority. Ecommerce Customer Acquisition Strategies.

B2C Marketers are Feeling Greater Pressure When It Comes to Customer Acquisition

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B2C Marketers are Feeling Greater Pressure When It Comes to Customer Acquisition. In a report by WBR Insights , 80% of digital marketers stated they are feeling great pressure to meet customer acquisition and revenue goals, stating that they feel like they are “running on a never-ending hamster wheel”. 61% of respondents say they regularly use universal price discounting as a customer acquisition tool. Email Beats Social by 40X for Customer Acquisition.

How Francis Ford Coppola’s Rewards Program Connects Customers Across the Entire Brand Portfolio


The Francis Ford Coppola family of brands, which includes wineries, restaurants, resorts, and cafes made the investment in loyalty to unify its brands and reward customers for spending and engaging across all touchpoints. ” Customer Loyalty

Why You Should Be Using Video to Strengthen Employee Engagement and Loyalty


But it’s a challenge to create an engaging environment and build brand loyalty with your employees, so why bother? Engaged employees really can drive success in all areas of your business, including talent acquisition, sales, and customer and public relations. O ne survey found that 92% of people multitask during meetings, and 41% do it often or all the time. And employee surveys are useful, but can be too infrequent to get real-time feedback.

Key insights: ClickZ benchmark survey, state of industry M&As, and more


30-second summary: Board members, C-level, and Director+ level executives from retail and ecommerce, technology, media and publishing, and other businesses participated in our ClickZ and Search Engine Watch: Benchmark survey 2020. ClickZ and Search Engine Watch: Benchmark survey 2020.

“Better Customer Journey Analytics are Critical,” says Red Cross Loyalty Lead


Article by Ernan Roman Featured on Andrew George is the Lead for Loyalty and Retention at the Canadian Red Cross. We use focus groups and surveys and learn what the customer/donor says, but not necessarily what they do. He spent the last 3 years focused on customer experience initiatives and analysis and customer journey discovery.

How to Use NPS Surveys for More Powerful Marketing Automation


Have you ever used NPS surveys in your marketing? If you''re not using these surveys, you''re missing out on a big way to grow your business. Well, I was reading the HubSpot Ecommerce section the other day, and stumbled on this brilliant article from Tom Schwab, Founder of Goodbye Crutches , on using NPS surveys to fuel post-transactional emails. NPS is short for Net Promoter Score -- it''s a way to measure customer loyalty and happiness. 1) The Email Survey.

An M&A Integration Checklist for Professional Services Firms that Puts Your People First

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Post merger or acquisition, most leaders are focused on the quantifiable steps of the integration such as cutting costs and streamlining efficiencies. Here’s a post-merger or -acquisition integration checklist that starts with your people, as it’s critical to retain their loyalty and expertise. If you are undergoing a merger or acquisition, you’re in a bubbling cauldron of change. If a merger or acquisition is to succeed , a new culture must emerge.

Gamification for B2B Marketers: Pandemic-Style

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Surveys, polls, and UGIC (user-generated interactive content). “These organizations are attracted by gamification’s ability to raise engagement and loyalty, measured in time, on-site, repeat visits, and viral distribution by an average of 30%.

B2C 79

The Power of Social Shopping on Instagram (and How to Sell More in 2019)

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One Metro survey says that 44% of people feel more comfortable using social media for communication. Influencer marketing is 10X more effective than affiliate marketing in online customer acquisition. Since Instagrammers seek out peer recommendations and trust them, it’s no wonder that brands work with influencers to build brand awareness, increase brand loyalty and boost e-commerce sales. How to Reinforce Your Customer Acquisition Strategy with Influencer Marketing.

Online Shopping, Evolving Consumer Behaviors and the Importance of Consumer Data in Today’s New Economy

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Additionally, 69% of survey respondents believe the majority of consumer shopping will happen online in the future. Customer Acquisition. Brand Loyalty. Blog consumer shopping trends customer acquisition Data-Driven Insights

Give Good EX To Get Great CX

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Broadly speaking, there are a couple dynamics common to B2B organizations that make customer experience so elusive: An over-reliance on this quarter’s new customer acquisition as the core to revenue generation. By Maria Geokezas , VP of Client Services at Heinz Marketing.

5 Steps to Win at Market Segmentation

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Talk to them, call them, send out simple surveys, conduct one-on-one talks. Create a more in-depth and comprehensive survey, which will take from 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

Customer Retention Marketing Trends and Tactics

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Customer acquisition is usually cited as a top strategy for many brands. In an age where consumers have hundreds of choices when choosing products and services, maintaining brand loyalty has a massive impact. Here are some amazing statistics on customer retention and loyalty: According to Marketing Metrics, if a customer has previously made a purchase from your company, there is at least a 60 percent chance that the customer will make at least one more purchase.

Takeaways from RingCentral’s 2019 Analyst Summit

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I spent the earlier part of this week attending RingCentral’s Analyst summit — an annual event that provides analysts like myself an opportunity to interact with the company executives to discuss RingCentral’s overall CX strategy, thoughts on customer and employee engagement, recent acquisitions, customer wins, product roadmap and market vision.

Air Cargo News: Interview with Circle’s Andy Booth


Once the key concerns of customers have been identified, Circle might then do a more structured statistical survey across the market as a whole that measures the client company’s performance against those of its rivals. Branding and customer perception are all the more important for companies who have undergone mergers or acquisitions. B2B branding B2B customer loyalty B2B product and service development air cargo research aviation research segmentation

The Automotive Aftermarket – Top Strategies to Acquire Shoppers Online and In-Store

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Over 20,000 drivers were surveyed across the United States and the purchases of 5,000 people who modified or accessorized their vehicles were further examined. Retailers are more likely to use customer-level point-of-sale data than the other categories surveyed (66% vs. 55%). Increase repeat business by identifying consumers who are shopping at your store but are not subscribed to your loyalty benefits membership program.

Pick The Right Plays: Using the Go-To-Market Framework


ZoomInfo has identified four areas — or quadrants — that together create a framework for a successful go-to-market approach: Build loyalty. Build Loyalty. Creating a customer loyalty program to motivate repeat business is a solid step to boost up allegiance.

The Paradigm Shift of the Acquisition Model: The Best Customers Are the Ones That Last a Lifetime


Author: Matt Zilli Companies spend the majority of their marketing budgets on customer acquisition, but once acquired, those hard-won customers tend to languish. But up until now, for a lot of companies, the ensuing retention marketing strategy has largely consisted of a lazy combination of phoned-in loyalty programs and generic discounts (10% off for signing up for your daily newsletter? In the great nurturing versus acquisition debate, it’s largely about metrics.

How CMOs Can Keep Marketing Organizations Agile in Changing Times

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To remain agile during uncertain times, you should focus on short-term planning, consider outsourcing to fill talent gaps, be proactive, and prioritize building brand loyalty over winning new customers. location data or online traffic patterns) to increase engagement and customer acquisition.

NPS: What is a Net Promoter Score and Why Should You Care?


It was originally developed by Fred Reichheld , a business strategist who researches and writes about loyalty. Reichheld spent about two years researching survey questions that would link customer behaviour, such as referring and purchasing products, with business growth.

How to Move from the Voice of the Customer to the Heart of the Customer

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But to truly achieve customer loyalty, reach long-term sustainable growth, and lower your customer acquisition costs, you’ll need to connect with their heart. Hear from Customers Directly with Surveys. Surveys allow you to clearly see the perspective of the customer.

Tips for Increasing Customer Retention via Email Marketing


Emails are used by marketers for their customer acquisition, traditionally. Another survey by E-marketer discovered that nearly 60 percent of marketers considered email marketing as an effective method of reaching customer retention goals.

Email 195

Measure and Keep: 7 Key Customer Retention Metrics to Watch


Customer retention is the evil twin of churn, and the country cousin of customer loyalty. Customer retention metrics can be used to measure customer loyalty – and retained customers often become long-term, loyal ones that will lead to increased profits over time.