It's CDP Time for Marketing Cloud Vendors

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But the fact that all three vendors are addressing the topic raises some interesting questions. But CDPs have been developed by relatively small specialist vendors, which many enterprise buyers are reluctant to consider. It's taken a while but all three vendors now acknowledge that a CDP must store its own data. Cynics might say it also confirms that software vendors define user requirements based on what their systems currently do, not what users actually need.

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Deepening B2B customer relationships with “the funnel beyond the funnel”


When asked, the typical B2B marketer will say that 80-85% of their effort goes to customer acquisition. Focusing on the funnel beyond the funnel translates to lower customer acquisition costs, lower churn rates, higher lifetime value, and a powerful brand.

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How to Combat the High Cost of Prospect Acquisition: A Seasoned Marketer’s POV


As demand generation strategies focus more on quality versus quantity and B2B marketing teams face greater pressure to show direct revenue impact, the cost to acquire a qualified lead or contact is going up rapidly. Customer acquisition costs go through the roof.

Email: Retention Strategies in an Acquisition World

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Recently David sat down with me to discuss a topic he said is under-addressed: Using acquisition email in a retention-based world. Acquisition email is mail that goes to someone I don’t have a relationship with yet. The Promise and Peril of Acquisition Email.

SDL Buys Marketing Automation Vendor Alterian for $107 Million

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So, it turns out that while I’ve been obsessing over vendor selection workbooks, our friends at marketing automation vendor Alterian up and got bought last week by language technology vendor SDL for about $107 million. I’m most familiar with SDL as a Web content management vendor, although their financial statements show that just over 75% of their revenue comes from manual and automated language translation.

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How the Salesforce and Google Acquisitions Will Impact Content Marketers


At the beginning of June 2019, the world of marketing saw two of the biggest acquisitions in the last decade: Google acquired Looker and Salesforce acquired Tableau. So, what do these acquisitions mean for the world of business intelligence? Why are these acquisitions happening?

Teradata Integrates Its Marketing Automation Acquisitions for Enterprise Marketers

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Last year’s biggest marketing automation acquisitions were products for consumer marketing: ExactTarget by , Neolane by Adobe , and Responsys by Oracle.

IBM Buys Unica: Will Acquisitions Now Shift to B2B Marketing Automation?

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This is wholly unsurprising: as the last and only big independent left in its space, Unica was obvious acquisition bait. Conversely, IBM is on a customer intelligence acquisition spree that has already included Coremetrics Web analytics, Sterling Commerce B2B integration and Cognos business analytics. Its acquisition is basically the completion of the consolidation of that space, not the start of consolidation among B2B marketing automation vendors. (I’m

CPM, CPC, CPA, WTF? A guide to setting campaign objectives


Goals are set at the ad group-level and are important because they inform our system’s site, supply vendor, and creative auto-optimizations. Cost per acquisition (CPA): Uses algorithms to optimize for cost per action/acquisition. Acronyms , am I right?

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Microsoft buys LinkedIn: the largest martech acquisition in history?


The best known vendors in this space are companies like Adobe, HubSpot, IBM, Marketo, Oracle, and Salesforce, but there are thousands in the marketing technology landscape. If you don’t like a particular marketing software vendor, you have many other alternatives to choose from.

How to select the perfect B2B data vendor


Just use this handy checklist of criteria, organized in three categories: the data product itself, the surrounding services that will help you get the most value from the data, and the factors that suggest the vendor candidate will be a satisfactory business partner for your company.

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Gartner Names Versium a “Cool Vendor” in Retail 2016


REDMOND, WA–(Marketwired – May 11, 2016) – Versium , a leading data technology company that delivers automated data technology solutions to marketing agencies and enterprises, today announced it has been selected as a “Cool Vendor” in the Cool Vendors in Retail, 2016 report by Gartner, Inc.,

Constant Contact Adds Social CRM: Should Marketing Automation Vendors Be Worried?

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Small-business email provider Constant Contact yesterday announced the acquisition of "social CRM"* vendor Bantam Live. This is a major expansion for Constant Contact, placing it more squarely into competition with CRM and marketing automation vendors. Email vendors like Constant Contact are especially well positioned to grab this business because they are one of first technologies that businesses adopt.

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M&A Branding and Marketing: Threats, Opportunities, and Strategies

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If your firm hasn’t been part of a merger or acquisition, some of your competition certainly has. How do mergers and acquisitions impact a firm’s brand (maybe even multiple brands if we’re talking about a “ house of brands ”), marketing and business development?

The After-Facebook Era: How Quip Diversifies Channels and Scales Growth


Ad costs on Facebook are skyrocketing, and marketers are (understandably) getting antsy. And as LiveIntent found, 85% of marketers spending over $100K on Facebook are concerned about that cost, while 47% fear they might get priced out of the platform altogether.

IgnitionOne Buys Knotice, Prompting Many Deep Thoughts

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Digital marketing technology vendor IgnitionOne today announced its acquisition of email and audience management vendor Knotice. Both vendors are listed in Raab Associates’ Guide to Customer Data Platforms in the “audience management” category.

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Marketing to Prospects vs. Customers: Why Your Messaging Should Be Different


To illustrate the importance of customer context, Riesterer walked through two frameworks, one that guides acquisition messaging and one that guides retention messaging. For acquisition purposes, marketers should use the “Why Change” model.

5 Ways D2C Brands Can Make the Most of Email Ad Engagement


Additionally, conversions are 50% higher on phones and cost per conversion is 25% lower. D2C brands are founded on people-based retail, cutting out third-party vendors and sell directly to their consumers.

A Tale of Two Acquisitions: Alterian and Business Objects

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Acquisitions form the never-ending background noise of the technology industry. Alterian had signaled this intention by purchasing email marketing software vendor Dynamics Direct on May 25. But just about every other major marketing software vendor is taking the same approach, so the competitive advantage is almost nil. Some illustrate such obvious trends they are barely worth noting, while others hint at something important. This week brought one of each.

9 Common and Costly B2B Social Media Marketing Mistakes


Fix It: Take active measures to build you social media reach by emailing existing customers and vendors to encourage them to connect with your company in social media. Measure every marketing channel by its ability to generate quality customers at a reasonable cost.

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What to Do After You’ve Generated a Lead


It’s good to keep in mind that prospects are testing you to see how quickly you get back to them and will likely use that as a gauge for how attentive you’d be as a vendor partner. . The costs are great and it’s been worth it because it resulted in a signed contract or purchase.

Intent Data Improves Sales Reps Onboarding and Retention


Onboarding sales reps is painful — both in terms of the cost and delay in achieving return on training investment. And the cost of talent acquisition, talent management, and talent development isn’t cheap.

ExactTarget Acquires Pardot: Great Exit for Pardot, Questionable Future for ExactTarget

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ExactTarget announced its acquisition today of mid-tier marketing automation vendor Pardot , for just under $100 million ($95.5 One advantage of the deal is Pardot will be able to do this with ExactTarget’s existing user rights infrastructure, saving development cost and speeding deployment. The acquisition's value to ExactTarget is less clear. pardot acquisition industry growth rate marketing automation pricing marketing automation consolidation exacttarget

SiriusDecisions and the “No Decision” Challenge

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Rightfully or wrongly, your sales reps did not convince the buyer that the cost of “do nothing” was serious enough to drive change, and / or they perceive the solution as too big a change management nightmare - risky, too resource / budget consuming, especially compared to the perceived benefits.

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Email Marketing Trends and Strategies for 2019

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The repercussions can be costly, resulting in lost customers and a big hit to the bottom line. Sending triggered emails based on a consumer’s behavior is effective for both acquisition and transforming customers into loyal brand advocates. Acquisition.

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Oracle Buys ATG: Bad News for Marketing Automation?

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But if you look back at my “doughnuts and pizza slices” post on software acquisitions , it does make perfect sense. I’d say the ATG purchase lessens the odds of Oracle buying a marketing automation vendor. Nor have I forgotten that Oracle already bought marketing automation vendor Market2Lead, plugging a different set of holes. Tags: low cost marketing software online marketing marketing automation systems atg acquistions ibm oracle

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The Most Important Information You Need to Know About Your Customers

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Customer Intelligence refers to the unique information that gives vendors, salespeople, and account managers insight into why customers buy from them. Return business doesn’t come with the cost of acquisition – a factor that makes it even more attractive.

How to Launch a Virtual Conference for Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition: A Step-by-Step Guide


There are dozens of rooms, booths with vendors trying to sell you their product, and a lot of people walking around. These events have become more popular among marketers for their lower cost and effort to produce. When we say “virtual conference,” we don’t just mean webinars.

What Happens When Everyone Has a CDP?

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SessionM/Mastercard: most CDP acquisitions have been made by companies that are not primarily marketing software vendors. For CDP vendors, these deals are a promising exit path from a crowded industry which will only become more competeitive (see below).

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Activity vs. Impact: Key Findings from the 2019 Marketing Automation Satisfaction Benchmark Report


Modern marketers are increasingly accountable for driving revenue, but MAPs are only focused on email performance, lead acquisition, and campaign impact—not post-handoff metrics such as pipeline created and bookings influenced.

5 Most Common Fails in B2B Search Campaigns

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Because costs per click in B2B search campaigns can often be extremely high when companies compete the for same keywords, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) for B2B advertisers offers its own very unique challenges.

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Report: Most Loyal B2B Customers Value Reliability in Companies

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The majority of respondents (65 percent) claimed that their greatest challenge in finding a B2B service is dealing with vendors/reps who are more interested in making a sale than solving their customer’s pain points. B2B Marketers and Customer Acquisition. research showed that B2B marketers were more interested in acquisition than retention, and it was costing their companies in the long run.

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Tom Pisello: The ROI Guy: ShoreTel And Alinean Launch Online TCO.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010 ShoreTel And Alinean Launch Online TCO Tool for Unified Communications Business Case Easy-to-use online calculator analyzes the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of competing unified communications systems to determine true costs and business value SUNNYVALE, Calif.,

How to Map SEO Keyword Research to the B2B Buyer Journey

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Understanding the B2B buyer’s journey , from awareness to vendor validation to sales readiness, becomes critical in developing a successful online marketing program. What percentage of the top (first page) search engine results include vendor-specific product or solution-based web pages?

What's Next for the CDP Industry?

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It took some time for the vendors to realize that the database itself was ultimately more valuable than any one application, because the database was more central to their clients’ needs. That CDP vendors will continue to expand their footprint is obvious.

Five Reasons Why Sales Strategy Doesn’t Work for Many Small Businesses


To survive in the long run, companies need to have a sound customer acquisition and service strategy. Thus, they fail to take maximum advantage of their unique strengths and maximize customer acquisition. Building a robust customer acquisition process takes time.

Customer Data Platforms Revisited: The Future of Marketing Data

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Established vendors have grown quickly and attracted funding; new vendors have joined the mix, also often with substantial funding. A look at the entire CDP ecosystem uncovers important patterns that are hidden when you look at individual vendors or vendor categories.