CMO Spotlight: Randy Frisch at Uberflip

Modern Marketing

Just before the ball dropped, launching us into 2020, we here at Oracle CX Marketing got on the phone with Randy Frisch, CMO at Uberflip. 3: Why did you want to become a CMO? RF: To be honest, I didn’t always have a desire to be a CMO. Being a CMO is kind of just gravy.

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Q&A with Will McInnes, CMO at Brandwatch


30-second summary: Will McInnes, Brandwatch’s global CMO, brought over a decade of martech experience to Brandwatch when he joined the company in 2013. Will McInnes is CMO of digital consumer intelligence company Brandwatch.

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3 priorities and 25 challenges for CMO’s


CMO’s plan a +12.2% for traditional advertising in next 12 months ( CMO Survey ). of digital marketing budget goes to social media (CMO Survey). can prove quantitative impact (CMO Survey). Greater measurability with digital marketing is making the CMO more accountable.

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Fractional CMO: The Ultimate Guide to Hiring an Outsourced Marketing Executive

Pearl Digital Marketing

For companies looking to get CMO-level involvement and expertise but are not yet at a size at which getting a full-time CMO is viable, a fractional CMO can be a practical choice. What is a fractional CMO? The CMO deals with agencies and holds them accountable for results.

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Lead Gen and Engagement: Find your Marketing Sweet Spot

Speaker: Dawn Colossi, CMO, FocusVision

Now that recent studies have shown that 49% of companies achieve a higher ROI by focusing on engagement over acquisition, there’s a shift from lead counts, lead quality to engagement. How to influence organization-wide lead generation strategy change.

Integrated Marketing, the Number 65 and Why it is so Significant for Every CMO

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Number 6 lends its attributes of stability and grace, acquisition, love of home and family, protection, care and nurturing, reliability and responsibility, integrity and honesty. Let's Start With the B2B CMO Side First. CMO Corner Marketing Cloud

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Oxford University Press former CMO weighs in on martech challenges, trends, and predictions


It is essential for technology vendors to work closely with an organization during the first couple of months of implementation. Social media marketing platform : Tools such as Hootsuite help organizations schedule, monitor, curate, and amplify content across multiple social media platforms.

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ion interactive GM Mary Ward Promoted to CMO of ScribbleLive


Since acquiring ion interactive in September 2017, the ScribbleLive team has had the privilege of working closely with Mary, and we are thrilled to bring her leadership to the integrated marketing organization. Mary will make her first official appearance as ScribbleLive CMO at this week’s Oracle Modern CX Conference in Chicago. The post ion interactive GM Mary Ward Promoted to CMO of ScribbleLive appeared first on ScribbleLive.

A Helping Hand and Then Some For the Data Driven CMO

Modern Marketing

The modern CMO is now evaluated by their ability to leverage data and technology to drive concrete business results. Agencies must expand into this role if they want to maintain viability in today’s evolving marketing ecosystem, but most importantly, the modern CMO needs this support.

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How HubSpot's Report-Based Acquisition Campaign Hit 150% of Our Lead Goal in 30 Days


Acquisition marketing campaigns are critical to bring in new customers and revenue. I wrote this post to share with you how we crafted our latest acquisition campaign to hit and exceed our acquisition targets. organic SEO) can we leverage?

Why the CMO Is So Vital In the Brand/Agency Relationship

Modern Marketing

Enter the CMO. As if the CMO doesn't have enough on his or her plate, they need to be fully cognizant of this ever-shifting dynamic between their brand and their agency(s) and the effects it can and is having on the entire organization. CMO Corner

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Martech jumps to 29% of the CMO’s budget in Gartner’s 2018-2019 survey


When Gartner’s annual CMO Spend Survey for 2017-2018 came out last year, many people seized on the fact that the money CMOs allocated for marketing technology had dropped to 22% of their budget , on average, down from 27% the year before. Marketing technology acquisition and use (34%).

Does your startup really need a CMO?

Marketing Envy

Originally posted on CIO Magazine : Many startups are in a mad rush to hire their CMO to take care of ‘marketing.’ Don’t feel pressured to hire a CMO just because other startups do, or because your investors want you to. Do you need a CMO now? Some common reasons startups feel the need to hire a CMO: To attract your first round of clients/users. Determining which stage you are in and your immediate needs will help you establish whether you need a CMO.

Your Consumer Is the New CMO

Martech Advisor

Most of us are doing a pretty good job when it comes to market, consumer and audience segmentation for the purposes of new customer acquisition and product adoption. If you’re ready to make room at the conference table for your new CMO, the first step may be to build a protocol and best practices around harnessing your current customer data.

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3 Pivotal Ways CEOs can Facilitate CMO Success in 2020

Martech Advisor

There has been a shift in the CMO’s role – from being focused on external communications and new customer acquisitions traditionally, to owning the customer experience across all touchpoints today. What’s the CMO Role in 2020?

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Conquer Big Data with a CMO-CIO Partnership


The same is true of their leaders—the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and the Chief Intelligence Officer (CIO). The roles of the CMO and the CIO are both shifting and converging. And this question mark is best resolved by the leaders of these teams, the CIO and CMO.

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what’s top of mind for the cmo: november 2019


It just feels like that is a conversation I’m in more and more recently around how organizational shifts, be it acquisition, merger, re-org, and the way the marketing organization is influenced by it. The post what’s top of mind for the cmo: november 2019 appeared first on Fathom. a discussion with Fathom’s Steve Kessen + Jim Kohl. joe adams 22-minute read. in brief.

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The CMO/CFO Power Partnership: 9 Best Practices To Make It Work

Heinz Marketing

I recently hosted our latest invite-only CMO Roundtable in Seattle. We partnered with Allocadia and our topic focused on Finance and Marketing Alignment with the CFO and CMO. Chris Pick , CMO from Apptio and Samantha Bannister , VP of Finance and Operations from Allocadia were the panelists who provided valuable insights. The CFO and CMO relationship doesn’t get the same tradeshow airplay and blog coverage as sales alignment. Create Customer Acquisition Cost Ratios.

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Integrated MKTG Master Class: Practical Advice for Digital Marketing Professionals (ft. Al Campa, RingCentral CMO)

Crimson Marketing

Participating and learning during this period was Al Campa, CMO of cloud business communications and collaboration solutions provider RingCentral, and our guest on this episode of Moneyball for Marketing. Al Campa, RingCentral CMO) appeared first on Crimson Marketing.

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The 10 most fascinating people in B2B marketing in 2017


Anahi Traba takes B2B marketing to the streets, as CMO of the gigantic construction equipment company Sullair Argentina. I’ve served on John’s board for 5 years now, and recognize him as a master of extracting value from media properties — trade pubs, websites, databases, seminars, conferences, online training programs — and rounding up data sources across a complex organization. Top 10 lists are everywhere this year. I even ran across a top 10 list of top 10 lists — hilarious!

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Behind the Brilliance with Megan Lueders, CMO of Zenoss


Megan is the CMO of Zenoss , a software company that works with the world’s largest organizations to ensure their IT services and applications are always on. The post Behind the Brilliance with Megan Lueders, CMO of Zenoss appeared first on Engagio.

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Why the Digital CMO Is Already Obsolete


It’s an understatement to call a CMO’s role exciting. Digital CMOs are left-brain-meets-right-brain growth engines for their organizations. Sorofman makes a powerful argument: that the digital era is defining the role (and persona) of the enterprise CMO.

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CMO Spotlight: 3 Trends That Will Drive Digital Transformation


Author: Charm Bianchini Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the Argyle CMO Forum in San Francisco. In this digital age, successful organizations are keeping pace with technology changes and customer behavior.

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What are the Best Career Paths for Marketers with the CMO Position Under Threat?

Martech Advisor

Marketers are at a crossroads in their careers with the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) position seemingly under threat. While some brands are doing away with the CMO position altogether, others are making strategic changes to their organization structures. Let’s first look at a few stats and facts: According to a study by the Korn Ferry Institute , a CMO’s average tenure is the lowest among C-suite titles, at an average of 4.1

Outbound Demand Orchestration & ABM – Interview with Integrate CMO Scott Vaughan


Scott Vaughan, CMO of Integrate. One of the recognized thought leaders on this topic has been Scott Vaughan , CMO of Integrate. Remembering to focus on and execute at a personal prospect level is just as critical as which organizations you go after.

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The 5 Priorities of the Data-Driven CMO


Last week, 6sense VP of Product Amar Doshi hosted Business Online Director of Analytics Eric Ramos for a webinar, The 5 Priorities of the Data-Driven CMO , that reviewed this well known but not always well-explored topic. We set out to outline the main areas of investment for the modern CMO and found that by looking broadly at marketing’s role, we gained clarity about marketing’s purpose in the modern enterprise.

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CMO Spotlight: “…No Penalties for Failed Attempts”, says Peter Doucette, VP Sales & Marketing, The Boston Globe


The essential process steps marketers can emulate from the success story of The Boston Globe involve: optimizing the purchase funnel to improve conversion rates, reducing customer acquisition costs, and increasing customer lifetime value.

CMO 85

Using Customer Lifetime Value to to Improve Marketing Investment Decisions

Measure Up Marketing

It represents the value of your organization’s relationship with the customer. . . It makes sense to invest more of your marketing dollars in customers that are more profitable and prefer to buy from you, cost less to serve, and recommend your services thereby helping to reduce new customer acquisition costs. . . Uncategorized CEO CMO Customer Acquisition customer engagement Customer Lifetime customer lifetime value Customer Retention marketing ROI

Debating the Role of the CMO: Watching a Transition in Action

Content Standard

But the CIO is unsure where to start, and he turns to the CMO, who has worked with IT to deploy the solution and has had a more hands-on role in its use. But what happens between the CIO and CMO is actually representative of the changing role of the CMO.

CMO 62

8 Reasons to Attend “CMO & Future of Marketing Middle East”: A Marketing Summit Sponsored by Valasys Media


Also, 87% of the C-suite executives believe in the power of live events & plan to increase their marketing budget spent on organizing such events. Reasons to Join the Action: CMO and Future of Marketing Middle East. CMO and Future of Marketing Middle East will be beneficial for a corporation, an eCommerce organization, government organizations, service providers, retailers, marketing agencies, or marketing solution providers.


Salesforce Acquisition of ExactTarget a “Big Deal” for the Evolution of Sales and Marketing


This comes in at a whopping 50% premium above the previous day’s close and comes on the heels of Marketo’s IPO as well as the surprising acquisition of Eloqua by Oracle announced earlier this year. It’s becoming increasingly clear that technology spending at large organizations is no longer solely budgeted for the office of the CTO or CIO – it’s falling into the hands of the CMO.

Why Your B2B Marketing Plan Stalls: How to Break Down the Silos in Your Organization

Directive Agency

Middle of the Funnel: Customers begin researching company through organic search and website referrals (while evaluating their alternatives). Take organic search, for example. So you’re devoting 23 hours a day to customer acquisition… with little to no deal flow to show for it.

Your Marketing: Is it the Love Child of Warren G. Harding?

Marketing Craftmanship

Exploration of how marketing can be applied to achieve tangible benefits for your organization begins with frank and perhaps eye-opening conversations with senior managers to gain a first-hand understanding of their current perceptions and expectations of the function.

A New Generation of Marketing Metrics & the ROI of Better Data


These are still great ways of predicting how an organization will perform, especially when entering a new market or rolling out a new product for feature. Contact lists that consist of names, organizations, and phone numbers are still frequent B2B offerings. Deep account-based sales intelligence benefits an organization in the following ways. Revenue growth is only possible with a solid understanding of our prospects – and no one knows that better than B2B marketers.

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Martyn Etherington Speaks: the story of a B2B digital marketing turnaround


Martyn had just left his post at Mitel, where he was CMO and Chief of Staff. You may remember Martyn from his instructive Diary of a CMO , published by Direct Marketing News in 2013. Mitel had made numerous acquisitions, which meant nearly 40 different web platforms.

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What GDPR Means for CMOs: Is All the Hype Justified?

Modern Marketing

Marketers should take this very seriously, as a large part of their role is to ensure the organization has a prescriptive approach to acquiring, managing and using data. Kim: There is still a misconception around who is responsible for data protection within the organization. These channel siloes within marketing teams have developed through years of growth, expansion and acquisitions. CMO Corner Oracle Marketing Cloud

Domain 204

The Missing Link Between Media and Marketing

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Today’s marketing organizations are aggressively modernizing, automating and adding more digitally centered marketing tactics as they focus on their mandate to discover prospects and create new customers.

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