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Seven Common AdWords Mistakes to Avoid


Content network ads perform very differently from search ads and need to be managed separately, with their own budget and unique ad copy. The single most important metric in a paid search campaign is cost per lead (CPL) (sometimes alternatively referred to as cost per acquisition or CPA). Keywords with a lower, but still respectable, CPA should be bid with a target of making a low ad spot on page one of search results.

5 Most Common Fails in B2B Search Campaigns

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Over time, the keyword list can be refined to maximize budget share and impression share based on the search queries that are driving the most conversions. Failure to do this often results in wasted ad budget and spending valuable ad dollars on terms that generate expensive clicks but don’t convert at the same high rate. However, these kinds of data points enable much more informed and intelligent bidding decisions versus the simple CPA numbers that many advertisers use.

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Stop Wasting Money and Improve Your Google AdWords Paid Search ROI


If you’re focused on maximizing ROI for your firm, and you have a team or vendor managing your paid search campaigns, you may not be optimizing ROI. If your budget is limited and you wish to focus only on Google due to results, you have the option of opting out of Google related properties (Google maps, for example) and search partners (other sites that use the Google search tool within them). Google sets bids to help get as many clicks as possible within a budget.

Mobile Marketing: What Is Incrementality Testing?

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Metrics like click-through-rate (CTR) and costs per acquisition (CPA) can give some useful insights, but they usually don’t tell the entire story. Validate a single targeting tactic by a vendor. All mobile app marketers are looking to engage and convert more users.

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3 Key Takeaways from IAB Direct Brand Summit


As brands try to learn from DTCs, and vendors try to create solutions for DTCs, we’ve seen a huge spike in the number of marketing conferences themed toward disruption. More recently, we’ve seen a shift beyond acquisition, to true partnership and collaboration — a hot topic at the Direct Brand Summit as we gained inside looks to three disrupting duos: Mattress Firm and Purple.

Complete Guide to B2B Marketing

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Making sure that every individual on the team is clearly aligned with the goals of the entire executive team ensures that budgets grow and “results” are truly perceived as such. Without the VA we could not accomplish this within our budget at scale.

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B2B Hubs Or PPC? Are All Leads Created Equal?

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In this case, when I am referring to “Buyer Hubs&# , I am not talking about B2B Directory listings (even enhanced listings), but rather sites where buyers go to submit a Request for Quote from multiple vendors. Examples of hybrid Directories and multiple-vendor lead generation sites are MacRAE’S Blue Book and Bitpipe (Bitpipe is not technically an RFQ site, but leads can be fed to multiple vendors when non-vendor-specific content is requested such as a white paper or guide.)

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42 Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2020

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This automation is much more efficient and fast, which means higher conversions and lower customer acquisition costs. Why You Should Use Multiple Channels to Maximize Your Customer Acquisition. 65% of executives visit the marketer’s website and 39% call a vendor after viewing a video.

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Digital Future: Predictive Advertising, Chapter 2 – The 9 Biggest Challenges in Marketing Technology at a Glance


billion in paid advertising spend for enterprise brands, QuanticMind has a unique strategic vantage point into the ways that innovative brands are optimizing their budgets. Many marketing organizations that have outsourced parts of their business to agencies, contractors, vendors and other third parties lose out on critical insights into their audience, buyers and customers.