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CMO Salary Data Suggests Declining CMO Influence?

Marketing Insider Group

What does a CMO’s (chief marketing officer) salary have to do with their influence? It’s evolving, and so must the role of the CMO. There has been a decline in CMO salaries since 2000, while technology roles earn much more. A dramatic nosedive for CMO salaries.

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How to Plan Your Marketing Budget for 2021


The development and execution of successful campaigns depend, among other things, on the planning of a solid marketing budget. A marketing budget outlines all the financial resources that the department plans to spend in a given period — usually quarterly or annually.

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Why are marketing budgets the first to be cut… and the last to be restored?


Doing more with less is a common theme for modern marketing organizations. To carry this load, it’s logical to expect that our marketing budgets would be as hefty as our responsibilities. The current state of marketing budgets and what to do.

What Are Experts Prioritizing in 2018 B2B Marketing Budgets?

KoMarketing Associates

We reached out to B2B marketers across different industries and asked them the following question: What are B2B marketers prioritizing in their 2018 budget? Their answers ranged depending on their industry, but we found that most were interested in attempting new strategies and techniques for the B2B market, like artificial intelligence, paid social media campaigns, and virtual reality, while others wanted to focus budget dollars on tried-and-true tactics that work.

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What, exactly, does a fractional CMO do?

The Marketing Blender

What, exactly, does a fractional CMO do? An outsourced CMO brings years of experience to help you accelerate your revenue growth and optimize your business development without incurring the cost of an executive salary. What is a fractional CMO? What does a fractional CMO do?

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How CMOs Can Keep Marketing Organizations Agile in Changing Times

Marketing Insider Group

How can chief marketing officers empower their organizations to remain nimble in changing times? Understanding how your organization fits into society can help you remain relevant and address current challenges and concerns authentically. Use your marketing budget more efficiently.

How to Hire a CMO Who Is a Perfect Fit for Your Company

Single Grain

The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is a crucial position for every organization, but hiring a CMO is more challenging than any other C-level position. What Is a CMO? A CMO directly reports to the chief executive officer (CEO). The CMO of the 21st Century.

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Martech jumps to 29% of the CMO’s budget in Gartner’s 2018-2019 survey


When Gartner’s annual CMO Spend Survey for 2017-2018 came out last year, many people seized on the fact that the money CMOs allocated for marketing technology had dropped to 22% of their budget , on average, down from 27% the year before. The fact that some budget was redistributed to services and paid media didn’t strike me as a retreat from martech, but rather a sign of marketing departments leaning more towards applying their marketing stacks to (hopefully) good use.

The 10 most fascinating people in B2B marketing in 2017


His new book The Content Formula explains how you can do the same: how to find the budget, sell the concept, and measure the results. Anahi Traba takes B2B marketing to the streets, as CMO of the gigantic construction equipment company Sullair Argentina. Spending 80% of marketing investments on net new customer acquisition spells doom for B2B marketers, especially those in SaaS and other subscription businesses,” says Gershik. “It’s Top 10 lists are everywhere this year.

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What, Exactly, Does a Fractional CMO Do for My Business?

The Marketing Blender

An outsourced CMO brings years of experience to help you accelerate your revenue growth and optimize your business development without incurring the cost of an executive salary. This is where a fractional CMO steps in, figuratively and often literally, into their business.

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A Helping Hand and Then Some For the Data Driven CMO


The modern CMO is now evaluated by their ability to leverage data and technology to drive concrete business results. While advertising agencies often manage the bulk of a CMOs budget, traditionally they have been restricted to the confines of “the campaign.” For CMOs, maintaining a silo around the single entity that controls the majority of their budget limits the ability to connect the dots between customer acquisition, retention and return.

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Fractional CMO: The Ultimate Guide to Hiring an Outsourced Marketing Executive

Pearl Digital Marketing

For companies looking to get CMO-level involvement and expertise but are not yet at a size at which getting a full-time CMO is viable, a fractional CMO can be a practical choice. What is a fractional CMO? A chief marketing officer (CMO) is not only a marketing manager but is also the leader of all marketing-related elements. The CMO works with all teams, such as IT, human resources, finance, sales, and customer service. What does a fractional CMO do?

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3 Pivotal Ways CEOs can Facilitate CMO Success in 2020

Martech Advisor

There has been a shift in the CMO’s role – from being focused on external communications and new customer acquisitions traditionally, to owning the customer experience across all touchpoints today. What’s the CMO Role in 2020?

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The CMO/CFO Power Partnership: 9 Best Practices To Make It Work

Heinz Marketing

I recently hosted our latest invite-only CMO Roundtable in Seattle. We partnered with Allocadia and our topic focused on Finance and Marketing Alignment with the CFO and CMO. Chris Pick , CMO from Apptio and Samantha Bannister , VP of Finance and Operations from Allocadia were the panelists who provided valuable insights. The CFO and CMO relationship doesn’t get the same tradeshow airplay and blog coverage as sales alignment. Create Customer Acquisition Cost Ratios.

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Does your startup really need a CMO?

Marketing Envy

Originally posted on CIO Magazine : Many startups are in a mad rush to hire their CMO to take care of ‘marketing.’ Don’t feel pressured to hire a CMO just because other startups do, or because your investors want you to. Do you need a CMO now? Or is that overkill - both budget and skills wise. Some common reasons startups feel the need to hire a CMO: To attract your first round of clients/users. Chances are you really don’t need a CMO during this phase!

5 Social Media Strategy Questions Every CMO Needs to Answer in 2021


Social media hit historical highs in the CMO budget this year. In fact, spending on social media marketing spiked by 74% to reach 23% of marketing budgets according to The CMO Survey , and marketers anticipate spending will remain close to this new high level as we enter the new year.

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Your Guide to Budgeting for B2B Digital Marketing in 2021

The ABM Agency

For some B2B companies, the 2021 marketing budget has increased due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. For other marketing departments, the belt is tightened; the budget has to be tweaked, poked, and prodded to make it work with the available resources while simultaneously getting the job done.

14 Key B2B Marketing Reports to Inform the Strategic Budgeting Process

KoMarketing Associates

This information is timely because many organizations are thinking about budgeting and planning marketing objectives for the new year. 2018 CMO Global Study. From the SiriusDecisions report: The annual SiriusDecisions Global CMO Study is a key deliverable that informs our research by exploring how marketing leaders are adapting their marketing strategy to support their organization’s growth objectives.

How to Future-Proof Your Marketing Org: Webinar Recording & Takeaways


This session, moderated by our very own CMO Melissa Sargeant, featured: Angela Connor , Founder and Chief Communications Officer of Change Agent Communications. Why does your organization need to change? acquisition and retention).

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Conquer Big Data with a CMO-CIO Partnership


The same is true of their leaders—the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and the Chief Intelligence Officer (CIO). The roles of the CMO and the CIO are both shifting and converging. And this question mark is best resolved by the leaders of these teams, the CIO and CMO. Budget disparities, differing goals, lack of communication, clashing personalities. The CIO-CMO relationship ranked among the lowest in the C-suite ( Wall Street Journa l).

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Why the Digital CMO Is Already Obsolete


It’s an understatement to call a CMO’s role exciting. Digital CMOs are left-brain-meets-right-brain growth engines for their organizations. Sorofman makes a powerful argument: that the digital era is defining the role (and persona) of the enterprise CMO. Gone are the days when a brand’s best moves are to hire expensive PR agencies, ramp up ad budgets, and recruit commission-hungry enterprise sales reps.

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CMO Spotlight: “…No Penalties for Failed Attempts”, says Peter Doucette, VP Sales & Marketing, The Boston Globe


Personalize and monetize: We no longer have the luxury of big and expanding budgets. In fact, shrinking marketing budgets is one of the reasons digital marketing has exploded. Doucette warns that one has to be judicious in the approach to marketing so that limited budgets deliver measurable ROI. Is your organization following best practices without testing to see that they will work for you? If you enjoy reading this CMO Spotlight series, please share it.

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8 Reasons to Attend “CMO & Future of Marketing Middle East”: A Marketing Summit Sponsored by Valasys Media


Also, 87% of the C-suite executives believe in the power of live events & plan to increase their marketing budget spent on organizing such events. Reasons to Join the Action: CMO and Future of Marketing Middle East. CMO and Future of Marketing Middle East will be beneficial for a corporation, an eCommerce organization, government organizations, service providers, retailers, marketing agencies, or marketing solution providers.


A New Generation of Marketing Metrics & the ROI of Better Data


And we’ve historically used these types of metrics to justify budget requests for investing in more data purchases. These are still great ways of predicting how an organization will perform, especially when entering a new market or rolling out a new product for feature. Contact lists that consist of names, organizations, and phone numbers are still frequent B2B offerings. Deep account-based sales intelligence benefits an organization in the following ways.

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Buying MarTech on a Budget in 2018: How Brands Navigate a Spending Crunch

Content Standard

According to research from WARC , enterprise marketing technology budgets are projected to grow by an average of 10 percent next year, with technology accounting for 16 percent of overall marketing budgets. Even as businesses grow the budget for this spending, marketing departments are under pressure to acquire the best combination of services while staying within their financial means. But it can often get overlooked in budget planning.

Salesforce Acquisition of ExactTarget a “Big Deal” for the Evolution of Sales and Marketing


This comes in at a whopping 50% premium above the previous day’s close and comes on the heels of Marketo’s IPO as well as the surprising acquisition of Eloqua by Oracle announced earlier this year. It’s becoming increasingly clear that technology spending at large organizations is no longer solely budgeted for the office of the CTO or CIO – it’s falling into the hands of the CMO.

Debating the Role of the CMO: Watching a Transition in Action

Content Standard

But the CIO is unsure where to start, and he turns to the CMO, who has worked with IT to deploy the solution and has had a more hands-on role in its use. But what happens between the CIO and CMO is actually representative of the changing role of the CMO. CMOs are also faced with new expectations and pressures from executive leadership, including a focus on metrics falling outside the typical purview of a CMO’s responsibilities. This is good and bad for the CMO.

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6 Content Marketing Trends to Help Plan Your 2016 Budget

Content Standard

As brand marketers, we’re gearing up for our Q4 overviews, where we lay forth our 2016 budgets and plans and hope neither gets torn apart too much. Content strategy has undeniably earned its place in enterprise marketing budgets this year. Now that we’re eight months into the year, new trends have emerged, and we need to factor in how those events will affect our budgets and programs in the near future.

Transitioning from Service Provider to Value Generator

Measure Up Marketing

Are you one of those superhero marketing organizations? You know, the “1-800 I need a presentation, brochure, case study, or email campaign NOW” marketing organizations that takes urgent requests and turns on a dime? . There’s a difference between being a service organization to Sales and being a value generator for the company. Service Organization to Sales .

How CMOs Can Leverage Video Marketing


Today’s CMO must be nimble and quick in creating strategies around and also executing on the production of marketing videos. ” Staffing your internal video team really depends on the video demand internally and the allocated budget. Non-Product Branded YouTube Channel Video content can be a form of advertising and customer acquisition, and if done right, can be a profit center within itself, particularly when it comes to YouTube marketing.

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Why the Future of Marketing Depends on a C-suite Partnership for Long-term Growth

Marketing Insider Group

Why Marketing is Becoming the Growth Driver for Organizations. Successful CMOs understand that the future of marketing hinges on the budget. Customer acquisition cost. Together, CMO and CHRO leadership can: Leverage marketing skills to attract talent for all positions.

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Is Predictive Marketing Now Mainstream?


Larry Ellison’s comments in AdAge from a few years ago predicted the CMO of the future will be the revenue center, customer success center, and ultimate driver of the business. The main reason for this shift is that CMOs control the acquisition budgets of the business and these budgets now have a direct effect on revenue growth. CMOs looking to grow their business need to allocate budget to three key areas: Identifying new prospects.

Marketing Automation Catching On Fire

The Effective Marketer

With time, a shake out is likely (in fact, the recent acquisition of Unica and Aprimo may point to consolidation ) and the evolution of solutions will ensure marketing automation has a place in most marketing organizations, much like CRM is now standard for sales departments. Lots of new players to come, followed by lots of acquisitions and mergers. I agree, more companies are adding marketing automation and marketing software in general to their budgets.

Is Predictive Marketing Now Mainstream?


Larry Ellison’s comments in AdAge from a few years ago predicted the CMO of the future will be the revenue center, customer success center, and ultimate driver of the business. The main reason for this shift is that CMOs control the acquisition budgets of the business and these budgets now have a direct effect on revenue growth. CMOs looking to grow their business need to allocate budget to three key areas: Identifying new prospects.

Modern Marketing Influencer Blog Series: 3 Costly Mistakes to Avoid when Measuring Performance


Ensure results are worthy of your budget by avoiding these three mistakes: Mistake No. “No” is a safe bet because your CMO must report back to his/her counterparts, who will want to see actionable results. So, give your CMO metrics that actually help them wow executives: Return on investment (high-level ROI, then broken down by campaign performance). Customer acquisition cost (CAC). Cost per acquisition (CPA).

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7 Essential Steps In Developing A B2B Social Media Strategy

KoMarketing Associates

As detailed in coverage earlier this year, CMO’s remain committed to growing their investment in social media. The CMO Survey Highlights and Insights Report”, published in February 2017, found that even though B2B CMO’s currently spend 10.5 percent of their marketing budget on social media, they expect to increase this percentage to 12.9 Furthermore, B2B CMO’s foresee social media spending rising to 18.5 Consider An Advertising Budget.

An Essential Guide to B2B Marketing Metrics That Matter

Marketing Insider Group

As a CMO or director of digital marketing, you can use a handful of B2B marketing metrics to answer them. Use the right marketing metrics to gather insights to maximize your marketing efforts, align with your organization’s business goals, and improve overall performance.

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