How To Measure Account-Based Marketing In 7 Easy Steps


In many ways, account-based marketing (ABM) has more in common with art than science. Success in ABM requires a great deal of personalized outreach, and because ABM is centered around human relationships, it can be challenging to measure the returns on account-based marketing campaigns. B2B marketers can’t only rely on quarterly revenue reports to measure the success of ABM efforts. 7 Steps to Measure Account-Based Marketing.

Why Marketing Best Practices May Sabotage Your Results


I feel comfortable doing things by the book and following marketing best practices. Every once in a while, however, at NuSpark Marketing we stray from the best-practice guidelines. The anecdotal evidence that breaking the rules sometimes pays off comes from the world of email marketing. Because people don’t like being sold to, an email-nurturing best practice is to prioritize educational emails over sales messages. Marketing Best Practices Aren’t Always the Best.


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Lead Nurturing: 5 Useful Tactics to Get More Opportunities


In this post, I’m going to share how to apply lead nurturing to help advance leads through three stages of your demand generation funnel to get more sales qualified opportunities. At this stage, you’re moving them from being a lead to a sales qualified opportunity. This is where the hand-off from marketing to sales takes place and where people ultimately make the buying decision. Empower your sales team to do nurturing.

How do I stop and start my campaigns – Drip Campaigns


What kinds of qualified accounts we will recoginze for the drip campaigns? So a question comes up all the time which is “ How many campaigns can I or should I run inside of an account-based advertising program? ”. If you want to subsegment your account list to kingdom come, 9 different ways until Sunday, you are welcome to it. So let’s say you are a marketer for Salesforce CRM products. One buyer persona might be a B2B marketer at an IT type company.

7 Tips to Boost Your Email Nurturing Results Immediately

B2B Lead Generation

This is important because marketers rely on email as the top lead-nurturing tactic and according to Econsultancy, it’s the best channel for ROI. The goal of this post is to give you seven tips to boost your email nurturing and marketing results immediately. It’s funny when we put on our marketing and sales hats or walk into our offices how we can talk and write differently. As I’ve written before, the best marketing feels like helping (because it is.).

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How to Prioritize Prospects: Sales Secrets for Pipeline Hyper-Growth


In our ABM Master Class Sales Secrets for Pipeline Hyper-Growth , we shared some of our best-kept secrets on how to prioritize prospects to smash revenue growth. Examining today’s Sales challenges. So what’s the new reality of Sales? Then, set FIRE to your Sales strategy!

8 B2B Email Marketing Tactics Your Competitors Don’t Want You To Know About


Email marketers have 3 seconds to capture attention. Email marketing is even harder than video ads. Auditory and visual elements are luxuries email marketers don’t have. Making small changes and testing to see if they compound into big gains is the mantra for a successful email marketing strategy. So let’s dissect 8 useful tactics in email marketing. This simple tactic allows email marketers to avoid using headline text to explain the contents of the email.

White Paper: Crafting Effective Virtual Event Marketing Programs

Ledger Bennett

With a temporary and, in some cases, permanent shift toward remote workforces, tradeshow and event marketing in particular have seen a massive shift to the virtual realm. Setting the Virtual Event Marketing Strategy. Pre-Event Marketing Mix Example –. Marketing Strategy

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6 Marketing Reports Used To Develop Competitive Advantage


Making this relevant to marketers, competitive advantage means: Establishing a lead nurturing path that works. And they do so one marketing report at a time. In this post I’ll share some of the marketing reports our customers use to build competitive advantage for their orgs. We’ll explain why they help marketers make better decisions and why they are so important to demand generation. But first let’s discuss what makes a good marketing report.

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Why It’s Time to Start Leveraging Database Marketing for PPC

Directive Agency

As marketers, there are a million and two initiatives we run at once, and it can get difficult to keep track of what is working and what the data is telling us. Enter database marketing. What is Database Marketing? Database marketing is a methodical approach to the gathering and processing of consumer data that is stored and maintained in a company’s database. There are a large variety of PPC ad platforms available that database marketing strategies can apply to.

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The Gap Between Google and Results: Here’s What You Can Do About It [VIDEO]

Directive Agency

The reality is is that as Google keeps changing and search engines are evolving, the distance between what Google is focusing on and then what’s working for B2B marketers is growing wider every day and that gap keeps expanding. And now remember, there is zero barrier to entry to content marketing. Where are B2B Marketers Headed? See, our own LinkedIn campaigns, we were converting eBook downloads at 40% from VPs of marketing at B2B SaaS firms and that was great.

The Marketing Revenue Accountability Roadmap

Ledger Bennett

Attribute it to what you will, the paradigm has shifted for marketers as we shed Demand Era standards to fit our role to the era of Revenue; more specifically, marketing revenue accountability. Go Beyond Sales & Marketing Alignment.

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41 Execs Discuss Key B2B Marketing Metrics to Watch in 2018


Demonstrating the value of any marketing campaign is challenging. In fact, 43% of companies list it as the biggest marketing challenge: . . This is amplified in the B2B marketing arena where longer sales cycles and multiple touchpoints across a range of different channels make KPI selection and attribution much more complex. . According to a 2017 study , the marketing technology landscape grew 40% last year to a total of 5,381 different solutions.

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